Interdimensional milking part 31 – Interrupted

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

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Interdimensional milking part 31 – Interrupted

There was a sullen awkwardness between Max and Sam for the rest of the night.  The following morning Max relented and broke the ice.

“Hey Sam, I’m sorry I was raw with you last night. I guess, I just kind of thought that you would be as vexed with him as I am.”

“Hey sib, look, to be honest, he didn’t just come by for help with an assignment, he came by to ask me if there was a way he could make it up to you. He knew that those guys did sex stuff, and he WAS hoping to get you involved but he never dreamed that they’d Vrape you like that, then he got carried away. He knew it was a total simp move, but he didn’t want to pull a neg on those guys. I think he’s scared of them, but he would never admit it.”

Max frowned.

“Why didn’t you tell me that last night?”

“You were so raged I thought it would only make it worse, especially after all that .”

Max pondered Sam’s response for a moment.

“So how do YOU feel about it? Do you think I’m overreacting? I want it level.”

Sam put a hand Max’s shoulder and looked him in the eye.

“Sib, what he did was a fucking manj move. He’s a total valve for even taking you there, but I kind of understand why he was scared to interrupt once it has started going bad.”

“Yeah, I guess. But he can still stay the fuck away from me. I’m not interested in seeing his fucking face any more. That’ll teach me to be thoughtful again.”

“Sib don’t be like that. Don’t let him turn you into a bad person. I’ll make sure he knows to give you a lot of space. Not that he needs to be told. He’s definitely scared that you’re gonna jump out on him and pulp his face.”

“He’s just a kid. That’s not my trick.”

He gave a wry grin.

“But I don’t mind him thinking that if it keeps him out of my way.”

Sam nodded his acknowledgement.

“On another subject,” Max continued, “me and Brill were gonna skin time together on Sunday. Could use his room but it’s easier here. Keeps it private the first time. Do you mind giving us space?”

Sam grinned.

“Hey Sib, you’re finally gonna skin it huh? Congratulations! ‘Course I can find somewhere else to be. So how far you thinking of going? Don’t forget I can get a key for your plugs if you wanna go all the way.”

Max considered the offer. Sam had a darker side – knowledge and contacts that Max was aware existed, but he never tried to find out more about. Sam’s offer to give him the tools to remove their waste disposal plugs was just one more example. It was against the rules, but Sam was able to circumvent them.

“Ummm, it’s only our first time Sam. I think we’ll take it easy, you know.”

“Yeah sure, no problem, I was hoping to use it with Kane anyway. I think he’s ready to let me.”

Max thought about the younger boy that Sam had started seeing more of. Any doubts that Sam was just acting as a mentor or big brother evaporated.


On Sunday, at 1.45 Max was excitedly looking forwards to skin time. Sam walked to the door.

“Hey Max, I’m off to see Kane. You guys have fun.”

Max grinned.

“I hope so.”

A few minutes later, there was a tone from the alerter. Max stood and destabilised the door.

“Hey Brill,” he said with a smile.

“Hey Max!”

Brill leaned forwards and they kissed lightly, and Max touched Brill’s hip with his right hand. As Brill entered, someone stood at the end of the corridor watching unnoticed.


“I’ve been hoping for this for so long,” Brill said.

Max smiled.

“I guess I have too.”

“You guess?”

Max shrugged.

“Well, you know, I was kind of… Well, I didn’t want to admit I liked guys. But when Sam showed me that glam of you, I… well… it got me pretty interested. More than interested. I went green right away.”

Brill smiled.

“That’s nice to hear. Did you manage to stick to quota the past few days or…”

Max blushed.

“Not even close. I’m ramped for sure. I’ll be lucky if I don’t get increased to 15. Every time I even thought about today I went green. I tried not thinking about it but, you know, that’s like trying not to read a sign that says “Don’t read this sign”.”

“15 eh? Your balls are gonna be like two rabble pips!”

Max frowned, unfamiliar with the word in that context.

“It’s a small red fruit with a hard pip.”

Brill held up his hand and indicated the pip size with his index finger and thumb. Max grinned.

“Sounds like a cherry on Earth. Hopefully they won’t be that shrivelled!”

“Actually, your balls get bigger over time the more you go green. When did you last?”

“A couple of hours ago,” Max said. “I’ve been doing a lot of exercise since then to keep me distracted.”

Brill moved close and kissed Max on the lips.

Max looked at his vone.

“Not yet, or I’ll be green before skin time.”

Brill grinned.

“Know what you mean.”


They sat and chatted, Max on his bed and Brill on the desk chair. Max told Brill about seeing Sam and Shaun chatting like old friends, and they discussed it for a few minutes. After that, they chatter idly, but the conversation felt forced; as though they were just going through the niceties of conversation while they waited to get wild.

With 10 minutes to go, Max suddenly leapt to his feet and he started scrutinising the room, looking into every nook and cranny, between books, and in every corner.

