Cubicle number 6

A new device is tested on the unwitting students of an all-boy’s school.

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Cubicle number 6

Abstract: A continuous test series conducted over 3 months at a boy’s residential school to establish the efficacy of a multi-vectored sexual stimulation system that can be used to induce extreme sexual arousal in unaware male subjects, such that the subject has no choice but to seek sexual release.

Purpose of device: The CIA foresees uses in compromising foreign diplomats and other persons of interest. The military is interested in a large scale version that can be deployed in conflict arenas in order to negate enemy combatants’ capacity to fight.

Methodology: Our delivery system is embedded into walls of a disabled cubicle in a boy’s school. As this cubicle is widely used by non-disabled students, it will be an ideal test bed. Transmitter nodes embedded in the walls will send various signals to the subject’s brain and body.  Subject is allowed to use lavatory normally for 30 seconds In order to establish their intentions before testing. If the subject’s intention is non-sexual in nature, at 30 seconds the Arousatron (working name) is activated and the results are observed. As this is the 4th stage trial, we have successfully refined our system so that it can individually target the brain areas associated with arousal, namely the pons, amygdala, medulla obigata, reticular activating system, and prefrontal cortex. We can also target a physiological response in the nerves of the testes, penis, anus, and prostate.


Control: Cubicle 1

Time stamp: 17:54

Subject: Steven Rogan

Age: 16

Report: Steven enters cubicle. Lowers trousers. Sits. Defecates for approximately 3 minutes. Wipes. Stands. Leaves.

Comments: A perfectly normal use of the lavatory.


Control: Cubicle 2

Time stamp: 12:23

Subject: Bill Stewart

Age: 13

Report: Enters cubicle. Undoes fly. Urinates standing for 47 seconds. Shakes penis then “milks” it two or three times presumably to evacuate last of urine from urethra. Puts penis away. Zips up and leaves.

Comments:  As we have seen repeatedly, the younger students or those with smaller penis’s often prefer the privacy of a cubicle for urination. A perfectly normal use of the lavatory, although his final urine evacuation routine may foreshadow a subsequent masturbation technique.


Control: Cubicle 3

Time stamp: 07:45

Subject: Michael Ridley

Age: 17

Report: Michael enters cubicle. Lowers trousers. Sits. Defecates for approximately 2 minutes during which time he slowly develops an erection. He becomes aware of it at 80 seconds. Masturbates casually for 45 seconds. He ejaculates into a folded piece of toilet tissue. Cleans the head of his penis. Wipes his bottom.  Stands. Leaves.

Comments: As expected in a residential boy’s school, whilst most might be expected to masturbate in the shower, or even in their shared room, at least a percentage of the students will naturally use lavatory breaks as an opportunity for sexual release. It is interesting that this seemed unplanned in Michael’s case, and was simply a response to a spontaneous erection.


Control: Cubicle 4

Subject: Ziad Zeroual

Time stamp: 13:55

Age: 16

Report: Ziad enters, undoes his fly and withdraws his penis which is already erect. He hunches forwards, urinates. Pulls at his erect penis a dozen times whilst pulling an exaggerated orgasm face. Examines it closely for 23 seconds. Shakes it dry. Still hard, Ziad places it back into his pants, zips up and walks away.

Comments: This Arab exchange student has an unusually well developed penis for his age. It appears to be well over 6 inches long, and far thicker than the average 16 year old. Middle Eastern boys mature faster than most Americans, as evidenced both by its dark colour and greasy appearance. This may explain his erection before he even starts to urinate. Despite that, and his obvious sexual interest in his erection, Ziad manages to control his impulse to masturbate, restricting it to a curious form of symbolic play acting before putting it away and resuming his day.


Control: Cubicle 5

Time stamp: 14:10

Subject: Luke Martin

Age: 15

Report: Luke enters cubicle. Lowers trousers. Sits and starts to defecate. He develops an erection at about 2 minutes and looks down at it in apparent irritation. He slides back on the seat to allow it to rise free from the confinement of the seat. It immediately springs up and settles pressing against his lower abdomen. He slides forwards on the seat to his former position, continues defecating for a further 2 minutes. Wipes. Stands. Returns his still fiercely hard penis into his trousers.  Leaves.

