The forest part 1 of 4

Fantasy, horror, gay coming of age

Three teens go hiking and become involved in unexpected sexual rituals.

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The forest part 1

Three figures made their way through the forest. They were walking parallel to a small stream that quietly bubbled its way along a stony, almost imperceptibly inclined riverbed. It was little wider than the tallest figure’s leg was long, and filled with cool, clear water. High above the figures, there were tall fir trees that cast shade on the forest floor. The figures were small in comparison to the ancient trees. All around and above was the sound of life, as animals went about their business.


Finn glanced at his watch.

“It’s nearly six. What time do you think we should make camp?”

“It’ll be light for at least a couple more hours,” Hugo responded.

He’d been hiking since he was old enough to walk, and the other two deferred without question to his experience.

“But no point exhausting ourselves,” Hugo continued, “I think by seven we can reach the foothills. Are you guys okay with that?”

Sam’s legs were already aching, but as the youngest member of the group he didn’t want to show weakness. He nodded.

“No problem.”

“Yeah sure, sounds good,” Finn agreed.


45 minutes later, the trees started to thin significantly as the ground became rockier, and they could see the foothills of the vast mountain range ahead.

“See, told you we’d make it by seven,” Hugo said.

Sam smiled.

“Great! I’m starving!”

“You’re ALWAYS starving,” Hugo replied, giving the younger boy a friendly shove on the shoulder that staggered him.

Sam grinned.

“Not my fault if I have a high metabolism.”

“High metabolism? There’s nothing of you,” Finn interjected, looking at the slender boy. “I think you’ve got worms!”

Sam turned his good-natured grin to Finn. He stood a below-average-for-his-age, five four tall with cropped hair that matched the colour of his dark brown eyes.

“Yeah, I’m not sure it was a good idea to wear baggy shorts Sam,” Finn joked. “One strong gust of wind, and you’d be swept away!”

All three of them wore dark tan Venture Scout cargo-style shorts, but they dispensed with the matching uniform shirts, opting instead for T-shirts. Sam wore a sleeveless hoody over the top, and all three were sweating in the summer heat, despite the altitude.

“Hey I’m not THAT skinny. It’s all muscle,” Sam said with mock indignance.

He was not quite emaciated, but his skinny arms dangled from the cap-sleeved hoody arms, and his legs were only a little thicker. His grampa called him a whippet. Sam raised his right arm horizontal and clenched his fist to make his bicep stand up. There was barely a change in the smooth curves of his arms.

His older friends watched him, then looked at each other before bursting out in laughter.

“Yeah, ‘muscle’,” Finn said, “I’ve seen more muscle on a sparrow’s legs!” he said playfully.

Sam took it in good humour. Their friendly mocking was the price he paid for getting to hang out with them, and there was never any meanness to it.

“Anyway,” Hugo said, “it looks like it opens up a bit just ahead. Look there’s a pond. What say we set up camp there for the night?”

The other two signalled their agreement, and soon Finn and Sam were setting up the light-weight grey three-man tent while Hugo built a fire. They had stayed close to the pond which lay ten yards from their camp.


Soon enough, they were sitting around the fire in their bare feet, glad to be out of their heavy hiking boots. They ate baked beans and hot dog sausages on buns, washed down with water from the stream, follow by a dessert of chocolate. When they were done, Hugo spoke to Sam.

“Hey Sam, wash the pot and the forks while me and Finn set up animal alarms. Don’t want anything wandering in and catching us by surprise while we’re asleep.”

“No problem,” Sam said, and he wandered over to the pond where it turned into a stream to clean their aluminium utensils as his friends strung out a perimeter of twine draped with noise makers that would alert them if anything tried to enter their camp during the night.

When they returned to the camp, Sam stood naked in the pond with his back to them. The water was up past his waist. They could see his tight buns beneath the ripples.

Finn pulled out his phone and started filming.

“Ummm, you okay there Sam?” he asked.

“Oh yeah,” Sam said turning and glancing over his shoulder. “Just thought I’d cool down. All this walking made me sweaty. The water’s deeper than it looks.”

He turned to face them, holding the T-shirt he’d just rinsed off in the stream, then he started to wade out

“The water’s cold huh?” Finn asked, smirking.

“Uh, no, not so bad.”

“I dunno; looks like it was pretty cold to me,” Finn said, his smirk broadening.

Sam frowned for a moment not comprehending, then looked down at his dick. It was less than two inches long, sprouting from an equally undersized round nut-sack of soft skin, and crowned by a small, neat circlet of soft, shiny brown pubes.

