Fixing Jack

A country boy cures his teenage brother’s masturbation addiction.

Inspired by the movie King Jack

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Fixing Jack

“Hey man, okay to come in?”

Doug stood at the door to the barn, peering through at his friend.

“Sure, come on in. I’ll be done in a couple of minutes.”

Doug watched Tom as he attached a pair of shakers to a Rottweiler’s low-hanging testicles.

“Dude, this is such a weird fucking business. Milking dogs. It’s not even like you’re doing it to breed them.”

“I dunno, it seems pretty logical to me. People want their dogs to calm down and lose their sex drive but they don’t wanna cut their nuts off. Then if their owners change their minds, the dogs can still breed in the future. And it’s humane so it keeps the tree-huggers happier.”

Tom wasn’t the kind of guy who gave a shit about things being humane, but if it got him more customers, then he was happy to promote it.


Doug looked at the dog. It looked as though it was more than capable of ripping him to pieces if it was free, but its head was held immobile and it was secured by all four legs. Each leg stood within a steel coil three feet tall made of wire as thick as a pencil. The rear pair of coils faced inwards, but were pulled apart spreading the animal’s legs and exposing its genitals. The coils stopped just short of its belly and unless it could muster an impossible four foot vertical leap without even bending its legs, it had no chance of escaping. It was a novel form of confinement that was quicker to apply and left no bruising.

The animal twisted and turned angrily as the 26 year old man secured its smooth, fat black testicles.

Then Tom turned on the shakers and the animal’s entire demeanour changed. It began frantically twisting, scrabbling its paws it tried to free itself. Then its penis lazily drooped from its sheath before hardening. The animal started making a noise that was a cross between panting and growling, and its struggles to escape slowly diminished as its strength was sapped by the pleasure it was experiencing.

Tom watched it closely and just 50 seconds after the shakers had been activated, the animal ejaculated.

“Okay, that’s all looks good. Let’s go.”

“How long are you going to leave him for?”

“Oh about four hours, but I’ll be monitoring from the office.”

“Four hours? Why so long?”

“It’s three months per hour. His owners want him calmed down for a year, so four hours.”

“Ahh gotcha. I wonder if it works on humans?”

“Yeah it does. I used it on my little brother.”

Doug looked at Tom with shock, trying to work out if he was kidding around. There was nothing about his expression to suggest that he was.

“You used it on Jack?”

“Yeah, little fucker kept beating off all the time. His bedroom stunk like a monkey house and I was sick of washing jizzed socks. I warned him but he didn’t stop so I did him just like I’d do a dog.”

“Man, I bet he was not happy about that?”

“He bitched and struggled and made a noise just like the dogs do but in the end, milking him was no different to milking a dog.”


8 months earlier

“Are you at it again Jack?!”

Tom’s brother turned in the bath that doubled as a shower, ensuring that his back was completely screening his groin.

“Uh, uh at it?” he spluttered unconvincingly, his slender bone bouncing in front of him. “No, I’m just uh taking a shower.” Then he added indignantly, “Can I please get some privacy?”

“Bullshit you fucking hose monkey. I saw you spanking it!”

Tom reached out and grabbed Jack’s shoulder, pulling him around and Jack’s hard dick bounced into view.

“I fucking told you what I would do to you if I caught you doing that anymore.”

“I’m in the shower. Jeez, I can’t even jack off in the shower bro?!”

Tom reached into the shower and wrapped his beefy arm around his 14 year old brother’s chest. The kid was slender, and not all that tall for his age.

“Hey what the fuck, Tom!”

Jack struggled but Tom effortlessly dragged him from the bath and walked towards the door.

Jack tried to use the door frame to brace against with his arms and legs, no longer bothered about his bouncing cock.

“Tom! Fuck Tom! What the fuck are you doing?!”

Tom yanked hard and his kid brother was pulled through the door almost as though he wasn’t resisting. Tom marched along the hall, through the kitchen and out the back door with his bare-assed brother under his arm. Jack struggled all the way but he was no match for his adult brother’s strength.

In the barn, Tom threw Jack to the floor, standing between the kid and the exit. Then he selected the largest set of coil restraints.

