Pussies – Part 2 – Conclusion

Inspired by Fisal’s wonderful series of Pussy drawings.

Teenagers are kidnapped and turned into human cats

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Pussies – Part 2 – Conclusion

Five months later

“Ah, you have a new pet!”

“Three actually. This is Finn, and Casey is behind the couch. He likes to sleep there. Mark is in the laundry room.”

Marcus leaned over the couch and prodded the boy curled up there.

“Casey, come out and meet our guest.”

Casey blinked and rose to his knees and elbows, then he walked out from behind the couch.

“Casey, this is Jonathan.”

“Oh he’s a real cutey. In fact, they’re both adorable. Come here sweetie,” the man said to Casey.

Casey walked timidly over to the man. The man reached down and tickled the white patch between his ears. Apart from his paws, it was the only white fur on his body. Casey stood patiently and allowed the man to pet him.

“When did you get them?”

“Umm, I got Finn five months ago. Casey has been with me for three months.”

“Oh my goodness, has it really been five months since we stopped by? The time simply flies by.”

“That’s so true.”

Marcus nodded contemplatively.

“So how old are they?”

Marcus thought about it.

“Finn had just turned 16 when I got him so he’s nearly 16 and a half now. Casey turned 15 last month.”

“Oh the perfect age.”

The man lifted Casey’s rear leg.

“Oh what an adorable little willy. It’s almost all foreskin. How long is that, two inches?”

“Not even, I don’t think.”

A woollen scrotum had been woven into the rear of the costume. It was smaller than a ping pong ball. Jonathan smiled and tickled the boy’s wool sac.

“Gorgeous. And I love what you’ve done with his little nut sack. That woolly pouch is so cute. He does have nuts doesn’t he?”

“Feel for yourself.”

Jonathan gently squeezed the wool pouch until he detected first one, then the other of Casey’s undersized  testicles. Casey squirmed nervously as his balls were palpated, but he knew better than to resist.

“Ah yes. That’s good. I don’t like my pets neutered. I know they say it makes them better behaved, but it also takes something essential from them, do you know what I mean?”

“I couldn’t agree more. I only use castration as a punishment, and then only in the most extreme of circumstances, but boys are much more fun if you leave them intact.”

“Exactly. Their essential boyness is in their little balls. If you have them removed you might as well get a girl.”

Jonathan examined the tiny scrap of white flesh that dangled from the small slit in the costume. He bounced it with his finger a few times to make its foreskin jiggle.

“I have to confess, I love a long foreskin on a boy. At this age I feel as though it’s more sensitive than the glans. Of course, you can tickle the glans for an instant reaction, but you can play with a foreskin for hours and make them squirm without that mess. Am I making sense?”

 “Yes, complete sense,” Marcus smiled. “And Casey seems particularly sensitive. Give it a little tickle.”

Casey’s penis was no longer or thicker than the average man’s little finger from the second knuckle to the tip, but his foreskin was half that diameter. Jonathan reached down and lightly tapped it a dozen times. Casey immediately started panting. The little finger thickened and grew until it was a four-inch-long downwards curve of smooth white flesh.

“Gosh, he IS sensitive isn’t he? Can he cum yet?”

“Oh yes, he’s a late developer but he could certainly produce little cloudy squirt when I got him. I’ve had both of the boys fixed now, so he couldn’t even if he wanted to.”

“Fixed? But he has testicles.”

“Yes, but I got them both a vasectomy. Their tubes are cut. I also had their prostates and cowpers removed so there will be none of that messy squirting.”

“Does that work?”

“Most certainly. Cost an extra 20k but it keeps them clean. Also, it stops them growing. No testosterone. Casey will have that cute little peenee for the rest of his life.”

Marcus turned to Finn.

“Finn come here.”

Finn walked over and stood by Marcus’ side. Marcus the boy’s rear leg and showed his genitals to Jonathan.