“What, uh no,” he said blushing and grinning sheepishly. “Not really.”

He suddenly realised that Finn was filming him.


Sam was not usually self-conscious about his small dick; he’d learned to accept it. But then he wasn’t usually naked around boys several years his senior. His instinct was to cover up, but he didn’t want to seem insecure or uncool around them. He wondered how they would behave in his situation. He knew that he was already on camera, so he played it up instead. He did a little sexy dance, shaking his small bouncy dick at the camera, popping his hips from side to side like a gay carnival dancer. Then he walked naked past Finn and spread his wet T-shirt out on a nearby low branch to dry. Finn slapped him on his narrow ass as he passed, and Sam jumped away from him with a mock-indignant “hey!”

“You better not put that on the internet!” he said as he returned to the stream. He picked up his boxers and pulled them back on. They were high cut like 1980’s cut-off jeans. Some gay stores called the design “boy-shorts” but he wore them because they provided support when he did activities, yet they were more fashionable than briefs.

“I dunno,” Finn said, “might be good for you. Turn you into a porn star. Small animals everywhere will be tuning in to see your stumpy dick. You can be king of the gophers and squirrels!”

Sam put his hands on his hips and gave Finn an exaggerated, “Okay, enough with the small dick jokes now” look.

Finn grinned.

“I’ll say this for you though Sammy, you’re a wiry little fucker. Not an ounce of fat anywhere on you,” he said amiably.

Sam correctly interpreted the comment as a compliment and grinned as he carried the utensils back to the fire.


“Actually, cooling off doesn’t sound like a bad idea,” Hugo said. “What do say Finn?”

Finn didn’t need a second invitation. He was stripped down to skin in seconds. Sam stared at his penis dumbstruck. His jaw gaped.

“What’s up, never seen a dick before Sam?”

“Not one that big,” he said with the kind of reverent awe he usually expressed only at life’s most impressive moments. “At least, not in real life.”

Finn’s penis was almost four times as long as his, and twice as thick.

“Yeah, it’s what his mom used to hang him on the washing line after a bath,” Hugo joked. “It’s tragic. He’s got the Elephant man of dicks. Careful around that thing with your cakes, or it’ll steal them!”

Sam had never heard of the movie, but he guessed that the joke was about elephants eating with their trunks, and he burst out laughing.

“Ahh, you’re just jealous because the women will never scream when they see your dick,” Finn retorted with a good-natured smile.

Hugo stripped naked. His own flaccid penis was a very average four-and-a-half inches.

“I get no complaints Elephant Boy, and at least there’s no danger of me getting locked in a zoo!”

Finn laughed, then dived at Hugo, lifting him in the air on his shoulder before throwing him into the pond and jumping in after him.

Sam stripped back down and ran towards the water. Just as the other two turned, he landed in a bomb between them shouting “Bonzai!!!”

He climbed up onto Finn’s back, wrapping his arms and legs around him like a koala on a tree.

“Careful Sam,” Finn cautioned.

“What, why?”

“You don’t wanna wear your dick away entirely!”

Sam spat water in Finn’s ear.


A couple of hours later, the trio turned in for the night. It was far earlier than they would go to bed at home, but they’d walked 20 miles that day, and apart from watching the fire burn while talking, there was little else to do. Also, the low light made them sleepy Before they bedded down, Hugo built the fire up. It stood on dirt so there was no risk of catching the forest on fire, but as he explained, it would help to deter any nocturnal fauna from paying them a visit in the night.


Hugo zipped the tent against any insects that might otherwise decide that they would provide a tasty midnight snack. Then the three teens stripped down to their underwear and climbed into their sleeping bags. The temperature wasn’t particularly cool, but the bags provided a comfortable mat beneath them, and a barrier between their almost-bare flesh next to each other.

Sam lay on one end and Hugo on the other, with Finn in the middle. The two older boys lay on their backs but Sam turned onto his side facing away from them. The fire cast dancing shadows on the side of the tent.

“That firelight is kind of spooky,” Sam observed.

“Just ignore it,” Hugo said. “And Sam, no jacking off. I don’t wanna hear your sleeping bag rustling away all night.”

Finn sniggered.

“What makes you think Sam could find enough to jack off?”

“Good point,” Hugo said, and Sam could hear the smile in his voice.

Sam grinned silently to himself, happy that they had brought him along, then shut his eyes to block out the firelight and promptly fell fast asleep.




Sometime much later, Sam woke up with a start. The tent was in total darkness, but he was sure that he had heard something. He lay in silence listening. The sound came again. It was a low moaning somewhere outside. He listened and it came again.


