The Ströygen challenge

forced milking, alien

Even in the distant future, teens haven’t grown out of doing ridiculous challenges.

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Very strongly inspired by the furry cartoon “Invasion” written by Egger and illustrated by Zumeng.

With hints of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.


The Ströygen challenge

“Okay, ready?” Ved asked his two companions.

“I dunno V, this seems like a really dumb idea. My tongue still hasn’t gone back to its normal colour after the Enta B Challenge.”

“Quit being such a pussy!” Tam said grinning. “It wouldn’t be a challenge if there was no risk!”

“Yeah, but spending the rest of my life getting my dick sucked on a Ströygen Star Grazer is more than just a bit of a risk.”

“That’s just an urban legend. And you were fine riding a Hadrodont and that could have killed you,” Ved added.

“That was different. I was in control. And it didn’t actually WANT to hurt me. Can’t we at least take stingers?”

“No way. The Ströygen are very sensitive about weapons. They’d kill us for sure if we turn up carrying stingers.”

“But they’re only stunners,” Mathu protested.

“Doesn’t matter. And I don’t know if a stinger would even work on them. I don’t think they’re even carbon-based.”

Tam did his best chicken impression, dancing about flapping exaggerated wings.

“Puckuck! Buck, buck, buck!”

Mathu turned, looked at him and grinned.

“Okay, okay, I’m in.”

Ved looked down at the com he was holding. The tracking light continued to flash.

“Ready then?” he asked.

His friends looked down at their own coms.

“Yeah,” they said, pulling on their breather masks.

“Okay in 10.. 9…”

When Ved’s countdown got to zero, they all pressed the Pull button and instantly disappeared.


A little over 20 seconds later, they reappeared in a tall alien corridor. It looked organic; excreted. The walls met the floor and ceiling in curved edges and they were covered in transparent mucous. The teens looked around without moving for a few seconds.

“Whoa, I didn’t expect it to be so… slimy,” Ved said.

“Yeah, have you ever seen a Ströygen?” Tam asked. “They’re all wet and covered in goo. They remind me of octopuses.”

“Octopi,” Mathu corrected.

“Okay brains, we didn’t all waste our time jacking into edu. Some of us had lives to live!”

Mathu grinned.

“You won’t be saying that when I’m flying my Z-class, and living in a Primo- hab.”

“Like you’ll ever be able to afford a Z-Class.”

“Guys, can we keep it down please? We are on a Ströygen Star Grazer after all. And they didn’t exactly send us an invite.”



Humans had colonised thousands of worlds and spread out hundreds of light years from the small planet of their origin over the past 5000 years, and in that time they had encountered millions of alien lifeforms. Most were no more intelligent than the majority of animals on Earth, but there were a few dozen spacefaring species who ranged in disposition from sociable, to outright xenophobic. The Ströygen were neither. They were mostly disinterested in humans. They were considerably more intelligent. Even their new-born offspring were smarter than Earth’s greatest minds, and by maturity, their intelligence, if measured by the antiquated human IQ scale, averaged 4 digits. It was easily within their power to annihilate humankind, but fortunately, they, like most spacefaring life, had no interest in conquest, preferring instead to pursue their own goals, one of which was syphoning exotic elements from the heart of stars.


Zed started recording vid on his comm.

“This is fantastic!” he said.

“Yeah, fantastic,” Tam said sarcastically. “The floor’s squishy. I feel like I’m walking inside someone’s bowels.”

“Yeah, well you would know what the inside of a guy’s bowels felt like!” Mathu said with a grin.

Tam took a step forwards as he started to retort. Instead he started to slip on the slimy floor. He pinwheeled his arms and legs in a cartoonish attempt to save himself, before falling flat on his face. Mathu and Ved struggled to supress their laughter.

“Careful, it’s a bit slippery,” Ved offered helpfully and Tam gave him a distinctly unamused look.

Tam rose carefully to his feet.

“Okay, where do you think the observatory is?” Mathu asked.

The challenge only counted if you recorded a view of their home planet from the observatory.

“I dunno. But we’ve only got about an hour until the ship is out of the system. Let’s try this way,” Ved suggested pointing up the corridor.

