Toads – Story

Forced milking, psychadelics, rape

A young man experiments with psychedelics but it leads him somewhere far hornier.

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This story stars valued patron and competition-winner TJ, who chose to use the name Alex for this story.



Alex stared into the terrarium, looking at the creatures within.

“Where did you get them?”

Owen answered him.

“I have a cousin living in Louisiana. They live in the swamps down there. He brought me some up last time he came.”

“They look ugly, like overgrown ball sacks.”

“Yeah,” Owen sniggered, “they’re not the best-looking animals in the world.”

He reached into the terrarium and lifted one of the creatures out. It was a toad – one of the smaller ones in the glass habitat, sized about as large as a pool ball. He offered it to Alex. The teenager accepted it cautiously.

“Oh, it’s dry,” he observed with surprise.

“Yeah, toads are dry and frogs are wet.”

“So, what do I do, just lick it on the back?”

“Yeah. Sit down first.”


“Because it’s a real trip. Don’t want you to fall over.”

Alex looked at Owen sceptically. He’d not known him and his friend long, but they smoked weed and popped pills. He thought they were pretty cool, in a dangerous kind of way.

“You’re not shitting me are you?”

“No way dude. I promise, it’ll be the ride of your life.”

Alex looked at Phil, the other guy in Owen’s college dorm room. Phil nodded and raised his brows in encouragement.

Alex looked back at Owen and saw no deception. He sat down, took a deep breath, then lifted the wrinkled brown amphibian to his mouth and licked its back.

“How’s it taste?” Phil asked.


“Yeah,” Owen agreed. “One more time for luck.”

Alex licked the toad again with greater commitment.

Owen reached out and took the toad off him with a smile. Alex watched him return it to its home but before his friend had taken his hand from the glass box, Alex felt the effects of the chemicals in its skin.

He felt a rush passing through him, and then he was light-headed. He just had time to let out a long, soft sigh before falling back onto the armless padded chair he was sitting on. He lay, slumped back, with his torso at 45 degrees staring up at the ceiling. He blinked repeatedly as his vision blurred and his awareness of the room diminished to a half-haze, as though he was watching and listening to TV on a barely-tuned channel.

He heard Phil’s muffled voice.

“Look, he’s getting a boner.”

The voice seemed to echo from a long way away. Alex vaguely understood the words, but he didn’t care about them.

Phil was pointing to the front of Alex’s grey joggers. The tell-tale lump that betrayed Alex’s arousal was clear.

“Hey, Alex,” Owen prompted.

Alex didn’t reply. Couldn’t reply.

Phil grinned and gripped the end of his erection through the material.

“Horny bastard!” he laughed, giving it a jiggle. “That looks pretty big. How long you reckon, 6, 7, 8 inches?”

“7 at least. Why don’t you pull his pants down and have a look?”

Phil gripped the sides of Alex’s joggers, gripping his boxers at the same time. He tugged them down to the teenager’s knees, and Alex’s penis sprang towards his belly as soon as it was freed. Alex remained slumped, unresisting. He was vaguely aware that there was air on him below the waist, but it was inconsequential to him. His mind was in a different place. The dorm room no more real to him than a movie, whilst his thoughts, such as they were, drifted in clouds of muffling cotton, at the centre of which was an overwhelmingly strong sense of arousal. He couldn’t focus clearly enough to recognise the churning in his balls, or the throbbing from his virile cock, but the sensations filled every part of his being.


“Niiiice,” Phil commented, as he looked at Alex’s thick cock.

“Yeah, let’s measure.”

Owen produced a tape measure from a desk drawer and placed the metal end against Alex’s shaved pubis at the base of his penis, before extending it along the straight member. He examined it closely.

“Seeeven, and a quarter. Told you!”

“Man, Alex’s packing,” Phil said “Who knew he had a salami in his pants?”

“Yeah, and they always look bigger on the thin guys. Especially shaved. Take his T-shirt off and we can get started.”

He replaced the tape in the desk and pulled out a pack of condoms while Phil pulled Alex’s shirt off.

“So, who’s gonna go first?” Owen asked.

“My turn, you went first with the last one.”

“Fair enough.”

