domination, violence, revenge

Things take an unexpected turn between a bully and his victim

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Levi knelt on all fours. Behind him, a teenager two-thirds of his size crouched, pulling Levi’s head back by the hair, driving his eight-and-a-half-inch dick repeatedly into the older boy’s red asshole. Levi winced.

“You’ve got a tight ass Levi,” the smaller teen taunted. “And you seem like you’re really enjoying this. I can tell you really like being fucked. I’m pretty sure you’ve been secretly hoping for this all along.”

Levi stared ahead in humiliated silence, waiting for his ordeal to be over.


5 months earlier

Henry fell to the sidewalk holding his hand to the bridge of his nose trying to stanch the bleeding. He looked up, his eyes watering, but his anger ensuring that he resolutely resisted tears. Blood covered the front of his T-shirt. Above him, Levi stood looking down with a grin.

“Maybe now you won’t be such a little fag all the time!”

“Yeah, little homo,” another boy added.

He was one of the small group of teens who followed in Levi’s shadow. Not brave enough to be bullies independently, but happy enough to accept the gratification-by-proxy of his bullying.


Henry was smaller than the other guys in his class, with a slight frame. He actually loved sports, but his size meant that he tended to be the one that others went hard against during gym class, so he avoided school sports, preferring to stay as far from the centre of activity as possible.


His crime today, was using the phrase “It was really sad” when his English teacher asked what he thought of the book “Perks of being a wallflower”. Of course, he should have feigned disinterest, or said it was “lame” in order to earn the respect of Levi’s group. They didn’t respect intelligence, and they especially didn’t respect teenagers with any signs of empathy or emotion.


Henry stayed on the ground until Levi and his hangers-on walked away laughing, then he rose to his feet and walked home, already plotting how he was going to deal with the situation. It turned out to be easier than he would have anticipated, and unsurprisingly, it was Levi’s ego that lead to his downfall.


13 weeks later, at 10.30 on a Friday night, Levi received an email from a stranger. He opened it, and inside was a photo attachment. He opened the attachment and his heart froze. It was a photograph of him naked. His legs were spread wide and he was holding his four-and-a-half-inch erection in his fist, grinning at the camera. The middle finger of his other hand was inserted into his asshole.

The photo came with a short message. “Great to see you like this Levi. Can’t wait to share this photo with your parents and all the kids at Rogers High School on Monday. I’m sure they’re gonna love it. If you want to keep it private, just send $50 to this bitcoin address by 10pm Sunday night.”


The money wasn’t important and the amount was small enough to be easy to rustle up. Henry didn’t care about it, but it was a way to gauge Levi’s sensitivity to the photo. If the money didn’t arrive, he’d assume that Levi didn’t care what his school mates thought. In an contrary kind of way, Henry would actually have respected the guy more if that was the case. Sure, he’d still be an asshole, but at least he’d be an asshole who didn’t give a fuck about the approval of others, and there was something admirable about that. But Henry was banking on the fact that Levi WOULD care.


It had taken almost no effort to befriend him online, posing as Emma, an 18-year-old girl with a phone but no web cam. Henry escalated the conversation from friendly to suggestive, to outright sexual. “Emma” asked nothing from Levi for the whole first month, but at the end of that month, she started sending him topless then full body photos of herself. He never offered to send nudes of his own, and “Emma” reassured him that he didn’t have to, gently coaxing the reason for his reluctance from him. After 5 weeks, he admitted that he was embarrassed by the size of his penis, and “Emma” assured him that it didn’t matter. Most girls actually preferred small dicks because they didn’t hurt when they were fucked. SHE actually loved guys with small dicks because it made them try harder in other ways. Plus, she personally found them cute.

She continued, gently reassuring him for 9 weeks, until he finally felt comfortable enough with their friendship to send dick pics. “Emma” loved them of course, getting him to pose in front of his mirror flaccid, then hard, then in various poses. The more he did, the more she fed his ego, and of course, never knowing that “she” was actually the 16-year-old victim of his bullying, Levi lapped up the adulation.


To even Henry’s surprise, by 10am on the following day, $50 worth of bitcoins arrived in his account.


On Monday, Henry kept his distance from Levi, watching him from afar. Levi was quieter than usual, verging on morose, and as Henry had hoped, he had a nervous look to him. Henry wasn’t one given to flamboyant gestures or arch mannerisms, but he couldn’t resist grinning to himself.

Last period was English again. Usually Henry stayed as from Levi as possible. Since the beating three months ago, he had done his best to avoid drawing any attention from Levi and his cronies, but today was different.

