Pussies – Part 1

A teenager is kidnapped and turned into a human cat.

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Pussies – Part 1

Finn floated up from wherever his mind had been languishing. His eyes fluttered open and alit upon an unfamiliar room. He was laying on his back on a carpeted floor wearing pyjama bottoms. To his left was an unfamiliar man. Finn sat up.

“Who are you? Where am I?”

The last thing he remembered was going to bed.

“I’m Marcus. Where you are is unimportant. You live with me now.”

A lead weight sank in Finn’s stomach and his eyes widened.

“What do you mean?”

“I saw you at the lake. I liked you. You’re mine now.”

Finn looked at the man and weighed his chances. The guy was middle aged, but he looked in good shape, and Finn was no fighter. He didn’t like his odds. He backed away across the floor, looking around the room for a means of escape. There were two exits; a wooden door and a sliding glass patio door that lead out to a darkened pool area. Which was a safer escape route? The patio door might be locked, but at least the outside lay beyond. The wooden door had no locks but he’d be fleeing deeper into the man’s house.

Edging towards the patio door, Finn said “What do you mean I’m yours? I live with my parents in Oakdale.”

“Used to. Now you live here with me.”

Finn leapt to his feet and ran for the door. It was locked. Marcus walked over slowly. Finn tried to duck around him but Marcus caught him easily around the neck. He knelt and forced the boy face first to the carpeted floor.

“No please! Finn screamed struggling futilely against the man, who was stronger than he looked.

Then he felt a cloth over his mouth and nose. He struggled to get it off, only too aware that the caustic smell on it was probably some kind of anaesthetic. He couldn’t get the man’s hand off his mouth and his exertions only increased his rate of respiration. Then his consciousness faded to darkness…



An indeterminate time later, he came around again, this time with a mild headache. Marcus was lightly slapping his cheek.

“Hey kid wake up.”

Finn’s eyes flickered open. He was in bed.

“Are you going to hurt me?” he asked timidly.

“Of course not. Not if you don’t misbehave.”

The caveat filled Finn with dread, but, he reasoned, so long as he behaved, he would be okay. But what were the rules? Not trying to escape would be the first he guessed. He sat up.

“Why am I here?”

“I saw you at the lake. You’re cute. I like to collect cute things as pets. Now what’s your name?”


The man smiled.

“Perfect. I should have known. You look like a Finn.”

Finn nodded moving his tongue over his teeth. There was something different about them.

“What do you mean you like to collect cute thingsh as petsch?” he asked.

For some reason he was having trouble enunciating his s’s.

Marcus smiled again. Finn’s lisp was adorable, but soon it would no longer be a problem.

Finn ran his index finger over his lower teeth then his tongue across his canines. They were pointed; more than pointed, they were sharp like vampire teeth, and his lower incisors were larger than before.

“What’sch happened to my teeth!?” he lisped.

Marcus took him by the upper arm and gently lead him to a floor mirror. Finn looked at the glass and he was shocked to see that he now had fangs. But perhaps what disturbed him even more, was how afraid he looked. It was only natural that he should be fearful, but he was dismayed by how his fear showed on his face. His brows were furrowed, his eyes deep-set, and he looked on the verge of crying. A perfect reflection of his state of mind. He’d always hoped he’d be braver under pressure.

“I had them fixed. They look great don’t they?”

“Fixshed? Why? What wash wrong with them? My mom schpent so much on them. She’sh gonna be sho mad when she shees what…”

Then it hit him. His mother would likely never see. His lip trembled, his brow furrowed even deeper.

In a small fearful voice he said, “I’m never gonna shee my mom again am I?”

A tear ran down his cheek. Marcus wrapped a paternal arm around his shoulder.

“No I’m afraid not, but you’ll have a good life here with me. You’ll quickly get used to it.”

“I don’t wanna get yooshed to it. Shir please, I’ll do anything, jusht let me go home.”


