A college boy’s risky gay hook-up goes in wildly unexpected directions.

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Colin’s heart was pounding. A mixture of fear and adrenaline made him breathless. He consciously took a deep breath then walked in…


He’d first heard of Glenwood a few months ago. Jay, his shiftleader at the bar where he worked part time mentioned it as a place to avoid. But whilst his workmates laughed and sneered at the description and the warnings, Colin’s interest was aroused.


He’d come out here a couple of times to scout the place out, and Jay’s claims for the place seemed to be borne out. There was distinctly unusual traffic at Glenwood. For starters, it was in a relatively remote location, out at the edge of Wilderness National Park. During the day, there were always plenty of visitors of course, but Colin was surprised by the number of men that continued to visit as evening drew on. And the nature of the vistors changed as well, no longer the hasty in and out of people wanting to do their business and move on. The people who came by after 6 exhibited a different tempo, some nervous, some cautious, some eager, none just in and out a minute later.

And now, after three days of surveillance from his Nissan, Colin was ready to take the plunge. He walked into the small brick building. There were five men inside, all much older than him, and all of them turned to look at him. Each of them looked Colin up and down and smiles appeared on their faces. Colin knew now what it was like to be looked at like a piece of meat: flattering. He knew he was decent looking, with a good body.

He played it cool. He walked past the men into the end stall and pulled the door shut, locking it behind him. He looked down at the lavatory seat. It was cleaner than he would have expected, but it was not something he would want to eat his dinner off.

What was the protocol now? Jay had warned that this was a cottaging spot. Colin had never heard the term before, but Jay explained.

“It’s a public lavatory where fags go to suck each other off. They go into the stalls and stick their dicks through holes in the wall then strangers blow them.”

It was said with disdain but Colin found the prospect unbelievably exciting. He wasn’t out about his sexuality at work, and even amongst his closest friends only a small handful knew that he was gay.

He listened carefully as Jay explained to his sneering work mates about Glenwood. To a young guy who was just coming to terms with his sexuality, the place sounded like a dream: just stick your dick through a hole in the wall and a stranger blows you, no attachments, no complications, and the guy didn’t even get to know who you were. To Colin it was a perfect tentative, anonymous first step into the world of gay sex.


So now he looked at the seat wondering what to do. Should he pull his pants down and sit on the seat, or keep his pants up and sit on the lid? Should he even sit at all?

He decided that if he was here for a blowjob, it made sense to have his pants down. He pulled some tissue from the dispenser, covered the seat to protect himself from any germs, then dropped his pants and sat down as though having a shit.

Although it was past 8pm, the place was illuminated with recessed overhead LED bulbs so Colin could see clearly. He sat like a schoolboy uncertainly awaiting his turn in the school nurse’s office. Colin looked around the stall. The walls had some of the usual graffiti “For a good time call…” as well as random graphics and logos. But it wasn’t the wall scribblings he was here for. He looked to his left and there as expected, was a hole in the chipboard partitioned wall. It was six inches across; larger than necessary. Colin looked at it with a mixture of trepidation. What if Jay had been lying to him? What if it was nothing more interesting than a hole created by vandals with nothing better to do? He didn’t want to initiate anything or get up close and look through in case it was all a big set up, so what was the protoc…

Three fingers protruded through the hole from the other side. Colin looked at them with excitement. The fingers thrummed up and down on the rim of the hole as though playing a repeated arpeggio on a piano. Colin didn’t know what to do so he leaned forwards and played his own arpeggio on the fingers.

A low voice said, “Put your dick through if you want a blowjob kid.”

It was clear from the tone that the speaker’s mouth must be close to the hole.

This was it. It was now or never. Colin pushed down the butterflies that were churning in his stomach, swallowed deeply then stood up. He lifted his circumcised penis towards the hole. Nervousness had robbed it of its ability to get hard, but Colin had no doubt that it would respond to a hot mouth. He’d never had a blowjob, but he’d imagined one many times and he was eager to experience it.

His glans brushed the back of the fingers resting on the base of the hole and a little shiver of excitement coursed through his cock. The fingers withdrew then he felt them lightly gripping his snake, pulling him through. He moved close to the wall, pressing his pubis against the painted wood.

“Niiice,” the man on the other side murmured. “Stand a little higher.”

A vision of the man on his knees, getting a crick in his neck reaching forwards to suck him flashed into Colin’s mind. He grinned and straightened his legs until the top of his cock was just touching the upper rim of the hole. To his surprise, fingers reached through the hole, hooked behind the neck of his scrotum and pulled his balls through the hole too.

