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As this story grows, it gets harder for me to maintain continuity. This document grew from my attempts to do so. Looking through it today as I write new chapters, I realised how much I enjoy it. I thought that you might also. Some of the language is just normal everyday words that I wanted to remind myself the characters use. Others represent how I imagined language might evolve over hundreds of years. Others are totally made up. I update it every time I add new content, but I’ll upload new copies of this when I feel it justifies it.  xxx means I need to check the details but haven’t had time.



Max Tait – In: Every chapter

Age 16 – Originally came from Maine – Max is a little small for his age – He has a curved 5 inch erection – Since being ramped he ejaculates 9 times a day. He attends the Friedrich school. He occupies portal # 184,675,809 Max is gay but in denial.


Dominic Tait – In: Chapter 1, xxx

One of Max’s fathers. Dominic is very masculine and reserved. Kind of sensible, and works as a tectonic geologist. He’s married to Jonathan. He lives weeks away on the other side of the planet in a low tech settlement. They expect to be away working for two years and thus have enrolled their son in a boarding school in a high tech school.


Jonathan Tait – In: Chpater 1, xxx

The other of Max’s fathers. He’s much gentler and more effusive than Dominic, bordering on fem.


Sam – In: Chapter 1, xxx

Max’s roommate – His dick is 6 inches soft with a long loose foreskin, and large loose nuts. Sam is bisexual.


Brill – In: Chapter xxx

The object of Max’s desire. He has brown eyes, blonde hair, a strong, slender jaw line, and a flat stomach. He is very pale skinned and moved to the school from the southern continent. His pale skinned penis is soft, only a little longer than Maxes and slightly thinner. He occupies portal # 184,661,656. Brill is gay.


Shaun – In: Chapter xxx

A younger student who has an interest in Max. Has a dirty mind. Sees Max regularly at Explorers.


Miss Troy – In: Chapter 1, xxx

Troy is the school nurse. Based on the irritating counsellor Deanna Troye from Star Trek TNG, she is annoyingly bubbly and wilfully oblivious to the discomfort of her male charges.


Troye – In Chapter xxx

Based on Troye Sivian. Troye looked like a former quadriplegic on his first day out of traction. He was angular, awkward, gangly, and thin as a rake with dark hair. He is flamboyant and hysterically funny and has self deprecating humour. Because he wants the biggest penis possible, Troye has ramped himself and he now has 27 milkings per day. As a result, his penis 10 inches soft but finger thin. 11 inches hard. Troye was EV jacked and beaten up in chapter xxx. Troye is Bryan’s best friend.


Bryan – In: Chapter xxx

Is a muscular, quiet guy. He is Troye’s best friend. His penis is 7 inches soft and 9 hard.


Maden – In: Chapter xxx

Maden Is only about 12 years old and stands 5 feet tall. He has a boner bigger than Max’s. He’s confident bordering on swaggering. He comes from Pilar, a remote city. He was sent to the school two years early because he is super smart. Despite his youth, he is milked as part of the harvester program.


Jurnal – In: Chapter xxx

Is also about 12. He’s small and timid. He associates with Jurnal because they are both accelerated students from Pilar, but he doesn’t really have much in common with him. Jurnal has a tiny pre-pubertal penis and a tight scrotum with balls that had clearly not dropped. He is not being milked yet.


Stan – In: Chapters xxx

Is aged 18 and he lusts after Max. He has acne, a big nose, big ears, and is socially inept. He speaks with a pronounced lisp. Because his father, Dr Arnold is head of the school, Stan has been on the harvesting program since he was 9 xxx. As a result he has a massive, thick cock – over a foot long hard, and 10 inches soft, and it’s twice as thick  as Max’s. It’s by far the largest, ugliest penis Max has ever seen. Although it was clean and smooth shaven, it has a greasy, dark brown appearance, and a lumpy surface, like cellulite. It had a thick, brutish foreskin, and a long bulbous glans, larger than a plum


Van – In: Chapters xxx

Another student. He’s 19, black and currently suspended in a kind of automated wheelchair with his arms and legs trapped in portals. He is milked 24/7 as a punishment for trying to escape the harvester program.