Levi sat at the back of the class as usual. When another boy went to sit next to him, Levi told the boy to fuck off. Perfect. But now was the most dangerous part of Henry’s plan. He walked over and sat next to Levi. Levi stared at him, making no effort to hide his hostility.

“What the fuck do you want homo?”

In spite of everything, Henry wanted to give him one last chance. He sat down.

“Levi why are you so hostile me all the time? What have I ever done to you?”

“Because you’re a fucking pussy and a faggot.”

“I’m the youngest person in the grade, and it’s not my fault I’m smaller than everyone else.”

Henry avoided the issue of his sexuality. It was a secret that nobody else seemed aware of.


“Look, I’m not in the fucking mood for this. Fuck off before I hurt you.”

Henry threw a 5×7 photo face down on the desk in front of Levi.

“Okay, I’ll leave you. But a friend asked me to give you this.”

Levi frowned and turned the photo over. It was the same one Henry had sent on Friday night. Levi snatched the photo up and stuffed it into his pocket. The blood drained from his face and he swallowed loudly.

“Where did you get this?” he growled, barely managing to speak past the emotion in his voice.

“I told you, a friend gave it to me.”


“None of your business, and if you try anything towards me, it’ll be in every locker by tomorrow.”

Levi looked furious and sick in equal measure.

“What do you want?” he asked.



“Justice,” Henry repeatedly quietly.

“For what?”

“You’re kidding right? You made my life hell for 6 months. The last time we met you broke my fucking nose, and you’re asking what.”

“Oh yeah, that.”

Henry couldn’t believe that Levi had so little regard for the misery he’d caused. He felt the fury rising in him, but he kept his emotions under control.

“So, what do you want?” Levi asked.

“Get your dick out.”


“You heard me. Get your dick out.”

Levi swallowed deeply.

“No fucking way.”

“Whatever. Enjoy your fame. Has your gramma June ever seen you with a boner?”

Henry stood to return to his usual desk. Levi grabbed his arm.

“No wait!” he hissed. “Don’t.”

Henry sat back down.

“I’ll do it. Just… Just make sure the photo never gets out.”

Henry looked at him then raised his eyebrows in invitation.

“Go on then.”

“I will, I will. Just gimme a moment.”

“Oh, for fuck sake, it’s not difficult. Do it or…”

Levi pushed the front of his joggers down, then his boxers. A two-inch stumpy circumcised snail was curled within nestled on a small high nut sack.

“Lower, past your balls,” Henry said, and Levi complied.

Henry looked at the stump and grinned. Then he sniggered.

“No wonder you’re so fucking angry all the time. If my dick was that tiny, I’d be pissed off too. What happened, lose the other half in an accident?”

Levi glared at him silently, and if looks could kill, Henry would have had a heart attack on the spot.

Henry took out his phone and discretely took a few photos of Levi’s penis, ensuring that he got the 17-year-old’s face in some of them.

“What the fuck you doing?” Levi demanded.

“Souvenirs. I might need protection one day.”

“You’re fucking dead. Someday, somehow. You’re gonna pay for this.”

“And on that day, photos of you are going to be sent to every person you know. Your life will be over too. You’ll go from being someone people are afraid of, to a laughing stock. You’ll never live it down. Everybody will know why you’re such as asshole. That little gang of followers you like having around will never look at you the same way again. There’ll always be a snigger behind their expressions, and even the smallest of them; even that rat-faced runt Melvin, will know that they’re all twice the man you are. We both know you’re still a virgin still. Emma told me. Good luck losing your virginity after that.”

Levi’s expression upgraded from resentment to deep hatred but he made no more threats.


Henry reached down and gripped his nemesis’ small meat between his fingers and thumb, then he gently started rubbing it between his thumb and the side of his index finger. It remained soft in his grip as he gently massaged it but Levi’s jaw tightened and he gritted his teeth.

“Hey relax big guy. I know you’ve been hoping for this for a long time. I know all your insults were just an act for your friends. I know you’ve been fantasising about me when you masturbate.”

“You sick fucking fag,” Levi whispered. “I like women not guys.”

“You’re not fooling me. Tell you what, why don’t you imagine me sucking your dick right now?”


Henry knew with reasonable certainty that Levi was NOT homosexual, but after months of torment, much of it centred around HIS masculinity, it was the most potent way of turning the tables. He continued patiently working on Levi’s penis. Now he stroked the back of the glans with the tips of his middle three fingers as he continued massaging the top with his thumb. He felt the small meat starting to fill with blood.