He felt the man on the other side slowly rolling his large nuts in his fist. Colin had never experienced testicle play and it was surprisingly erotic. He let out a soft sigh and thrust his groin towards the hole so that the guy would have as much to play with as he wanted. Colin knew from experince that when he got excited, his balls were going to retract towards his body.

Then for the first time in his life, he felt a tongue on the head of his dick. He inhaled sharply, a shuddering, stacatto breath that signified his surprise at how good even that first warm, wet touch felt.

The tongue slid across his glans then returned and repeated the motion. Colin imagined his benefactor holding his prick and licking its head like a lollipop. His breathing came faster and he felt his penis rapidly responding to the tongue. The unknown man’s mouth closed around his thickening cock now, his lips encircling the rear of Colin’s glans. It was all Colin hoped it would be and the man was only just getting started! He felt his penis straining within the man’s mouth. Ordinarily, Colin’s balls would be climbing upwards, in preparation of an orgasm, but the man held them firmly in his fist, preventing them from rising.

Colin started squirming. He was already at fever pitch, close to blowing his load and the person on the other side had been blowing him less than a minute. Colin started insistently thrusting his cock forwards, trying to compel the man to suck faster so that he could blow his load. He didn’t know what the etiquette was for glory hole ejaculation, but he doubted 90 seconds from start to finish was considered good form. But he didn’t care, all he cared about was personal gratification. He strained forwards, pressing the palms of his hands against the cubical dividing wall, turning his feet outwards so that he could get as close as possible.

“Faster,” he urged quietly, his face pressed against the wall.

On the other side the man grinned.

“Easy tiger.”

Colin felt his balls being pulled downwards, slowly but firmly, trapped in a tight fist.

“Nnnnngnn uhhnnnnn,” he groaned at the aching in his nuts.

Then he felt something strange; something cool pressed against the neck of his scrotum. The fist released him but his nuts remained low, tugged four inches below the hole. The mouth moved away from his cock and he felt fingers touching his stiff meat. They were wrapping something; a band of some sort embedded with plastic-cool objects on four sides. The fingers moved down and wrapped two more straps; one around each nut, also embedded with plastic. Then the fingers were gone and just the bands with their objects remained. Then suddenly a buzzing and a rapid but shallow vibration on all four sides of his glans.

Colin squirmed as the delicious feeling elevated his libido once again, bringing him to the very brink of orgasm, but somehow the buzzing was not quite enough to push him over the edge. The buzz was accompanied by a deeper, more powerful one in his nuts, stimulating him in ways he’d never even considered before. He writhed and twisted, pulling his groin ready to thrust back in, but he couldn’t withdraw. His balls were trapped on the other side! Although he couldn’t see it, the second cubical had been fitted with a 6 inch long hinged metal bar designed precisely for this purpose. The new meat would poke their eager dicks through the hole, and then they would be unable to pull their balls back out.

Colin heard a sound to his right. He turned and saw the door lock sliding back. His eyes widened. He struggled harder to free himself, yanking on his nuts, but unless he was prepared to tear his own nuts off he was stuck securely against the wall.

The door opened and two men entered carrying nylon ropes. One grinned.

“Welcome to Glenwood kid!”

“Who are you? What are you doing?” Colin demanded.

The speaker moved behind him. Colin tried to turn his body but he was pulled tightly to the wall and he could only move his shoulders. Suddenly, both men pounced on him, each tying a thick nylon rope around his wrists. The ropes were thrown over the two corners of the partition, front and back, and they were grabbed by unseen hands on the other side, pulled tight then tied off.

“What are you doing!!” Colin demanded more loudly.

“What you want,” the grinning man said.

“But first an initiation to the club.”

“I don’t want THIS!” Colin said.

“Really? Then why stick your boner through a hole in the wall?”

“I… I…”

Colin couldn’t think of a good answer. The truth is, he DID want some excitement. He wanted to have some kind of sexual adventure with another man, and he wasn’t all that discerning who or how old that man was.

The men pulled his trousers and underwear off, roped his legs and pulled them apart so far that Colin was forced onto his tip toes, feet barely touching the ground at all, and all his weight on his arms, before tying the ropes to the corners of the stall as well. Now Colin stood, naked and spread eagled, pressed tightly against the stall wall.

He struggled furiously and he could feel his rigid erection bouncing on the other side of the wall, kept hard by the ceaseless vibrations of the objects strapped to it. But for all his struggling, he was utterly unable to free himself.