Tom moved towards his brother and Jack recoiled towards to opposite wall, one hand covering his now flaccid penis.

“You’re fucking crazy! You can’t do this, I’m a human being. I’m your fucking brother Tom!”

“I warned you what would happen if you kept beating off and you didn’t listen. Now you’re gonna find out I wasn’t bullshitting.”

Tom grabbed Jack by the waist and lifted him high off the floor.

“Put your legs in the coils,” he said, carrying his struggling brother towards the restraints.

“No fucking way!”

Tom punched Jack hard in the kidneys. Jack grunted, shocked by the sudden pain.

“Put your feet in or I’ll beat you unconscious then put them in myself.”

Jack groaned and complied. His brother could be a vicious thug when the mood took him and nobody was going to save him if Tom decided to follow through on his promise. Jack lift his legs and placed them into the vertical coils. Tom lowered the boy. The top of the coils stopped six inches short of the v at the top of the kid’s groin.

“Now lean forwards.”

“Tom please, this is crazy. Mom would never have let you do this.”

Tom scowled at his brother.

“Well she’s gone and it’s just you and me now!”

Tom’s words hit Jack like another kidney punch. The brutal reminder that their mother had passed away. The reminder that nobody would be able to protect him from his bullying brother. Their rural wooden house was half a mile from the next habitation. Even if he screamed his lungs off, nobody would hear.


Tom gripped the back of his brother’s neck with fingers that dug cruelly into the boy’s soft flesh and forced him forwards.”

“Put your arms in the motherfucking coils or I’ll break ‘em and do it for you.”

Jack was in no doubt that his brother meant his threat. He placed his arms in the coils. Tom adjusted the distance of the front set of coils, extending them forwards until Jack’s back legs were pulled forwards to an angle of 45 degrees.

The kid was lean and strong with wiry abs, he might have the stomach strength to straighten up and lift his arms free. Tom pulled a head restraint into place. It was usually used for the powerful dogs that might injure themselves by struggling. There was a head harness with a rubber mouth ball. As soon as Jack saw it coming into view, he knew that he would soon lose any opportunity to reason with his brother. He became desperate.

“Tom please. I’m sorry. I won’t jerk off again. Please I promise.”

Tom brought the ball towards his little brother’s face.

“Tom please don’t. Please don’t! Please DON’T!”

Then the ball was jammed into his mouth and Tom quickly secured it in place using adjustable leather straps behind Jack’s head. There were metal rings around the edge of the harness to which Tom attached bungee cords. He then attached the other ends to a heavy frame four feet wide that surrounded his brother’s head. When he was done, his brother could move his head a few inches in any direction, but his movement was dampened by the cords, which became tighter the further he moved.


Tom moved behind his brother and pulled a lever and the rear pair of metal coils moved apart from each other, angling inwards as they went, exposing his brother’s fear-tightened nuts.


A year earlier

Tom wiped the last of the foam from the dog’s pubis and testicles.

“Why do you need to remove his hair?”

“It’s so that the shakers don’t chafe and cause problems.”

“And you’re sure it’s completely safe?”

“Yes Mrs Smith, I’m completely sure the procedure is safe. We’ve done thousands of dogs and we have a 100 percent success rate.”

“And it won’t hurt him?”

“No, quite the opposite. It will certainly come as a surprise, but once Max gets over the surprise, I can assure you it will be extremely pleasurable. It’ll be like having great sex for two hours.”

“And after you’re done, Max will simply lose his sex drive and he won’t keep trying to hump everybody’s legs all the time?”

“That’s exactly what it will do. His testosterone will drop to almost zero, along with his sex drive, but he won’t be harmed in any way. Now do you want me to proceed?”

Mrs Smith looked at her tethered pet. He had become more aggressive and insistent lately, humping everyone’s legs and he was becoming a problem for her young children to handle.




Tom reached between his brother’s legs and gripped the boy’s nut sack and Jack flinched with a shocked squeal, unable to see what his brother was doing. He tried to look down past his chest and belly but he couldn’t turn his head far enough.

