The problem

A Vietnamese boy undergoes a radical treatment to address his masturbation problem.

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The problem

Sa’ng was sitting, legs crossed doing his homework when Vu walked in through the door. Sa’ng looked up and immediately knew something was wrong. His younger brother was walking awkwardly, legs apart like a saddle-sore cowboy and he had a pained expression on his face.

Sa’ng could hear his father outside talking to one of the neighbours.

“Are you all right?” Sa’ng asked his brother.

His brother grimaced, trying to be brave.

“What’s wrong Vu?”

A sickly expression appeared on the younger brother’s face but he said nothing.

“Vu what’s happened, are you hurt?”

Sa’ng already suspected the answer, but he didn’t think that his father would do it to Vu; he was too young.

Vu swallowed, his sickly expression deepening. He was clearly embarrassed.

“Vu tell me. What’s happened?” Sa’ng persisted.

Vu took a deep breath.

“Father. He took me to the doctor’s.”

“What for?” Sa’ng asked, already certain now that he knew the answer.

“I thought it was for a check-up but…”

Sa’ng thought back to his own medical appointment just four weeks ago…




Sa’ng was already bored with this. He’d been in the doctor’s office for 30 minutes whilst the man poked and prodded and took every type of measurement. He had no idea why his father had decided to take him for a check-up out of the blue but it was not his place to question. He patiently stood dressed only in loose underpants and did whatever the doctor requested of him as the man went through a comprehensive battery of tests.

He was disheartened though not surprised when the man asked him to take off his underwear. He removed his underpants and placed them on the rest of his clothes piled up on a chair. Sa’ng was not particularly self-conscious. True, he only had a two inch dick but that was hardly any smaller than the rest of his friends. Asians didn’t have big dicks, and Vietnamese even less so. Perhaps if his friends had all been hung like Westerners it would have bothered him but they weren’t so it didn’t.

What DID bother him was standing naked in front of his father. The man had quietly watched every moment of the medical so far. Sa’ng glanced at his father sitting to the side and he was unsettled to see the man closely scrutinising his genitals. Sa’ng turned his attention back to the doctor as he pressed a medical ruler against his pubis.

“Two and one quarter inches,” the man announced, writing it down on a pre-printed form that was attached to a clipboard.

“Do you know how big it gets when it’s hard?”

Sa’ng’s brown skin coloured up.

“Um, no, I’ve never measured it.”

“No problem.”

The doctor picked up a string of shiny rubber ovals, each of different sizes. Then he lightly compared Sa’ng’s left testicle to several of the ovals until he found one that matched the boy’s dimensions. Then he moved to the right testicle and repeated the measurement.

“11 millilitres each.”

The doctor wrote it on his sheet then put the clip board down.

“I need to ask you some questions Sa’ng.”

Sa’ng was glad of the distraction, although mildly apprehensive about any questions that needed to be asked while he was naked.


“Good, but while I do just sit here please.”

The doctor gestured to what looked like a low toilet seat with the front missing. It sat on a raised tiled platform with a surround raised by one tile at a distance of four feet from the front of the chair. Sang looked at it with curiosity, then stepped over the raised surround and sat down facing in towards the room. It was lower than a western toilet, but higher than the squat toilets he was used to. The seat was about a foot off the platform. Sa’ng sat on it, automatically spreading his knees apart as he would on a squatting toilet. His knees were up past his chest height.

“Please hold these handles.”

The doctor indicated two grips on the side rear of the toilet. As soon as Sa’ng gripped them, the doctor pulled two sVu cable ties around Sa’ng’s wrists and secured them to the grips. Then he slid the grips downwards securing the boy to the seat. There was a backrest, and the doctor wrapped a leather restraint around Sa’ng’s waist and pulled it tightly, drawing him against the back of the seat. Now the boy could not lift off the seat or slide forwards along it.

“So tell me young man, how many times a day do you masturbate?”

Sa’ng blushed brightly. He turned and looked at his father who was awaiting the answer with obvious interest.

“Umm, once or twice,” he murmured, hoping his father would not hear.

“I’m sorry, how many? Please speak up young man.”