The talkative man produced a small lubricated dildo. He showed it to Colin.

“Something to get you warmed up.”

Colin’s eyes opened wide.

“No, no. I don’t need warming up. Keep that away from me.”

The man spread Colin’s ass cheeks then knelt and examined the boy’s asshole. A pristine starfish winked back at him. There was no redness, no signs of stretching, no bruising, just a tight puckered star of virgin flesh.

“Looks to me like you do. Where no man has gone before and all that.”

He smeared lube from a tube onto the pinch of flesh. Colin flinched away from the touch.

“No, no!” he repeated.

Then he felt the head of the dildo against his hole. He tried to resist but it was almost impossible with his legs spread that wide apart. The man twisted and wobbled it until, despite Colin’s best efforts, it slipped inside him.

Colin grunted.

“Uhnnnn nnnnn.”

Then the man turned a dial on the end of the dildo and it also started buzzing.

Colin understood in an instant why gay men and liberated breeders enjoyed having things in their assholes. In many ways, this was everything he had hoped gay sex would feel like. Except with a cock, and not secured spreadeagled in a remote park rest room…

Colin squirmed desperately, as his hole and genitals were gently vibrating, forcing him to the sort of ecstasy he had hoped to experience.

The man took out two small clamps, like rubber coated bulldog clips, but with very little bite. He reached around the right side Colin’s chest and tweaked a nipple between his index finger and thumb.


The nipple stood up pert and the man quickly attached one of the small clamps. Colin felt it pinching his nipple, a sharp pain that quickly lost its edge. A second clamp joined the first on Colin’s other nipple. The sensation was uncomfortable but bearable, and it added something to the stimulation his other erogenous zones were experiencing.

“How you enjoying this boy?” the man asked, leaning close. “What’s your name?”

“Colin,” the young man replied, not thinking to make up a lie.

“I’m Frank. It’s good to meet ya Colin.”

The man kissed Colin on the cheek: a slow sensual kiss. Colin instinctively recoiled, expecting something disgusting, but the kiss was actually surprisingly tender and the man smelt clean, with a mixture of mild soap and quality after shave. Two days of stubble brushed Colin’s smooth face.

“Aww don’t be like that son. You came here for a reason with your hard cock and your virgin hole. You came for an adventure and you’re gonna get one. But there’s no need to worry, you’ll get home safe when it’s all over. You’ll sleep in your own bed tonight.”

Colin exhaled heavily as the man told him that he was going to get home safely. He was not aware that he’d been prolonging each exhale. He’d feared that maybe he would die in this small stall, now that this clean man in a seedy place reassured him that he was not going to die tonight.

“Thatta boy. Relaaax. You’ll actually start to enjoy it. That is why you came here isn’t it?”

As he cooed reassurance into Colin’s ear, Frank pumped the dildo in and out of the boy’s asshole.

Colin frowned. He was so hard.

“Y… yes. I guess so,” he affirmed.

Then he made a weird strangled sound and started struggling. He struggled frantically for 30 seconds then slumped against the ropes that held his arms. His feet barely touched the floor.

“Did you just cum son?” the man enquired.

Colin didn’t answer so the man took a knee and looked under the stall. There was white liquid sprayed onto the floor for three feet.

Frank smiled and stood.

“Many more like that before the night is done Colin.”

Colin frowned, surprised at how easily his body could be induced to give up its seed completely against his control.

“Did you like that?”

Colin’s frown deepened. What would it mean if he said yes? He already knew he was gay. He wasn’t ashamed of it. He was simply private; circumspect about who he told. But here, in a public rest room, milked by machine and this stranger. What kind of fucked up weirdo did that make him. But he couldn’t deny the power of his orgasm. In spite of his trepidation, there was no doubt that he HAD enjoyed feeling the small dildo slipping in and out of his hole, as well as the powerful orgasm it had produced.

Colin gave a curt nod, admitting to Frank what was already obvious.

“Good kid. Then you’re going to enjoy the next few hours a whole lot more.”

The man produced a small plastic bottle. It had a lively font that spelled the word “Buzz aroma” against a bright red backround, with a tiny cartoon bee. Frank showed it to Colin.

“Poppers. It’ll make your orgasms better. You don’t have any heart problems do you?”

Colin shook his head.

Frank unscrewed the lid and wafted it under Colin’s nose.

“Good. Sniff.”

