A student finds himself under the control of a mystery stranger.

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James pulled his sweater down to ensure that his erection was hidden, then once again tried to concentrate on his work. In his hole, a small plug buzzed silently, but it was the cock sock that was really driving him to distraction. It was a sleeve, made of thick, soft rubber and open at both ends, that encased his penis and testicles, connected via straps around his waist to the butt plug. The entire thing seemed to be vibrating, teasing him from his glans to his balls. There was even a short arm with a spherical vibrator that reached forwards between his legs from the butt plug, pressing up against his perineum.

He sat trying desperately to concentrate whilst his body was aroused almost beyond endurance. The weather was pleasantly warm, but his red, sweat coated face had nothing to do with the temperature and everything to do with being edged for the past two hours.


It had all started three weeks ago. He opened his locker and there was a package inside on which were written the words “Open in private.”

He opened it at home to find the equipment he was now wearing and a note that said “I know what you did. Wear this all day, every day starting tomorrow or everybody will find out.”

The next day at 10am, he received a text from an unknown number.

“Are you wearing it?”

“Who is this?”


“Fuck off or I’ll tell the cops.”

The next message contained a photograph of James doing something he wouldn’t want anybody to see. He stared at it for 30 seconds, paralysed and sick with fear.

“Wear it tomorrow or everybody will find out. Do NOT masturbate anymore, EVER, or you’ll wish you hadn’t. From now on, you cum only when I say you can.”


So, James wore the equipment he had been sent, and continued to wear it all day, every day ever since.

Some days his tormentor would wait till James was in public, on a bus, in the dining room, or out on the track, before making him pop a massive boner. And they were massive. He felt like they were an inch longer when the device turned him on.

Yet other days, his tormentor would make him cum a dozen times or more in a single day, making him weak kneed at the power of each orgasm, and drenching his clothes.

But the worst days, were the ones like today, when his tormentor kept James hard for hours, keeping him breathlessly horny, but never quite allowing him to cum.


James sat, the front of his nylon trousers tenting at his erection. For the tenth time, his sweater rode up and off exposing the lump. The dark pre cum wet patch was as big as a softball. He’d have to hold his sweater down to hide that when he left class.

He just hoped that tonight wouldn’t be another of the nights that his mysterious tormentor made him put on another nude show on his web cam. They were the most humiliating of all.


For the hundredth time since it has begun, James glanced furtively around him, fearful that his fellow students could tell that he was hard and horny, but they all seemed to be concentrating on their work. He was certain that at least one of them was not who he or she pretended to be but so far, he hadn’t caught anyone acting out of the ordinary.


Finally, the bell rang for the end of last period. James allowed everyone else to get up and leave first, pretending to go through some work before he rose.

He turned and walked quietly out of the classroom, his former joie de vivre completely absent. Three weeks of daily cum control and edging was enough to change his personality utterly.

He pulled his sweater down, and carefully held his backpack in front of his wet groin.

Behind him, his favourite teacher, Professor Becker, smiled pleasantly. Although James didn’t know it yet, tonight the kid was going to suck his own dick with a six inch dildo up his ass.


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    Please continue this one! I would love to see a sequel!

    • Anonymous-
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    Me too! This story is one of my favourites! So happy that I joined your patreon!

    • Thank you so much. Your patronage really makes a difference!

    • Anonymous-
    • 8th September 2019 at 6:52 am-
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    This is also my favourite–I would absolutely love it if there is a sequel

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