Bobby 17

A young pleasure slave reminisces.

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Bobby 17

Bobby sat on the edge of the bed and watched Jason enter the room. He looked down at his own naked groin. He had the genitals of a prepubertal boy. Then his penis started to grow. In 30 seconds it had increased in size five-fold. Jason watched the kid change with a smile. The kid was five foot three tall; very short for his age. He had a broad, leanly muscular chest and a skinny waist. Maybe he was a gymnast. Jason smiled. Bobby was exactly the sort of boy he liked.

Bobby’s testicles also grew massively in size and weight, drooping low in his sack. Bobby preferred it when his balls were like this – closer to their natural size. It made him feel almost normal again.

He wondered if he would have pubic hair this time. Shaving was the big thing amongst his friends; correction, his former friends, but he still felt that shaving made him look like a child. Despite of his hopes, Bobby’s groin remained smooth. His wishes never factored into things. Jason liked his boys smooth so that was how Bobby remained.

Apparently Jason preferred well hung smooth boys. It was a strange mixture, the innocent of having no pubic hair but the dangerous readiness of man-sized genitals. Not for the first time, Bobby wondered what strange mixture of forces drove his current client.

Jason approached and Bobby looked up apprehensively. He was never sure how each new encounter would go. A couple of days ago, Bobby had been choked unconscious, nearly to death. When he awoke the man who did it was gone but Bobby still had the bruises on his neck and his asshole was torn and battered from the man’s uncaring cock.

When the clients were gone and he was alone, Bobby sometimes pondered what kind of monster would take pleasure in hurting, sometimes even brutally castrating a screaming teenager. But there were some. Most just wanted to fuck a little boy, a kid, a twink; whatever term applied in the moment and he was happy to oblige, especially when he didn’t have to endure the pain that the sadists like to inflict. Although happy was not quite the right term.

Jason quickly undressed then leaned forwards and kissed him tenderly. Bobby breathed a sigh of relief. The ones who kissed rarely wanted to hurt him.

Bobby returned the kiss. He would have done so out of gratitude even if he’d had the choice to refuse. Jason took Bobby’s returned affections as encouragement and quickly became more passionate, kissing the boy’s sensuous lips and forcing his tongue inside the boy’s mouth. Bobby hugged the man as Jason moved swiftly onwards, smothering the boy’s neck with increasingly wet kisses. Bobby lifted his chin to allow the man access, half closing his eyes with pleasure. The boy’s every move was arousing to Jason. The tilt of the boy’s head, the way the kid opened his legs to invite the man closer, the way he murmured with pleasure at Jason’s touch.

Jason reached between Bobby’s legs and hefted the boy’s genitals in the palm of his hand. It made a full handful with more to spare. He ran the tip of a thumb across the boy’s pubis. Not even the hint of stubble. Clearly the boy had never seen a hair grace his groin yet. Jason smiled contented and tenderly rolled balls that were larger than his own in his fingers before moving on to the soft meat sausage of Bobby’s 17-year-old penis. Jason loved the size of it. Loved the thought that its size might make Bobby horny beyond his years. A thick cock looked great on a teen on the verge of manhood. It was full of promise, suggesting that he would fuck often, quite the stud. Jason unconsciously created an entire emotional profile for the boy in his imagination, projecting onto Bobby his own desires, misconceptions and kinks. And Bobby became everything that the man wanted, even adjusting his emotional state to match.

Jason slid his hand downwards towards the base of the boy’s cock, allowing it to slide along his palm. The friction peeling back the boy’s loose foreskin. The kid was still flaccid in his palm and Jason liked it that way. A bit of soft play before moving onto business. Bobby squirmed, moaning softly. His voice was hoarse, not as deep as it used to be. It sounded silly to him but Bobby knew that the tone of his voice obviously hit an emotional or sexual trigger for Jason.

Jason was already hard. He hugged Bobby to him and Bobby wrapped his legs around the man, clinging to him, instinctively grinding his flaccid cock against the man’s erection.

Bobby could no longer tell where his own natural teenage lust ended and his programming began. He had absolutely no choice in his actions. He was like a passenger inside his own body. It was a strange sensation, he could think, feel, lust, but his body acted as though on autopilot. So now, as he felt his soft cock grinding against Jason’s hard pole, he felt genuine excitement, a churning deep in his balls as he anticipated what was to come.

Bobby wasn’t gay. He’d been fucking for 18 months before he began working for The Company. He wasn’t good at it, but with his girlfriend’s help he was getting better. But now that was over, and instead he pleasured an endless appointment book of men with an expertise that the best trained Roman whore could never even dream of achieving.

Jason reached behind the boy’s knees, still kissing him constantly and gently lifted the kid’s rump, pulling the boy onto his back with his butt off the lower edge of the bed. The man finally moved his face away from Bobby and reached for the pot of lube that had been provided. He picked up a generous load on his finger tips and smeared it onto the boy’s hole. The boy’s hole was pristine, virginal, exactly as Jason had been promised. Jason placed his cock against the kid’s tight pucker and pushed. Bobby relaxed. He knew from past experience that it would go easier if he did. His hole provided the perfect amount of resistance before softly yielding to admit the man’s cock.

Still holding the boy’s knees, Jason stood started to fuck him slowly, standing straight-backed so that he could look down at the kid. He’d used far more lube than was necessary and every thrust made a slurping sound like a toothless old man chewing a toffee. He liked that sound. He felt it added a contrapuntal soundtrack to the boy’s own soft moaning, making the experience more sensual and adding another of his senses to the experience.