Comments: We have seen spontaneous erections in hundreds of test subjects. As this primarily occurs with boys who have flaccid penises in excess of 4 inches in length, it seems reasonable to surmise that these possibly arise as a result of the pressure of their penises against the front of the seat, restricting blood flow and impairing flow rate by constricting the anterior superficial dorsal vein. This acts in much the same way as what is colloquially referred to as a “cock ring”.


Test: Cubicle 6

Time stamp: 16.27

Subject: Daniel Fraser

Age: 18

Report: Daniel enters the lavatory and sits to defecate. He takes out a phone and starts to browse Facebook. At 30 seconds, the Arousatron is activated. Initially, we simply target his genitalia, triggering a powerful erection. He notices the erection with disinterest, so we stimulate the arousal centres of his brain. Now in addition to the physical response, the connection between his erection and pleasure forms. Daniel does his best to ignore his penis, but it is clear from the copious amounts of pre-ejaculate flowing from his erect penis that his is feeling extremely aroused. After 2 minutes he stops trying to ignore his penis and instead begins masturbating. He uses the “polishing” technique sometimes seen in the more sophisticated masturbator who wishes to prolong the experience for as long as possible. However, in this case, the Arousatron is turned so high that his slow technique is futile. We see Daniel suddenly stop “polishing” his glans, presumably in an attempt to avoid an orgasm. He sits looking at his erection as it twitches for 10 seconds, then semen oozes from it at much the tempo more commonly seen in wet dreams. Daniel frowns, perhaps annoyed at his inability to prevent his orgasm, or because he missed the opportunity to maximise his pleasure from it. He quickly grips his oozing penis and pumps it at a fast rate in order to increase the stimulation. A few small squirts, each no more than an inch in height, emerge from his penis, but it is clear that Daniel has missed the moment. Daniel continues pumping aggressively, but he is unable to coax anything further from his penis.

We turn off the Arousatron and Daniel wipes his penis and his anus. He dresses and leaves.

Comments: It is clear that we can induce erections without the associated sexual emotions that go with them. However, when both are induced at the same time, the subject rapidly feels the need to masturbate.


Test: Cubicle 6

Time stamp: 17:30

Subject: Ramsey Clifton

Age: 13

Report: Ramsey enters the lavatory. Sits and begins to defecate. At 30 seconds the Arousatron is activated and he immediately develops a slender uncircumcised 5 inch erection. He looks down at it with apparent curiosity. He plays with it much as a kitten might play with a toy, repeatedly pushing it and allowing it to spring up. He is smiling continuously, clearly amused but he does not appear to have any interest in masturbation. We activate the arousal centres in his brain. He frowns and starts licking his lips repeatedly. His breathing becomes erratic and he starts twisting and squirming on the lavatory seat. His foreskin retracts as his penis becomes more engorged, but still doesn’t start masturbating. We turn the Arousatron up to its maximum regular setting. The boy grips his testicles and pulls downwards between his legs. He squeezes his shiny glans between his index finger and thumb. He pulls the foreskin back along his shaft as far as it will go. But each of these actions is separate from the other. There is no rhythm and still no attempt to masturbate.

The boy places both hands on the toilet seat and squirms as though it is hot. A pained expression is on his face. Suddenly he pumps his knees open and closed repeatedly and his penis starts to twitch. He makes a long soft vocalisation. “Oooooh!”

He continues fluttering his knees for 15 seconds then he slouches on the seat, looking down at himself in surprise. The Arousatron is deactivated.

Ramsey remains seated for a minute, prodding his still-twitching erection in interest and amazement. Then he wipes his bottom, stands, returns his now flaccid penis back into his trousers and leaves.

Comments: It seems highly probable that Ramsey has not yet learned how to masturbate. His response to arousal clearly resulted in a passive orgasm, yet he had no idea how to produce the physical sensations that would increase his pleasure. It is also clear that this young man is neither capable of ejaculating, nor of producing Cowper’s fluid. Ramsey is an interesting subject because he appeared to reach a high level of incapacitation in spite of his inability to pleasure himself. Perhaps this might be analogous to soldiers who are unable to simply stop fighting in order to masturbate?

Must trial this on real troops ASAP.


Test: Cubicle 6

Time stamp: 19:10

Subject: Miguel Garcia

Age: 14

Report: Miguel enters the lavatory and stands to urinate. Although the subject has a thick tangle of pubic hair typical of Latino boys, his circumcised penis appears no longer than two inches and barely protrudes beyond his fly. This adds yet more weight to our supposition that boy’s with smaller penises prefer the privacy of the cubicles, although he may be self conscious about its near black colour, which contrasts with his much lighter golden mocha skin tone.