Colin took a small sniff. His nostrils were filled with an acrid scent and he almost immediately felt light headed. Frank poured  a little of the liquid onto his finger then wiped it onto Colin’s top and bottom lips so that he could not breathe without also inhaling its scent. Then he twisted the cap back on and put the bottle away.


Frank unbuttoned his jeans and dropped his boxers and jeans to his knees. Colin strained to see. The man’s cock was as clean as the rest of him, four inches of cut meat. Frank gripped his flaccid cock and with just a dozen quick tugs his cock was almost as hard as Colin’s. He rolled a rubber onto it, then shuffled up behind the young man.

“This will be an experience to take back to college with you,” he whispered.

Frank turned and his accomplice was standing by the door already hard. The other man was watching intently. Frank nodded to him and the other man left the stall.

Frank removed the dildo and slowly replaced it with his larger cock. Colin tensed, anticipating pain, but the dildo had loosened his sphincter and Frank’s cock slid easily inside. The man started to pump slowly, enjoying the tightness of Colin’s virgin hole.

Colin had no choice but to stand, legs splayed wide as the man took him, but even if he could have walked away, he was no longer sure if he would have. The situation was erotic beyond the bounds of his limited imagination, and it wildly exceeded his hopes.


A few moments later, Colin felt hands on his rigid cock and they removed the vibrating beads. His cock continued buzzing as the alkyl nitrite in the Poppers liquid constricted the blood vessels. His cock felt even harder than when he had ejaculated and he could almost feel the blood coursing, tingling through his tightened blood vessels.

The fingers continued touching his throbbing member and Colin correctly surmised that the hands were sliding a condom onto him. But he was beyond distracted, his attention being torn in multiple directions, not the least of which was the penis that was now slipping in and out of his virgin hole.

Frank was thrusting with long, smooth strokes, letting Colin experience every one of his seven inches. Withdrawing all the way, then re-penetrating the young man on every stroke. At this stage, he was fucking as much for Colin as for himself. Every time Frank’s dick head bumped past the boy’s sphincter and Colin’s hole snapped shut the kid felt a thrill as the nerves in his rear responded to the stimulation. Then a moment where he could feel Frank’s glans pausing against the outside of his hole, his glans surprisingly hard and hot, then it was followed by the sensation of his hole spreading and enfolding the man’s cock once again.

Frank’s fucking was leisurely, enabling Colin to focus on every part of the experience. The boy had never been so  aware of the physiology of his anus, both inside and out, but now it felt as though Frank’s cock was a pioneer, casually exploring his hole inside and out.

At the inner limit of each stroke, Frank’s glans rubbed against something inside Colin’s anus. Colin felt a thrill, a little rush of excitement as the head bumped over it, then a feeling of pressure deeper in. He realised that this must be the prostate that he’d heard about, and know he realised why it was so highly regarded. Each time Frank’s glans touched it, Colin felt like he was going to cum – not the massive full body experience of his earlier orgasm, but a different sensation in his testicles and somewhere inside him, a quick welling of excitement that was gone the second Frank’s glans was past, leaving him craving the next touch in that deep place.

And all the time that buzzing, vibrating feeling deep in each testicle, distracting as much as arousing, yet making him feel like his balls were somehow being activated, charged, primed by the incessant vibrations. Yet it was a strange kind of distraction, both frustrating and tremendously arousing.

The testicular stimulation had a secondary effect that Frank was only too well aware of; it was forcing Colin’s penis to new levels of hardness. The vibrations were transferring to the root of his penis, increasing the pulse rate, whilst the alkyl constricted the blood vessels, reducing the rate at which the blood could leave his cock. The circumcised head strained upwards away from the shaft, bloated and deep crimson. The shaft was hard to the touch, tiny veins purple just behind the head, leading in minute delicate delta maps towards the shaft. Larger veins corded along its length, vascular as a ‘roided body builder.

Even his testicles had already grown by 50 percent, ready and eager to spread his seed. No longer were they the soft orbs that hung in his pants as he went about his day, they were firm to the touch, engorged with blood and semen, his nut sack stretched thin and tight over each large oval.


Colin’s head was pressed against the partition wall, his face turned to the open door as Frank slowly screwed him, gathering pace now. Then Colin felt something he did not expect; warmth against his cock. But not the warm wetness of a mouth, somebody was forcing his cock into their own hole. He’d fooled with people before, jacked them off and been jacked in return, but he had always wondered if he was going to prefer being a top or a bottom. He was a passionate sportsman, but not aggressive by nature. Yet the idea of going down on his knees and being taken seemed a little submissive to his tastes.