Jack’s bag was a small round ball, his nuts pulled defensively tight. Tom massaged the boy’s bag for ten seconds but it was clear that the kids nuts were not going to loosen that way. Tom picked up a device that looked like a taser with two metal probes. He pushed the device up against the base of the boy’s scrotum. The two probes pressed into the flesh on either side of his perineum, just touching Jack’s testicles. Although Jack could not see now, he had witnessed, and often assisted the procedure as it was used on dogs many times.



“What are you doing?” Mrs Smith asked.

Tom hated it when the owners stayed to watch, and he hated it even more when they asked constant questions.

“I need Max’s testicles to hang low so I can attach the shakers. This device sends a low voltage AC current into the base of his penis. The current travels into his scrotum, through his testicles and along the cremaster muscles which control the height of his testicles. It fools his nutsack and the muscles holding his nut… his testicles into relaxing so that the shakers have a full range of movement.”



Jack could feel the current travelling through his cock and up into his stomach. It was not painful, just strange. There was a weird pulsing feeling where the cremaster muscles attached to his pelvis, and it radiated out through the bone filling his abdomen with heat. Tom pressed the medical taser against his brother’s skin for a full minute, watching with interest as the kid’s nuts slowly drooped lower and lower, and the entire skin of his scrotum lost its tightly wrinkled appearance and instead took on the softness of a bag just out of a hot bath.

Tom pulled the taser away. Jack had no way of knowing if it had worked. He was still just as fearful. Then he felt his brother lightly tapping his nuts. It was something he always did to a dog’s nuts to demonstrate that the testicles were sufficiently mobile. Jack could feel his balls swinging and lightly bumping into each other. It disgusted him to know that his body was just as easy to manipulate as one of the mutts that his brother made a living draining.

Tom also knew from experience that the taser did nothing to affect a dog’s penis. He knew that his brother would be able to see his own stumpy two-and-a-half-inch circumcised dick with its little pink helmet. Then he felt Tom spraying him with depilatory foam. He knew that it would quickly remove his small clump of hair, killing it for a long time to come.


When he had removed Jack’s pubic hair, Tom quickly clamped each of his brother’s balls between a pair of shaker tongs.

Having his nuts cupped in Tom’s hand was weird enough, but feeling his testicles being manipulated and clamped as though he was nothing but a farm animal was humiliating beyond all measure. Jack squirmed and groaned, desperate to impart to his brother his repentance and his willingness to do anything if he would only halt this procedure. But no matter how much he squirmed, he could not move far enough to pull his now low-hanging nuts from his brother’s fingers.



“He doesn’t seem to like it.”

“No, no male enjoys having his testicles touched by a stranger Mrs Smith, and dogs are no different. I expect it’s because they know how vulnerable they are.”



Jack knew that he was just seconds from being milked as though he was just another horny dog. He screamed behind the gag, a mixture of anger and desperation, eventually giving way to impotent sobbing. Then his brother turned on the shakers.



“Ooh, that got his attention. Look how quickly he got an erection. Oh my goodness, has he ejaculated already? But it’s not even been two minutes.”

“No Mrs Smith, most dogs ejaculate within a minute.”

“How often… that’s to say, how many times will he…”

“Ejaculate? Every minute or so for the next two hours. That should ensure that you and your family are not bothered for at least six months.”

Tom ushered her towards the door.

“I’d really rather we didn’t stay and watch Mrs Smith. He’ll be quite safe here for the next two hours, and I’ll be monitoring him on that camera I showed you.”

“Oh yes, well I have things to do. I’ll return at 11 if that’s alright?”

“Yes, that’ll be just fine.”



Jack felt an instant wave of pleasure filling him from his nuts. His small dick lifted its cut head and filled with blood instantly, rapidly reaching its five inch length, pointing towards his chin like an accusing finger. He couldn’t see it but he could feel how hard it was despite the vibrations that radiated pleasure into him. He mewled like a disappointed puppy as he felt his body’s response to the shakers.

Tom crouched and reached below, twanging the end of Jack’s rigid penis with a finger to make it bounce up and down against his belly.

“Yeah,” he observed in a thick southern accent, “you’re no different to any other mutt. And soon enough you’re gonna be a docile as a neutered hound.”


Jack had hoped against hope that his brother was playing a game of brinksmanship, pushing him to the very edge, getting him all ready so that he would experience the humiliation as a final warning. But now his hair had been removed and he was lying there with a straining boner, no different to any of the dogs that he and his brother had drained, he realised that Tom meant to go all the way through with it.