Finn sensed the danger inherent in the man’s deliberate clarification but at that moment he truly meant it. If the man asked him to eat dog shit or dance naked he would do it if it only meant freedom. Finn nodded, looking smaller and younger than he was, with dark puppy dog eyes.


Marcus unzipped his fly and pulled 6 inches of soft meat through the fly of his boxer.

“Hold this.”

Finn’s eyes grew so wide it was comical. It had never even occurred to him that the man might want something sexual. He looked at the man’s hefty cock, breathing heavily now as he tried desperately to control his fear. He reached out and lifted it in his fist. It was warm, soft and floppy.

“Now suck it,” Marcus said.

The boy was trembling but he dropped slowly to his knees.

Finn felt wretched, but if sucking this man’s penis meant that he could go home…

He opened his mouth and moved his head forwards. Just as his lips were about to close on the man’s penis, Marcus pushed his head away laughing.

“Stop! Fuck, you really are willing to do anything huh? I was just fucking with you kid. Stand up.”

Marcus put his penis away as Finn stood up. Relief surged over the boy like a wave.

“Jeez kid, you really are desperate. C’mere and give me a hug.”

Finn shuffled closer and hugged the man. For a moment, the man’s physical presence was a comfort despite the fact that he was the cause of the boy’s suffering. He was the gatekeeper to Finn’s freedom. Classic Stockholm syndrome. Then Finn felt a piece of pungent fabric over his mouth again.



The next time Finn came around, things were very different. He was laying curled on the carpet in the lounge. His eyes flickered open. He could see Marcus sitting in an armchair watching him.

“Hello kid.”

Finn glanced towards Marcus. He tried to rise, but he couldn’t; at least not easily. He quickly discovered that his arms and legs were strangely bound. His ankles were secured tightly to his upper thighs and his wrists were cuffed to his shoulders, bending his limbs at knees and elbows through almost 180 degrees. It was uncomfortable and if Finn was more muscular it would have been excruciating. But he noticed that there was something even stranger: he was covered head to toe in coarse shag pile fur. Finn frowned at it.

“What the fuck?!” he thought.

He struggled to clamber to what constituted feet – the tightly folded mid-points of each limb that were now the parts of his body that protruded the furthest. With some effort, he managed to support himself on his knees and elbows. He turned towards the man, finding it hard to balance on his knees.

“What’s have you done to me?” he demanded, but no sounds came from his vocal chords.

A look of panic crossed his face.

“What have you done to me?!” he demanded again in a breathy whisper.

Marcus smiled indulgently.

“You don’t have vocal chords any more kid. No point trying to speak. Kitties don’t talk.”


“Come here kid.”

Marcus arose from his armchair and stood next to the full-length mirror that stood in the corner. Finn frowned and tottered over to him. He looked in the mirror and what looked back at him was ridiculous. He’d been dressed in a full body cat costume, complete with head piece, long whiskers, tail, and perky ears. He reached up with his elbow stump and awkwardly tried to push the close-fitting face mask off. It was stuck in close circles around his eyes and lips, but apart from that, so far as he could see, not a single bit of skin showed anywhere on his body.

“No point doing that kid. It’s bonded to you permanently with organic adhesive. It’s welded through all five layers of your epidermis. It’s not coming off unless you don’t mind completely removing your skin.”

Finn didn’t understand what “organic adhesive” meant, but he got the general idea. He rubbed at the costume along his flanks, then with one arm against the other. There was not a single millimetre of movement. It was like he was now part of it.

“Why have you done thish?” he whispered.

“I told you, I wanted a new pet.”

“But why?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. For now, I want you to meet someone.”

Marcus called out.

“Steven, Ron, our new kitty is ready.”

In seconds two boys came into the room. The youngest, aged 16, came running in with far too much enthusiasm that was cool for his age. The eldest was 19 and he arrived at a walking pace, deliberately playing it cool. Neither boy was wearing a costume.

“Hey guys, I’d like to introduce you to Finn. Finn is our new pussy.”