A long, low moan that was halfway between someone impersonating a zombie, and a release of sexual pleasure.

He tried to pinpoint the distance and direction, when a third moan came 30 seconds later. Sam’s heart was beating fast. Who the hell was moaning out there in the pitch-black woods? They were far from civilisation. The chances of other campers being this close to them by random luck were practically zero.

Sam felt for Finn’s body and he shook him awake, moving his head closer so that he could whisper.

“Finn, wake up, there’s someone outside. Finn, FINN!”

Finn woke groggily.

“Whu.. what is it?”

“Shhh, shhh – there’s someone outside,” Sam whispered.

Finn woke up quickly.

“Outside, wh…”

Before he could finish his question, the moan came again, and again.

Finn fumbled for his tactical flashlight. It was small but powerful. He turned it on, smothering most of its light beneath his hand as he turned to wake Hugo. But Hugo had already wakened.

“What’s that noise?” he asked quietly.

“We dunno,” Finn said.

Sam was leaning half up, looking over Finn’s shoulder, his expression fearful.

“It started a minute ago he whispered. Sounds like someone moaning. Who would be moaning out here Hugo?”

They listened in silence for 30 seconds and the moan repeated three more times. Hugo frowned.

“Maybe it’s an animal – like a bear or a wildcat or something, snoring. Or fucking,” he added with a leer.

“I dunno,” Sam said, “it sounds pretty human to me.”

There was another moan, louder now.

“Yeah, I gotta agree with Sam on that one Hugo. Have you ever heard anything like that before?”

“Only when I was last with your mother,” Hugo said.


Finn punched Hugo in the arm, trying unsuccessfully to give his friend a dead arm as Hugo rolled away laughing.

Then the moaning outside intensified. It was joined by at least two more voices.

“There’s no way that’s an animal snoring,” Finn said in a stage whisper, his face serious. “And there’s more of them.”

“Can you tell where they’re coming from?” Sam asked, more than a little scared now, and retreating away from the edge of the tent towards Finn.

“Nah, but I’m not staying in the tent,” Hugo said.

He grabbed his own flashlight and unzipped the tent door, then cautiously poked the flashlight through, following it with his head. He saw nothing, so he crawled through on all fours, standing as soon as he was outside. Finn and Sam immediately followed, carrying flashlights of their own. The lights were powerful, with beams that easily travelled 25 yards, and Hugo’s could manage twice that when the view was unobstructed, but as it was, they stood in near darkness, dressed only in their boxers, their tightly-focussed white LED beams shining outwards in three different directions.

The moaning continued unabated.

“It’s over there,” Sam said, pointing his flashlight outwards on his side of the group.

“And over there,” Hugo added, widening the beam of his flashlight and pointing in the opposite direction.

More voices joined the chorus. The teenagers huddled together.

“This is really freaking me out,” Sam said, fear adding an audible tremble to his voice.

“Yeah, me too,” Hugo agreed.

“What the fuck is it?” Finn asked.

“I dunno, but I’m getting my knife,” Hugo said.

“Get mine too can you? It’s in the end pocket of my pack,” Sam said.

“Yeah, and mine too,” Finn said.

A moment later, all three boys stood armed, back-to-back as the voices around them continued to moan.

“Do you think there’s any chance it could be wind?” Finn asked.

Before Hugo could answer, the voices took on an undeniably sexual tone, increasing in frequency, and transforming into grunts.

“Maybe it’s monkeys or gorillas?” Sam offered.

“Not in America,” Finn said. “I saw a documentary.”

“Who’s out there?!” Hugo called. “What do you want?”

The grunting continued without interruption. It sounded as though they were in the middle of an orgy.

“What do you think they want?” Sam asked. “Why are they messing with us?”

“We still haven’t worked out for sure that it’s people at all,” Hugo said.

“What the fuck else could it be?” Finn demanded.

“I don’t know. Maybe we walked into some kind of animal mating area.”

“But they sound so human,” Sam said.

The cacophony of lustful grunting grew all around them, as the boys looked into the darkness. They could see nothing but trees, but each of them expected that at any moment something – or someone would rush out of the trees at them.

Instead, the urgency in the voices rose, until, one after the other, they reached the unmistakable sound of an orgasm, before falling into silence.

“What the fuck!” Finn said, expressing the sentiment they all shared. “Wildcat orgy?”

“Nah, I’ve heard them, they don’t sound anything like that. They scream,” Hugo said.

“Well, that wouldn’t freak me out much,” Finn replied sarcastically.

“What about deer?” Sam offered.