Cap – In: Chapters xxx

Dr Arnold – Stan’s dad and head of the school. He’s in his 60s, stuffy, uptight and honourable.


Coach Sandusky – In: Chapters xxx

One of the phys ed coaches. In the 21st century Jerry Sandusky was the coach of Pennsylvania State University, and was convicted of multiple counts of child molestation with young boys.


Controller Jan – In: Chapters: xxx

Jan is one of the controllers who works in Max’s harvesting station. He fixates on certain penises that he sees protruding through the portals and uses them as his personal sex toys.


Controller Jorge – In: Chapters xxx

Jorge is another of the controllers at Max’s harvesting station. Xxx He wears a portal suit himself, so that he can suck his own 6 inch dick.


Nurse Janeway – In Chapters xxx

Based on the pompous, bossy nurse in Star Trek Voyager. Middle aged but good natured. Worked at the school 9 years. xxx


Kane – In: Chapters xxx

Is one of Sam’s younger fuck buddies. Appears about 14 or 15. xxx


Gomez – A 19 year old student in the pool during phys ed swinging his 10 inch boner around playfully


Ragoon – a superhero who transforms in a bipedal dragon when he’s angry.


Braden – a kid



Skin time – The period once per week when the boys are permitted to take off their EV suits without penalty. It’s on Sunday at 2pm and lasts for 30 minutes. Most boys use the time to have sex or masturbate. Some use it to take a shower. Or do both.



70 litres + from school each day


Admin mail – Regular mail sent by school to the students via their pads


Aero-trans – Air transportation system. See Transit


Androids – Synthetic humans used as labourers.


Blue scanner – It turns a boy’s pubes to dust and kills them they can’t grow new ones for at least ten years. Aided by enzymes for added smoothness.


Breeding labs – Laboratories on harvester worlds where new humans are grown.


Controller – A menial technician who oversees a harvesting plant


Disposal plant – Faeces are collected via a semi-permanent anal plug that transports them via portals to disposal plants.


EV light – The light on an Envirosuit that indicates what is currently happening to its owner.

Blue means his testicles are being massaged to enlarge them and increase their rate of sperm production. This occurs for four hours every day.

Green means the boy is being sexually stimulated ready for sperm collection. Each boy starts at xxx times a day, but if he demonstrates a greater capacity (by getting aroused in between milkings) that number will be ramped. Max is currently ramped to 9 times per day, and Troye holds the record at 27.

Red Means the boy is not currently engaged in sexual activity.


Envirosuit – A special leather-like suit that all boys must wear. The boys wear no underwear and the suits include a flexible panel 4 inches square called a micro-portal node which opens a dimensional portal between the boy and a distant harvesting station. The boy’s genitals exist in this alternate location where they are milked multiple times per day. Envirosuits have temperature control, auto-hygiene, and radiation protection built in. They have detachable legs, arms and torsos, so that their wearers can strip almost completely for various activities.


Enzyme – Acts as booster to keep the boys’ genitals super smooth


EV jacked – Mugged for your Envirosuit


Galaxy News daily – A galactic news station broadcast on Earth.


Hi intensity – The boys are given one milking per week solely for their own pleasure. The chip stimulates them at level 10 at a time, day and for a period of their choosing: 5, 10 or 15 minutes. The time period can only be changed once every three months. Xxx. This is almost unbearably pleasurable and most boys find 5 minutes more than log enough. Max mistakenly demands 15 minutes when he first experiences it.


Human Expansion Program – The program that is tasked with colonising as many worlds before the great expansion makes it impossible to detect and reach any further planets.

Interactive – A type of movie where the audience gets to make plot decisions


Expansion Bureau – The organisation tasked with administrating the human expansion program

Implant can be used to induce narcolepsy for non wearers

Jacked into the Overnet (on earth) xxx



Holcade – Holographic arcade


Tech 7 cities – All cities are assigned a technology level. Once a city reaches level, it is galactic law that all males below the age of 21 who are capable must be milked daily for sperm. This is collected via Envirosuits. If a boy tries to avoid milking, the punishment is 3 months permanently locked into a suit with his arms and legs in portals so that he cannot try to escape. He will then be milked constantly 24 hours a day.