Ron looked at Finn excited.

“He’s awesome dad. So cute.”

The kid seemed too excited to Finn’s mind. Like he was acting in a “Gee mom” Christmas ad. Ron crouched down and reached towards Finn’s face. Finn shied away, nervously.

“It’s okay kitty, I was only going to stroke you,” Ron reassured him.

Finn looked at him suspiciously, but when the boy reached for him a second time, he didn’t try to move away.

“Goood kitty,” Ron said, stroking the furry back of Finn’s head. Finn felt ridiculous.

“How did you catch him?” Steven asked.

“I had a team collect him from his bed.”

Steven sneered.

“That must have been a hell of a shock to wake up from!”

Marcus grinned.

“Yes, he did shed a little tear didn’t you Finn? Still they all do.”

Finn watched the exchange from behind his mask. Under normal circumstances he would have been embarrassed by the revelation that he had cried, but there were other concerns now. There were others?

“So why’d you pick him?”

Marcus grinned.

“Saw him naked getting changed at the lake with his friends. Followed him home.”

He reached down and grabbed Finn’s nearest rear leg. He lifted it revealing the boy’s exposed genitals, which were on the outside of the costume which was bonded tightly right up to the base of his penis and testicles in every direction.

Finn look down at himself as Marcus showed his genitals to his sons. He suddenly realised his junk was dangling out and on display. He tried to yank his leg free, whilst waddling away on the other three stumpy limbs.

Steven correctly assessed the situation.

“He didn’t know his dick was hanging out? Fucking priceless!”

Marcus smiled widely.

“No, I don’t think he did Steve. How funny is that?”

Finn continued struggling futilely in a desperate attempt to restore his modesty.

“Stop that now Finn, lest you start to irritate me. If you irritate me, I might be tempted to hold your legs open whilst Steven plays soccer with your nuts. I don’t think you’d like that would you?”

Finn stopped struggling instantly. He couldn’t even pull a single limb free, much less protect himself if the man and his older son wanted to make good on his threat. A mental picture of his legs being held apart whilst the teenager used his nuts for soccer practice slammed into his brain. He glanced at Steven and there was a sparkle in the boy’s eye that left Finn in no doubt that the kid would enjoy the opportunity.


Marcus lifted Finn’s rear leg higher, displaying the teenager’s groin to his son. Finn had an average pair of nuts on him for his age, but they were pulled up tight against his body, housed in a tight, deeply grooved nut sack. Each nut pressed tightly against his groin, almost touching at his gooch and angled diagonally out more towards the front of his body, clearly defined despite the thick wrinkled skin that encased them.

Poking out just above, was an equally tight-skinned brown penis, barely three inches long, including its snouted foreskin.

“He’s scared,” Steven said.

“Of course, but that’s not why his nuts are so tight or his dick’s so small. Even when he was unconscious it was exactly the same. Same at the lake. Water was warm. He tried to hide it from his friends, but you know that 600 mil prime lens I have – it was easy to see. His nut sack was just as tight then.”

“You and your little dicks dad,” Steven said with a grin. “Don’t you ever want a kid with a bigger dick?”

Marcus mulled the question over.

“No not really. They’re cute when they’re small. Even better a small dick on an older kid like Finn here. Keeps them humble. Anyway, if I want a bigger dick I can always use yours as a dildo!”

Steven grinned.

“Fair enough. And I guess he is kind of cool.”

“I think his little dick looks cute,” Ron added.

He reached between Finn’s thighs and cupped his deeply grooved sack, giving it a little jiggle. Finn gasped at the intimate touch, flinching involuntarily.

“Little dick? You’re one to talk!” Steven teased playfully. “You’re smaller than he is.”

Ron blushed and looked self-conscious.

“Just messing with you bro,” Steve said. “That dick of yours sure gets stiff enough when I suck it huh?”