At 30 seconds the Arousatron is activated. This time we activate the mental component in order to assess the effects without first producing physical arousal.

Miguel starts breathing heavier and his rate of respiration increases. He gives his flaccid penis a few experimental tugs and is immediately rewarded with an erection. He pumps it extremely rapidly in his fist, hunching at the exertion. Although we know that Miguel is on the gymnastics and soccer squads, he is perspiring heavily from the effort.

After just 18 seconds with the Arousatron, Miguel pants a few times audibly and ejaculates, completing in just three spurts that are almost as rapid and close together as the speed of his pounding fist.

Miguel shakes his penis as though he had just urinated then places the still dripping head back into his underpants and quickly leaves.

Comments: It appears that this young man goes for gold in everything he does! 19 seconds from erection to ejaculation is impressive, even at his age. A number of theories have been proposed for this rapid progression:

  1. He had not masturbated for a while and was easily aroused.
  2. His Catholic upbringing has trained him to view masturbation as a sin to be completed as quickly as possible.
  3. He has been using stimulants that increased his sexual response. Note to controller – schedule immediate blood test.


Test: Cubicle 6

Time stamp: 16.27

Subject: Cole Walker

Age: 18

Report: Subject enters the lavatory, sits and begins to defecate while watching YouTube comedy videos on his phone. At 30 seconds the Arousatron is activated. Unlike earlier tests, we focus on invoking sexual fantasies. The subject has been monitored having sexual relationships with several women, so it can be assumed with a high degree of certainty that he is heterosexual. We implanted homosexual fantasies in his brain in which he and the person we identified as his closest male friend on the wrestling team are masturbating each other to see how the subject responds.

Subject frowns and adjusts volume of video in headset. Watches a while longer still frowning, then changes video. Watches a short while then changes videos again. Then again a few seconds later. Subject is clearly distracted and unable to concentrate. At this point we add mental and physical arousal. Subject’s frown has changed into a scowl. He acts as though he is ignoring his erection but it is now drooling copious volumes of pre ejaculate onto the lavatory seat. Subject starts fidgeting on the seat as though uncomfortable. He notices the Cowper fluid dribbling from his penis and cleans it with a tissue. Within ten seconds there is a fresh puddle on the seat. We increase the intensity of the mental components. He is feeling extremely aroused. In his mind the fantasy has now changed and he is fellating his friend. His expression is stormy and he frequently twitches his head from side to side as though trying to erase the images in his mind.

He looks up heterosexual porn on his phone and starts to masturbate. The short clip ends but he is clearly not watching it. He masturbates to completion and ejaculates, discharging a substantial amount of semen 3 feet across the floor. When he has completed his orgasm, he continues masturbating slowly. 2 minutes later, the head of his penis whitens and it is clear that he has ejaculated again, albeit with a substantially lesser volume of semen.

The Arousatron is deactivated.

Subject wipes his bottom, then his penis. He smears the evidence of his first ejaculation into the linoleum floor as he pulls his underpants and trousers up.

Still scowling, he leaves the cubical.

Comments: It is clear that Cole resisted the erotic fantasies that we implanted. Whilst is impossible to say for certain whether it was those fantasies, which continued to dominate his conscious thoughts, or the mere fact of his arousal that produced his orgasms, it seems highly probable, given his surly disposition, that they contributed.

We have confirmed that as long as the Arousatron is active, even actively hostile subjects can be prevented from exiting its field until they have achieved sexual release.


Test: Cubicle 6

Time stamp: 20:10

Subject: Miguel Garcia

Age: 14

Report: Miguel has already been subjected to the Arousatron three hours earlier. He enters the cubicle, drops his pants and briefs to the floor and immediately starts masturbating whilst standing facing the door.

It is clear that the young man requires no sexual stimulation or arousal help so we feed him a heterosexual fantasy in which he is having sex with a girl he knows.

As on his previous visit, Miguel masturbates as though he’s racing against a time limit. Within 20 seconds, he is pumping his hips back and forth in the air in a crude simulation of copulation.

We decide to change to a homosexual fantasy to see if it affects his behaviour. We feed him a group masturbation fantasy – a so-called “circle jerk” with five of his wrestling team members. He doesn’t show any change in his motion or demeanour. We change the fantasy to one in which he and a close friend are performing oral sex on each other. He masturbates even faster, although we would scarcely have believed that possible.