Lockdown – The period following skintime when the boys have to put their Envirosuits back on.


Movies – The future has multiple ways of enjoying movies: passives, interactive, holo, and virtual


Max stim – When boys fight, the increased adrenalin and aggression levels are detected and their implants trigger a maximum intensity stimulation. This level 15 experience is so powerful that it totally incapacitates the boy, leaving him rolling on the floor in ecstasy. Spectators can often be similarly triggered.


Nanodoor – Doors in Friedrich Krupp high school use nanotechnology. The material of the door is usual stable, but when destabilise by passing low level helios radiation through it, the nanomaterial, which looks like a blank wall up to that point, destabilises, and becomes temporarily transparent. The material cannot restabilise if its space is occupied by any kind of object.


Neural-implant – The tiny computer chip that is implanted into each boy’s brain. It acts as a tracking device, but its primary function is to trigger his sensory organs upon demand so that he will feel as though he is being sexually touched.


Pad – A small computer pad that connects to the school computer net, the porn hub, and the global telecommunications network.


Passive – A type of non interactive movie


Plasteel – A building material. The warmth and malleability of plastic but stronger than steel.


Porn hub – A video service provided by the school enabling the students to watch pornography


Quantum generator – A tiny backup generator that powers the portals in the suits from this end. Built into each suit.


Riser – The elevator in a portal station and in Friedrich Krupp


Row 87, column 483, walkway 194, portal 184,675,809 – planet 1RXS1609 b – where Max’s portal emerges


Saturated – A technique for enhancing intelligence while you sleep. Used on Jurnal and Maden


Sec-cams – Security camera

small robotic arms moved into action. Soft grippers held his penis by the base, whilst another set gripped very gently just behind his uncircumcised glans. The second grippers moved towards the first, retracting his foreskin and revealing his glans. A narrow pipe with a lubricated, rounded tip slid painlessly an inch into his urethra

tensor fold generator that folds space between  – Harvesting plant – millions of light years away – 4 generators


Transit – Public transport. Also the company that rents out twister hoverbikes

Twister bay – a place where Twisters are parked


Violence inhibitors – The part of the neural implant that monitors adrenalin and aggression and activates a Max Stim


Virtutrash – A type of virtu where the user experience raping or killing people – practiced on simulators


Vone – vone comm


Waste plugs – installed in butt to take away faeces



Herschel Majoris – The major planet in the Herschel System named after 18th century astronomer William Herschel. Nearly seven times the size of earth. The planet has a 54 hour rotational period, and days are divided into 22 hour cycles comprising 7 hours of sleep and 15 awake. A 7 day week has been adopted to maintain Earth familiarity. This results in a rhythm that syncopates with its rotation, so sometimes it will be light during the middle of the night, and other times dark in the morning or afternoon. Periods of daylight are called “lights” and darkness are called “darks”.

Herschel orbits a yellow supergiant that is 30 times larger than sol. Even though it orbits much further away than Earth, its sun is far larger in the sky. Herschel has a population of 100 billion people, of whom 7 billion are boys aged 14-21 (the general age for the harvester program).


Herschel minor – A slightly smaller planet that orbits closer to the sun, passing across its face occasionally. Too hot to live on but used for mining.


Planet 1RXS1609 b – A super fringe world near to the outer limits of human expansion. It’s a harvesting planet where the sperm of the male students of Friedrich Krupp is collected and used for accelerated colonisation.


The hub of human activity had shifted far closer to the Galactic centre, from where it was far easier to continue the expansion and colonisation program.


Central – The city near to Friedrich Krupp. 15km away.


Friedrich Krupp High – The school that Max attends. Primarily for boys aged 14-21. Named after Friedrich Alfred Krupp (1854 – 1902) a German industrialist who had many illicit affairs with teenaged boys. It is attended by thousands of students xxx of both genders. All the boys who are old enough wear EV suits.


Dining hall – A large futuristic hall where the students go to eat. It has seating at the edges so that boys who prefer to step out whilst they are being harvested have somewhere to sit.


Shay – The local minimart. A bastardisation of the French word “marché” or market. Marché U was a very successful chain of Earth supermarkets that was the first to go Galactic.