But now he was experiencing the very best of both worlds simultaneously. His hole being plowed whilst his cock was engulfed in a hot hole that was sliding back and forth along its length. On each inward stroke, the cheeks of the man’s rump spread on the wall, pressing firmly against Colin’s trapped and swollen balls. It was another new experience. Mildly uncomfortable, causing a slight ache in each nut, yet the pain also added to pleasure, making Colin acutely aware of the connection between his nuts and his libido, dissolving the barriers between pleasure and pain.


Now that he was sure that muscles in Colin’s sphincter had relaxed sufficently not to injure the college boy, Frank began to fuck Colin more aggressively. No longer did he fully withdraw, but instead he pulled his hard tool halfway back, before ramming it back with jackhammer force, drilling the kid to the wall. Colin tried to look over his shoulder but Frank put a hand on the boy’s cheek and turned him away, forcing the side of his head into the wall again. Colin understood that he was Frank’s plaything now. That this was Frank’s time to have fun.

On each thrust of Frank’s hips, the entire partition wall vibrated with a thud. Colin had toyed with rape fantasies whilst masturbating, but they usually involved the tough kids at college. He’d never even considered the possibility of men old enough to be his father. But now the limits of his imagination were being revealed.

With tattooed arms and a plaid shirt, Frank looked like he could be a trucker or a lumberjack. On the other side of the wall, a puffy accountant in his fifties was riding Colin’s cock like he was at the rodeo, using the vibrations of Frank’s fucking as a metronome and bouncing at twice the speed. Colin could hear the man gasping and groaning as he pleasured himself, using Colin’s dick the way a desperate housewife uses a dildo. Colin realised that that’s all he was to these men – a hole and flesh dildo, and it felt great!

No longer was the question whether he wanted to be a top or a bottom, but how his body could be used in the most gratifying manner. He was happy to be both, and neither. He was powerless, just a human sex toy.


Behind him, Frank pounded into him. The man grabbed Colin’s hair and pulled his head back, becoming more aggressive the more aroused he became. Colin wondered who would cum first Frank or the other guy. The way the pudgy man was moaning it was going to be him, but surely Frank couldn’t keep this thudding pace up for long without losing it?

As it happened, it was neither of them. From out of nowhere, Colin came again hard.

“Ahh ahh ahhh ahh ah!”

He moaned and panted and squirmed, squirting hard into the accountant’s hole. Frank pulled the boy’s head back further so that his head faced the ceiling, but the boy could see nothing, his eyes were clenched tightly shut as his second orgasm, even more powerful than the first, carried him away.

The accountant heard the boy cumming then felt the squelching wetness as the condom filled in his own hole and that was all it took to trigger his own orgasm. He panted, short and fast in a high pitched voice like a little girl having a nightmare, but all he was feeling was ecstasy. Breaking a new boy in was a privilege, and he was enjoying riding this kid’s six inch meat immensely.

Frank thudded his cock faster and harder into Colin’s hole, finally allowing himself to go over the edge. There was nothing prissy about HIS orgasm. He snarled like an animal, clawing at the back of Colin’s left shoulder, drawing blood as he let loose and filled the condom he was wearing with a massive load.


When he finally stopped cumming, Frank withdrew his cock from the boy’s asshole and carefully pulled the condom from his hard cock. He lifted the condom and dangled it in front of Colin’s now open eyes where the boy could see it. It hung heavy with a viscous, semi-opaque load that looked more like something a horse would produce.

“Open up,” Frank said, holding the neck of the condom against the young man’s lips.

Colin declined to comply. Even in the heat of the moment that was too much for his Christian upbringing to cope with. Frank released the 19 year old’s hair and squeezed the sides of his cheeks, pushing them painfully into his teeth. Colin opened his mouth instinctively and the moment he did, Frank poured the contents of the condom into the boy’s mouth; quarter of a cup of fresh spunk.

Colin tried to turn his head, but Frank held him in place, immediately placing his hand over the teenager’s mouth so that he couldn’t spit the slimy deposit back out.


“Mmm mmm,” Colin responded, trying again to turn his head.

Frank pinched the boy’s nostrils shut. Now Colin couldn’t breathe.

“Swallow,” Frank repeated calmly. “I’m not letting you breathe again until you do.”

Colin still refused. Frank stroked the boy’s throat.

“Swallow. It’s really not that bad and it’ll make your balls bigger.”