His eyes close, his bends back and he achieves his second orgasm of the evening. It is as staccato and brief as his first. Three abrupt squirts of watery fluid that hit the stall door, then he is done.

He immediately opens his eyes, examines his fist, presumably to ensure that there is no evidence, then pulls his underwear and trousers up over his wet erection, before leaving the cubicle.

Comments: Despite our earlier suppositions that abstinence or a religious religious upbringing may be constraining his masturbation frequency, it is clear that Miguel has no such constraints now. One of the technicians surmised that this may be due to having broken down his barriers with the earlier session although we have no way of verifying that hypothesis. I suspect that we simply misjudged the motivation for his earlier rapid orgasm. He appears to simply be a young man with a very active libido and a fast trigger.

One thing is certain, Miguel does not appear to be in the least bit disconcerted whether his fantasies are heterosexual or homosexual in nature. A superficial hypothesis would suggest that this is because he is bisexual. However, with deeper consideration of the facts: his fast arousal and his quick orgasm, I think it is clear that he is simply penis focussed and he would have responded exactly the same if we had fed him images of a melon with hole in, or the rear end of a sheep.

Note. Perhaps we should add the latter in order to test the limits of our program to override subjects’ sexual reservations?


Test: Cubicle 6

Time stamp: 23.12

Subjects: Oscar Offerman and Jordan Coltrane

Ages: 14 and 15

Report:  The two subjects entered the cubicle together. The younger boy wearing pajama bottoms, and the older boy in just white Y-fronts.  At first it seemed as though they might have chosen the late hour and seclusion to engage in homosexual activity but it immediately became apparent that they had arrived for a more nefarious purpose. The older boy offered the younger a micro-inhaler which the younger boy immediately sniffed. The older boy used it after him. We allowed the boys five minutes in order to observe the effects of the inhalant, which we surmised contained Ketamine. This assumption was subsequently borne out by the subjects’ slow reactions and spaced out movements.

We activated the Arousatron and engaged the arousal program. Both boys responded as expected, with immediate erections visible. The younger boy’s penis emerged from the opening in his pajamas, and the elder boy made a joke about it, before the younger boy, Oscar commented that Jordan was also hard. There was a minute of small talk before both boys agreed that they would masturbate together. We engaged the fantasy program with a masturbation scenario and Jordan soon playfully grabbed at Oscar’s penis. The younger boy allowed himself to be grabbed and he reciprocated. Both boys then engaged in mutual masturbation before Oscar kissed Jordan. When Jordan did not recoil, a period of heavy petting followed, during which both boys allowed their penises to rub against each other. This in turn changed to grinding, where each boy used the other’s abdomen to rub his own penis against.

We progressed the fantasy program to homosexual sex, and with no apparent awkwardness or shame the younger boy moved behind the elder one and started grinding his penis along the crack of the older boy’s buttocks. After lubricating his glans with saliva, he then proceeded to sodomise the boy quite aggressively whilst Jordan leaned over the lavatory, using the cistern for balance. Oscar quickly attained a quite animated orgasm. They then swapped places, and he allowed himself to be sodomised by the older boy. In both positions, both boys clearly enjoyed their role.

When both boys had orgasmed, we deactivated the Arousatron. Both young men remained in the cubicle for a further 20 minutes, during which time both maintained their erections, presumably sustained by the Ketamine they had inhaled.

As they came down from the effects of the drug, they became self conscious in their mannerisms, and both appeared embarrassed by the memory of what had transpired. Although their erections had not diminished, the boys left the cubicle one at a time without saying another word to each other.

Comments:  The amplification effects of Ketamine are an interesting side effect. It’s possible that such a drug could be sprayed onto a battlefield in aerosol form prior to mass use of a large scale Arousatron. Delivery in a smaller space such as a hotel room would doubtless be much easier.

Its ability in conjunction with our technology to completely destroy sexual inhibitions is fascinating, although at this stage it’s impossible to say to what extent the boys’ responses may have been due to latent homosexual attraction. It will be interesting to monitor these two subjects in the future. If they develop a homosexual relationship, it may be presumed that the Arousatron simply liberated feelings that were already present, albeit repressed.


Test: Cubicle 6

Time stamp: 23:50

Subject: Miguel Garcia

Age: 14

Report: Young Miguel is back again! This is the third time this evening.He dropped his underwear, sat on the lavatory and immediately started pulling at his diminutive penis. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in potency!

