The accident

A Brazilian boy makes a terrible mistake that leads somewhere erotic.

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The accident

Alejandro sat in my lounge chugging a Coke. We both preferred Pepsi, but it was over 100 degrees, and Pepsi was too fizzy to chug. He was wearing knee length shorts, sneakers, and those hidden sneaker socks that make you look like you’re not wearing socks at all. He was shirtless, and his lean little abs and lats were beaded with sweat. It looked great against his golden skin.

I suspect he knew why I’d asked him over, and there was a hint of nervous tension in the air, although he was chatting with studied casualness.

It was nothing unusual for him to visit. We were a close knit family and our relationship was more like close friends than Uncle and nephew. I hoped that that wasn’t going to change after today.

“Sooo,” I said reclining on a decrepit couch that was nearly as old as I was, “How you been Jandro?”

“Yeah, great thanks Oscar, and you?”

“Beuna onda!” I replied heartily.

“Cool, so wazzup uncle?” he asked.

He only called me “uncle” when he was being ingratiating or playful.

“Why don’t you tell me Chilito?”

I hadn’t used the word since he was 15 years old. We both went swimming nude when he was 14 and the cold really affected him adversely. He was so proud of his thick black pubes when they grew in the year before. He even showed them off to me. But the water did his dick no favours whatsoever. I still remember his tiny shrivelled maggot, shorter than the distance from the second knuckle of my pinky finger to the tip and no thicker. I glanced down at it, and the traditional Mexican insult popped out before I could stop myself. He looked down at himself and blushed like a motherfucker. His expression was so disappointed; like he was a little boy again. I used the term on and off in private over the next year, and it almost became a term of endearment, a reminder of a shared secret. But then one time I used it around his friends and he coloured up. His friends ripped on him remorselessly. He sat there trying to take it in good humour, but he’d never been good at hiding his emotions, and the more they teased, the more embarrassed he became, and it became a vicious cycle. He looked so betrayed that day, and I decided never to use the word again. Until now.

Alejandro’s head snapped up and he looked at me with an intense gaze, eyes widening.

“What do you mean Oscar?”

“C’mon, you know exactly what I mean. Don’t play dumb.”

I was enjoying the game. Enjoying making him squirm, but he knew the game. It was called “Don’t risk incriminating yourself by admitting the wrong thing.”

“Sincerely,” he said, and I knew the next words out of his mouth were going to be a lie. He only used that word when he was lying. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He was fidgeting uncomfortably. He sipped at his Coke in an attempt to prove to me how relaxed he was, but I could see that his hand was trembling. He must have noticed as well, because he put the can down on the floor quickly, and crossed his arms defensively.

“You sent me a message on Skype. A video message. I don’t think you meant to send it to me.”

He stared at me unblinking, and stopped moving completely – literally statue still. His skin changed from tan, to pink, to red, to crimson. I could almost hear his mind working.

“You’d better breathe or you’re gonna pass out,” I warned him.

He looked sick. He took a huge gulp, swallowing his own Coke flavoured saliva.

“What are you gonna do about it?” he asked, obviously deciding not to risk making the situation worse by lying any more.

There was no doubt WHICH video I was talking about. There was only one. He was dancing with a boy I recognised as his friend Roberto. The music was shitty modern dance with Spanish male vocals. Alejandro and his friend were both wearing shorts and nothing else. They were taking it in turns to simulate fucking each other in time to the staccato beat, grinding continuously in between. They were grinning happily at the camera like they were doing the most hilarious thing ever. Every so often they’d change places, and about a minute in, I noticed that Alejandro had clearly developed an erection, but it didn’t stop him from grinding it against Roberto’s butt. On the next change, Roberto was also showing wood, and when he rubbed and pounded it against the crack of my nephew’s butt, Alejandro looked delighted.

They continued grinding and dancing for four minutes until the song came to a halt, then they turned to each other laughing and high fived. Roberto pointed at Alejandro’s obvious erection and Alejandro dropped his head, seemingly bashful. I didn’t understand his reaction until he turned towards the phone camera in order to switch it off. There was a big wet patch on the front of the kid’s dark blue shorts – the same ones he was wearing now. There was not enough for him to have cum, but he was clearly extremely aroused by their dance.