“Once or twice,” Sa’ng repeated louder, looking to see his father’s reaction.

Sa’ng’s father wore a strange expression. Was it disappointment or disapproval? Sa’ng could not be certain.

The doctor gripped the boy’s penis and closely examined the teenager’s glans as though it could describe its history.

“Twice a day. Is that all? Are you sure?”

Sa’ng felt certain his body was advertising the truth, betraying him.

“More like three times I suppose,” he mumbled.

“Hmmm?” the doctor said, examining him more closely.

“Well maybe more on weekends,” Sa’ng admitted.

“I’ll just write 4 or 5 times a day then. Would that be inaccurate?”

Sa’ng looked at his father. The man was openly shaking his head with disapproval. Sa’ng’s face was glowing with humiliation.

“No. No, I guess not,” he mumbled.

The doctor affixed two sensor pads to the boy’s temples and a third one to Sa’ng’s penis down past the root of his testicles half way to his anus.

The man turned to Sa’ng’s father.

“I see your problem. It’s a wonder he finds any energy at all for school, let alone homework or sports. Not to worry, he’s healthy. He’ll respond well to the procedure.”


Sa’ng listened with mounting concern. His masturbation was a problem? And what procedure? He wasn’t aware that his father even knew he was masturbating at all, let alone so frequently.

The doctor reached beneath Sa’ng’s groin and lifted a pair of testicle clamps; two small pairs of metal tongs on long arms. He closed each pair so that they gripped one of Sa’ng’s testicles each. The doctor turned a small handle and the tongs descended beneath the seat, pulling Sa’ng’s trapped testicles between his open thighs. When the teenager’s testicles were stretched nearly to their limit, the doctor stopped. Now even if the boy freed his hands, his clamped testicles would hold him onto the seat.

It was not in Sa’ng’s nature or upbringing to question his elders but he had to know.

“What are you doing sir?”

“You’ll find out soon enough young man. Not to worry, it won’t be painful.”

Sa’ng frowned and looked to his father who was watching with intense interest.


The doctor moved behind the chair and Sa’ng strained to see what the man was doing, but the wrist restraints prevented him from turning enough. He heard the man doing something and he felt tiny vibrations as the doctor moved something beneath the seat. He frowned as he felt fingers on his bottom spreading the cheeks of his bottom. Then something slimy touched his hole and he sat bolt upright with an expression of alarm. His father was unable to supress a grin watching his son’s reaction as the dildo head touched his sphincter.

The doctor slowly pushed upwards and the slender rubber probe stretched then entered the boy’s hole. Sa’ng felt invaded as he never had before, and it was all the worse for being conducted in front of his father.

“Dad what’s happening?”

“Just sit still and be quiet,” his father chided, still irritated to find out how frequently his son masturbated. “No wonder Sa’ng keeps emerging from his room sheathed in sweat!” the man thought to himself.

Sa’ng looked at his father in alarmed silence as the dildo slipped deep inside.

“Why ARE you doing that doctor?” Sa’ng’s father asked.

“Well Mr Nguyen, as I mentioned, the purpose of this procedure is to drain your son’s testicles so completely that he is not even able to contemplate masturbation or any other sexual acts for a very long time. Research has shown that if a male is forced to reach orgasm a great number of times, his sexual capabilities are in essence, worn out. In addition to overworking his testicles, this anal ram will force his prostate gland to essentially burn itself out as well.”

“There’s definitely no long term damage is there?”

“Oh no, most certainly not. Of course, as we discussed, there will be a drastic reduction in the size of his sexual organs, and he’ll be very uncomfortable for a couple of weeks. But he’ll eventually regain his full sexual capacity with no ill effects. At that time, if you want him to undergo the procedure again we’ll be more than happy to book him in, especially if you have another referral from his school.”

Mr Nguyen nodded and Sa’ng listened with mounting horror. In a timid voice he asked, “What do you mean “worn out”?”

“Oh just that you won’t be able to get an erection or have an orgasm for a while. In fact, you won’t even be interested in those things.”

“But I like…”

Sa’ng stopped himself. His masturbation had already gotten him into enough trouble.