Finn couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Did this whole family suck and fuck each other?! The thought was bizarre to him but the way they chatted about it so casually was what really blew his mind.

Ron moved to Finn’s rear. Finn watched him as best he could, but Marcus was still holding his leg in the air as the man and his eldest son continued to scrutinise his genitals. It made it difficult to turn, and Finn was still deeply concerned at how vulnerable his nuts were in that position.


Ron dropped to his knees and Finn could feel the kid using his finger to trace a two-inch circle on the exposed skin around his poop chute where the fur was sealed.

“He has a smooth asshole,” the boy observed.

“Yeah, just like you Ron but not as pink!” his brother teased.

Ron gave Steven a smile.

“It’s never stopped you poking your tongue in it.”

Steven momentarily coloured up, glancing at their father.

“You’ve been rimming your brother?”

Steven fumbled his words.

“No, um yeah, er, just so he could find out how could it feels.”

With just a trace of sarcasm in his voice Marcus said, “That’s very considerate of you.”

He turned to Ron.

“And what did you think of it?”

Ron gave a broad grin back.

“I loved it, we do it every time now.”

He glanced at Steven. His brother was glaring at him.

“Almost every time,” Ron corrected weakly.

Marcus looked at his eldest son with a stern expression, holding Steven in his gaze for a full five seconds.

Eventually Steven repeated his excuse.

“I was only teaching him so he could find out what it felt like.”

Marcus broke his stern gaze spluttering into laughter.

“I’m just messing with you Steve. If you want to rim your brother all day, it’s no skin off my nose.”

Relief flooded across Steven’s face, but his initial reaction only made Finn more nervous. In a family where the son fucked the father and sucked his younger brother, why would a nearly grown man like Steven be so afraid of invoking his father’s ire?


Finn felt the kid spit on his hole and he could feel Ron continuing to trace circles around his asshole, then the boy’s finger poked at his starfish. Finn’s eyes widened with shock. He tried to move away but Marcus was still holding his leg in the air. He felt the kid’s finger burrow inside his hole.

“He’s got a tight asshole. I bet he’s never even been fucked. Have you?”

What kind of question was that? Of COURSE he hadn’t! Finn ignored the question.

“Answer him,” Marcus said bouncing Finn’s leg up and down and tapping the boy’s nuts lightly with the palm of his hand, sending a clear warning.

Finn shook his head stridently whilst looking at the boy.

Ron started finger fucking him.

“You should try it. It’s a lot of fun.”

Finn looked at Ron in horror. The boy was slipping his finger in and out of his asshole like it was nothing. Finn looked to Marcus as though the man would; should somehow intervene.

Marcus simply grinned.

“Never had anything up there before kid? It’s a unique experience eh?”

Finn couldn’t believe the man would just kneel there grinning whilst his son poked his finger in and out of another kid’s butthole. Then he thought about their conversations just minutes before and he realised that this was all just part of their family behaviour. Their family of fucked-up perverts.

“Dad, can I fuck him?” Ron asked.

“What?!!!!” Finn’s mind screamed. “No! No fucking way!”

Marcus frowned.

“Didn’t you break the last one in?”

“No, that was Steven. It’s my turn now. Unless you want to,” he added deferentially.

Marcus smiled beneficently.

“No, you can take him. I don’t think he likes the idea though. Look at the expression on his face.”

“Thanks dad, you’re the best!”

Ron pulled his finger from Finn’s hole and leapt to his feet, then he walked over to a sideboard and pulled a tube of KY from the drawer.

Meanwhile, Marcus lowered Finn’s leg to the ground and moved his head close to the boy’s face. Finn wore a sickly expression.

“Listen, my boy is gonna fuck you now. If you do ANYTHING to spoil the experience, I’ll drag you outside and pop those nuts of yours against the floor with the heel of my shoe, then stomp your face into a bloody pulp got it?!”

Finn looked at Marcus. There was so much he wanted to say. To beg. And what exactly would it mean to “Spoil the experience?” Finn’s lips moved but he couldn’t find the words. He was shocked by the casual viciousness of the man’s threats.