It was a lie, but he knew Colin wouldn’t know better. The kid forced himself to take a small gulp and as soon as he did, Frank released his nostrils.

“All of it.”

Colin took two more gulps and he felt Frank’s massive load sliding down his throat. This was insane. It was like he was two separate people. In the other cubicle, his cock was still hard, straining, his own cum sloshing around in the condom that had been placed on him. That part of him was horny, eager, its fat balls thrumming with sexual energy, his glans bloated like a mushroom cloud atop his rigid tool.

And on this side, he was still fighting against almost two decades of religious programming, all of his conscious intellect screaming against the debasement of his body. But it felt so good. So, so good.


Frank released Colin’s head and lay against the boy’s back exhausted. They were both drenched in sweat. Frank released Colin’s face and Colin lowered his head. The boy stared out of the cubical door and there were three more men standing there watching, positioned so that they could see into both stalls simultaneously. Two of them had their cocks out and were maturbating slowly, and the third had a large lump in his pants, but was recording the scene on his phone.

Colin realised that he had become the main attraction at Glenwood and there was nothing he could do to stop it. His arms and legs were still spread wide, making him look like a horizontal starfish.

“Thanks kid,” Frank said from behind him, and ruffled his hair as he left the cubicle.

Another man walked in as Frank left. Colin’s eyes widened. Again? Another one? But he was exhausted, sexually drained. He couldn’t possibly…


Two hours, 27 cocks and 15 assholes later, Colin’s mind was in a haze. He could barely think straight. He was horny beyond his most fevered imaginings and his cock was still rigid and eager for attention. He’d lost track of how many times he’d cum – 15? 20? Then someone arrived and it was like a bucket of cold water to the face. It was Jay from work.

The 24 year old sauntered in.

“Well look who it is. That story always gets someone.”

“J… Jay! What are you doing here?!”

Jay grinned.

“Same as you. Well, not exactly the same obviously. Welcome to the club!”

Jay opened his pants and pulled out a monster. It  flopped out like an anaconda, 7 inches flaccid with a huge arrow-shaped glans. A porn star cock. Greasy looking; dark brown; dangerous. He reached into his pants and hooked out a pair of nuts that were as impressive as his nuts; a heavy pair of bull balls, each the size of a large chicken egg, hanging low in a loose sack.

Colin looked at Jay’s genitals with a mixture of awe and fear. Jay saw Colin’s expression.

“Yeah, I get that reaction a lot,” he said with a cocky smirk.

He started to massage the head of his gargantuan penis. It rapidly filled with blood, adding another three inches to its length. But what was making Colin’s heart pound was its thickness; thicker than a deoderant spray can, and almost a long. It was undoubtedly the thickest cock he’d ever seen and Colin watched a LOT of gay porn. The dark glans was huge, its upper trailing edge sloping far back, like the barb of a whaling spear. Colin had once seen a documentary where biologists theorised that the shape of the human glans was an evolutionary development designed to scoop any mating rivals’ sperm from a female’s vagina. Looking at Jay’s cock head, Colin didn’t doubt the theory. It looked capable of scooping pints out of any woman unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end.


Jay did not put on a condom. It was doubtful that even a magnum could cope with his penis.

Colin had long since resigned himself tonight, to the fact that his asshole was just a recepticle for a seemingly endless line of cocks to drill, but this was different. This was a freak of nature. A beast. It was surely going to rip him in half.

“I can’t take that!”

Jay grinned.

“Yeah, they all say that. That’s why they called me last. After my go the new meat is ruined for everyone else. But it’s not so bad. It’ll hurt, but you’ll be surprised just what you can do if you put your mind to it!”

Jay moved up behind Colin, and Colin expected the man to simply ram his way in. There was something about his tone and demeanour that hinted at cruelty. To his surprise, Jay was calm, patient, just as Frank had been at the start of the evening. He pushed slowly, allowing Colin’s hole to stretch at its own pace. Colin felt his hole gradually opening for the huge intruder but after a few minutes of firm but careful pushing, his hole was at its limit. Jay realised that Colin’s hole was open to his maximum extent and leaned on the boy with all his body weight, forcing Colin’s sphincter to admit him.

“Gahhh! Stop, it hurts, it hurts. You’re killing me.”

Jay ignored Colin’s pleas. He’d heard them dozens of times. They always protested. Sometimes their assholes stretched, and other times they simply tore. If it was the latter, they’d heal, and they’d always remember the time they were fucked by the biggest cock they’d ever see.