They followed his lead, carefully placing their feet and taking small steps as though they were walking on ice. After about a hundred metres, the wall on their right changed. It looked like a sphincter, with the centre at ground level.

“Looks like a butt hole,” Tam observed.

“Well you’d know,” Mathu said.

“Yeah from looking at your face!”

Mathu grinned.

“I think it’s a port,” Ved offered.

He reached out a hand and touched the sphincter and it expanded instantly, like some kind of flower opening. Mathu looked up at the upper extent of the port. It was 20 feet off the floor.

“I knew the Ströygen were big, but until you see it for yourself, you don’t realise.”

“Yeah,” Tam agreed. “I know they’re peaceful but I don’t think I want to meet one.”

The boys looked beyond the door. Inside was a vast hall. The walls were covered with drooping tentacles. Then Ved realised what they were seeing. The walls were not covered. The tentacles were attached to creatures that were embedded head first in the walls.

“Hybernation chamber!” he whispered backing away.

The other two followed him and they made their way quickly along the corridor until they reached another port. Ved reached out and touched it. 20 metres beyond was a semi-opaque membrane that filled the width of a secondary corridor.

“Do you think that’s it?” Mathu asked.

“Dunno. Let’s find out.”

They approached the membrane. They could see darkened area beyond but the membrane was not clear enough to make out any details. Ved reached his hand out and gently touched the membrane. His hand passed through it.

“It’s dry. Like there’s nothing there.”

He took a deep breath and stuck his head through. A moment later he pulled his head back.

“It’s dark, I can’t see. I’m going in.”

He stepped through the membrane and his friends joined him. They could still see the soft blue glow of the corridor they had just vacated. They stood for a moment, allowing their eyes time to adjust. Before they had adjusted, the space they were in was slowly illuminated. In front of them stood four Ströygen. They looked like a blend between frilled lizards and octopi. They had the torsos of lizards, complete with frilled ruffles on their necks. Their lower portions were a mass of roiling tentacles. The creatures stood 15 feet high.

“Crap!” Tam whispered as the aliens looked at them.

“Run!” Zed shouted, and all three teenagers turned and ran at the membrane. They bounced off as it softly repelled them.

They turned to look for another way out. They ducked past the aliens, heading deeper into the ship running towards another port. With legs slip-sliding on the mucous-coated floor, they struggled to stay upright. Tam reached the port first and slammed his palm on the organic sphincter. It opened and he ran through. Inside the next cabin he pulled up to a halt, sliding side wards like a child happily skidding on winter ice.

“Oh fuck!” he said as the other two clattered into him.

All three of them tumbled to the ground in a heap. As they rose to their feet, Ved and Mathu saw what had caused his exclamation.


The hall they were in was the size of an aircraft hangar. There were hundreds of human males suspended six feet off the ground, held within padded claws by the biceps and thighs, limbs spread into a star-shape. At a glance, Mathu estimated that they ranged in age from perhaps as young as 10, up to the late 20s – the only demographic stupid enough to be playing the Ströygen challenge, and hitching a ride on their Star Grazers as they passed through the star system. Each of the males was conscious, squirming slowly and moaning. Behind each one stood a Ströygen, its tentacles wrapped around the humans, caressing, stimulating, teasing, penetrating, and milking.

“It’s real. The milking room. It wasn’t just an urban legend,” Mathu said to Ved.

“Shit, all those guys. All those kids. I wonder how long they’ve been here?” Ved asked.

“I dunno, but let’s get out of here,” Mathu said, stabbing at his comm.

Ved activated his screen.

“Oh shit!” Tam said.

“What?!” Ved asked.

“I haven’t got mine. I must have dropped it when I fell over.”

“Oh fuck. You’ll have to go back for it and find it.”

“How can I get past that forcefield thing?”

Behind him the Ströygen were approaching, gliding swiftly over the slippery floor. Ved looked up at them, then at Tam.

“I’m sorry Tam, I can’t stay. I’m not ending up like that. Let’s go Mathu, we can get help later.”

Mathu looked at Ved. The aliens would be on them in seconds. He looked at Ved and nodded.