“You just kneel there and let him do his thing ok?”

Finn was close to tears. He nodded meekly.


Then Ron was behind him. He felt the kid’s finger smearing the cool lube on his hole. Then the boy poked his finger inside, greasing the tunnel as well. Finn watched over his shoulder as Ron prepared him. The kid dropped his shorts and underpants. He was already hard. Finn watched the kid greasing his own pole. Finn didn’t have much down there, but his boner was a good inch longer than Ron’s and much thicker.

Finn moved close behind, his stiff rod pointing the way like a finger. He grasped Finn by the crests of his fur-covered hips and moved his penis until the glans was touching Finn’s sphincter. Finn forced himself to resist the urge to flinch as he felt the kid’s dome pressing against his private place. Then Ron leaned against him.

The lube served its purpose and Ron’s finger-thin prick slipped straight into Finn’s hole with absolutely no resistance.


Finn had longed to lose his virginity. He already felt that he was long overdue. He knew that many of his friends had been fucking for years. He fantasised about it whilst he masturbated, imagining the girl he would finally get to stick his dick in. It was a certainty; the only question was which girl he would lose it with and how much older he would be when it finally happened. Now all of that evaporated. This was one scenario he had not envisioned in his wildest nightmares. Kneeling in a kitten costume whilst a kid with a pencil dick took HIS cherry.

Behind, he felt Ron’s slender penis slide effortlessly into his poop chute. He didn’t know what was worse, the fact that an immature kid was fucking him at all, or the fact that the kid’s dick slipped into him so easily. No, it was neither of those, it was the fact that it felt nice inside him. As the kid’s helmet slipped past his sphincter, the bumps of the kid’s glans rubbed against nerves Finn never knew he had until that point.

Ron pulled on his hips, pressing his groin tightly against Finn’s smooth buttocks. Finn felt almost as though they were a single person, welded at the waist. He could feel the kid’s bush against his bottom. Then Ron started pumping. Finn was disgusted that his anus was responding with excitement to the motion.

“Oooh, he’s really tight dad, and hot!”

Ron pumped at Finn inexpertly. Within a minute, he was increasing his pace, and after just 90 seconds of increasingly lively fucking, Ron let out a series of little groans which Finn correctly assumed was his boyish orgasm. Ron pounded fast and hard for ten seconds, then collapsed on top of Finn’s back.

Finn wondered if the kid had spooged inside of him. Maybe he wasn’t even capable yet? The thought of having the kid’s spooge in him was repulsive. Ron lay on Finn’s back for a minute, regaining his strength before his brother tapped him on the shoulder.

“C’mon Ron, move over, I want a go.”

Ron moved without complaint. His flaccid dick slurped out and Finn felt a dribble run along the small part of his gooch that was not sealed inside the costume, confirming the kid was old enough to cum.


Steven pulled his dick out of his pants, hard and ready to go as Ron’s had been. Finn looked at it with trepidation. This was no finger of flesh; this was a throbbing meat spear. It was going wherever it wanted, and Finn had the impression that Steven didn’t care if it hurt.

The teenager stepped in where his brother had been. He greased his cock and placed the end against Finn’s hole.

“Gently Steven,” Marcus cautioned, “I don’t want him ripped up and useless for months.”

“Aw daaad.”

Finn was certain now, that was a whine more of disappointment than because the boy’s father was stating the obvious. The kid WANTED to hurt him.

Steven pushed his dick in where his brother’s had barely loosened. Immediately Finn was in discomfort. He started grimacing and silently screaming as his hole was stretched like never before.

“Easy…” Marcus chided once again.

“I AM going easy!” Steven said irritated.

“Good. I’d hate to take away your porn AND your brother and leave you with nothing but your fist for a few months.”

Steven looked at his brother. Ron raised his eyebrows as if to say, “We’ll BOTH suffer if dad bans you!” Steven looked back at Marcus.