“Yes young man,” his father said with a stern look, “we’re only too well aware that you like masturbating. Far too much. That’s why it was necessary to stage this intervention in the first place.”

“I’ll stop it then dad. Please. There’s no need for this.”

Sa’ng knew it was a lie, but if he restricted his masturbation to times when he was alone in the forest, his father would never know.

“You’re not capable of stopping. You’re clearly oversexed. It happens to a lot of boys. This is a much more effective treatment, and then you won’t even need any self-control.”

Sa’ng looked at his father sadly. He knew that there would be no reasoning with him

“How long… how long will it…” he felt embarrassed to speak the words. “How long will it last?”

“Well, you’re booked in for eight hours. Each hour will suppress your sex drive for a minimum of two, but maybe as many as 6 months, so that makes just over a year to a maximum of four years.”

“Four years! Father pleeease!” Sa’ng whined.

“Be quiet. Don’t disgrace yourself further!” his father snapped.

Sa’ng didn’t say another word. He knew only too well that his father was not beyond walking over and giving him a hard slap across the face, and with his balls clamped in the chair, and his arms secured by his sides, Sa’ng had no desire to find out what would happen if his father hit him.


“All right, we’re all set. Let’s get started then,” the doctor said.

He went over to his desk and clicked on an icon with his mouse. The auto-lubricating dildo started to slide up and down. Its ribbed sides stimulated the walls of Sa’ng’s sphincter and the boy gasped at how sensitive he was. He squirmed, not from displeasure but because he didn’t want to discover that sort of pleasure in front of his father. He tried to lift off the dildo, but his wrists allowed him no vertical movement. Then he tried to push forwards off it, but it did not have a flexible shaft and even on its lowest stroke, there was not enough movement for him to free himself.

The doctor slid his cursor until it hovered over a second icon then he clicked that. The testicle shakers started vibrating, moving in opposite directions, each travelling about half an inch front to back. Sa’ng was immediately overwhelmed with pleasure.

“Ahhahhhhhhh,” he gasped involuntarily as the waves of pleasure expanded from his vibrating nuts to fill his whole groin.

To his dismay, his small cock rapidly started to lengthen as it filled with blood and in less than ten seconds his boner was straining between his legs. He was painfully aware that his father was watching. Sa’ng glanced at the man and was dismayed to see that his father again scrutinising his groin, looking at his nearly black boner. His squirming took on a more urgent tempo in spite of the unwelcome attention his father was giving him.

The doctor walked over with a ruler and pressed it to the top of the boy’s pubis again.

“Three and a half inches.”

He noted the length on his sheet. Quite small for a young man of Sa’ng’s age, but not excessively so. Nature had not granted Vietnamese men or boys with great height or sexual endowment.

“Perhaps that’s why we’re so industrious,” the doctor mused to himself. “Not this young man though. His penis may be small but he certainly makes up for it with enthusiasm!”

The doctor allowed himself the tiniest smile as he put the clipboard on his desk.

As expected, Sa’ng’s body was a writhing mass of ecstasy. No man or boy could resist the shakers. They were so powerful that prolonged use had even been used as a form or torture for intelligence gathering, but they were abandoned when it was realised that the test subjects simply slipped into a sort of sexual delirium if they were milked for too long. Sa’ng would definitely be milked long enough for that to happen. He would cease to care about or even be aware of anything in the room beyond his throbbing, glowing, vibrating genitals.

“Father please,” Sa’ng pleaded, unconcerned now about retribution. “It’s too much. I can’t bear it.”

As he spoke, Sa’ng spurted, shooting a few powerful jets three feet in front of him. But this orgasm barely rose about the background level of ecstasy that he was feeling, and he didn’t even notice it.

“Please father, I’m so sorry. I won’t touch myself ever again unless you say so. I promise.”


It wasn’t that masturbation was frowned upon in Vietnamese society. Far from it. The Vietnamese were far more open about all kinds of sexual activities, even those considered taboo in the west. But education was sacrosanct: a means to escape the poverty of rural life. It was only when Mr Nguyen perceived that Sa’ng’s masturbation started to undermine his education that it became a problem.


