New boy


A new student finds himself getting groped by an unexpected person.

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New boy

“Ah hello young man,” the doctor said.

He glanced at his notes.

“You must be Jude is that correct?”

The blonde teenager who stood peeking around the door to the infirmary nodded.

“Yes sir.”

“Ah that’s good. I’m doctor Williams. I’m be conducting your physical today. Come in, come in. Make yourself comfortable.”

The teenager entered nervously. He was wearing the St James college uniform: dark trousers and blazer, blue shirt, sensible shoes and a black, red and gold diagonally striped tie. On his blazer pocket was a school crest in matching colours.

“No need to be nervous. You know that all new students must receive a medical, and boys who plan to participate in basketball or soccer need an extra check over. They’re our two school specialities, although I’m sure you already knew that?”

“Yes sir,” Jude said. “I’m here on a soccer scholarship.”

“Ah soccer, very good. Would you take your blazer and shirt off please?”

As Jude removed his blazer and shirt, the doctor continued.

“I used to play. What position do you play?”

“Left wing.”

“So, you’re left footed? Just gonna check your heart rate.”

He pressed a digital stethoscope again Jude’s chest, and Jude inhaled sharply.


Jude nodded sheepishly.

“Sorry,” the doctor said, “I should have warmed it first.”

He looked at his watch as he counted Jude’s pulse.

“35 – that’s excellent.”


Over the next 15 minutes, Doctor Williams conducted a thorough physical exam. Then came the bit that Jude expected but dreaded.

“Okay son, can you drop your trousers and push your underwear down. I just need to check your testicles. I just need to call in a witness, you know, for your protection.”

He picked up the phone and pressed a button to route the call to an internal number.

“Hello John, I have young Jude Wyatt here for his physical. Would you come and sit in please?”

Jude pushed his trousers past his knees, then lowered his sports boxers. His genitals flopped free from the place that they had been nestling comfortably. He had a three-and-a-half-inch penis, and an average pair of testicles in a soft, relaxed bag. Above, his pubes were a little darker than the pale vanilla-blonde of his neatly combed hair.

“Ahh, uncut. Very good,” the doctor commented upon seeing the loose foreskin that barely covered Jude’s glans. “Such a shame when parents have their sons circumcised. And there really is absolutely no medical need for it in most cases.”


There was a soft knock at the door, and Jude covered his privates as the doctor opened it to check who it was.

“Thanks for coming John. Jude, this is Mr McCready, the coaching assistant. I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of each other. Now, move your hands please.”

McCready sat in a chair watching, and Williams returned to Jude and reached beneath the youngster’s scrotum, hefting the teen’s testicles gently in his palm.

“Good, now turn your head away from me and cough please.”

Jude coughed.

“Again please.”

Jude repeated the cough.

“Excellent,” Williams said.

He lightly felt each of the teenager’s testicles for abnormalities.

“Perfectly healthy,” he reassured Jude, giving the boy’s testicles a medically unnecessary squeeze followed by a tug.

“Okay, would you climb up onto this table now please,” the doctor said, gesturing to an examination table topped with black vinyl padding that stood in the middle of the room.

“On your hands and knees please.”

“My hands and knees?”

“Yes, I need to examine your prostate. It’s in your bottom.”

“Do you have to?” Jude asked nervously.

“Yes, if it’s enlarged or firm it can be indicative of a number of conditions. They’re rare in a young man as young as you, but they’re best caught early.”

Jude looked uncomfortable, but he climbed onto the table. The doctor pulled a latex glove onto his right hand and generously lubricated the index finger. Jude looked over his shoulder at the man, but looked away as he approached. He didn’t want to appear interested or eager.

“Just relax,” Williams reassured.

Jude forced himself to exhale in a long slow breath. He felt the doctor’s fingers spreading the cheeks of his bottom, then the doctor’s index finger was touching his hole. He tried to play it cool but he couldn’t help but move away from the finger as he felt it work its slimy way into him.

The doctor felt around until he touched Jude’s prostate, then he lightly palpated it, exploring its size and texture. Jude felt a strange, unwanted excitement within, then the doctor withdrew his finger.

“Hmm feels normal.”

He pulled off the glove.

“Okay Jude, this may be a bit embarrassing, but can I ask when you last masturbated to orgasm?”

“When I what?!” Jude asked, stalling for a moment while he decided how to answer.