“What are you doing?” Brill asked.

“Checking for cameras.”

“Oh yeah, that. Did they ever catch who did it?”

“Nah,” Max said, sitting down opposite Brill.

“But they discovered the camera was taken from the school’s supplies.”

“So it could be anyone here then?”



At 1:59, Max stood up again, and Brill laughed at his precision.

“Not a second wasted huh?”

Max laughed with him.

“Hell no!”


They moved together and started kissing slowly. Then the buzzer for skin time sounded. After a few minutes, Max moved away and removed the top half of his Envirosuit, followed by the legs, leaving him in just a skin-tight pair of shorts.

Brill smiled and followed Max’s example.

“Good idea. Like your processing.”

They were both pale from spending the majority of the time in the suits.

There was no penalty for removing the clothing they’d removed, even outside skin time. The shorts contained the portal panel, and as long as they continued wearing them, there was no problem. But now they had a 30 minute window when they could get completely naked if they wished.


The teenagers moved together once more embracing, and moved their mouths together with parted lips. Max wrapped his arms around Brill, enjoying the warmth of the taller boy’s torso against his. With one hand up Brill’s back and the other around his waist, Max pulled the boy closer, pressing their bellies and chests together. Brill’s tongue darted within Max’s mouth, sometimes playful, other times stridently tongue wrestling, wetly slipping and sliding. Max felt Brill’s breath on his cheek. Their lips ground inexpertly but enthusiastically together. Max felt his penis, standing hard. Without the suits, their dicks would be close; grinding together, their mutual excitement spurring each other on, elevating their horniness to fever pitch. But as it was, Max’s penis passed through the portal panel in his suit, and stood, impotently twitching in a vast, silent warehouse millions of light years away.

Max didn’t want to appear too eager; showing some restraint, but after three minutes of dick aching, nut churning hardness, he gave up on the pretence.

He moved away from Brill and quickly pushed his shorts down to the floor. It was a weird feeling as his cock re-entered local space. One minute it was unconstrained in cool place, then as he pushed his shorts down, its hardness caught on the folding material, springing stiffly up towards his belly upon release, before returning to a fiercely rigid position at 45 degrees. Its head was shiny and he felt the temperature change in the air. Brill watched with a gentle smile on his face.

“What?” Max asked.

“Nobody’s gonna chop it off if you don’t get it out quick enough.”

The image of a guillotine popped into Max’s mind.

“I’d just prefer it was in this room. With you.”

Brill grinned wider and pushed his own shorts down. His own penis was just as hard as Max’s, the foreskin fully retracted. Max looked at it for ten long seconds, and his own dick started twitching as though urging him to go further.

Brill produced a toothpaste-sized tube. Max frowned in question.

“Slick,” Brill explained.

He slowly lubed Max’s dick from top to bottom, and Max sighed in pleasure at his touch.

“Ohhhh. I’m not gonna last long if you keep that up.”

Brill released him and oiled his own penis. They stood facing each other, their perfectly hairless dicks standing up between them.


Brill moved close and they embraced once more. This time when Max pulled Brill to him, their hard cocks rubbed together like two duellists sword fighting with two rapiers. They resumed their kissing, but now Max ground his pelvis up and down, enjoying the slippery feeling of Brill’s slippery cock against his for the first time.

After a while, he took a small step back, then reached down and took both dicks in his right hand. His own penis had grown an inch to six since he arrived at Friedrich Krupp. Half of that simply came with age, but the other half was due to the constant daily massaging and milking regimen. Brill’s was longer still, by a glans-length.

Max started slowly wanking them. Brill looked down at Max’s helmet where a large, clear dew drop of pre-cum formed a glistening bead at the urethral opening. He reached with his index finger and rubbed the end of Max’s cock. When he lifted his finger, there was a string of sticky fluid connecting his finger back to the eye.

“You’re leaking.”

“Am I? I’m really juiced for you.”

“I’ve never made it, but you sure get me boned.”

Max ran his fingertips over Brill’s exposed glans, teasing him with a playful grin.

“Ahhhh,” Brill moaned.

Max gripped Brill’s glans between the tips of his straight fingers as though he was trying to pluck it from above, then he started a repeated series of soft massaging movements, starting behind the corona, and passing over the flared edge. Brill’s moans became louder and he started squirming.

Then they were interrupted by the sound of a loud alarm. They both looked puzzled and it took them a moment to identify the sound.

“Fire alarm,” Brill said.

“Oh, you’re fucking clowning! Not now.”

“Better get outside; see what’s happening.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

They both pulled their shorts up, returning their erections to the harvesting station, where they stood twitching but unattended, then they put on their shoes and stepped through the door. Outside every room, there were one or multiple boys and a few girls, all in a state of undress, all disturbed during skin time.

“Anyone know what’s happening?” someone called.

“No, but we’d better get down to the atrium. That’s the gather point,” someone else said.