“No, I’m quite certain that you won’t,” his father responded, noting his son’s first disinterested orgasm. “Not when you’re done here.”

He addressed the doctor who had also noted the boy’s first orgasm, which had come just 35 seconds after activating the testicle shakers.

“How many of those will he have?”

“Orgasms? Most boys have one approximately every two or three minutes. Eight hours. 8 times 60 that’s 480 divided by 2 – 240 or by 3 – 180. So somewhere between 180 and 240 times. Of course, most won’t be accompanied by an ejaculation. Sa’ng’s a virile young man, he might manage five or even more straight off. Then he’ll ejaculate every 5 or 10 times thereafter.”

“480? That’s a lot of times. Won’t they hurt?”

“They would in the normal scheme of things, and his penis will certainly ache, but mostly he’ll be feeling so horny that he won’t care about anything else.”

“So he’ll feel horny for the next eight hours?”

“Imagine an orgasm that lasts for eight hours. A really good orgasm. That’s how he will feel. That’s why he doesn’t react to the individual orgasms. He’s already on such a high that they don’t register above that base level.”

Sa’ng listened with a mixture of disgust and apprehension as the doctor outlined his fate. Before the doctor had even finished speaking, Sa’ng came again, and for a second time he was completely disinterested by it, not even bothering to look down as his balls launched jizz violently away from his body.


“Anyway, everything is working properly. My nurse will stay in the room with him. I have other duties to perform now. I suggest you return at 4:45. We’ll take good care of your son. We’ve done this thousands of times.”

“I’m sure that he’s in excellent hands, and I have plenty of work to be getting on with at home. I’m building a new animal hut and pen. I’ll be back at 4:45 then. Thank you doctor.”

Mr Nguyen rose and walked to the office door with the doctor. Strapped to his chair, Sa’ng was a squirming mass of sexual euphoria and there was nothing he could do to prevent the chair from milking him mercilessly.

“F… f… father please!” he stuttered as his father neared the door.

Sa’ng came for a third time but he didn’t notice. He was already squirming involuntarily with delight.

“Please don’t leave. I c… can’t bear it.”

He was struggling to speak normally as

“I think you were very right to bring him to us,” the doctor said. “That’s the third time in two minutes. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had over 600 orgasms by this afternoon. I don’t think he’ll be in much condition to walk home. You have a vehicle don’t you?”

“Yes certainly. Only an old farm truck but it will be fine.”

Mr Nguyen and the doctor left the room.


Ten minutes later the nurse entered. She was a pretty dark haired woman in her 30s. Sa’ng looked up as she entered. When he saw it was a woman, he instinctively tried to close his legs to hide his modesty but his vibrating testicles made it uncomfortable and he was forced to open them again, as though deliberately displaying himself for her. He blushed again as looked between his legs.

“How are you doing young man?”

“Please, turn it off.” [squirt squirt dribble] “Let me go.”

His orgasm came and went without even interrupting the flow of his sentence.

“Oh I’m sorry but I can’t do that. I just have to stay with you to make sure you’re okay.”

Sang squatted on the seat, his super-hard erection pointing directly towards her. A drip from his ejaculation vibrated then fell from its eye.

“But it’s not right. I’ve done nothing wrong. This is… this is kidnapping!”

The nurse laughed.

“Oh don’t be melodramatic. It’s not kidnapping. You’ll be going home this evening. You’ll just be a little less…” she searched for the word, “distracted afterwards.”

“But I LIKE being distracted!” he said, using her word euphemistically.

She smiled.

“I daresay you do. I never met a young man who didn’t. But it’s interfering with your school work and something has to be done.”

“This is not fair. It’s child abuse!” he tried desperately.

“Now you’re just being silly.”

Another orgasm came and went but Sa’ng showed no sign that he had felt it. A single dew drop of watery semen oozed to the head of his penis and was quickly vibrated off.

“You’re hardly a child, and thousands of young men just like you undergo this procedure across the country every month. Your father is doing it because he cares about you.”

The nurse turned to her work, leaving Sa’ng to his unavoidable orgasms.