This was a Catholic school, and he had been raised with Catholic attitudes towards sex. It was not something he ever spoke about openly with adults, and while he was not able to resist his natural urges, he felt a higher sense of embarrassment than a normal teenager would.

“I… well… I…”

He stammered, uncertain which approach to take.

“I understand your embarrassment son, but I’ve never yet met a boy who did not masturbate; most very regularly. It’s a perfectly natural part of being a teenager. If you tell me never, I’m just going to assume you’re lying, so when was it, last night in bed, this morning in the shower, or even at recess in the lavatories!”

He laughed at the last line.

“I’m joking, I’m joking. Just trying to ease your discomfort. So, what should I put down?”

“Ummm, last night,” Jude replied. “In the shower.”

He didn’t know why he instinctively felt the need to clarify the location. It couldn’t possibly be relevant.

“Ahh, thank you. And how often do you usually masturbate, twice a day, three times?” the doctor offered, allowing no possibility that the boy would answer one or less.

“Erm, sir, why do you need to know all this?”

“Good question, good question. Well, there’s a close correlation between the frequency of your masturbation and your sporting performance. Your body loses certain chemicals in your semen. We need to balance your diet with your… sexual activity level. Now I’m assuming you haven’t had sexual intercourse in the three days since you joined us so…”

Jude was stunned. This was the first time he’d heard such a theory, but it made sense. He just wished he wasn’t hearing it kneeling naked on a table with two adults watching him.

“Oh. Well, I guess, once a day. Or twice sometimes,” he added, hoping it didn’t reveal him as a sexual freak.

“Morning and night huh?” the doctor asked.

Jude was disconcerted by how accurate the doctor’s guess was, but he supposed, the man had seen a lot of teens over the years.

“Yes sir,” he acknowledged self-consciously.

“Okay, that’s good,” Williams said, making a note on Jude’s computer file. “Now, would you please grip the front of the table with your hands side by side in the middle,” he asked.

Jude frowned, bewildered, but he did as he was told. Doctor Williams lifted a double wrist cuff at the end of the table and clamped it around Jude’s wrists. The figure 8-shaped cuff was made of chrome.

“What are you doing?!” Jude asked, disconcerted.

“Oh, for this next bit, I need you immobile.”

As he spoke, he walked to the side of the table and pulled Jude’s right knee out to the edge of the table, locking it in place with another chrome fixture that wrapped just above the boy’s knee. This one was a C-shape, forming 210 degrees of a circle, and pivoted on the edge of the table. Once it was clamped around Jude’s knee, it was virtually impossible for the student to remove his leg.

“Hey!” Jude protested. “What the hell?”

The doctor did not answer. Instead, he walked to the other side of the table and clamped the boy’s left leg to that side of the table. Now Jude was trapped, with both wrists out in front and his knees pulled apart.

“Hey this isn’t right Doc!” Jude protested. “Let me go!”

“I’ll release you in good time young man, but first I need to collect a few semen samples.”

“You what?! Nobody’s taking my semen without my permission!”

Doctor Williams smiled.

“They all say that, but it really isn’t your choice anymore.”

“You’re NOT taking it! I didn’t agree to this!”

Jude was becoming angry.

“No, but your parents did, and when you accepted the scholarship, you agreed to whatever methods were necessary to ensure your optimal performance.”

Jude dropped low on the bench, sitting as far back on knees as his posture would allow. He looked like a Muslim praying to Mecca.

“I didn’t know you meant this!”

“Come on son, let’s be difficult or things can get… unpleasant.”

Jude scrunched smaller, making it impossible to reach his genitals.

“So be it,” the doctor said.

He picked up a remote control from his desk and pressed a button. An object lowered from the roof above Jude. It was ten-inch chrome piece of metal, bent to 90 degrees in the middle, with a cherry-sized chrome sphere on the unattached end.

Doctor Williams lowered it between Jude’s legs then moved up next to the young man and picked up the rectal hook. Pressing the sphere against the teenager’s hole, he forced it into the boy’s hole as far as it would go, with five-inches buried and the other five pointing vertically upwards and attached to a thin chain that hung from the ceiling.

When the hook was in place, Williams pressed the remote again, and the chain started retracting slowly, irresistibly lifting Jude’s bottom in the air until he was just short of being lifted off his knees entirely.