“No, don’t leave me alone!” Tam said.

Ved stabbed at his comm and his eyes widened in horror.

“No lock!”

Mathu frowned and stabbed at his own comm.


They ran down the middle of the milking room in an effort to escape, but more aliens moved into their path. Three of the ones behind grabbed them seizing their arms and legs, lifting them off the floor. The teenagers struggled, twisting and turning like Jack in the grip of a giant . They were lifted until they were level with the fourth alien’s head. Its frill was a different colour and there were enlarged bulbous lumps in its throat. It gazed at them; its expression inscrutable. Then they trio of teenagers heard it speaking directly into their minds.

“We have new friends. Thank you for visiting us. We enjoy your seed much. You will enjoy giving it much.”

“We’re not friends. We were just playing a game!” Ved shouted. “Please let us free!”

“There’s no point shouting. Ströygen don’t have ears,” Mathu said.

“What?! Then how…”

“You don’t.”

The alien that had spoken to them turned to Tam. It opened its mouth and a clear liquid sprayed out, covering him from head to foot. He turned away in horror, expecting the liquid to burn like acid but it did no such thing.

The alien sprayed Ved and Mathu in a similar manner. Within a few seconds their clothes started dissolving, dripping off their bodies like goo. Within 30 seconds all three teens were completely naked. Mathu looked at Tam. His pubic hair had dissolved as well. He looked down at his own groin. He was smooth as a baby. And he had just as much hair on his head.

The Ströygen sprayer extended a tentacle and lifted Ved’s plump, low hanging testicles. Its frill fanned out in pleasure.

“Your seed pods are large. They will give rich seed. Much happy to our young. Thank you much.”

Ved shook his head frantically from side to side.

“No, I don’t want to give my seed!” he screamed.

“Not need breath devices.”

The alien removed their masks.


Each of the boys was taken to an empty place in the warehouse. The robotic arms gripped them; legs spread wide. Mathu and Ved were next to each other and Tam was opposite, 30 feet away.

The four Ströygen that had captured them returned to the room where they had come from.

All around them, the teens could see the other males, squirming and groaning. Each of them had an erection. It was inside the transparent feeding tube of a juvenile Ströygen. The aliens suckled on the stiff cocks working the heads gently, stimulating their owners. Mathu could see that every single male was incredibly hard with veins bulging along even the smallest of penises. Some of the boys looked too young to even ejaculate, but their presence here suggested otherwise.

“What the fuck are we going to do?” Tam demanded.

“What do you suggest?” Zed asked.

“I don’t know. Escape. Break these fucking things holding us? Call for help?”

Zed looked down at his com on the slimy ground below where he’d dropped it.

“I don’t think calling for help is an option.”

Tam followed his eyes.

“Fuck! What about yours Math?” he asked.

Mathu carefully opened his fist.

“I got it but still no lock.”


Three smaller Ströygen entered the into the vast room, their writhing tentacle legs making it seem as though they glided rather than walked. Each of them moved behind the three boys.

Supporting themselves on dozens of shorter tentacles, they lifted smaller more delicate appendages wrapping them around each teen, caressing their torsos, nipples and genitals with their slimy touch. Mathu shivered as he felt his flaccid genitals being lifted, teased, then allowed to flop back down.

Suddenly he jerked bolt upright with a look of shock.

“What’s wrong Mathu?” Ved asked.

Before Mathu could answer, Tam discovered for himself as tentacle with an enlarged tip twice the size of his own soft glans forced itself up into his now-hairless sphincter. He felt it slip up inside, then it was rubbing his prostate firmly. Unbeknown to him, it slowly started pumping a nutrient fluid up into him, ensuring that he could be sustained indefinitely without ever needing to ingest food orally again.

A transparent tentacle opened like a mouth, taking his testicles into its warm maw. It pulled down on them in a peristaltic swallowing motion, tugging them low in his sack.

30 seconds later, all three of them had throbbing erections.


A second transparent tentacle closed over the head of each of their throbbing cocks.