“You can see his testicles are larger and he had a bit of hair although he was also a bit of a late bloomer. Anyway, I thought this gorgeous tight nut sack was his most endearing feature. Now that his tubes are cut and his glands are removed, the vet assured me that he will also stay EXACTLY like this for the rest of his life. We also inserted special chemicals directly into their pituitary glands. They’re never going to age another day. They’ll both look EXACTLY like this until the day they die.”

It was the first time Finn had heard this information. He looked at Marcus with shock.

“Looks to me like one kitty doesn’t like what he’s just discovered!” Jonathan joked.

“He’ll get over it soon enough. He didn’t like being fucked either, but now he takes it like was born to it don’t you Finn?”

He gave the boy’s muzzle a brisk rub. Finn looked at him with sad eyes then nodded.

“You mentioned three. Where’s the other one?”

“Mark. He’s in the laundry room. I don’t let him in the lounge. He messes up the carpet.”

“I’d love to see him.”

Marcus smiled, happy to show off his pets.

“Follow me.”

He led Jonathan to the kitchen. Curled on a large pet bed was a boy in another cat costume. It was dark dappled grey, but the boy inside had olive skin.

“Mark come here. This is my friend Jonathan.”

Mark rose from the bed, happy for something to break the tedium of his existence.

“How old is Mark?”

“He’s also 15.”

“Oh,he’s quite a bit stockier than the other boy.”

“Yes he’s a Latino. Used to be a wrestler. Was already fucking when I got him. That’s what attracted me to him.”

Jonathan moved behind the boy to examine the boy’s genitals. The boy’s penis was surprisingly pink from tip to balls, almost the same colour all over.

 “His cock is very pink, did you do something to it?”

“Isn’t is though? It’s amazing isn’t it? Especially on a boy with his skin complexion. But no, that colour is entirely natural.”

Jonathan smiled.

“I think we must have interrupted him in the middle of a nice dream. He has an erection.”

“No, actually he’s hard all the time.”

Mark’s five-inch penis was erect, pointing straight at the ground. Its shaft was very slightly curved towards its top side leading to an arrow-shaped head.

“Damn, horny little guy!” Jonathan said in admiration.

“It’s not natural. I liked his horniness. In the week before he was captured, he jacked off three boys a year younger than himself and had sex with another when I found him. I almost left him unmodified as he was gay, but in the end, I thought he would be much more fun as a pet. But I wanted to accentuate his natural libido.”

“So what have you done to him?”

“Good question. For starters, we keep him on a constant diet of Cialis. That keeps him hard for hours on end. He’s also wearing a permanent cock ring. There are also tiny electro-magnetic lozenges inside his scrotum, secured to the side of each testicle. As soon as he is within ten yards of anything made of metal, they vibrate softly. There’s metal throughout the house so he’s pretty much vibrating the entire time. Finally, that butt plug is also buzzing away constantly. Except when someone is using his hole of course.”

“Ha ha. Of course!”

“So the net effect is that this little guy is in a constant state of hyper-arousal. That’s why we keep him in the kitchen.”

Jonathan frowned.

“Excuse me? Probably being terribly dense but I don’t follow the connection.”

Marcus smiled and reached beneath the head of Mark’s hard penis. Without even touching it, he drew his finger backwards. A transparent sticky dewdrop connected the fingertip to the eye of Mark’s penis. Jonathan smiled.

“Ah of course. So you didn’t have this young man fixed like the others?”

“Oh yes, he’s had the snip, but I left his internal bits intact. I quite like one that dribbles all the time. Sometimes me or one of the boys is in the mood for a little moist refreshment and Mark can be guaranteed to provide it.”

“One more thing, I notice his testicles are extremely far back. It looks like they’re almost in his asshole. Surely that isn’t natural?”

“No not at all. No secret there. I just have them inside a loop of cord. The cord wraps tightly around the anal opening in his costume, so his little balls are pulled far between his legs.”

“Not so little.”

“No you’re right, although he’s not as old as Finn, Mark definitely has the largest balls of the group.”

“And again, that cute woven scrotum to hold them in.”