“Jesus Christ put me down motherfucker!” Jude screamed, finally ceasing to show politeness to the doctor.

“That sort of language is unnecessary young man!” the doctor said.

He pulled another smaller device from the ceiling. It was another fine chain. On the end were two parallel half-inch hooks which he fed up into Jude’s nostrils.

“If you’re going to behave like a pig, I’m going to treat you like one.”

The doctor wound the chain, and it pulled upwards against Jude’s nostrils. Jude tried to turn to dislodge the hooks, and too late, he realised that he might have achieved his goal if he’d gone up WITH the hooks, rather than fighting them. And then he was immobilised, with his nose lifted so high that it pulled his jaws apart.

“That’s better, now you look like the foul-mouthed pig you are,” Williams said, referring to the way the hooks pulled the boy’s nostrils upwards like the snout of a pig.

But in reality, with his head and bottom lifted high, Jude looked more like an expensive pedigree dog at a show.

“Ahhh, get it out, get it out!” Jude pleaded, struggling to speak clearly with his mouth pulled open.

“I’m sorry, but it’s too late for that. You had your chance to be civil.”

Williams produced a ball gag and forced it into the boy’s mouth, strapping it in place and silencing him still further. Jude groaned and moaned but he was no longer intelligible.

“Anyway, I’ve already wasted enough time on your rudeness. It’s high time I got back to work.”


The doctor picked up a bottle of Johnson’s baby oil and poured some into his left palm, then he smeared it first over the fingers of his right hand, and from there he transferred it to his left hand. Jude watched, straining to see and unable to turn his head due to the hook. He was red-faced and furious, but his rage was impotent. With his wrists secured to the front of the table and his knees clamped apart, and his head and rump elevated, he had no opportunity to avoid his imminent fate.

The doctor picked up a stainless-steel, kidney-shaped sample tray.

“Okay, let’s collect those semen samples.”

Jude wanted to object again, but all he was capable of doing was letting out a squeaky grunt. It sounded pathetic, even to his ears, and he felt that anything more would be merely performative, serving no actual purpose but to display his displeasure. Instead, he knelt in silence, disgusted but powerless as the doctor moved behind him.

“Hmmm, your willy has shrunk considerably.”

He gave the end of the boy’s shrunken penis a few jiggles with his finger tips to emphasise its fear-shrunken smallness.

“Even your goolies have tightened.”

“Why is he suddenly using baby-language?” Jude wondered.

“There’s really no need to be nervous. It’s just a medical procedure and your body is biologically programmed to enjoy it. If you stop fighting it, your mind can enjoy it too, then you can get on with your day.”

He gripped Jude’s penis with the last three fingers of his right hand and used the thumb to start kneading it from the rear. Jude felt the pad of the man’s thumb rubbing up and down along the rear of his glans. It was the first time a male had ever touched his penis erotically, and it made his skin crawl. He didn’t know how to handle the situation.

Should he try to concentrate elsewhere so that he was not emotionally complicit? But that risked his body becoming aroused due to his inattention. Resist then. He’d actively focus on NOT becoming turned on; not getting a boner. He’d pay attention to what the doctor was doing, but view it with hostility and disgust to ensure that it didn’t have any…

He suddenly realised that while he was trying to work out a strategy, he’d already failed; his dick was getting hard! The warmth of the doctor’s hand, and the oiled pressure of his thumb sliding to and fro across the rear of his glans was already having an effect, and under 30 seconds!

Jude switched his full attention to his dick now, trying with all of his power to will his erection away. He’d never, ever succeeded in preventing a boner-in-progress by willpower alone, but with the short-memoried optimism of youth he tried anyway.

He concentrated specifically on the area that was being massaged, trying to view it analytically, as a biologist might do. He reminded himself that it was a MAN’S hand on his dick, not a woman’s, and worse still, another man was watching. To his dismay, the thought did not, as he had expected, prevent his arousal; it only enhanced it.

As nauseated as his Catholic brain was by what was happening, his horny teenaged brain found being watched as a man played with his dick deeply erotic and his penis responded accordingly.

“Looks like our little piggy likes being touched. They all do,” the doctor commented.

Jude’s cheeks burned with shame.

“He’s blushing doc. I don’t think he likes what you just said,” McCready said, with an amused tone.

“These Catholic boys are all so repressed,” Williams replied. “They wouldn’t know how to have fun if their lives depended on it.”