Jack squirmed, knowing that the shakers would move with him. Knowing that there was literally nothing he could do to stop his body from responding orgasmically to the ecstasy in his balls.

“How long is he gonna do me for?” Jack started to wonder. “Please no more than two…”

Before he could finish the thought, he felt his cock spit. It was overpowering. Although he masturbated several times a day every day, it was the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced. His cum squirted like a fountain and a few thin drops of cum even reached as far as his field of view, up past his head. But Jack’s body was given no chance to recover. Instead the shakers continued relentlessly, maintaining him at a fever pitch of excitement.

“Hmmm, just 20 seconds. Looks like you’re on a hair trigger. No wonder you’re always horny. I’ll be back to attend to you later.”

“How much later?!” Jack wanted to scream, but he could make no coherent sounds behind the gag.

Instead he watched with a pitiful expression on his face, whining for mercy as his brother left the barn. As the barn door closed, Jack wondered if he’d go into a cum trance like the dogs always did. It would be yet another indignity.



“Why has he got that weird expression on his face?”

“They all do that Mrs Smith. After about 10 to 20 orgasms, they kind of go into an orgasm trance. He’s quite okay. He’ll snap out of it about 15 minutes after we finish.”




“So Jack went into a trance from shooting his load too much?” Doug asked.

“Yeah, just like the dogs. He lasted a bit longer, about 45 minutes, but you can see the moment it happens.”

“I call bullshit dude. You’re fucking with me! Wait, you can SEE the moment…  What do you mean – you recorded it?”

“Yeah, just in case I ever needed to keep him in check in the future. I can blackmail him with it. You wanna see?”


Five minutes later they were in the office watching the 4K video. The camera was positioned in front of Jack and to his left, taking in the kid’s face and groin. Beneath the kid’s belly, his slender dick was bouncing and twitching as the shakers rattled his nuts like a Mexican Mariachi player shaking a pair of maracas. A feeble spit of jizz emerged from Jack’s dick and the kid tensed, and it was clear he was clenching his butt cheeks although they could not both be seen from the camera angle.

All the time, Jack’s eyes were wide as though he was shocked at what was happening, or maybe like someone shoved a piece of ice up his ass.

But the shakers didn’t care that he just came for the 24th time in less than an hour. They didn’t care that he was so horny it was driving him crazy. They didn’t care that he just wanted a moment’s rest because a 45 minute orgasm was just too much for his teen mind and body to deal with. And then it happened: the moment his mind was just completely overwhelmed. He started to shake like he was having a fit, and his eye lids started to flicker wildly, and he struggled mightily, knowing exactly what was happening to him having seen it happen to dozens of dogs. But he couldn’t fight it no matter how much he resisted. His body just couldn’t cope with that much arousal. And suddenly he stopped fighting and just sagged into the restraints, and his eye lids drooped as though he had been smoking too much marijuana, and his breathing slowed and his chest was rising and falling much slower now. Jack looked like the movie stereotype of a stoned person, and from that moment on he showed no further reaction.

Jack continued to ejaculate intermittently, but it was like it was happening to someone else. In his mind, Jack was in a fuzzy place where his brain was wrapped in cotton wool, insulating him from the sharp pangs of his orgasms. Instead, he just felt a constant glow of pleasure emanating from his groin. Nothing else even registered. The barn faded from his vision. The camera was no longer important. The shakers were doing their thing, and his balls were like two orbs, glowing beneath him, radiating gentle pleasure. Jack could no longer focus on any specific thought. His mind was aware only of the pleasure that filled him.


“Oh man, that’s fucking insane!” Doug observed. “It’s like you can actually see him losing his mind.”

“Yeah, it’s a real trip huh?”

“Yeah man. How long was he gone?”

“Couple of hours after I switched him off.”

Doug angled himself so that Tom would not see the erection tenting his jeans.




Tom removed the dog from the coils and laid him on a blanket.

“He’ll come around in 10 to 15 minutes. Then you’ll need to carry him. His back legs won’t work for at least 24 hours.”

“He’s not injured is he? You said it wouldn’t injure him!”