Mathu looked at Tam. His face was flushed crimson with humiliation at his body’s reaction to an alien tentacle in his hole. Mathu glanced down at his friend’s groin and his cock stood up stiff and eager as it was sucked. Mathu returned his gaze to his friend’s face. Their eyes briefly met then Tam looked away in shame, already feeling himself losing his grip on his composure as powerful aphrodisiacs in the mucous coating the tentacles made him feel more aroused than he’d have thought possible.

He could feel his testicles being firmly massaged and it only made him feel hornier. He moaned; partly at his predicament and largely because he was so aroused. Then he was thrusting his hips forwards and depositing his first load of semen into the tube that so expertly brought him to climax. And as his semen touched the tube, the juvenile alien gave off a burst of elation that was expressed as a surge of telepathic excitement. This in turn overwhelmed Tam’s senses, amplifying his own orgasm and searing his consciousness to white, leaving him aware of nothing but his pulsating testicles and throbbing, pumping penis.

Mathu watched his friend’s orgasm, amazed at the power off it, and how completely it overtook him. Tam was usually too cool to show any tender or passionate emotions, but now he was clearly washed away by the power of his orgasm, reduced to a mindless animal by the sensations that surged through his groin.


Then it was Mathu’s turn, and he experienced an orgasm exactly as his friend had.

It was fully five minutes after its passing before he could begin to think, and even then, he remained in the post-orgasmic exhaustion that usually only lasted for a minute after a particularly gratifying jerk off.


The tentacles continued teasing him, sucking on his nipples, running their tips over the dome and behind the rim of his glans, massaging his balls and his prostate, keeping him aroused and hard, ready to ejaculate again when the alien behind him deemed he was able.


For the next two hours, Mathu, Zed and Tam were teased. Forced to give up their seed every ten or fifteen minutes, drifting on the very edge of a post-orgasmic stupor in between.

After his ninth orgasm, Mathu heard a beeping. It took 15 seconds to penetrate his blissful haze. He looked down at his com. It had a lock. He looked beside him to Zed. His friend looked as though he’d been smoking too much marijuana. He eyelids looked heavy and droopy.

“I’ve got a lock,” Mathu said.

Zed smiled slowly.


Then he was coming again.

Mathu pressed “Push” and 30 seconds later he found himself materialising naked, with a stonking boner, in Zed’s father’s hover port.

He immediately commed security.

“Hello Mr Detroix, security. How can I help you?” the automated voice said, identifying him with facial biometrics.

“Me and my friends played the Ströygen Challenge. We got caught. I managed to escape after a couple of hours. They’re still on the ship.”

“That’s unfortunate. May I take their names?”

“Zed Burnside and Tam Myers.”

“Ah yes, I have their details from your association record.”

“Can you get them back. Quick before the Grazer leaves our system again.”

“You were extremely fortunate to escape. Very few do. I’m afraid we have no means of retrieving your friends, and we have no diplomatic relations with the Ströygen. Your friends will not be returning. I’ll despatch a counsellor to inform their parents, and a medic to your location. You are undoubtedly still experiencing a very powerful, persistent erection. You’ll need pharm to alleviate that. If it makes it any easier, your friends will spend the rest of their lives in orgasmic ecstasy. Goodbye Mr Detroix.”

The line went dead, leaving Mathu stunned at the news. As he waited for the medic, Mathu thought of his two friends up on the ship. Both were getting dicks sucked right that moment, as they would for the remaining 250-300 years of their lives. They probably no longer cared about the lives they lived just a few short hours ago…


    • francis-
    • 2nd March 2020 at 9:57 am-
    • Reply

    Another excellent story. I want to be the big bully Levi with the little dick. I want to be humiliated and fucked by the younger, smaller boy with the big dick!
    Thank you. Francis

    • Chan93-
    • 2nd June 2020 at 11:41 am-
    • Reply

    Great story. I love the idea of being milked for centuries by slimy and hungry tentacles/aliens.

    • Anonymous-
    • 21st October 2021 at 5:57 pm-
    • Reply

    What if the human authorities support the Challenge from behind the scenes? That it is a long-standing Faustian bribe to prevent the Ströygen from taking over humanity completely and farming out the men? To provide a steady stream of men to appease the Ströygen and avoid invasion…

    • What a fantastic twist!

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