He looked between Jude’s thighs. There was a log of flesh there now. A thick slab of hard blood-filled, boy-meat in his palm, pulled back between his legs, pointing down at the bench and his folded trousers. The foreskin had retracted far behind the glans, and the purple head strained as though it wanted to launch free of the shaft like a rocket.

“Hmmm, that’s quite a decent penis for a boy your age Jude. Quite thick, and what is it, seven, eight inches?”

Jude remained silent, unwilling to participate in his own humiliation. If he could at least resist; struggle, try to squirm away from the doctor’s expert touch, it would have been something. He could salvage some dignity and self-respect, but instead he knelt, legs spread like an eager hooker, ass in the air as Doctor Williams defiled him.

“Is that precum I see already?” Williams pondered. “John, what do you think?”

The other man, in his late 20s stood and approached, leaning forwards to look at the end of Jude’s penis, where a single bead of glistening fluid was slowly growing.

“Yes, it certainly looks like it Steven.”

The doctor rubbed the back of Jude’s shaft and glans with his slippery thumb, teasing the sensitive fraenulum. The bead of precum started to stretch away from the eye of Jude’s penis as more was massaged along the urethra.

“Definitely!” both men said in amused unison.

“His balls look quite ripe,” McCready observed. “You’re quite a virile lad aren’t you son?” he said, giving Jude’s rump a few pats.

“Yes, very plump. They’ll take throrough draining to keep him focussed on his soccer.”

“’Thorough draining?’ What the fuck are they talking about?” Jude wondered.

The doctor changed his grip, lightly wrapping the fingers of each hand around the rear of the shaft, then performing a repeating series of downwards massaging movements with his thumbs on the rear of Jude’s glans, as though he was trying to move the two hemispheres apart and down. The flesh beneath swelled, shiny, darker now as more blood engorged the head, desperately excited at the touch despite Jude’s unwillingness.

“Ha, ha, look at his balls pulsing,” McCready said. “He’s so horny he can barely stop himself spurting on the spot.”

“Ahh yes, it won’t be long,” Williams said, “Why don’t you give them a gentle massage, help them charge up while I continue to work on his glans.”


Jude felt two hands gripping his testicles, one testicle in each hand as the assistant coach joined in. He couldn’t believe that both the doc AND McCready were simultaneously groping him! What kind of college was this?!

McCready was massaging Jude’s nuts in almost an identical manner to the way the doctor was doing his helmet. He could feel the man’s thumbs slowly kneading each testicle, and to his surprise, he discovered that the doctor’s term “charging them” seemed apt. Although he had no way of knowing if it was an accurate biological assessment, he felt as though the man was literally pumping spunk from his balls into some sort of cum reservoir, ready for him to blow his load.

Jude’s attention was torn between first one testicle, then the other, then his glans. The latter was unbelievably sensitive, and it felt as though there was a heat building there beyond the mere friction of the doctor’s finger tips.

The slow massage didn’t rush him towards an orgasm, as his wanking hand would have. Instead, a glow of erotic excitement grew slowly, building gradually, with frustrating slowness. He didn’t WANT to be jacked off like an animal in a barnyard, but his body was so very horny, but he couldn’t quite get over the crest and blow his load.

The testicle massage was pleasant. It would have made fantastic foreplay if a girl was doing it to him, but it also prevented him from going over the top, as each kneading thumb seemed to interrupt his testicles’ orgasm mechanism.


The doctor started talking again.

“The truth is Jude, every student in this college has to be milked dry at least twice a week. We don’t warn you the first time because some boys get upset at the thought. We have an entire hall where you are all milked together using special automated milking stations where you will be forced to have ten orgasms one after the other. This is enough to ensure that you will not have any desire to masturbate between milkings, which will fulfil your obligations as a Catholic to keep your bodies pure. More importantly, it will ensure that you do not waste your energy and time masturbating, so then you will remain focussed on your sports and your studies.”

After fifteen minutes of tantalising, massage and expert masturbation, Jude was literally whimpering, and he couldn’t tell whether it was out of humiliation or the all-consuming need to shoot his wad. The inside of his thighs trembled. He wondered if it was due to the stress position or his arousal. Either way, he felt pathetic; disgusted that these two men could reduce him to such pitiful whining and physical weakness.