Colin’s hole stretched. It was burning, stinging as the skin expanded far beyond its normal elasticity. Tiny superficial micro tears appeared in the surface, but the skin of his sphincter largely stayed intact.

Suddenly Jay’s huge love missile passed the sphincter and slipped inside. Colin’s hole was monstrously stretched but at least the pain didn’t get any worse. He was peripherally aware that another man was riding his cock but his entire focus was on enduring the assault on his rear. Jay started to pump, moving slowly to avoid causing unnecessary damage. He knew that if he went hard, it would take little effort to tear the kid’s ring.

For Colin, the pain was acute, but he was also preoccupied with the overwhelming feeling of fullness. Of course, the stretched circumference of Jay’s cock left Colin in no doubt about the man’s immense girth, but as the massive meat forced its way into him, his rectum was forced to enlarge to accommodate it.

At first, it just felt as though he had to take a large dump, but the longer his bowels remained full, the more uncomfortable the feeling became. His stomach ached and the internal discomfort gradually morphed into the stomach cramp that arises from holding crap for too long whilst wearing too-tight jeans or a belt.

Jay fucked him at a medium pace for fifteen long minutes. During that time Colin ejaculated twice whilst on the other side of the wall, the local Sheriff sucked his cock. Colin was only peripherally aware of the sucking, his attention swiching to the blowjob for a few moments before returning to the reaming of a lifetime he was receiving from his shift leader.

Even when he came, it felt like something that was happening to a body he was barely connected to, whilst the main event happened on this side of the wall.


As the sixteenth minute started, Jay picked up the pace and filled Colin’s hole with twice as much jizz as Frank had earlier made the boy drink. As he reached the vinegar strokes, he rammed his beast home in short stacatto strokes. He leaned forwards speaking through gritted teeth with a tone of contempt.

“You make…” thud “a great little…” thud “fuck toy!” thud thud thud.

Finally spent, he pulled his cock out. It swayed, like a javelin in front of his body. Colin’s hole remained wide open, a battered flesh tunnel that would be unable to close for days. Cum dribbled out and down the inside of his legs, cooling the second it hit the fresh air.

Jay left the stall without another word or a backwards glance. As soon as he was out, Frank and another man came in and started to untie Colin’s arms and legs. The moment Colin’s arms were released, he slumped, and Frank had to catch him. The man reached around around pulled off the nipple clamps.

“Easy kid. Feeling a bit wobbly? Jay has that effect on the new meat.”

In the other stall, somebody removed the vibrators from Colin’s balls, and the bar that had trapped them on that side. Without the constant stimulation Colin’s cock immediately started to wilt.

He felt punch drunk, as though he had just undergone ten rounds in a boxing ring. Frank and his assistant helped the staggering youth out of the stall into the main lavatory where half a dozen men stood grinning. Colin didn’t notice but the nylon ropes were still wrapped around his ankles and wrists. Frank and his helper lead the kid to the urinals and sat him on the floor between two of them. Colin was still too dazed to realise what was happening, but when they pulled the ropes around his wrists wide, tying them off on the pipework of the two urinals next but one to him on each side, he realised his ordeal was not yet over.

“No more. I can’t take any more.” He moaned.

“Sure you can,” Frank reassured him. “Sure you can.”

Colin looked around and everyone he looked at was grinning. At first he thought that they were the grins of men who had HAD a good time, but now he realised that they were the grins of men expecting one, like a lion looks at a wounded wildebeest.

As Frank and his assistant tightly tied Colin’s arms into a T shaped crucifixion pose, two more men worked on his legs. Each grabbed an ankle rope and pulled them out to the sides, pulling Colin’s legs apart until he yelped and started trembling at the strain. Then they eased off just a touch and tied the ropes off on the metal girders that formed the supports for the stalls opposite.

When Colin was tied down, Frank produced a face mask from a backpack in the corner. There were straps that passed around the head, and curved metal strips that would hold Colin’s mouth wide apart.

“Open wide,” Frank said.

Colin shook his head like a stubborn child.

“Come on, let’s not go through this again son.”

Frank looked down at the boy’s flaccid genitals. The boy’s heavy, still-swollen balls rested on the floor like two eggs in a withered balloon. Supporting his foot on the heel, Frank put the toes of his heavy boot on the boy’s nuts and carefully rocked his foot forwards. Colin’s nuts were immensely tender from hours of stimulation and endless orgasms. They bulged around the side of Frank’s boot.

“Open wide,” Frank repeated, increasing the pressure.