“No, no, Max is quite fine, but after at least 60 orgasms, the nerve endings in his groin ain’t gonna work so good. It will take a while before he gets the feeling back and he’ll likely be wobbly all week.”

“Okay, well thank you Tom. How will I know if it’s worked?”

“Well, the obvious sign will be a lack of any interest in humpin’ anyone’s legs. Of course, as I mentioned, he’ll be real lethargic for the next couple of weeks.”

“And when should I bring him back if he needs another treatment?”

“You’ll notice that his testicles are considerably smaller now. And they’ll also hang low all the time. His penis is unlikely to show itself for a long time. When his testicles start to return to their normal size and rise back in his scrotum, it’ll be time to consider another treatment.”




“So how long did you leave him hooked up?” Doug asked.

“Eight hours.”

“Eight hours?! Fuck, that’s brutal. So he won’t be in the mood to jack of for…”

He did some quick mental arithmetic. “Eight times three that’s 12, 18.”

“18 months. 18 months without sex or jacking off. That’s fucking brutal Tom. When did you do it?”

“24 months,” Tom corrected. “At least. And I did it 8 months ago.”

“And he hasn’t jacked off since?”

“Nope, and I don’t think he could if he wanted to. He can’t even get a boner.”



Tom helped his naked brother back into the house. The kid’s legs wobbled like a man who had downed 18 pints of beer.

Tom laid Jack on his bed. The kid was still stupefied. Tom looked at his brother’s groin. Jack’s greatly reduced nuts drooped low between his legs. Tom tucked the kid into bed and left him.



Six months after Jack’s treatment, the brothers were sitting at breakfast.

“Stand up Jack,” Tom ordered.

“What? What’s wrong?!” Jack asked panicking.

Since his milking he had lost all of his confidence and he didn’t dare to oppose his older brother any more. He rose to his feet.

“What’s wrong?” he asked again.

“Drop your shorts.”

Jack frowned.

“Why, I haven’t done anything Tom. Please, what’s wrong?”

“Drop your motherfucking shorts. I won’t tell you again.”

Jack nervously dropped his cargo shorts, keeping the table between him and his brother.

“And them,” Tom said, gesturing towards Jack’s starched cotton boxers.

Jack timidly lowered them. His brother stared at Jack’s smooth groin. The teen’s small nuts drooped very low, swamped by a surplus of soft scrotal skin. His prick jutted out of his hairless pubis like a small thumb topped by a pale dome, barely substantial enough to curl towards the floor under gravity.

“Please Tom, what have I done? I haven’t been jerking off again!”

Jack was terrified of becoming a patient in the barn again.

Tom stared at his brother’s innocuous genitals. He smiled.

“No, I know you haven’t. You can pull your shorts up again.”

Jack looked down at the pathetic scraps dangling from his groin, and blushing bright crimson, he pulled his shorts and boxers pack up.



3 months later inside the barn

“Are you certain that this will stop Rocky from getting excited all the time?”

Tom glanced at his brother. The hint of a grin appeared on his face. Jack caught the glance and hung his head blushing.

“Yes Mister Jones, I’m absolutely positive.”


    • David-
    • 28th February 2018 at 10:55 am-
    • Reply

    awesome story!!
    But I was hoping to see Doug being force on the machine 😛

    • Lol – never thought of that!

    • Donnie K-
    • 2nd April 2018 at 5:53 pm-
    • Reply

    Rereading this for the second time, and it seems to me Jack has become a nicely trained young pup. Terrified by his master, he will do anything necessary to avoid another trip to the barn, and will do exactly as he is told, like the good little slave he’s become.

    • Kevin B Thao-
    • 14th June 2018 at 10:05 am-
    • Reply

    Love this story! Always a good sexual build up from it.

    “Leaving my comments to know what I’ve read”

    • If you like this, track down the movie King Jack to see Jack and his brother.

    • Anonymous-
    • 13th December 2019 at 6:49 pm-
    • Reply

    Can you please write a sequel where Doug is forced on the machine. That would be so so hot!

    • I did consider such a story, but it doesn’t fit with this dynamic. I HAVE got a reversal; story planned for soon though. Keep watching and thanks for reading!

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