Owen threw him a rubber. Phil dropped his pants and worked his already-hard dick up to a decent boner. Like Alex, he was also shaved. Unlike Alex, his dick was only 5 inches long. He rolled a rubber onto it then spat on his hand.

“What you doing?” Owen demanded.

“Lubing him up.”

“Not like that. I don’t wanna be fucking your spit dude. Come on, I told you about that before.”

He threw Phil a tube of lube. Phil caught it, then turned to Alex. The teenager’s eyes were open but his mind was in a far away place and he had a mellow, dreamy expression on his face. Phil gripped him behind both knees and pulled him down the chair until he was resting on the seat with his back, his stiff cock lying on his belly. Phil pushed Alex’s legs up over his head towards the back of the seat. Alex’s joggers were still pushed down past his knees, but his virgin asshole, as pink and fresh as his cock, now faced upwards at an angle of 45 degrees. Phil smeared a generous wad of lube onto it, then placed the head of his dick against Alex’s tightly puckered hole.

“Not too fast,” Owen cautioned, “you don’t wanna tear him.”

Phil gave a grin, and he proceeded slowly, giving the incapacitated teenager’s hole time to adapt to his far-from-impressive cock. When he was all the way in, he started pumping, slowly at first.

Alex was vaguely aware of his hole being violated, but he was emotionally disconnected. There was no concern, no fear, no anger. Instead, his body responded to the sensation as Phil’s penis brushed repeatedly past his sphincter, and massaged his prostate. His own penis grew harder still, and his testicles rose in his generous scrotum, leaving a two-inch flap of soft, wrinkled skin where they had formerly resided.

Phil lay on him now, fucking with just his pelvis to make it last. He leaned forwards and kissed Alex on the mouth.

“Phil, what are you doing?!” Owen exclaimed.

“What? He’s fucking cute.”

“No homo, right?”

“Dude, we’re fucking a guy. When we could easily be fucking half the bitches in this place with no risk. And you just measured his dick. Why are still making out like it’s no homo?”

Owen looked momentarily stunned as Phil vocalised the obvious. They weren’t fucking boys because they couldn’t get laid; they were doing it because they liked boys. Boys who couldn’t say no.

He watched as Phil fucked harder and faster. Then there was a thick squirt of cum, followed by four more, but it wasn’t Phil’s cock it was emerging from; it was Alex’s. Without a pumping fist to help it on its way, the jizz never achieved maximum velocity, but it still reached his solar plexus, landing in 5 thick splats between the lower pectoral curves of Alex’s lightly-built chest.

“Dude, you fucked the spunk out of him!” Owen said, the humour of the moment distracting him from his earlier train of thought.

Phil grinned, but the sight of Alex’s load had pushed him over the edge and he was also cumming now.

“Yeah,” he grunted, distracted now by his own pleasure.

He slammed his dick into Alex’s upturned hole, burying it up to his balls, before withdrawing and nailing him again and again, grunting aggressively in time, like a gorilla dominating a female.

Eventually he slowed and his grunts softened then took on a tone of finality. His hips had almost stopped pumping now, but as the last of his vinegar strokes washed over him, he thrust harder, as though forcing every single last drop of cum to leave his balls.

Finally, he stopped and withdrew, lowering Alex’s feet to the ground. The condom Phil was wearing was filled, the teat at the end overflowing along his shaft. He peeled it off and held it up for Owen to see. It had generous load in the bottom.

“Alex’s got a hot ass. Sucked the cum right out of me,” he laughed.

Owen laughed back at him. Then Phil emptied the condom into Alex’s mouth, running the condom between his index and middle fingers to ensure it was completely emptied. Alex swallowed a few times reflexively, drinking Phil’s cum without even being aware.

Owen laughed louder.

“Awww, that was nasty!” he said.

“Riiiight, but raping him is just fine?” Phil said with an expression that expressed his feeling of irony.

“Good point. My turn. Is he still lubed?”

“Yeah, plenty left in there.”

Owen moved in and replaced Phil, once again lifting Alex’s legs over his head. Owen took out his dick: it was hard and an inch longer than Phil’s. He looked down at Alex’s hole. It was red, and still slightly gaping from Phil’s cock. He pushed his dick into Alex’s hole, feeling it tight and hot around him. As he slid his penis slowly, all the way in, he let out a sigh of pleasure.