“Oh hey, that’s not a bad idea. There’s lots of them in these woods. And wild boar. I bet that’s what it is. Pigs definitely sound human when they’re doing the nasty.”

Around them, the grunting voice fell one-by-one into silence until there was nothing but the beating of their own hearts.

Hugo looked at his watch. He didn’t usually wear one, but it was an invaluable hiking accessory that all three of them carried.

“4am. I’m gonna rebuild the fire. We can take one-hour turns keeping watch until it gets light. I dunno about you guys, but I don’t think I want to sleep in the tent again tonight.”

Finn and Sam agreed that they would feel safer out in the open, while one of them kept watch.

“Sam, you and Finn keep watch while I get the fire-lighting gear and our sleeping bags from the tent okay?”

Sam nodded and Hugo ducked into the tent. A moment later he was back with a storm lighter and their sleeping bags.

“Okay Sam, you keep a watch while me and Finn rebuild the fire okay?”

Sam nodded and soon enough, Hugo and Finn had a roaring fire going. Even once it was lit, they continue to pile dead branches onto it until it was a four-foot-high inferno. Then they gathered more wood and deposited it in a pile to the side so that whomever was on watch could throw additional wood on without having to leave the safety of its immediate area.

The fire cast a wide pool of orange light, illuminating the area as far as the trees allowed. Now that he could see the fire, Sam didn’t find its flickering shadows unsettling. Rather, it comforted him that his vision was not limited solely to the area his flashlight was pointing.

“Who’s going to go first?” Sam asked, hoping Hugo would not choose him.

Hugo looked at Finn, and the 18-year-old looked no keener that Sam.

“Why don’t I go first, then. Finn you go next, and Sam, you can go last. It’ll be light before your watch is over.”

Sam suspected that Hugo had detected his reluctance to stand watch, and he was grateful that their leader had given him the easiest watch.


Sam unfurled his sleeping bag on the dry forest floor. The day-time temperature was over 80 degrees, but it was cool now. Sam crawled back into his sleeping bag and tried to sleep, but the grunting sex sounds played through his head, and he found it harder to drift off the second time.

And then Finn was shaking him awake.

“Hey Sam, wake up, it’s your watch.”

Finn was always first with a joke or light-hearted banter, but he was subdued as he woke Sam.

Sam got out of his sack.

“Did you hear anything else?” he asked.

“Nah, only animals walking around the forest. Nothing that sounded big though. I don’t think the fire will need any more wood or we’ll take forever to put it out when we leave in the morning.”

“Do you think we’ll turn around and go back, or will Hugo keep going?”

“I dunno, what do you want to do?”

Sam shrugged.

“I was pretty freaked out last night. Weren’t you?”

“Yeah, I was shitting my pants, but if it WAS just wild pigs it would be dumb to cancel our trip just because of that.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Sam admitted, unconvinced.

Finn put a hand on Sam’s shoulder and squeezed to reassure him

“You the man Sammy! That’s why we wanted you along.”

Sam’s chest puffed with happiness at the unexpectedly warm gesture, and watched as Finn clambered into his sleeping bag and lay down. It wasn’t like he was a kid, but they were both in community college, and he was only in high school. It was a big deal to Sam that they’d invited him, even though they’d known each other more than half of his life.


Sam unzipped his own bag, sat on the bottom half with his legs crossed, and wrapped the top around his shoulders, leaving his head and ears uncovered. He sat and looked around him nervously, straining to hear anything out of the ordinary. He’d spent plenty of time in the woods, and was used to the sound of animals going about their business.

He was grateful when, an hour later, he heard the quiet beeping of an alarm on Hugo’s wrist watch. Hugo stirred slowly, and got out of his sleeping bag. The sky was just starting to show the first signs of morning.

“Hey Sam. Anything to report?”

“No, nothing. Just the usual.”

“That’s good. That was sure crazy last night huh? Don’t mind telling you I was pretty freaked out by it.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Still, we’re all alive and well. How do you feel about pushing on with our hike?”

“What, going deeper into forest?”

“Nah, we’ll be following the mountain line, then going up higher. If we make good time, we can make camp well above the tree line tonight. You up for it Sam?”

Sam wanted to say no. To shout at Hugo “Are you fucking insane?!” Instead, he gave a tight-lipped smile and said, “Okay.”

“Sick. I’ll ask Finn if he’s still good. Let him sleep while I get breakfast cooking. I brought canned bacon.”

That brought a smile to Sam’s face.

“I’ll go get water for coffee from the stream.”