Jonathan couldn’t resist reaching out and giving Mark’s plum nuts a little jiggle with his fingers. The stiff cock beneath wobbled stiffly. Jonathan reached down and stroked the urethra that bulged from the rear of the shaft. His finger stroked it all the way to the fraenulum, then he made small circles there with his fingertip. Mark shuffled and jiggled, lifting and replacing his limbs like a dressage horse. Then he let out a long sigh, and clear fluid dribbled stickily from his penis. He shuffled quicker for a few seconds until the fluid had stopped oozing from him. Then Jonathan stood up with a smile.

“I LOVE him. That’s a simply adorable orgasm!”

“Isn’t it though. Why don’t we go back through to the living room?”

Marcus reached out his arm to guide his friend out of the room. Before he left the kitchen, he said to Mark.

“Lick that up please Mark.”

He waited until he saw Mark taking one, two, three licks, then he followed Jonathan back to the living room.

Finn and Casey were huddled together by the couch.

“Do you mind if the kids give them a stroke?” Jonathan asked.

“No of course not.”

“Great, it’s about time I told them about this business.”

Jonathan walked to the patio door and called his kids over. They were sitting by the pool.

“Hey guys, come see. Marcus has two new cats. Come and give them a stroke.”

Jonathan’s children came in all smiles and looked down at Finn and Casey. They stopped in their tracks.

“Dad, they’re boys dressed up like cats!” Michael said, shocked.

Jonathan smiled.

“Yes, they’re a special type of cat. A boy pussy. They’re part boy and part cat. There are lots of different animals.”

Michael looked at his father jaw gaping, as his world view suddenly took a paradigm shift.

“But their… their privates are showing.”

“Yes. Marcus likes them that way. Give them a stroke.”

“But… but they’re boys inside. Isn’t it illegal?”

“There’s something you need to understand son, when you’re rich like us, you MAKE the laws, you don’t follow them.”

Jonathan’s 17-year old daughter Abigail walked up to Casey and gave him a tentative stroke. When he didn’t flinch or bite, she stroked with more conviction. After a minute, she looked at Finn. He was bigger. She reached out and stroked him cautiously. He stood patiently whilst she petted him.

Marcus spoke up.

“Why don’t you tickle his tummy, he likes that.”

Finn looked at Marcus with a “I don’t believe what you just did” expression.

“He doesn’t look too happy about that,” Jonathan observed.

“I’m sure he’s not, but why should I care what my pet thinks?”

“Aren’t they ever disobedient? What do you do if they get rebellious?”

“Finn was, only once. I hung him up in the closet by his nuts for three hours. He’s never disobeyed me since have you Finn?”

Finn looked Marcus in the eyes and shook his head emphatically.

“I’m not surprised. How long did it take him to recover?”

Marcus drew air through his teeth as he thought back to the incident a week after he’d first turned Finn into a cat.

“Hmmm, well he puked on and off for a day. Cried for a couple of weeks after that. It was probably five, maybe six weeks before he was back to normal. Now he knows batter don’t you Finn? Now roll on your back so the guys can stroke your belly.”

Finn reluctantly did as he was told. As soon as he was on his back, gravity pulled his stumpy legs and arms apart.

Abigail and Michael moved close and started cautiously tickling the softer fur of Finn’s belly. The idea of tickling a boy’s belly seemed a little ridiculous, but it was like a game and they wanted to play along to see where it would lead.

For his part, Finn simply lay, more-or-less motionless and allowed them to do so. After a minute or so, Abigail pointed between Finn’s rear legs.

 “Why are his nuts like that?”

“What do you mean?”

“All wrinkly and flat. Yours and Michael’s aren’t like that.”

Marcus stepped in.

“He’s special. That’s why I chose him. I like boys with small dicks and nuts. His nuts are not like most boys. They’re tight all the time. But he loves it if you give them a good rub. Why don’t you try it?”

Abigail looked at Marcus as though he was joking. He smiled back reassuring.

“You’re serious?”

“Sure, why not?”

Finn turned to Marcus incredulous. She was a girl, surely he wouldn’t do this? Then he thought about the closet, how he had been in so much pain afterwards that he couldn’t stop puking. The man was a monster. There was nothing he wouldn’t do.