The video was accompanied by a short, unambiguous message:

“Can’t wait to do it for real again.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received it. Alejandro was hot, hot, hot, with his lean, compact body, his tight little muscles, his sexy smile, and his sparkling eyes, almost black, but warm nevertheless. But he was my nephew damn it. I couldn’t let myself think of him like that, even though there was only five years age difference between us. I was a late, unplanned baby – the result of the failure of withdrawal as a means of contraception. I had Catholic prudery to thank for my existence!

I watched the video about 50 times. On one hand, I felt like it was an invasion of his privacy, like reading a letter intended for someone else; but on the other hand, this was just too good not to enjoy. I have to admit, I lost track of the number of times I jacked off to it. I felt guilty but that quickly passed, and I allowed myself to indulge in all manner of fantasies, before deciding that they didn’t have to remain as fantasies.


And now here he was a week later, and his ass, literally as well as metaphorically, was mine. He stared at me waiting for me to answer.

“Well, I could send it to your father?”

I was not remotely serious. I would never do that to him, but I wanted to gauge the level of control I had over him. An expression of pure terror painted itself across his face, but he didn’t say a word. Our family was staunchly Catholic. It was the reason I kept my own homosexuality secret. They believed it was a mortal sin, and much as my mother loved me, I didn’t trust my family to react favourably if I came out. Apparently Alejandro felt the same way.

“What do you think?” I prompted.

“Don’t do that Oscar, don’t tell anybody. Please Uncle!”

This time he was using the word “uncle” deferentially. He had more self respect than to wheedle, but he was definitely pleading.

“What do you think I should do then?”

He looked at me, chewing his lip, his eyebrows furrowed into a V, desperately afraid of saying the wrong thing.

“Couldn’t you just, you know, get rid of it?”

I gave an exaggerated sigh, and gave him an I-don’t-really-know-about-that look.

I said, “Well, I suppose we could try to find another solution.”

I reached down and pushed my soft dick lower in my pants with my thumb. Alejandro glanced down at my hand, unsure if there was intentional meaning in my gesture. I hooked both thumbs into the top of my cargo shorts like a cowboy, and pulled them down an inch; just enough to expose a bit of hair. His eyes were switching back and forth between my groin and my face, trying to discern my intent.

Eventually I said, “Why don’t you show me how much your dick has grown Chilito?”

He frowned at me, then stood up. He wore his shorts low, exposing the waistband of no-name underpants designed to look like an expensive brand. Uncertainly he hooked both of his thumbs into the sides of his pants, then paused.  He looked me for confirmation.

“Go on,” I told him with a nod.

He slowly pulled his shorts and underpants down together, stopping half way between his knees and his groin. His dick bounced free. Chilito had grown some in the past three years. His dick was dark brown and four inches long. In spite of the heat, his nuts were high in a round sack nestled beneath the root of his cock. His face, shoulders and chest flushed pink. In his mind, I was making him strip simply to humiliate him.

Alejandro watched me, uncertain of what I wanted from him.

“Hmm, you’ve grown Chilito.”

I was using it as a term of affection.

“But I think I still have you beat.”

I pushed my loose jeans down a few inches, reached into my boxers and flopped my dick out over the waistband. Even soft, I had six inches of prime meat, and I knew it was impressive. Alejandro looked down at me without comment.

“Come here and we can compare.”

He started to shuffle over reluctantly, still sure that I was using this whole exercise simply as a means to humiliate him.

“You might as well leave those,” I gestured his shorts and underwear. “You’re not going to need them for a while.”

Without thinking, he pushed his shorts down, then the meaning of my words sank in and he did a double take and looked up at me, his eyes wide as though to say, “Did you just mean what I thought you meant?” His mouth opened slowly as he started to suspect where I was going. He took on an innocent puppy dog expression. He lowered his chin, and looked up at me through his lashes. I don’t think it was deliberate, but it was fucking adorable.