Two minutes later, he stood by the stream with a canteen ready to fill it. He dipped the aluminium bottle into the water until it was full but as he raised his head,  he saw something that made him stop dead in his tracks. He stared at the object and frowned, then he called to his friend and mentor.


“Yes Sam?”

“Can you come here a minute please.”

Hugo approached.

“Wassup Sam?”

Then he saw what Sam was staring at. It was a pile of rocks a foot tall. At the base were two small round piles. Hugo chuckled.

“Oh, nice sculpture Sam. I hope it’s not life size.”

Sam looked at him without smiling.

“I didn’t make it.”

“Then Finn did when he was on watch. You know him he’s always fooling around.”

They returned to the fire where Hugo had already built a pot-stand out of branches. The fire was much lower now, and Sam poured the canteen into a pot and hung it over the low flames. Hugo laid three rounds of bacon into a small pan and placed it directly onto the embers at the edge of the fire. Then he nudged Finn with his foot.

“Hey wake up Finn. It’s morning. Time for breakfast.”

“Uhn mmmmmmm,” Finn moaned drowsily. “That smells good.”

He crawled out of his bag and Sam immediately started sniggering. Finn looked at him and blinked himself awake.

“What are you laughing at?” he asked, bewildered.

Sam’s smile broadened and Hugo sniggered as well now.

“Ummm, looks like that’s not the only tent that got pitched,” he said, gesturing to the tent behind them.

“Wuh?” Finn said, still half asleep.

Then he put two and two together and looked down at himself. His enormous nine-inch erection was making a tent in his boxers.

“Oh great, morning wood!”

He shuffled over to Sam, then with a quick movement, he gripped the youngster by the back of his head, and pushed it downwards towards his groin, stopping well short

“Do me a favour and suck that for me will Sam? I think I might need poison sucking out.”

Sam twisted and freed himself, laughing.

“Suck it yourself,” Sam laughed, in awe of the monster bulge. “I know, you love playing with dicks.”

“What’s that supposed to mean stumpy?”

A weird expression midway between a forced smile and a grimace crossed Sam’s face as Finn’s retort caught him by surprise, and Finn was instantly sorry for his comment.

“We saw the dick sculpture you made by the stream,” Hugo said.

“The what?” Finn said, reaching beneath his still straining dick and scratching his balls.

“The little piece of art you built by the stream.”

Finn frowned.

“Dunno what you’re talking about Hue.”

“You didn’t make the sculpture by the stream?” Hugo asked, pointing in the general direction

“What sculpture?”

Hugo led the way back to the stream and stopped by the dick sculpture.

Finn grinned.

“I didn’t make that.”

Hugo stared at him, trying to assess if he was messing with them. Then he looked back at Sam, studying his face closely.

“Don’t look at ME,” Sam protested. “I was the one who pointed it out.”

Finn was about to say, “I think Sam’s just jealous of my dick.” Then he remembered Sam’s discomfort a few moments earlier and thought better of it.

“Are you certain it wasn’t here when we arrived?” Hugo asked Sam.

Sam thought about it.

“I can’t say for 100% certain,” he admitted. “I mean, it’s not like I was looking for it.”

“But you came down here for water before we went for a swim didn’t you?” Hugo persisted.

“Yeeeah, but like I said, it’s not like I was looking for it.”

Hugo pondered for a minute.

“Okay, let’s just have breakfast and get moving. Finn, are you okay if we keep going?”

Finn shrugged.

“I guess so, but what about those noises last night.”

“I’m pretty sure it was just boars. And we’ll be out of the forest by tonight if we make a good start.”

“Okay, whatever you think is best Hugo.”

Hugo nodded, then they returned to the fire and ate breakfast as the sky turned to pale blue.


When they had eaten, they started to break camp. They dragged their gear from the tent, and Finn started to fold and repack it while Sam returned to the stream to wash their plates and cookware. Meanwhile, Hugo walked out to gather the twine and noisemakers that he and Finn had strung out around the camp.

Sam was just returning to the embers of the fire when Hugo called out.

“Guys, you’d better come take a look at this.”

There was something about his tone that made Sam’s stomach turn a somersault.

He and Finn quickly walked to where Hugo stood. When they arrived, they could see another dildo rock pile, and another nearby.

“They’re all around us. All inside the perimeter. I counted 11 including the one down by the stream.”

“Oh wow,” Sam said nervously.

“This is fucked up,” Finn said. “Hue, I really think we should go back. We can easily be back home by dark. I don’t know who’s fucking with us, but I don’t want to wait around and find out.”

“Agreed,” Hugo said. “Let’s get packed up and get out of here as quick as we can.”

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