Interdimensional Milking 21 – Study hall

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Brill and Max are a couple at long last. Max has contracted a virus from Brill for his trouble.

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Interdimensional Milking 21 – Study hall

Nine days later Max returned to his dorm, relieved to see the back of quarantine. Brill was waiting outside for him.

“Hey Max. Welcome home!”

He beamed at Max. For Max, the inconvenience of living in a sterile room for over a week was bad enough, but having to be away from Brill just when they were getting close was almost unbearable.

“Couldn’t Sam let you in?”

“He didn’t answer. Probably out.”


Max gave Brill a hug that was so fierce it even caught Brill by surprise.

“I’ve wanted to do that for 9 days 7 hours and 14 minutes!” Max said letting them into his room.

Brill was delighted. Now that Max had finally admitted his feelings, he seemed to be embracing them fully. For a moment, Brill just hugged, cheek to cheek, then he drew back and Max kissed him on the lips.

“Hey careful,” Brill cautioned with a grin, “that’s what got you into quarantine in the first place!”

“It’s okay. Miss Janeway said you’re immune after you’ve had it once.”

“Well that’s good to know.”

“The gold in your eyes is brighter. I’m starting to like it now.”

“Yeah, like I said, it shows up more when I feel strong emotions.”

Max grinned at the implication and they hugged again longer this time. Within a few seconds of each other both their lights turned green. In a harvesting station a million miles away, two unexceptional teen penises rose and strained hard for a minute before the tubes plugged into their urethras filled with white.

Max and Brill hugged unabated and their cocks stayed hard. Five minutes later, both tubes turned white again.

“I’ve been so horny,” Max confided. “They switched me off the entire time I was there. And no skin time.”

“Oh man that must have been torture?”

“Yeah it was.”

“Did… did you get any more of those weird feelings?”

Max looked unsettled.

“Yeah once. It went on for over 20 minutes. It happened in the middle of the night.”

“What did it feel like?”

“Like someone playing with my nuts and sucking my dick.”

“But your implant was switched off?”


“Did you squirt?”

“Yeah, eventually. I think that’s why it went on so long. Brill, this is driving me crazy dude. I can’t stand the thought of being locked in this fucking suit while some creep is groping me on another planet.”

“I’m really sorry Max, but we’ll get to the bottom of it, I promise.”

He gave Max’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

“Why don’t we skin time together this weekend?”

Max’s smile was so broad it almost split his face.

“Fucking pacing!”


A couple of days later Max was in Study Hall with Sam. Although libraries had long since been made obsolete by the Galactic Info net, the hall was a good place to do homework in a quiet, studious environment.

Max was reading his pad, occasionally swiping across it with his finger to access further information. It could be voice operated but it was considered rude to do so in public places.

Across from him, Sam was writing on his pad, whilst using a terminal on the desk to review a recent class.


Brill joined them to study as arranged earlier. He kissed Max on the cheek and Max turned and pecked him on the lips.

“Hey Max, Sam,” Brill said in a low voice.

Sam looked up.

“Hey sib.”

“How’s the homework going Sam?”

“Good. Almost done. History. Might get my maths done before dinner while I’m at it. Leave my night free. Might go to Central with Kane. Watch an EV or a Virtu.”

“Does he have an earlier curfew?”

“Yeah, but it’s only an hour, and he can get an extension if he’s with me.”

“Oh that’s cool.”

Brill turned to Max.

“What you studying Max?”

“Oh nothing, just floating.”

Brill gave him a querulous look.

“Floating? Sure. Come on dude, what you looking at?”

“It’s nothing,” Max said, ensuring that the back of his pad faced Brill.

Brill grinned.

“It’s porn isn’t it? You’re watching porn. Dude save that for your room!”

He stood and walked behind Max. Max turned his pad face down.

“Come on,” Brill said snuggling his face close in to Max’s neck from the rear with a playful grin. He tickled Max, “what you looking at.”

Max giggled and squirmed like a little child.

“It’s nothing Brill, honest!”

He twisted away from Brill’s tickling fingers laughing.

“Stop, we’re gonna get banned from study hall!”

But Max was giggling even as he protested.

“Then show me!” Brill insisted.

Max finally capitulated. He’d always had a weak spot for being tickled. It was something his father Jonathan did, and even at the age of fifteen it still reduced him to tears of laughter.

“Okay okay, I’ll show you!”

Brill stopped tickling, resting his head on Max’s shoulder. Max turned the pad, it was full of text and photographs. Brill had to read for a while to get the general picture.

“You’re studying Herschellians?”

Max nodded.

“I wanted to know more about them. How humans first met them. What they’re like.”

“You studying them in civics? Biology?”

“No, I’ve… got a friend who’s part Herschellian. I wanted to find out more about him.”

Max avoided looking in in Sam’s direction. He didn’t think he could lie and look him in the face. Brill looked over at Sam.

“It’s okay Max, Sam knows. He’s one of the few people I trusted to tell.”

An expression of relief crossed Max’s face.

“Thank Spag, I was worried after what you said about losing friends.”

“Ohhhh hanks Max,” Brill said nuzzling Max’s neck. “That’s so sweet that you were watching out for me.”

Max smiled.

Brill pulled a chair over and sat beside him.

“So what d’you find out?”

“It’s really interesting. Herschellians are taller and more muscly than humans. The muscles are no surprise with the extra size and gravity here on Majoris, but I was surprised that they’re taller.”

“Maybe they needed longer legs to get away from those damned tarabellas trying to hump them all the time?” Sam threw in.

Max and Brill both grinned.

“More likely their food was just higher off the ground, or it gave them an advantage over predators,” Brill suggested.

“Anyway,” Max continued, “it turns that Herschellians don’t have any more special powers than humans.”

Brill was surprised.

“Oh really, I didn’t know that?”

“Yeah, it turns out that our DNA is only 85% compatible.”

“Herschellians have DNA?” Brill asked.

“Yeah come on sib, Sam said, “how else you think they breed with humans? Didn’t you pay attention in Biology?”

“I thought I did. But I never really thought about that question much.”

“Sib, they discovered that DNA was the only stable naturally occurring form that carbon based life could take. The only difference between species on any planet in the Galaxy, is the way that it adapted to the local conditions. Dude that’s basic biology.”

“Jeez Max, you sound like Doctor Phlox.”

Max grinned.

“Yeah I love his classes.”

“No kidding!”


“So anyway,” Max continued, “they had to use gene splicing to help the first Herschellians and humans to have kids. What they didn’t realise was that the Degrasse radiation from Prime would create these mutations in the new DNA. But the mutations were not completely random – they only occurred with certain chromosomes, and THAT’S what gave the kids these special powers that their parents never had. It seems like the mutations can be stronger or weaker according to each person.”

Max turned gave Brill a kiss.

“It seems like yours are stronger!”

“Well, I have to admit, I have been holding some of my powers back?”

“Oh yeah, like what?”

“Well I can fly.”

“No kidding?!”

Brill’s face cracked into a broad smile.

“Yeah kidding. You’re so gullible Max!”

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