At 1pm, the door opened again and the doctor entered escorted by seven people ranging in age from late twenties to early fifties in age. Sa’ng looked up horrified. He closed his legs, pressing his knees together to hide his penis from the group. It was hard to do while constantly squirming with pleasure.

“This is Sa’ng. He’s undergoing our libido reduction procedure. As I already mentioned, we have four such systems and they are all in use every day. If we give it a moment, he’ll open his legs and you can see what’s going on.

Sa’ng was determined not to give them the satisfaction of seeing his dick, but with each passing second, his nuts ached more and more. After 20 seconds, he opened his legs wide, displaying his genitals to the group and scowling at the doctor.

“There you are. Told you it wouldn’t take long.”

“What, huh ahuh, are they, huh, doing here?” Sa’ng panted, showing more blunt rudeness than he had ever dared to show an adult before.

“They’re just visiting the hospital and I thought I’d show them some of what we do.”

“I’m not an animal in the zoo!” Sa’ng said grumpily, “My father wouldn’t” [dribble dribble] “allow this.”

“Actually I already sought his permission. He said it was fine so long as nobody took any photographs.”

“Did he just ejaculate?” a woman asked.

“Yes he did. Obviously after dozens or even hundreds of orgasms, he doesn’t do that for most of them.”

The doctor was standing to the side of the group. He turned and addressed them.

“So as I was saying, many parents find that their sons’ masturbation frequency interferes with their studies, so they bring them here. We milk them thoroughly after which the boys lose their desire to masturbate for anything up to five years.”

A man in his forties coughed.

“Doctor, how often is too often? How frequently was this young man masturbating for instance?”

“The exact amount varies according to the individual, but anything from three times a day upwards. We’ve even had extreme cases of boys who masturbated ten or more times per day EVERY single day. As you can imagine, in addition to being physically draining, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for other activities. This young man has been masturbating five times a day on average.”

“Not that much!” Sa’ng said in a surly, defensive tone. He panted again at the effort of speaking when he was feeling so horny. “Just three…”

He realised what he was revealing and stopped himself blushing brightly. He looked at the doctor with an expression approaching hatred.

The man who had asked the question looked at Sa’ng with carefully hidden admiration.

“Oh to be young again,” he thought, thinking of the dough-faced wife waiting at home for him. She certainly wouldn’t get a rise out of him three times a day. He’d be lucky to get hard for her at all any more.

A fresh dew drop appeared at the head of Sa’ng’s penis and dripped to the floor.

“Did he just ejaculate again?” a woman asked.

“Yes I believe so,” the doctor replied.

“He didn’t seem to give it much attention.”

“When you’re experiencing what feels like a continuous eight hour orgasm, one more barely registers…” the doctor explained.

“An eight hour orgasm? Wow, no wonder he’s squirming,” another male visitor said.

With that, the doctor led the group from the room.




Two hours later the doctor returned.

“How’s he doing Hoa?” he asked the nurse.

“As expected doctor. He’s already passed into delirium, and he’s had…”

She consulted the computer screen.

“422 orgasms so far. He’s quite the horny monkey.”

“Hmmm. Perhaps I should turn him up, just to make sure he’s fully drained by five. Let him go out with a bang.”

The doctor leaned past the female nurse and dragged a slider on the screen all the way to the right. As it moved, the frequency of the vibrating tongs increased and the pitch rose. At its highest setting, the boy’s testicles, pulled down by the tongs, were nothing more than a blur as the tongs shook them back and forth past each other.

Although he was no longer capable of rational thought, Sa’ng’s squirming took on new urgency as his body responded to the increased speed and his entire groin became nothing but a buzzing, glowing mass of indescribable pleasure. His small cock strained, its shiny bloated head the colour of a dark crimson plum. A few small pumps of cum dribbled from the eye and down the shaft as the machine forced his balls to give up even more cream.

The doctor dragged a second slider across and the dildo increased its speed as well, pounding in and out of Sa’ng’s hole with all the speed of a jackhammer pounding the street to dust.

Sa’ng responded automatically, squirming, desperate to move away from the pleasure that was filling him, rendering him insensible. He stared into the distance, panting and whining like a puppy after a long summer run.