“Alriiight dad, I’ll go easy!”


Steven slowly pressed, giving Finn’s asshole time to stretch. Eventually, Finn’s hole was wide enough and he slid inside. His cock was much rougher than Ron’s and Finn felt every bit of its 6-inch length sliding into him. It filled him, stretched his hole tight, but the greatest difference between Steven’s cock and his younger brother’s came at the end of his stroke. When Ron was buried balls-deep, Finn felt his cock on the sides of his hole but not at the end. When Steven was all the way in, it felt like it was rearranging Finn’s internal organs. Finn wriggled uncomfortably at the feeling as Steven pulled them together, using Finn’s hips crests for leverage as his younger brother had done. But there was something different. Finn felt a little tingle of excitement that went from deep inside straight to his balls.


Finn felt Steven release his hips. Maybe he was going to go easy on him? The the older boy’s hands slid down the front of Finn’s thighs. Finn wondered what Steven was up to, then he felt the boy tugging his knees backwards. He just had time to brace on his elbows before his stumpy legs were lifted right off the floor and pulled wide apart.

Now Steven started thrusting in earnest. It was a very different experience to his brother. Finn realised now that what he had experienced with Ron was bit of light sphincter massage followed by a wet gooch. Not really unpleasant at all in the scheme of things, other than the emotional effects. Steven on the other hand, was fucking him, and he didn’t like it one bit. Although his body seemed to be responding with unsettling predictability to the end of each thrust.

“Dad come on, join in,” Steven urged gleefully.

Marcus grinned.

“Why not?”


He pulled out his dick and kneeled before Finn.

“Open mouth,” he said.

Finn looked at him with a pitiful expression.

“Open MOUTH!” Marcus said more forcefully.

Finn obeyed.

“Watch your teeth.”

Marcus slid his hard cock between the boy’s lips.

Finn felt the man’s cock brushing across his tongue. To his surprise, it didn’t taste disgusting, but just the feel of it; the thought of it was enough to make him nauseous. He imagined his friends watching him now, on his hands and knees, getting fucked and with a dick in his mouth. They wouldn’t care that it was under threat. They wouldn’t care that he’d been stolen from his bed whilst he slept. For the rest of his life, he’d be the faggot kid who likes to dress up and suck dicks.

And even the small percentage who were capable of thinking bigger – girls most likely – would look at him with compassion, but in their minds there’d always be that image of him, legs off the floor, being taken wheelbarrow-style with a grown man’s dick in his mouth.

The enormity of the moment nearly incapacitated him with grief. Then Marcus’s voice snapped him back.

“Use your tongue.”

Finn could feel the man waggling his dick side to side across his tongue to let him know where.

Finn licked the man’s glans timidly. It was slimy.

“Good, more.”

Finn licked faster.

“Now suck as well. Move your head back and forwards.”

Finn complied with every instruction. It was hard to concentrate when his other end was being repeatedly drilled by Steven’s cock.

“I’m not gonna last long dad,” Steven warned him.

“When do you ever?” Marcus said grinning.

Steven grinned back. To him, five minutes was a marathon!

Marcus tapped Finn on the head with his hand.

“Suck me faster. Lots more tongue. Lick the rim.”

Steven was slamming into Finn now. The boy was making silent whines with vocal chords that no longer existed.

Marcus grabbed the back of Finn’s head and started face fucking in time with his son’s reaming, pulling Finn’s face onto his cock with each stroke. Finn was trying so hard to concentrate on doing it right, but he was being painfully filled at both ends in perfect synchronisation. Thud, thud, thud. Time after time he’d find his asshole reamed and his throat stretched as the two males brought themselves closer and closer to orgasm.

Finn was struggling to breathe, and as Marcus intended, the boy started to gag, his throat massaging Marcus’s cock.