Feeling naughty, Abigail reached down and cupped Finn’s testicles, reaching between his legs from behind to access them.

“Diddle ee!” she said as she firmly rubbed him.

“So he won’t squirt?” Jonathan asked.

“Nope. He can’t even get a boner. I had the vet remove all the erectile tissue from his penis and replace it with inert implants. They’re attached to his glans and the base of his anus. That’s the size he’ll be forever.”

“Wow, that’s impressive work. You can’t see the scars.”

“Keyhole surgery. She went in from the bottom. All it left was a tiny small slit by his anus.”

“So he gets no pleasure?”

“Ha ha. Quite the opposite, but I am in complete control. Implanted in each of his testicles are two micro implants, when I activate them like this, his testicles become 20 times more sensitive.”

Marcus aimed a key fob sized remote at Finn’s groin. Almost immediately, he started squirming and groaning.

“I’m hurting him!” Abigail said, alarmed. She’d never seen a boy in such sexual ecstasy.

“No, you’re not,” Marcus said grinning. “You’re making him happy. Very VERY happy. Keep on going.”

She looked at Finn’s face unconvinced but continued rubbing his nuts in her hand. Something about his expression convinced her that Marcus was indeed telling the truth, so she redoubled her efforts whilst her brother continued stroking the fur on Finn’s tummy.

“So you disconnected his nuts and took out all his internal sex organs. Can he even experience an orgasm anymore?”

Marcus laughed out loud.

“Hey Finn, can you experience an orgasm anymore?”

The boy was writhing on the floor as though he was an anaconda, lost in a haze of ecstasy. He didn’t answer. Marcus tapped the side of his ribs with his toe.


Finn nodded, his eyes rolled back in his head.

“Yeah, uh, yeah, yeah,” Finn panted orgasmically, struggling to catch breath.

It was an effort for him to concentrate enough to answer above the pleasure he was feeling.

“In fact,” Marcus add, “I can guarantee he’s already had at least half a dozen orgasms while we’ve been chatting.”

No fucking kidding!” Jonathan said, forgetting himself in front of his kids.

“Yeah, if she carries on stroking him for ten minutes his legs will be wobbly for the next few hours. He might not come, but he still feels all the passion. More, many times stronger. Imagine the best orgasm in your life then multiply it many times. Sometimes I’m tempted to take it in turns with the boys and see what happens if we stroke him for a couple of hours but I’d be afraid it might ruin him – blow his mind or something.”

Casey watched unnoticed. He liked to orgasm. He’d never had them before he was brought here, and it embarrassed him to be jacked off, but he liked the actual moment. He had an erection as he watched Finn squirming.

“Looks like the little guy wants in on the action. Does he have implants too?”

“No, but you can pull him off if you like? I’m just gonna make coffee.”

When Marcus returned, Jonathan was sitting in an arm chair and Casey was on his back in Jonathan’s lap with his rear legs apart. Jonathan was stroking his furry tummy with his left hand, and tugging the teenager’s small cock between the thumb and first finger of his right.

“Is he having a good time?”

“I guess so, he’s had at least two orgasms from what I can tell.”

On the floor, his two teenaged kids were taking it in turns to work on Finn’s balls whilst Finn no sooner completed one orgasm before starting another, clearly in a paroxysm of pleasure. He wanted to beg them to stop, but it was more than he dared do.

Eventually it was time for Jonathan and his offspring to go home. As they left, two exhausted pussies crawled behind the settee to recover.

“It was great to see you again Jonathan,” Marcus said at the door. “Come again any time.”

“I certainly won’t leave it too long next time. Maybe I can get to know your pets even better?”

Marcus smiled.

“I’m sure that you’ll enjoy the experience if you do. And maybe I can get the boys to broaden your kids’ education if you like?”

He called over to Michael.

“Hey Mikie how would you like to fuck one of my pussies next visit?”

Michael grinned shyly, but the instant erection in his shorts was all the answer Marcus needed.

The two men smiled.

“Guess that’s a “yes” then, Jonathan said, and both men laughed heartily.

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