His cock started to thicken, but it was so slow that I don’t think he realised. He walked over like a nervous schoolboy about to receive the cane, his arms hanging limply by his sides. He stood in front of me and I sat up from my reclining position and took a grasp of his penis from underneath, holding it in my palm. I squeezed its sides, then slowly pushed my hand towards the root, drawing the loose foreskin back. He was sweaty and the soft skin was sticking to itself. As I peeled him, his glans was revealed; a pale pink colour that contrasted starkly with the dark skin of his penis.

“So how long has you and Roberto been fucking?” I asked casually, referring to the darker-skinned Brazilian boy in the video.

Alejandro paused for so long that I thought he wasn’t going to answer. I guess he was just coming to terms with admitting to me that he was gay.

“A few months,” he said, watching my face for reaction.

“He’s a cute boy. I can see why you like him.”

I reached beneath his cock and cupped his balls. His scrotum was totally devoid of hair, and in spite of my initial assessment, his balls were not pulled up tight, they simply lacked the mass to hang lower. His sack was soft and loose, and I rolled his nuts in their silky pouch for five or ten seconds. They were soft. I gently traced the cords that ran up into his belly, then lightly tugged down on his nuts, first one then the other. There was no particular reason, but it gave me a mild sense of power to do so. Alejandro stood quietly, allowing me complete control over his body.

I released him, placed one hand on the crest of each hip, and slowly pushed him back a couple of feet to give myself space, then I lowered my own pants and underwear. I stood face to face. He was six inches shorter than me – a perfect gymnast’s body, although his sport was soccer. And sex apparently…

“Sit,” I commanded, pointing to the threadbare rug.

Alejandro sat with his knees up and slightly apart, and I sat in front of him, facing him. I placed one of my legs over his left thigh, and the other underneath his right, then wiggled closer, spreading my legs and his as I did so. Our dicks were touching. I looked into his eyes and he looked right back at me, sweet and innocent. He gave a small tight-lipped smile. I could hear him breathing heavily through his nostrils.

I reached down and lifted both of our penises in my palm so that they lay facing each other. Mine was considerably longer, even though his was no longer fully flaccid. The end of my penis rested against his thick patch of hair, whilst his was well short of mine.

“I win,” I informed him.

He looked down at our dicks resting in my palm. He stared for what seemed like an age, as though he was studying them, then eventually, he returned his gaze to my face. The penny finally seemed to drop.

“Oscar, are you a homo?” he asked.

“Are you?”

He didn’t answer. I lifted our dicks so they were pointing vertically and scooted closer, so that our groins were pressed together and I could feel the soft lump of his balls against me. I slid my hand out, allowing our bodies to hold our cocks in place. Alejandro wiggled sidewards so that our dicks were pressing against each other. He was finally taking a little interest. I smiled at him encouraging.

I wrapped my arms around him, and he returned the hug, grinding his groin against mine. Opening my mouth, I moved my head towards his. He parted his lips and our mouths met. To my surprise, his tongue entered my mouth before I could push mine into his. It slid over my own tongue hungrily, like a man who has not eaten for days. I felt his cock rapidly hardening against my own, and mine grew in reciprocation. We continued kissing and he continued growing harder. His cock felt very thick between us. Eventually, I could bear my curiosity no longer and I moved away from him and looked down. My suspicion was correct – he may be below average in length, but he certainly had plenty to offer in thickness. He was substantially thicker than me; it looked out of place on his skinny young body,  and the head was much bigger still. I’d seen a lot of internet porn, but I had never before seen a penis that was so fat in proportion to its length. And he was already drooling precum. He was a horny kid and no mistake.

I had a straight 8 inches rising between us. He looked at it respectfully. Everyone is conditioned to respect length over girth, but I think that priority is misplaced. I was every bit as impressed by his dick as he appeared to be by mine.


“Suck me,” I ordered.

Alejandro frowned.

“No, I don’t do that.”

“Why not?”

He shrugged.

“I dunno. It’s too faggy.”

“I saw you dancing. You and Roberto have fucked each other in the asses, and a blow job is ‘too faggy’?!”

I was incredulous.

He stared at me mutely. He obviously felt dumb at his bizarre prejudice but still he wasn’t going down on me. I waited for a few seconds then I lost my temper at his stupid irrationality.