“Ahhhh yes. He’s still tight. Nice hole. Definitely a virgin.”

Without waiting for Phil to comment, he started slowly fucking Alex’s hole. He was much better at fucking than Phil. He involved his hips more, sinuously rolling them like a belly dancer, sending a ripple own his body that started at his chest and ended at his knees, driving his pelvis languidly all the way forwards at every stroke.

“You’re right – I can feel his asshole sucking my dick. It’s like his asshole wants to fucked even when he’s tripping balls!”

Alex could hear the words, but they meant nothing to him. They sounded to his drug-fogged brain like Miss Othmar talking in the old Charlie Brown videos.

“Wa wa wa wa whaa!”

His body didn’t care about heterosexual, homosexual or any other rigid definition. All it knew was that it felt hornier than it had ever felt.

“Look at his dick twitching,” Phil said, “he’s so horny even though he just came.”

Owen looked down.

“His balls are twitching too,” he said, referring to the small vibrations that looked like pulses on the base of each testicle where it joined the epididymis.  “I think he’s going to…”

Before he could finish he sentence, Alex’s cock started spitting again, and remarkably, he came harder, and produced even more cum than the first time, covering his belly and chest with gloopy, but nearly transparent juice.

Owen reached down and lightly cupped Alex’s balls as they pumped, feeling their energy as he continued to fuck him.

Suddenly he withdrew and tore the condom off, shuffling forwards as he did so. He just managed to pull Alex’s bottom jaw open in time to ejaculate into his mouth. He pounded his cock fast and hard in his fist, helping the cum on its way, and Alex’s tried to close his mouth acting on instinct, but Owen wouldn’t allow it. He held it open with his hand, and kept pumping his fist until he had no more to give. Then he released Alex’s jaw and allowed the teenager’s mouth to close.

Alex gulped down Owen’s load; his swallow-reflex automatically transporting the cum to his stomach. As Alex did so, Owen wiped his wet cock across the stupified boy’s face, leaving cum trails across his eye brows.

“Now who’s nasty?” Phil asked laughing.

“Well, you gave me the idea. It saves on the clean-up. Here pass me that folder.”

He pointed to a folder with a thin, flexible plastic cover, and Phil grabbed it off the desk and handed it to him. Owen accepted it and used the edge of the folder to scrape Alex’s cum into a single puddle on his stomach, then he scooped up the puddle onto the folder and deposited Alex’s huge load of cum into his mouth.

“Returned to sender,” Owen said.

“Isn’t that the name of an old song?”

“Yeah, I think so, but it fits don’t you think?”

Phil grinned and Owen joined him, then Owen placed his hands under Alex’s armpits, and lifted the teenager back to a sitting position. He leaned forwards and wiped the last of the cum from his dick on the inside of Alex’s underwear, much to Phil’s amusement.

“Dirty motherfucker!” he said smiling broadly.

He really liked this kinky side to his friend.


Owen pulled his underwear and pants back up, then walked over the terrarium where he carefully withdrew two docile toads.

“Open his legs,” he said to Phil.

Phil pulled Alex’s legs apart until the young man was straddling the chair. Owen walked over with the two toads and placed them on the chair between Alex’s legs, then he teased one of Alex’s testicles low into his scrotum and offered the testicle to the toad. It opened its mouth and gulped the testicle as though it was snapping up a tasty insect. Owen repeated the procedure with the other testicle, and the two toads sat side by side, each with a testicle in their mouths, repeatedly gulping but unable to swallow them due to their attachment to Alex’s body.

“They look like they’re sucking on a couple of pacifiers,” Phil observed.

“Yeah,” Owen agreed with a chuckle.

“I wonder how long they’d keep sucking if you just left him. I mean, it’s not like he could come around and push them off while he’s tripping.”

“Good point. Forever, I guess. Until they give up and look for food somewhere else.”

“Man, this is wicked evil. He’s gotta be high as an eagle right now.”

“Yeah, and ten times hornier than a rabbit.”