The doctor watched the boy for a minute until the orgasm counter ticked over again, then satisfied, he left the boy to his treatment.



At 4:45, Mr Nguyen arrived to collect his son. The doctor lead him into the milking room. Mr Nguyen was shocked by the state of the boy. Sa’ng was glowing purple from head to toe, sheathed in sweat across his face and torso. The youngster did not acknowledge him nor even appear to notice that the two men had entered the room.

“That’ll do please nurse,” the doctor said. “Let’s turn him off. How many times did he manage.”

The nurse looked at the screen.

“597 doctor.”

“Goodness, he was a horny young man. It’s no wonder he was constantly distracted.”

The nurse turned off the program and the dildo and the shakers both came to a rest.

The doctor walked behind the chair and lowered the dildo from Sa’ng’s anus. Then he rubbed a large glob of salve onto the boy’s hole. The boy’s sphincter was bruised purple.

The man walked to the front and removed the testicle shakers.

The dark tiled floor in front of the boy was covered in a generous puddle of the boy’s semen, distributed in a spray pattern up to 3 feet in front of the kid. It was impossible to tell exactly how many times Sa’ng had actually ejaculated but it looked as though someone had spilled a large coffee mug worth of semen.

“All of that came from Sa’ng?” Mr Nguyen asked.

The doctor looked down at the splatter.


“Is it normal to produce that much?”

“Younger boys make less, but yes quite normal. The shakers literally shake the semen from his testicles. For a while his testicles even produce more at a greatly accelerated rate to compensate, but after four or five hours they are unable to keep up and they shut down. Then the shakers force every last bit of moisture from them. It’ll be months before they rehydrate, and well over a year before they start to regrow to their former size.”

The doctor picked up a small hose, pressed a handle in the grip, and spray washed Sa’ng’s semen into a drain in the base of the platform.

“He’ll need ten or fifteen minutes to come around. In the mean-time why don’t we get a coffee.”


25 minutes later they returned and Sa’ng had almost returned to normal consciousness. He looked at his father and the doctor as they entered the room.

“Is it over?” he slurred.

“Yes, all done,” the doctor assured him.

“Thank God! Can I go home now?”

“Yes. Just need to check you over then you’re free to go.”

The doctor approached and lightly gripped the boy’s scrotum. Sa’ng drew his legs together rapidly.


“Yes, you’ll be sore for a while. Best not to wear any tight clothing.”

The doctor lightly palpated the boy’s scrotum.

“Has it worked?” Mr Nguyen asked.

“Yes of course. His testicles are much smaller now. I’d estimate no more than 3 millilitres each. It will be a very long time before he has any interest in sex again.

“And his penis?”

The doctor looked down at the boy’s flaccid penis. It was like a maggot, no more than half its former length.

“Yes, it’s tiny. Over the next week it will get a lot thinner and will probably get a little shorter. He won’t be able to pee without pulling his trousers down.”

Mr Nguyen was satisfied. It was all he’d hoped for.

He walked over and examined his son. The tiny finger-tip of floppy meat looked insignificant drooping out of the boy’s tangle of black pubic hair.

The doctor said, “Do you still want us to remove his hair? It will only take a minute. To be honest, he’ll have trouble finding his penis if you don’t.”

“Oh yes certainly. Perhaps he’ll be less eager to whip it out now that it’s so small. Smoothing his groin will make him even more reluctant.”

“I agree. You understand though that this will kill the follicles? He’ll be smooth for at least ten years – well into his mid or late twenties.”

“Yes that’s just fine. Go ahead.”

The doctor picked up a small spray bottle and pumped the handle to apply liquid to Sa’ng’s pubic hair. When the hair was fully coated, he switched the bottle for a small hand-held device that looked like a shaver. He ran it all over the boy’s pubis – everywhere there was hair.

“What’s that do?” Sa’ng’s father enquired.

“X-ray. The liquid removes the surface hair and the low dosage of x-rays kills the roots for long term removal.”

“Oh okay,” Sa’ng’s father said, oblivious to the dangers of radioactivity.