Bobby smiled happily looking up at Jason, grateful to the man for drilling his hole. Jason returned the smile, and looked between the kid’s legs at the boy’s plump scrotum and flaccid cock, which flopped back against his belly.

Jason increased his pace slightly and the kid’s cock slowly started to inflate. Jason knew it was his sexual prowess that was turning the kid on.

“More please. Harder,” Bobby heard himself murmur.

Jason was happy to oblige, and Bobby’s cock got harder still.

“Do you want me to jack myself?” Bobby asked.

“Nah, save it till the end.”

Jason pumped harder and faster still. Bobby knew that the man would not last much longer. They never did. Five or ten minutes on a good day. It’s hard to resist when every single one of your sexual buttons are all being pressed with scientific precision at the same time.

The man pushed Bobby’s legs over his head so that his knees were pressed into the bed on either side of his head, turning the boy’s ass to the sky. Jason lay on him with his full weight, drilling his cock deeply into the boy’s hole, and looking the kid in the face as he nailed him. Bobby had a beautiful smile, angelic but with a hint of lust accentuated by red lips that Jason felt certain would feel superb wrapped around his shaft. Next time maybe.

Bobby’s braces and fading freckles gave him that boy next door look that so many men liked. It was very close to Bobby’s real appearance, except Bobby had jet black hair, not the red hair that this boy had.

He thought back to the last day of his old life. It was not a happy one. He lay in a hospital bed. He’d been there for weeks and it was getting worse. Leukaemia. His parents tried to put on a brave face but he could tell from their eyes that it was bad. His mother would enter all smiles and encouragement but her eyes were red-rimmed from crying outside, and his father looked haggard from the effort of pretending.

Joseph fell asleep and when he awoke he was on gurney surrounded by doctors.

“Ah good, welcome online. Please sit up.”

“Online” what a strange turn of phrase Joseph thought.

Joseph sat up.

“I’m naked!”

“Yes. Please walk across the room, turn around and come back.”

Joseph stood and did as he was told in spite of his reluctance. He looked down at himself. His body was different. His dick was tiny and there was no hair.  And his balls were tiny.

“What happened to me?”

“You were ill. We transferred your mind into this construct before you died. You are now a pleasure sim. Your name is Bobby 17. From now on, your only purpose is to bring pleasure to clients of The Company.”

Joe had so many questions to ask. The doctor’s response was overwhelming.

“What… what’s a pleasure sim?”

“A type of very advanced robot. Enough questions now. You’ll find out soon enough. Sit down and be quiet.”

Joe was far from finished but he could not ignore the man’s command. He sat.

Bobby looked up at his own hard penis as Jason fucked him enthusiastically. His thick penis was dangling inches above his face. Bouncing with each of Jason’s thrusts. It was 8 inches long. Enormous for the compact body he now inhabited. It was obviously how Jason liked them. He liked his boys to be men and boys at the same time – a strange mixture.

Jason’s pace became frantic then suddenly Bobby came onto his own face, his copious load mostly going into his open mouth. He groaned, delightedly smacking his cream-coated lips as though he was eating a cordon bleu meal. That was all it took to push Jason over the edge and he came hard, filling the young man’s hole with his own deposit. He smashed his cock in and out of the boy’s tight hole and Bobby tensed and relaxed, forcing his sphincter to milk the man’s cock until Jason had no more to give.

Eventually Jason came to a stop then withdrew his penis.

He showered quickly then dressed.

“I know there’s real boy in there. Whoever you are, thanks kid. I’ll be seeing you again.”

Bobby smiled and Jason left the room.

Bobby’s plastomorphic body returned to its default shape, that of a 12-year-old boy. Joe would never get used to seeing himself that way and he couldn’t understand why the company would settle on that as the default physique. He pressed a button and a panel in the wall opened revealing a second shower. He stepped inside and a small pipe slid up into his anus, it was followed by smaller pipes in his nostrils and down his throat. Liquid squirted into him. When his internal cavities were full of water, it squirted from his penis as though he was urinating. That was another experience he never got used to; the feeling of being flushed out between clients. He looked down at his now tiny penis flapping like a high-pressure hose that has escaped the fireman.

He shut his eyes as a nozzle descended from the ceiling. A broad jet of antibacterial water washed him from head to toe. When every trace of his own semen and that of the previous client was cleaned from him, warm air dried his body.

His anus had already tightened back after Jason’s fucking. He was grateful that there would not need to be a repair cycle. Although he was synthetic, his body had all the same nerve endings as a real boy, and even with The Company’s hyper-accelerated repair technology, injuries still pained him until they were repaired.

Clean and dry, Bobby 17 walked from the shower.

“New client in 2 minutes Bobby,” a voice informed him from a hidden speaker.

His body started to morph. His legs grew long and coltish. Wispy hairs emerged from his pubis, and a thin snake of flesh three-inches-long replaced the inch-long maggot that was his default. His body became skinny and his height increased to five-foot-five. Taller than before but younger. Unruly spiked hair formed a bush atop his head and his ears protruded. He looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t tell for certain but he estimated his age to be about 13, maybe 14.

He heard the door opening.

“Hello Bobby!”

Bobby 17 turned to greet his seventh client of the day with a welcoming smile.

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