We decided to reward his lustful young libido with our arousal program on full. In fact, we have an untested Overdrive mode that we were not going to use at this location due to its potency, but the technicians decided that if anyone could handle it, it would be young Miguel.

As soon as we activated Overdrive mode, we could almost see his testicles growing before our eyes. The subject’s standard testicular volume is approximately 7 or 8ml – a little small for his age; more akin to a 12 year old. However, as his body became more aroused, they increased to more than double their volume over the course of just 10 minutes. This is the equivalent of more than three hours of non-stop sexual stimulation with no orgasm by a skilled sex professional. By the time he actually did attain orgasm, Miguel’s scrotum was a swollen sphere nearly the size of a baseball. His testicles were clearly far too large for his sac because the skin was so tight that it was shiny and lost all of its mobility, and the individual testes could no longer be discerned.

Miguel had no interest in such details however. He was apparently driven insensible with lust. He sat on the seat and his vision lost all focus and he took on the staring demeanour of someone in a trance. He lifted both feet onto the seat with his knees apart, enabling better access to his genitals and I might add, a better view for our frontal and overhead cameras.

While he frantically pulled at his small penis, almost unconsciously, his other hand slipped between his legs and we observed that he was using his middle digit  to penetrate his anus, essentially sodomising himself and massaging his own sphincter. His head was thrown back and he was licking his lips, clearly lost in his own pleasure.

It was probably due to his to earlier orgasms, but this time young Miguel lasted longer than his customary 30 seconds. In fact he masturbated continuously for 12 minutes before finally succumbing. During that time, we saw the subject going through all manner of movements, doubtless aided by his training as a gymnast. One minute he would be arched upwards in a bridge, thrusting his hips in the air and balancing incredibly precariously on the seat resting on just his tip-toes and shoulders. Then in the next moment he would place both feet behind his own head so that he could insert his middle digit enabling him to more effectively thrust his finger into his anus. In homosexual parlance, this action is known as “finger fucking”, and the deeper and faster one can move the digit, the more gratifying the experience apparently is.  How a 14 year old boy discovered this is anybody’s guess but he certainly embraced this technique enthusiastically.

Nobody was surprised when at ten minutes, it apparently occurred to him to suck his own penis. According to our research team, this is a feat usually reserved only for young men with penises in excess of eight inches long, but young Miguel’s extreme flexibility enabled him to take the full length of his penis into his own mouth. He fellated himself vigorously for several minutes, even going so far to wrap his mouth around his own testicles as well as his penis before thinking to modify the position.

He lowered the toilet seat cover then lay on its plastic surface on his back, with his rump facing towards the cistern at the rear of the toilet. He lifted himself onto the cistern so that his rump was supported off the seat then reached his head up and continued enthusiastically fellating himself, all with his feet crossed behind his neck as though it was the most comfortable position in the world.

All things must come to an end, and even Overdrive mode has limits as to how long it can sustain a male’s sexual arousal without triggering an orgasm. Miguel withdrew his penis from his mouth and frantically masturbated it. Within a few seconds he was squirting his customary three ejaculations, launched at high velocity straight into his own face. The first hit him in the eye, the second on the top lip, and the third went directly into his mouth.

He continued pumping at high speed for 34 seconds before finally ceasing. His arms collapsed to the floor beneath him and he lay upside down for another five minutes, clearly exhausted but contented before bothering to sit the right way up on the seat.

One righted, he reached out with his tongue and licked the semen from it, then he picked up some tissues and wiped the remaining ejaculate from his eye.

He dressed, as usual without also wiping his penis, and left the cubical smiling.

Comments: Our first trial of Overdrive mode on a human has been a rousing success. Once activated, the subject loses all rational thought and is almost immediately is reduced to a rampant sex maniac, with only one goal in mind: his sexual gratification.

It’s clear that we massively misjudged young Miguel, who has turned out to be the star of our program thus far.  The technicians are taking bets as to how many times per day the young man will visit. Of course, he could also be seeking gratification in other lavatories or in his own room so it’s impossible to fully record this young man’s immense sexual capacity. One thing is certain, he clearly has a massive libido, and in conjunction with the Arousatron’s Overdrive mode, he is extremely inventive in how he achieves sexual release. I don’t think I would want this young man within a hundred miles of my daughter.

Note: Might there be a therapeutic application for this technology?