“Thaaat’s it,” he cooed. “The thought of my mouth on your dick is what turns you on huh? How long have you been fantasising about me?”

Levi felt his dick stiffening. It was hidden from the rest of the class by the vertical front of their shared desk and fortunately nobody else was back as far as them, but he still felt incredibly exposed. Blood flushed his face. It was not the cheery red of someone having a cute blush, it was the deep crimson; verging on purple of a person humiliated to the very depths of their being. He stared straight ahead, hoping not to attract attention but the teacher, Mrs Trussle noticed.

“Levi are you alright, you look awfully flushed.”

The whole class turned to look at him and Henry continued teasing his now-stiff penis, his hand out of sight.

“I’m fine,” he said resentfully, painfully aware of everyone’s eyes on him. “I’m just… I’m just a little hot that’s all.”

“Ahh okay, well if you need to go get a drink of water, feel free.”

She smiled and continued describing the nuances of using similes in your writing.


Henry leaned in and whispered.

“I was so tempted to just kick the desk out of the way then. Let everyone see your little boner. Imagine what they would have done. What is it three inches?” He asked.


“Not much more is it? Can’t believe this mini-missile is all you got.”

He made his hand into a loose fist and started twisting it on Levi’s glans.

“This is called the pencil sharpener,” he informed Levi. “It’s great for keeping a guy hard without making him cum. It’s very effective isn’t it?”

Levi stared straight ahead without answering.

“Isn’t it?!” Henry repeated.

“Yeah,” Levi grunted, unwilling to acknowledge how aroused Henry’s hand was making him.


Henry continued sharpening Levi’s “pencil” for fifteen minutes until Mrs Trussle stopped talking and they were instructed to write three paragraphs about their favourite activity using as many similes as they could.

“Better start writing or Mrs Trussle will get suspicious,” Henry said. “Why don’t you write about watching porn. It’ll be funny.”

Levi shot him a disgusted sideways glance then picked up his pen and started to write, struggling to concentrate as Henry continued working on his dick. He’d never been so hard.

After ten more minutes, Mrs Trussle noticed that Henry was not writing. In fact, she was surprised that he was sitting next to Levi at all. They did not seem like obvious companions.

“Is everything alright Henry, you don’t seem to be writing?”

“I’m fine thanks Mrs Trussle. I was just helping Levi out.”

Levi’s balls were churning. He’d had more than enough help. All he wanted was to cum.

Mrs Trussle smiled and nodded.

“Very good Henry, but don’t neglect your own work.”

“I won’t Ma’am.”

He released Levi’s bone. Levi let out a gentle sigh of relief. Henry licked his middle finger and slid his palm down the back of Levi’s boxers.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Levi whispered.

“Lift up,” Henry said.

“No fucking way!”

“Lift up or I’ll kick the desk out of the way and tell everyone you forced me to jack you off.”

Levi lifted and Henry slid his hand down the curve of his rump, using the crack between his two hairy cheeks to guide his middle finger to the 17-year-old’s hole. When he felt the boy’s puckered hole with his finger tip, he leaned in.

“Your asshole is hot. That means you must want it,” he lied, making up the “fact” on the spot to humiliate the bully more.

He started to push. He could feel Levi pushing against him. He wiggled his finger tip and worked it into the boy’s hole.

“Really hot.”

He started pushing his finger in and out.

“It’s funny,” he whispered conversationally, “but you don’t seem so tough sitting there with your little boner bouncing whilst I finger-fuck your asshole. All I see now is a guy who can’t deal with the fact that he’s attracted to other guys.”

Henry knew that all he was saying was just nonsensical psychobabble. Levi DID have emotional issues. An overly masculine brother or a father who’d abandoned him young or some-such thing, but Henry was not interested in his back story. That didn’t give him the right to brutalise other kids. He’d made Henry’s life a misery for half a year, culminating in that broken nose. This was all about regaining his OWN power, extracting revenge, and maybe protecting some other kids in the process.


He continued fingering Levi’s hole for five minutes.

“Your dick is still hard as fuck. You must be loving the finger,” he whispered.

“No,” Levi replied flatly.

“Ha, ha! Well you would say that, but your dick’s telling a different story.”


If Henry had one massive advantage over Levi, it was his intellect, and it was a weapon he was wielding to the fullest. He had considered simply running Levi over, or framing him for something, but he wanted the bastard to feel trapped, humiliated right to his very core so that he would experience a little of what his victims felt.

Henry removed his finger from Levi’s asshole and wiped the shit off on the back of Levi’s light grey sweat pants, deliberately wiping low enough that his untucked T-shirt could not hide the smear.