The doctor said, “Okay, I think he’s had enough. Time to put this young man out of his misery.”

Jude felt a surge of relief.

Williams said, “Why don’t you use the massager on his nuts. They look nicely swollen now.”

A moment later, Jude felt an object half the size of a tennis ball pressing against his scrotum. Then it started vibrating with a gentle buzzing noise. Jude felt it deep in his testicles.

He mewled again, shocked at how good the sensation was. He’d never even considered touching his balls during masturbation, much less vibrating them, but now, he discovered that they were a powerful part of his body’s erogenous arsenal.

The doctor formed an “O” with the index finger and thumb of his right hand, and started quickly and lightly masturbating Jude, focussing exclusively on the boy’s glans. The boy’s thick, pale log was drawn back between his legs, its tormented head hard, lean, like an erotic arrowhead, pointing towards a vaginal target that was absent.

The trembling inside Jude’s thighs increased significantly, confirming that it was a function of his arousal not his stressed posture.

Then suddenly he was ejaculating at last, blasting a load violently backwards, followed by another and another.  The doctor increased his jacking motion, moving his hand as fast as he could.

Jude felt his cock enthusiastically spitting; discharging an epic load of cream. He screamed out involuntarily into the gag; a long, muffled cry of ecstatic pleasure, relieved that his torment was finally over, and his libido was given the relief he so desperately yearned for. Outside, in the adjacent school administrative office, the two female secretaries smiled knowingly at each other. Another young man had been broken in.


Jude’s orgasm seemed to go on forever and the doctor continued lightly jacking him, forcing his cock to give up every last drop of its cream.

Jude whimpered hoarsely again, but this time, they were whimpers of exhaustion and relief.

“Oh, would you look at that,” Doctor Williams said. “I forget to put the bowl under him and now the little piggy has squirted all down the back of his trousers!”

He looked down at the jizz that was splashed all over the back of the boy’s black school trousers. It lay in a dozen long splats, the liquid neither gloopy nor watery thin, but surprisingly white in colour and creamy in texture. He smiled. It amused him to send his victims away with cum stains on their clothing. To know that the evidence of their weakness would be revealed for all to see.

“Not to worry,” he continued, “I’ll be sure to catch the next lot.”

He pushed a slender electrical probe into Jude’s rectum alongside the hook. When he turned it on, the boy felt an immediate sensation of tingling and excitement in his prostate.


Williams moved a stand in behind the teenager. It had clamps that could hold two Hitachi massage wands; one above the other. He attached two wands. The lower one had a humming bird glans massage attachment. He wrapped it around the boy’s glans, so that the tiny latex nodules that lined its lubed inner surface, pressed against the skin of Jude’s glans. He pressed the other massager, which McCready had just been using, against the teenager’s fat scrotum. Then he turned them both on.

Jude let out a long whine, as he realised that his sublime sexual torment was far from over. The equipment attached to his genitals was tantalising him with shockingly erotic effectiveness. The familiar warm feeling in his glans was already growing again.

Doctor Williams placed the metal kidney bowl beneath Jude’s groin where the young man’s penis was pointed. Then he walked in front of the squirming youth and started to attach sensors on the sides of the boy’s head.

“How was that little piggy? Quite the mind-scrambler huh? These sensors will detect your orgasms. I can tell that you’re already getting excited again. We’d usually give you twenty orgasms in total the first time. But as you were so rude, I’m going to increase that to 30. It will take about three hours. In future, it takes about an hour for ten orgasms. They are NOT optional. Your scholarship is predicated upon you undergoing them at the prescribed times along with your fellow students and we WILL be monitoring you. I’ll give you the details when you have finished today. In future, the process will be MUCH more enjoyable, as the other students will attest. Mr McCready and I are going to leave you now. We’ll see you again after lunch. Try not to have too much fun, and Jude, if you don’t want to be treated like a pig in future, try not to behave like one.”

Jude looked askance at the man from his uncomfortable head-raised position. The boy’s cheeks were flushed red, in sharp contrast to his formerly perfect blonde hair. Now it was sweaty and dishevelled. A few tears trickled down his cheeks as he discovered what lay in his immediate future: 30 more orgasms today alone! And no more jacking off for years! Maybe it was his fault, he pondered wretchedly, for being so weak and giving in to his base urges. One thing was certain, after four years at St James college, he was sure he’d never have the urge to masturbate again.

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