“Don’t be a goddamned faggot!” I growled, paradoxically. “Get down and suck me before I beat you senseless!”

I slapped him across the face fast but with no weight. He was wide eyed with shock at my anger. We rarely had a harsh word to say to each other.

“I don’t know how,” he said in a quiet, timid voice.

I couldn’t blame him for that. He wore a hurt expression and my anger evaporated. I felt bad about the slap. I wanted apologise, but I didn’t want to lose my control. I stroked his cheek and looked into his eyes. He looked back, his fear diminishing as he understood the gesture. We had grown up in a macho environment where sporting hugs were acceptable, but fraternal emotions were never expressed, but I felt like he understood my momentary tenderness.

I pushed him onto his back and lay down on top of him. He angled his chin upwards as though were going to kiss again, but I clambered around, turning 180 degrees so that my cock was dangling in his face and my knees were either side of his head. Then l leaned forwards and took his penis in my right hand. It was surprisingly inflexible and I had to slide back along his body towards his shoulders a few inches so that I could get it in my mouth without forcing it to bend painfully. I licked the head, mixing his precum with my Coke tinted saliva and using it as lube. In spite of the heat, he let out a little full-body shiver as my tongue circled on his glans, and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was his first blowjob. I was damned certain that after today, he and Roberto would be getting in a lot more practice!

He lay still, and allowed me to suck him. I hoped that he would quickly get the message and start to copy my actions. I wondered if he was still reluctant to return the favour, or he was so lost in his new feelings that it simply didn’t occur to him. I hoped his lack of reciprocity wasn’t because he was selfish, but to my relief, I felt him grip my shaft and start to lick my dick head. I had moved on to using my tongue and lips on the flared corona of his large glans, and frankly, he was as lousy at pleasuring me, as you would expect from a first timer. No subtlety, no understanding of what feels good – just lick lick lick, as though my dick was some kind of lollipop. I would teach him to do better another time. This was just the warm up for me.

Suddenly, and without warning, he was coming in my mouth. I’d barely gotten started and already he was thrusting and moaning into my cock. I felt him deposit squirt after squirt of cum onto the back of my throat. Ordinarily, I’d be disappointed at a guy who came that quick, although I did take a certain pride that he was so turned on, and on this occasion, I was just happy that he didn’t bite my cock as he came.

The moment he started to cum, I thrust my cock deep into his mouth and down his throat. It caused an immediate gag reflex, and he momentarily forgot that he could breathe through his nose, and started thrashing around. He was panicked, but at the same time it was adding to the intensity of his orgasm. I knew people who went in for auto-erotic asphyxiation, wrapping  their throats with belts or ties, but to me that was just too much risk for the rewards, but I did discover that a bit of breath control worked almost as well with none of the risks.

It was Alejandro’s first blowjob, and I forgave him his lack of control, and I even continued bobbing my head and tonguing him to increase the intensity of his pleasure.

Given the small size of his balls, I wasn’t surprised to discover that he had not produced a massive load, although it was certainly delivered at high velocity and his thrashing was nearly enough to break my teeth! I might have to change his nickname from Chilito to Jetboy or Bronco.

When he finished squirting, I withdrew my dick from his throat, but continued gently sucking and licking him for a minute, ensuring that he was pleasured until his orgasm had completely subsided. He had stopped sucking me a few seconds before he started to cum, and now he had no interest in resuming. I rolled off and walked into my bedroom.

“Don’t move!” I told him as I left.

I returned 30 seconds later carrying a rubber, a towel, and a small bottle of lube. He watched, and now that he had cum, his former nervous expression returned.

“It will be just like Roberto,” I reassured.

“Roberto’s nowhere near THAT big!” Alejandro replied, looking at my hard cock.

“I don’t have to put it all in.”

The kid looked sceptical. Without asking, I lifted both of his legs so that I could see his undercarriage,  then I knelt and put my right knee behind his curved spine so that his rump remained in the air. His ass was more hairy than I would expect for a boy his age. I spread his cheeks with my left hand. He was smooth. I was going to ask if he shaved, but I could see the fine hairs, so I guess he simply wasn’t the hairy type. I looked at his sphincter. It looked a little red and inflamed. I wondered if he and Roberto were going at it too hard, or if he was still so new at it, that every session left him looking like this.