Then Henry unzipped his own cargo pants and pulled his penis out, allowing it to flop over his boxers.

“Look down,” he instructed Levi.

Levi did as he was told. Six inches of flaccid flesh stretched out like a sleeping python on the front of Henry’s pants and underwear.

“You might be stronger than me Levi, but THIS is what a real man looks like where it counts.”

His heavy penis emerged from a tangled mat of dark hair, and its pale foreskin was partially retracted from its bulbous head.

“Hold it,” Henry said.

A sneer of disgust appeared on Levi’s face.

“HOLD IT!” Henry repeated more assertively.

Levi reached out reluctantly and gripped it in his fist, holding it loosely as though it was toxic.

“Now jack me off.”

Levi’s expression of revulsion deepened but he slowly complied, moving his loose fist up and down. Henry’s dick quickly got harder. He reached across and started masturbating Levi’s still-hard penis.

“Grip it tighter,” he said, and Henry complied.

Henry’s dick was twice as long as Levi’s.

“How’s it feel to hold a real dick for once? Eight-and-a-half-inches motherfucker. Not that baby dick you’ve got hiding in your pants. Pump faster.”

Looking straight ahead to hide what he was doing, Levi pumped faster. Henry took out his phone again, holding it in his left hand, and this time he started filming, making sure to show Levi’s face, erect penis and his fist on Henry’s dick.

Henry had been toying with Levi for almost 45 minutes, and Levi had been hard the entire time. His small nuts were riding up past the root of his dick, trying to return to his stomach. Henry was feeling incredibly horny as well. Exerting this level of sexual power over his bully was intoxicating; arousing him in ways he’d never thought possible.

Levi’s fist was wrapped around the massive log. He couldn’t even wrap his fingers all way around it.

“How can such a scrawny little fucker have such a huge dick?” he thought.


He looked around at his classmates. He couldn’t believe that he was jacking off another boy, and worse still, he was close to nutting as the kid jacked him. If even a single person in the class guessed what was happening at the back, his life at Rogers would be over. He’d never get over the humiliation.

It was uniquely terrifying sitting there among his classmates with his hard dick out. His small hard dick. No, his fucking TINY hard dick out, hidden by less than half and inch of desk panelling.


“Faster!” Henry urged, eager to nut before the period was over.

But it was Levi who came first. He tensed and grunted softly then he launched four gobs of cum into the air between his legs, followed by several lesser eruptions. Henry grinned, milking the bully until he was drained.

He felt his own sap rising and he batted Levi’s hand off his dick and took over, discreetly turning towards the older boy. He came hard, and he directed all of it onto the front of Levi’s sweat pants. They instantly turned dark as a shot-glass worth of pearly glistening semen soaked into the soft cotton.

Henry continued pumping until his balls were dry. He looked down at his fist. It was creamy with the last remnants. He reached out and smeared it over Levi’s face and lips.

“Present for you.”

Levi’s expression of self-loathing was priceless.

Henry filmed it, as well as Levi’s groin and face. Levi looked wretched. Utterly beaten and humiliated.

Then the bell rang for the end of class.

Henry pulled his pants up and wiped his hand dry on Levi’s T-shirt.

“Thanks for that. I’ll be calling you sometime over the next few days. We can get together again.”

Levi pulled his joggers back over his still straining-dick and glowered towards the floor. He was Henry’s bitch now and he knew it. Henry strode cheerfully from the class. Levi hung back, ensuring he was the last to leave. Second last.

Mrs Trussle glanced at the desk he had been sitting at with Henry. Their relationship and their behaviour just didn’t sit right with her. As Levi walked quietly from the class, she walked over to the desk they had shared. There on the floor on the side where Levi had sat was a creamy puddle. Even to a 55-year-old woman, it was unmistakable. But Levi didn’t have the demeanour of a victor or an abuser. Quite the opposite.

She walked to the classroom door and looked down the corridor. Levi was walking sombrely, his head hanging down. He sensed someone behind him and turned and looked back. Their eyes met and locked. He knew that she knew. They looked at each other for 5 seconds that seemed far longer.


He paused. His world had turned upside down.

“Bye ma’am.”

It was the first time he’d ever used the honorific.

“Goodbye Levi.”

Something had happened in that class. His world had changed. She glanced back inside at the puddle, then back at Levi, but was already walking slowly away.

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    Another excellent story with a happy ending, for Henry!
    I identify with the big bully Levi with the little dick. I would like to be humiliated and fucked by the younger, smaller boy. Thank you for your storytelling. Francis

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