Interdimensional milking part 30 – Highs and lows

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

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Interdimensional milking part 30 – Highs and lows

After speaking to his fathers, Max returned to the dormitories, passing through the atrium on his way back. He hadn’t planned to visit the Shay, but seeing it, he realised he was mildly hungry so he decided to go and buy a Crunch to take the edge off.

On the way out of the store, he tore the bar’s wrapper open, then looked up to see Brill in front of him. Brill flashed him a brilliant smile.


The gold in his eyes briefly flashed brighter.

Max returned his smile.

“Hey Brill! How you doing?”

“Pacing sib, ‘specially now. What you been up to?”

“I just went out to the field by the sponge vines to vone my dads.”

“Cool, how are they?”

“Oh you know, big with droopy branches. They look like octopuses.”

Brill frowned, momentarily thrown off balance by Max’s response, then he realised that the boy was deliberately misconstruing the subject of his question. He grinned broadly and threw out a huge, slow, open-handed haymaker at Max’s head, which Max effortlessly ducked under.

“Not the vines you tool; your parents!”

Max smiled at the playful gesture.

“They seem really happy. I told them about you. They said hi.”

“They didn’t mind?”

“No, why would they?”

“I dunno, some people can be funny about it. Especially off-worlders.”

“Sib, why would they care? I mean, they’re both guys right.”

“That wasn’t what I meant. Not the only thing anyway. Some people look down on natives, and even more on mutts like me.”

Max’s grin broadened. The term referred to any person who was a mixture of human and an alien race. Some people looked down on such hybrids. Those people tended to be more older, conservative, and generally of lower IQ.

“You’re no mutt. You’re beautiful. I told them about your amazing eyes.”

“What did they say?”

“They were happy for me of course. Jonathan got all squealy and excited.”

Brill laughed at the thought.

“So you only like me for my eyes?”

Max moved close and wrapped his arms around Brill, cupping the teenager’s round bottom cheeks in his hands. It was an uncharacteristic display of dominance in their relationship. He pulled Brill close so that their flat groins were together, and Brill ground back against him, just to confirm his interest. He would have preferred it if their genitals were present, rather than dangling out of a portal on an alien world. He would have liked to feel Max’s bulge pressing against his own.

“Nah, not JUST your eyes,” Max said growing ever more comfortable about expressing his feelings for the boy in public.

He leaned forwards and they pressed their mouths together, tenderly massaging each other’s’ lips.

Brill pulled back.

“Hey, you wanna wrestle?”

Max gave him an apologetic grin.

“Sorry Brill, I just double greened.”

“Oh, on your own?” Brill said, disappointed.

“Yeah, I was describing you to my dads…”

Brill’s eyes glowed brilliant bright gold.

“Really?” he asked.

Max frowned.

“Why are you surprised? You know how boned you make me.”

Brill looked at Max with genuine surprise to hear him express his lust so openly, and that in turn surprised Max. Brill was normally so confident, and gorgeous looking; tall, slim, with his amazing brown eyes flecked with gold.

“Uh, I, um. Well, it’s pacing to hear you say it. I guess, I kind of hoped I made you feel like that.”

They started walking towards the dorms. Max wrapped an arm around Brill’s waist as they walked.

“Damned right. From the first second I saw that pic of you.”

“Why don’t we do something about it then?”

“What do you mean?”

“We could spend skin time together on Sunday? I know you’re shy b…”

Max cut him off.

“That would be white hot!”



They reached a junction.

“I gotta go to study hall,” Brill said with regret. “Got an assignment due tomorrow and I gotta get my head to my pad or I’ll never get it finished.”

“No problem. Good luck.”

Brill leaned forwards and kissed Max slowly on the lips. He slipped his tongue between them. Suddenly Max pulled away.

“What? What’s wrong Max? Sorry.”

Max frowned again.

“You didn’t do anything Brill. Well, not directly. It’s just…”

He pointed to the green light on his chest with a sheepish grin.

“Three times in 30 minutes. Damn. I was hoping to save it until Sunday. Keep it down to just my quota. I’m gonna get ramped for sure. I’m gonna end up with a dick like Troye’s!”

“Troye hasn’t got a dick; he’s got a baby elephant trunk!”

Max laughed and walked off towards the dorms fantasising that the blow job he was currently experiencing, was delivered by Brill.



Six minutes later, he stepped out of the riser onto his floor, happy in the afterglow of yet another orgasm. As he entered the corridor where his dorm was, he looked ahead and saw Shaun standing outside his room talking earnestly to his roommate Sam. Max frowned, angered by the mere sight of the boy, let alone chatting to his roommate like they were old friends.

Sam had his back turned slightly away, but as Max approached, Shaun noticed him coming. His earnest expression turned sickly and he quickly said something to Sam. Sam turned to see Max, then put what looked to Max like a friendly hand on Shaun’s shoulder. Shaun gave a tight grin then hurried away quickly before Max arrived.


Sam greeted him.

“Hey Max.”

“What’s that little valve doing here?!” Max demanded.

“What Shaun, he um, he wanted my help with an assignment.”

“What assignment?” Max demanded, doing nothing to hide his scepticism.

“What assignment? Sib, what does it matter? I told him no. I knew you wouldn’t want him here.”

“Fucking right. You shouldn’t even be TALKING to that hose monkey.”

They walked inside and sat on their beds opposite each other.

“Hey sib, I know what he did was complete bees, but you don’t get to tell me who I get to talk to.”

Max was taken aback. He’d assumed that Sam would show more solidarity.

“Oh right. Yeah, I comp. Gotcha. Fucker sets up to be Vraped but you’re fine with him still. I got it.”

“Sib, don’t be like that. Look I know what he did was completely fucked, but I can’t just never talk to him again. I just can’t. It’s complicated.”

“Oh, is it? Sucks to be you huh?” Max said sarcastically, then he lay down, and rolled onto his side facing away from Sam and half-heartedly played a video game on his pad, but he was genuinely hurt by Sam’s attitude, and he resented even more that the incident had destroyed his recent happiness from planning skin time with Brill.

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