Suddenly behind him Finn heard Steven gasping then groaning. His fucking became more aggressive, his strokes deeper, then they took on a more erratic rhythm. Finn could feel the hot semen filling him. He squirmed, involuntarily squeezing his asshole and his throat. As Steven finished squirting, Marcus began squirting directly down Finn’s throat. The boy could do nothing to stop it, nor to prevent the man’s thick wad from sliding directly down his throat to his stomach. The man produced a prodigious amount of cum. Porn star amounts. And Finn could feel every bit of it thickly moving towards his stomach.

The thought that he was filled behind and in his mouth with sperm was disgusting beyond comprehension, yet Finn was just a toy to them, and one that they had not completely finished with.


As they finally stopped pumping Finn was powerless to resist. Steven lowered Finn’s stumpy legs to the floor but the boy was still impaled at both ends. Father and son grinned at each other as they stared across the human pussy’s back.

“How’s his hole?” Marcus asked.

Steven made a circle with the thumb and middle finger of his right hand and held it up.

“Primo. Virgin.”

“Not quite,” Marcus said looking to a couch, where Ron was slouched watching, his little cock flaccid and droopy now.

Steven grinned.

“That little thing doesn’t count. All that did was spread the lube!”

“Oy!” his brother protested in annoyance.

Steven grinned at him again.


“How was your end?” he asked his father.

“Pretty much what you’d expect the first time. At least he didn’t use his teeth. Hot tongue though. I filled his belly. He’ll be tasting my seed for days while won’t you boy?”

“Yeah, cum burps!” Steven added, laughing loudly at his own joke.


Finn listened to the conversation with revulsion. He knew that he was just an object to them, but they seemed to be taking active pleasure from his degradation. If there was one tiny saving grace, it was the fact that he could feel their dicks softening within him. He was particularly relieved to feel Steven’s rigid member quickly turning soft, allowing Finn’s asshole some relief.

Marcus pulled his soft cock from Finn’s mouth, it flopped down over the boy’s lips trailing cum. Marcus held his cock and wiped it left and right over the boy’s lips.

“Suck it clean.”

Finn looked at the sticky purple head. He opened his mouth timidly but he couldn’t, he just couldn’t. Then he remembered Marcus’s threat and the image of having his nuts burst under the man’s foot sprang into his mind. Finn had no idea precisely how his testicles would pop if trodden under foot, but however it happened, he was certain it would be the worst pain imaginable. He leaned forwards and sucked Marcus’s cock clean.


Marcus stood and Steven pulled his long flaccid cock from the boy’s hole. It was a strange feeling to Finn, like having a thin satisfying turd pulled from his body.

Marcus moved to the side and looked down.

“Looks like we weren’t the only ones who enjoyed it Steve.”

Beneath Finn was a small puddle of surprisingly white cum that had been milked from his prostate onto the carpet.

“Looks like you kidnapped a little faggot dad!” Steven said.

Finn looked beneath him. He was horrified to see what had dribbled unbidden from his cock.

“It seems so. Still, can’t leave that mess there. Boy, lick it up.”

Finn looked sharply at Marcus’s face. Surely he couldn’t mean… Not even this man would expect him to lick his own jizz? There was not even the hint of humour on Marcus’s face.

Finn turned sadly, lowered his face and licked his fresh semen from the carpet.

“At least,” he reasoned, “it came from my own body.”


“Good boy.”

Marcus kneeled and tousled between his fake cat ears.

“But we’re going to have to do something about you. Can’t have you ruining the carpets.”

With his other hand he reached back and fondled Finn’s tight nuts.


  • This is quite possibly my favorite story you’ve ever written. I love the premise, I love the changes happening to Finn, and I love that they’re happening so quickly. I also love the family dynamic. There is literally no boring aspect to the story — I’m on the edge of my seat the entire time, which is extremely rare. It’ll be difficult to keep up that kind of pace as the story progresses, but I have faith — you can do it 🙂

    • I’m very happy that you have enjoyed the story. I hope to make part 2 even better!

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