Colin resisted as long as he could, but after five seconds he caved.

“Ah, ahh, ahhh,” Colin yelped, “Okay okay, get off my nuts.”

Frank brought the mouth spreader to Colin’s mouth, maintaining the pressure on the boy’s balls.


Colin opened as wide as he could and Frank pushed the spreader in then strapped it into place. Then he removed his foot. No long  term harm done, but Colin’s nuts were seriously aching.

“Unnnnnhhh,” he groaned.

Jay walked forwards holding his flaccid cock in his right hand. Colin wasn’t averse to sucking a dick but it had to be the cock of somebody he liked not one that had just turned his asshole into a red-rimmed cavern.

Jay wiped the head of his flaccid dick across Colin’s lips, leaving a snail trail of his after-jizz on Colin’s lips. Colin turned away and the watching men laughed.

“Oh Im oh unnuh,” Colin said, as though his unintelligible words meant anything.

But Jay had no interest in a blow job so soon after filling Colin’s asshole. Instead he pissed on the kid, letting loose like a donkey, and turning the boy’s head so that it went into his mouth, his eyes, his hair.

Colin whipped his head back, reviled at the debasement and cracked his skull against the tiled wall. For a moment he was stunned and Jay continued pissing, undeterred. When Colin came around, he was covered in piss from his hair to his pubes and Jay was grinning down at him as he continued to direct the last of his urine at his face.

“Aww what the fuck man!” Colin said, blinking against the urine that was stinging his eyes.

“You’re the designated bitch for the day Colin,” Jay informed him.

“What?! For fuck’s sake.”

Colin spat the urine from his mouth but then one of the watching men approached and grabbed him by the sides of the head. Colin struggled expecting more urine, but instead the man thrust his hard cock into the boy’s open mouth. Colin gagged but there was nothing he could do to prevent it. The man slowly face fucked him, thrusting and pulling the boy’s head onto his cock in time. As the man moved closer to orgasm, he increased the pace of his fucking, jerking Colin’s unwilling face onto his dick harder and harder. He squirted his load directly down the back of Colin’s throat, and compared to the urine it was not particularly unpleasant. The man kept fucking until he was dry, forcing his load down the boy’s throat. Then he lightly tapped the boy in the nuts with the toe of his sneaker.

“Thanks kid.”

He was immediately followed by another man, and another, and another. More coming in from outside, until 14 men had emptied their loads into stomach, and each tapping him in the nuts, or lightly rubbing them with shoes before leaving – not hard enough to permanently injure, but by the last his sack was turning a rosy pink and his nuts were aching constantly.


Frank approached and pulled something from his bag. A contraption. Colin didn’t recognise it.

He knelt between Colin’s spread legs. Colin’s drained cock was small, flaccid, languishing in a curve to the side over his pink balls.  Frank picked up the teenager’s fat slug and forced it into a short metal tubular chastity device. Three inches long. A little longer than Colin’s cock now at it most shrivelled. He clamped a bar behind it trapping Colin’s testicles in their wrinkled and tired-looking scrotum. Then he inserted a padlock into a metal ring that held the cross bar in place. Now the device would be impossible to remove without Colin pulling his balls off. His cock was completely encased in metal, with just a narrow slit at the end to piss through. There was no way to touch himself.

“That’s a titanium cock cage. Impossible to cut off, even with an industrial angle grinder. Same with the padlock. Can’t be cut or ground off, and it’s an EVVA lock with a dual magnetic key. Impossible to pick. If you want to get to your cock, you’re going to have to come here again. You know what to expect. We’ll uncage it each time you visit. 52 visits and we remove it permanently and you’re a member of the club. I think you’ll agree, it isn’t entirely unpleasant. And if you try to involve the cops, they’ll never get the key. I can wipe it with a single click, then you’ll be trapped in that cage forever.”

Frank nodded to two men and they untied the cords from Colin’s wrists and ankles whilst he removed the mask. Colin clambered to his feet and hastily dressed then stumbled towards the exit without a word.

“Same time next week?” Frank said grinning as the boy reached the door.

“Unnnn,” Colin grunted non-commitally.

He saw a year of incredible ecstasy and humiliation stretched out before him, and he was uncertain whether it excited or sickened him. But he knew he’d be back the following week.


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    • 23rd August 2019 at 1:19 pm-
    • Reply

    Have read many similar stories involving glory holes but this was by far the best. My soaked shorts can vouch for that.
    Look forward to reading a lot more stories from you. Thanks.

    • Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it!

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