They watched Alex’s cock twitching as the toads exuded the same powerful aphrodisiac through their saliva. To him, his testicles felt as large as beachballs as the toads sucked him, and he was in a euphoric, erotic haze that denied any other thoughts. In his ecstasy, his only awareness was his balls and his twitching cock.

Owen looked down at Alex and sniggered.

“What is it dude?” Phil asked.

Owen pointed to Alex’s nipples. They stood a half inch from his chest, arousal-swollen. Phil chuckled too.

“Fuuuck me he’s horny. They’re like drawer knobs!”

“Yeah dude, and look how swollen red his lips are. He’s in a crazy horny place right now.”


Alex’s glans was normally a little larger than his shaft, but now it was positively bulbous, massively inflated like a huge ripe plum half as big again as his shaft. Suddenly a huge jet of cum fired from its eye, hitting his hair fringe, joined by another that splatted on his face, then another and five more gargantuan bursts almost as high.

“Jesus,” Owen murmured.

He’d done this to at least a dozen guys, most back in his home town, and he’d never seen anyone so horny as Alex.

“He must not have jacked off for three months.”

“Or maybe he’s just one of those guys who can cum a lot,” Phil offered.

“Maybe. I never came like that. Mind you, I was only 12. My balls had only just started to drop and I didn’t have hair yet.”


Owen thought back to the time his brother had used the toads on him. He hadn’t even started masturbating yet, but William promised him the best feeling of his life; told him it would make him a man. Owen had been interested, but when his brother explained that the toads would have to suck his nuts, he was extremely leery, not least because he never allowed William to see him naked, and he had visions of losing his nuts. It was only after William’s assurance that he’d love it, that Owen nervously allowed him to feed his nuts to the toad. He was a lot smaller then, and one toad was more than enough for both nuts. But Willliam was right; it WAS the best experience of his life, and one that he’d repeated hundreds more times, sharing it with Phil once he reached high school.

And now they were sharing it with other guys. Except they added their own twist, taking advantage of their playmates’ total stupor while they were being turned on.


“How long shall we give him?” Phil asked.

“I dunno, three hours?”

“Plus one more for luck,” Phil added with a wicked grin.


Four hours later, Owen carefully removed the still-sucking toads. He’d had to clean Alex up multiple times to prevent covering the fabric chair in his semen.

Even as he pulled the second toad away, Alex came again, with surprising power considering the fact that he’d already cum at least 30 times. Owen put the toad away, then cleaned Alex up and dressed him, reluctantly pulling his boxers and joggers up over his impressive meat. Alex remained in a stupor for another 25 minutes before he finally came out of it. He blinked and looked around.

“Man, how long was I…”

He noticed his erection and the large wet patch that showed that he’d had two more orgasms since being redressed. He frowned and covered himself with his hands, blushing as he did so.

“I’ve got a boner,” he said redundantly.

“Yeah,” Phil agreed with a lewd grin. “It’ll last a long time yet.”

Alex turned to Owen.

“You didn’t say anything about a boner.”

“Nah, but I knew you’d enjoy it, so I left it as a surprise.”

“Dude, I came in my pants!”

“Yeah, more than once,” Phil said.

“Not cool,” Alex said.

“Nobody else will ever know. And think back; how was the trip; how did you feel?”

“I can’t really…”

He hesitated. His body was still awash with the same sensations.

“Horny I guess,” he admitted.  “really horny.”

“And how do you feel now?”

“Same,” Alex conceded. “Except I can think clearly again.”

“Yeah, it’s great isn’t it? And that’s gonna last the rest of the night dude,” Owen told him.

“All night? I’m gonna be this hard all night?”

“I dunno; how hard are you?”

“Fucking hard!”

Owen smiled.

“Then yeah, at least another four hours. Might as well go back to your room and do something about it. Or you can stay here and jack off.”

“Dude! I’m no fag. I’m not jacking off with another guy.”

“Whatever, it’s no homo so long as you don’t do it to each other, but if you’d rather go back to your room, that’s cool.”

Alex stood up, his hands still covering his groin and headed for the door.

“Damn, I feel like I already came five times!”

Phil glanced at him with a grin.

“Maybe more.”

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