Test: Cubicle 6

Time stamp: 12.15am

Subjects: Ted Williams and Ansel Wiseman

Ages: 48 and 15

Report: Subject Williams is a house master of Cabot house. Ansel is a disabled student who suffers advanced muscular dystrophy, and as a result requires help using the lavatory.

William’s placed the boy on the seat, and held the boy’s shoulders so that he would not fall off the seat whilst he defecated. He then looked away to grant the boy privacy and made small talk.

The master’s reputation at the school and elsewhere is impeccable, but this was too good an opportunity to see how the Arousatron fared in situations with strong social reservations, to pass it up.

We turned on the Arousatron as the boy sat evacuating his bowels. As anticipated both he and the master developed powerful erections. William’s was hidden in his pants, and he acting with utmost professionalism in ignoring it, even as a wet patch appeared on the front of his trousers.

We turned the Arousatron to Overdrive.

It was evident that Williams was struggling to cope with his erection, so we added a fantasy scenario to the Arousatron’s sequence. It was one involving an adult male and a teenager.

An expression of extreme consternation materialised on Williams’ face. Ansel seemed less perturbed, concerned only with the insistent erection that stood up like a flagpole in his lap. He started panting and grunting, fidgeting as it started to leak pre-ejaculate.

Williams looked down at him and enquired if the boy was alright.

“Hard boner.”

Ansel’s response said it all.

“Do you… do you want me to take care of it for you?”

Ansel nodded and his revered Master masturbated him.

We can only surmise how infrequently this unfortunate invalid masturbated before, if ever, but his physiological response made it clear that he enjoyed the experience. He panted and snorted, fluttered his knees together like a coy Victorian-era woman, and clutched at his chest with claw-like hands that lacked the muscle control to do the job for himself.

The boy was clearly in ecstasy and he ejaculated in under a minute, launching a very substantial volume of semen across the cubicle.

Williams looked bewildered as he manually stimulated the boy, and own erection remained undiminished.

When he was done, he whispered something to the boy. Ansel gave a lopsided grin followed by a spastic nod. Williams unzipped his fly and withdrew his penis. He stepped between the boy’s legs, forcing them part wide, and he aggressively copulated with the boy’s face. Williams even went so far as to pull the boy’s face onto his penis as he thrust, and it was clear that the man’s penis was extending down into the boy’s throat.

Ansel struggled, but his own spastic movements lacked the strength to repel Williams. I note with interest, that even though the boy was clearly panicking as he was near-choked by William’s above-average sized penis, the boy’s own penis remained rigid between his open legs, and it twitched as though the boy was excited.

Four minutes after he had begun, Williams began to slow his pace, before withdrawing his penis and  wiping it on a piece of tissue.

We heard him tell the boy to swallow and Ansel obeyed with obvious effort, presumably swallowing the Master’s ejaculate.

The boy was still hard.

“Now me,” the boy said.

Without hesitation, William’s dropped to his knees and fellated the boy, all the while continuing to slowly masturbate himself. It was hard to distinguish the spastic motions of Ansel’s regular twitching from the pleasure at what must surely have been his first experience of fellatio.

After five minutes, Williams stopped fellating the boy just after Ansel had manifested a particularly lively series of twitched and pants, his head lolling back so that he was facing directly up at one of our cameras.

We deactivated the Arousatron.

Williams stood . The boy’s penis was clean of semen apart from a tiny ooze at the eye of the boy’s urethra but Williams wiped his own saliva from it. He also wiped every trace of Ansel’s semen from the floor where the boy had sprayed it on his first ejaculation. Williams then wiped the boy’s bottom and flushed the toilet.

Williams was clearly troubled now that his thoughts were no longer being modified.

“We can never tell anyone what we did today.”

“I liked it,” Ansel responded.

Williams looked at the boy, clearly struggling with his emotions.

“I’m glad you did but it must be our secret forever okay?”

The boy nodded and they left the cubicle together.

Comments: It’s clear that whether induced with the aid of Ketamine or Overdrive mode, the Arousatron can be used to circumvent the most sacred, strongly held inhibitions or social barriers. Ted Williams is a Master and teacher of lifelong service and flawless integrity, yet within just a few minutes, we were able to turn him into a homosexual pedophile, at least as long as the field was active.

It will be interesting to see what happens when this technology is tested on the battlefield. In the meantime, we have 91 more test days at this school to complete…

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