The pool – School swimming pool. 50 yards long, grading from water that was three feet deep at one end, to eight feet at the other. Boys swim nude. Girls do not.


Pilar – The home city of Jurnal and Maden



Triplex – An energy drink



Steriseal – wound sealant

Hytowel – Hygienic towel – For use after sports or showers.

Hoop – A single wheeled gyro vehicle that you ride like a cross between inline skates and a skateboard.



Fur grass – Gold coloured, with a texture like animal fur

Sponge vine – A large tree with thick droopy branches that lay on the ground. It resembles an inverted octopus and gives off spores.



Rectyne monopod – A creature with huge genitals xxx

Tarabella – Small native monkeys similar to Earth Cappucins. The females constantly rape the males, who as a result are forever horny.



Adds – EV suit addicts

Blue – Means a boy’s testicles are being massaged

Boned, horny, boned up tarabella – horny

Boner – erection

Calmers  – Government and school staff who’s duty is to go to the site of people who have had fights, and carry away the unconscious fighters and spectators. Also used to collect boys who have removed their EV suits. See stunned.

Cargo – Truck

Commed – Phoned

Cram stations – fast food bars

Crood – Gross

Doms – domiciles – homes

Dick and balls – Genitalia

Div, division – A lesson period

Dome – Glans

Double green – When a boy maintains an erection for five minutes xxx after an orgasm, he will be milked again.

Duke – Sir for youths

Endorsement – Qualifications, exams

Explorers – Herschell Majoris’ version of Scouts for boys up to 21.

Galactrix – The universal language of the human race across the Galaxy.

Get wild – Make out

Glam – Selfie

Green for – Aroused by. The green light on a boy’s suit turns green when he has an erection.

Harsh – Painful, difficult, extreme

Hitchmas – A celebration that replaced Christmas, honouring 21st century thinker Christopher Hitchens.

Holo – 3D movies where the audience is surrounded by the action

Ickenberry – A regional berry like strawberry

Junior Troop – Herschellian version of cubs/scouts

Leet – elite – wealthy person

Lolol – Ha ha – that was funny

Low tap – An adult hand shake – a low five

Man, sib – Friendly form of address between teens

Manj – An insult for a weak person derived from the word “mangina”

Milking, harvesting – Collection semen from males primarily via the harvester program

Neg – Negative – A downer, something depressing

Off-world – Anywhere not on the current planet

Omj – a phonetic pronunciation of OMG – oh my god

Outs, outcasts, vagrants – “s

Overload – get happy, go crazy

Overseer, controller – Portal operators

Pacing – Good

Pasolini’s Complex – Virus caught by Human/Herschellian contact

Pee pee – Small penis (used by Troye)

Pumping strong – Ejaculating a lot

Ramp – Increasing milking frequency either by simply getting horny a lot, or by other people deliberately making you horny.

Rangers – Herschellian equivalent of venture scouts aimed at older teens

Raw – Blunt, rude

Recyc – Recycle garbage

Republican – Liar

Sec officer – police man

Shiny – Object of interest

Simp – simpleton – loser

Slamchat – Talk badly about someone to another person

Slap tap – Adolescent hand shake – A high five followed by a knuckle bump

Slick – Lube used for sex or masturbation

Splash, jizz, spunk, cum – Semen

Spreader – Prostitute

Squirts, cum – Ejaculation

Streets – Normal clothes

Stun or sleep – To be rendered unconscious so that you can be apprehended by calmers. The penalty for taking your suit off without authorisation.

Tarabella – Someone who is horny – named after the perpetually horny male Tarabella primates that are native to Herschel Majoris

Tokes, tokens – Money

Tool – A generic insult

Trump – Clown, buffoon

Valve – A generic insult

Vexed – Angry, stressed

Virtu – Virtual – A type of movie where the user is interfaced via a simulator and feels as though they are actually taking part in the movie and their decisions guide the plot.

Wank, tug, pull one off – Masturbation

White hot – Excellent


Expletives – Valve, tool, manj, Republican, screwed, shit, fuck, damn it, spreader, simp



Social Tech

Phys ed/fit – Boys cannot cum, but can wank


Construction – Computer programming

Cosmo (Cosmology) – Learning about the universe

Galactrix – English



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