There were groans of disappointment and curses all along the corridor as the boys all realised that this interruption to their sexual activity was going to take a while to resolve. In the harvesting plant on planet 1RXS1609 b, thousands of unwillingly re-inserted teenage cocks twitched and strained as their disappointed owners’ sexual activities were thwarted.

Max was thoroughly annoyed at the interruption. He glanced along the corridor and at the end, looking in his direction, he saw Stan looking back with an expression of undeniable smugness.


Suddenly all the pieces fell into place: the shower video, the SlowG game, the feeling of being groped, and now this.

“Stan!” he said.

“What?” Brill asked.

“Stan. It was all him. He was just standing over there. He’s the one who’s been fucking with me!”

Max sprinted off in the direction he’d seen the older boy. He rounded the corner as the boy headed towards the stairs. The risers were all disabled due to the alarm.

“Stan!” he yelled, angrily. “Stop there you fucking simp!”

Nearby students looked around as Max quickly closed the distance between him and Stan.

Stan looked at him with interest; even a certain self-satisfied happiness. He was bigger and stronger than Max and had nothing to fear physically. He lengthened his stance and planted his feet ready for whatever was coming. Max charged at him. Stan held up his hands toward him off, but at the last moment Max dropped lower beneath his arms, ramming the older boy off his feet with his shoulder and knocking him backward six feet.

The bemused watchers let out a collective sigh of empathy at the body slam.


Then they hurriedly walked in the opposite direction, or past, rather than continuing to spectate and getting max stimmed themselves.


Before Stan had a chance to regain his composure, Max had scrambled to his knees and now knelt astride his upper waist.

“It was you wasn’t it?!” he demanded.

“What wash me?” Stan lisped.

“Don’t give me that you freak! It was you put the camera in my shower. You who ruined our game. You whose been fucking with my portal. You who just rang the alarm.”

“Maxsh, I don’t know what you’re…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Max punched him in the face. And then again, and again, and again, raining blows down on him, overwhelming the larger boy’s strength and size with sheer animal ferocity.

“Why are you fucking with me?!” Max screamed. “Why are you ruining my life?”

“I’m not doing anything to you Maxsh. You’re crazy!”

Max hit him again and again.

“Liar! I know it’s you. At least have the blocks to admit it!”

Stan started to fight back.

“Sho what if it wazsh me!?” he yelled defiantly.

Stan threw Max off him.

“You dezsherve it. You dezsherve it all Maxsh. And more.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?! I’ve never done anything to you!” Max screamed.

He didn’t wait for the answer. Instead, he ploughed back into Stan, taking the boy back down.  He launched another barrage of punches at the boy’s face, and now Stan’s face was starting to look like raw meat; one eye closed, blood pouring from his nose and between his split lip colouring his teeth.

Brill caught up and reached down and grabbed Max’s shoulder to pull him off.

“Max, stop, he can’t fight back. Sib…”

Max turned to see who’d grabbed him and Stan sucker punched him hard enough in the jaw to make him see stars.

Then Max and Stan were overwhelmed by euphoria. In spite of the pain and the anger, they were instantly washed away on a tide of orgasmic ecstasy as the chip in their brains were stimulated with a Max Stim. It was the second time that Max had experienced it, the other time being the fight against the hoods who had attacked and robbed Troye. The chip monitored his brain and activated the Max Stim when it detected the electrical and chemical transformation that occurred during violence. The sensation was completely debilitating. Max would never have believed that he could be so horny that he lost the capacity to carry out even the most basic of flight or fight actions.

Both Max and Stan rolled around on the ground whilst the other students passed hurriedly by at a distance, not wanting to get stimmed themselves, but still responding to the emergency alarm that Stan had activated.

Both teenagers rolled around as if they were doing an exaggerated two-person parody of the world’s most powerful and longest-lasting orgasm, moaning and sighing and gasping. Both of their penises were brutally hard, but that evidence of their arousal was visible only on planet 1RXS1609 b, where their portals emerged.

The chips were calibrated to keep them horny, forcing them to cum time after time. Semen that had been intended to share with Brill now squirted pointlessly into the air at the harvesting plant, not even being collected.

They arched and rolled and gasped, as the chips denied them the capacity for thought or autonomous action.

Brill stayed by them and waited until two calmers arrived 15 minutes later to investigate.

“What’s happening? Shouldn’t you be outside at muster son?” one of the men asked.

“They had a fight,” I couldn’t just go off and leave them.

The man looked down at Stan’s bloodied face.

“Looks like the little guy got the better of it,” he said, leaving Stan and Max to writhe. “Any idea what it was about?”

Brill shook his head.

“Nah,” he lied.


The man deactivated the boys’ chips, and they finally stopped squirming.

“I guess we’ll find out at the infirmary then.”

The two teens finally stopped writhing, exhausted after at least ten orgasms each, and looked up to see the two burly men standing above them.

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