The doctor wiped Sa’ng’s groin clean with a towel. The depilatory had dissolved the teenager’s lush pubes and the black hair came away with the towel. Sa’ng’s genitals looked as though they had never borne hair. A slug of flesh dangled above a tiny scrotum. Were it not for the skin’s black colour, the doctor could have mistaken them for the genitals of a child in the middle grades of elementary school.

Sa’ng’s head drooped, exhausted. He looked down at himself and saw what the doctor had done to him. He was too tired to care. Tomorrow he would care, alot but right now all he wanted, insofar as he was capable of thinking of anything, was to sleep.

The doctor cut the cable ties from the boy’s wrists and removed the restraint from his waist. There were deep red grooves in the boy’s wrists.

“You can dress now.”

The doctor turned to Mr Nguyen.

“He’s going to need help.”

As though moving through treacle, Sa’ng pressed his hands to the seat on either side of his bottom and lifted himself on wobbly arms to his feet. He took a single tottering step and his legs collapsed under him. His father caught him before he fell to the floor.

In spite of his marathon, it was not exhaustion that robbed his legs of their strength – at least not in the muscles of his thighs or the tendons inside his legs. His entire groin felt as though it was made of jello. Almost 600 orgasms robbed him of all feeling between his legs. His father put an arm under the boy’s shoulder and carried him to the bench. Once there, he put his son on the seat and slowly dressed him before helping him to his feet once more.

“Thank you doctor.”

“You’re welcome. Don’t forget to bring him back for a check-up next week, then every few months after that.”



“What happened at the doctor’s Vu?” Sa’ng asked his brother.

Vu was reluctant to answer.

“Did the doctor make you sit on a seat with a hole in it?”

Sa’ng had not revealed his experience to his brother. He was too ashamed and traumatised by it. He wanted to see if his brother had experienced the same without revealing what he knew. His brother looked at him sharply, surprised.


“Did he… do things to your privates?”

Vu nodded.

“Oh Vu, I’m sorry. I should have warned you. I don’t know what you could have done but…”

“You knew?!”

“Not that it would happen to you. Just…”

Vu frowned.

“Then how did you know?”

Sa’ng looked down at the floor.

“Because dad did it to me last month.”


Vu seemed amazed at the thought.


“Why did he do it to you?”

Vu looked uncomfortable. He paused a long while before answering.

“He said I was playing with myself too much.”

“Same for me.”

Vu stood in silence. Eventually Sa’ng spoke.

“Did it… Did it make your dick small?”

Vu nodded.

“Show me.”

“Show me yours first.”

Sa’ng looked at the door, then he led his brother by the shoulder to the bedroom they shared. He lowered his trousers and underpants. Inside was a tiny acorn where his penis had been, and a wrinkled grape-sized flap of skin that now served as a scrotum.”

“Where are your balls?!”

Sa’ng squeezed his sack to reveal the outline of two pea-sized lumps.

“That’s all that’s left,” he said ruefully.

“Will I go like that?”

“I don’t know. Show me what you have.”

Vu lowered his loose-fitting cotton pants and underwear. Inside, his penis was smaller than Sa’ng’s had been after the procedure.

“How big was it before?” Sa’ng asked.

“Not much bigger.”

“Then I think it will go as small as mine. Maybe smaller.”

“Smaller! Then I won’t have anything left.”

“I’m sorry Vu. If I could have stopped it, I would have. I didn’t even know you were old enough to chuk waow yet.”

Sa’ng used the colloquial phrase for masturbation. It translated as “flying a kite”. An apt euphemism for how they had both felt during their milking.

“I’m not a kid, I’ve been doing it for a long time!”

They stood for a while in silence, morosely examining each other’s tiny and now smooth genitals.

“Does yours… Can you still get hard?” Vu asked.

Sa’ng shook his head.

“I don’t even want to. I did try though. It wouldn’t do anything.”

He pulled his pants up and his brother did likewise.

“Well that fucking sucks!” Vu said, using uncharacteristic language.

Sa’ng nodded in agreement.

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    • Don-
    • 17th January 2018 at 7:35 pm-
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    Somewhat similar to Fixing Jack, although the story line is not as good.

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