“How long since Roberto fucked you?”

“Few days.”

“How big is his prick?”

Natural male curiosity. I wanted to know what Alejandro had to compare me against.

“About the same as me, but not as fat.”

As we made small talk, I had squeezed a generous squirt of lube directly onto his starfish, and was smearing it around with my finger. It was room temperature so Alejandro barely noticed.

“So how often do you guys do it?”

“I dunno. As often as we can. A couple of times a ah aaaaaah!”

I had pushed my finger into his hole without warning. I worked it in and out a few times to lube him thoroughly, then I started twisting and finger fucking to loosen him up. He completely lost the thread of his sentence. As his hole gradually relaxed, I inserted another finger. After a few minutes, I tried to insert a third but he was tight.

“Not a lot of space in there.”

“Roberto says it’s good.”

“I’m not surprised.”

I returned to two fingers for a little longer, then managed to put in a third, but Alejandro winced and clenched as I inserted it.

“Relax, it’ll open up quicker.”

He looked up at me between his legs, his body mine to do with as I wanted. And what I wanted now was to fuck him. I pulled myself until I was fully hard again. It didn’t take long. I’d wanted Alejandro since long before it would have been legal, and now my dream was about to come true.

I considered barebacking him. I couldn’t imagine he’d had a lot of sexual partners, but who knew about Roberto? I rolled a magnum down my rigid dick.

I held him behind the knees and roughly dragged him towards me, so that his legs wrapped either side of my kneeling body. His arms dragged above his head, his body limp like a puppet whose strings had been cut. He was completely soft now. There’s something about looking at a boy’s soft dick and nuts from this angle that always make them look so helpless, and I swear it takes years off them.

Alejandro looked worried. I ignored his trepidation and pushed his knees up past his head onto the floor near his shoulders. The red silhouette of my slap still glowed on his cheek, and his hole was utterly defenceless. I put the end of my dick against it and gently leaned against him, encountering resistance still. His dick and balls hung flaccid, dangling towards his belly button. I lightly tapped his balls with my fingers. He flinched.

“Relax,” I advised him again, but he was grimacing.

I maintained my pressure, and slowly I felt his hole widening to accommodate my penis. Then it reached the critical point and I slid into him. He grunted in pain at the final stretch, and breathed noisily through his teeth. I guess Roberto must be a lot thinner than me too.

“Good boy,” I cooed, unconsciously patronising him.

I pushed slowly down, seeing how far I could get before I encountered resistance. When I was five inches in, he flapped his hands at me in a panic.

“Enough, enough, don’t go any further!”

“Is that how far Roberto goes?” I asked.

“No, he’s not that long.”

I suppressed a smile of satisfaction, and started pumping slowly, giving his over-stretched sphincter time to adjust to me. As I saw him start to relax, I pumped faster, keeping my strokes smooth to minimise any discomfort. He was hot inside, in spite of the high ambient temperature, and I liked the way his hole seemed to suckle my cock. I don’t think he was doing it on purpose. If anything, he was unconsciously trying to eject my large cock on each stroke, but whatever the reason, it felt like he was massaging my dick with the muscles of his anus.

I rose from my knees into a crouch without pulling dick from him. Now my feet were standing either side of his waist and I was lowering my weight onto his upturned asshole. With each thrust I bounced my entire weight down onto his buttocks, burying my cock into him deeper and deeper. I felt like a rutting gorilla, and I almost wanted to roar at my triumph, finally taking this boy that I’d lusted over for so long. He looked up at me, clearly in discomfort now that I was going deeper, but saying nothing. Enduring for my pleasure. Or maybe he was intimidated by me. It was easy to forget how big a gulf five years seems when you’re seventeen.

I enjoy gorilla fucking – it seems primal, and there’s an element of total dominance that really does it for me, but it’s fucking murder on the quads! A few minutes of that and my thighs were burning. I withdrew, then holding him by the pelvis, I flipped him onto his face.

“On your knees – lift your ass up!” I instructed.

Alejandro complied. He knew that he was nothing more than the plaything of a real man now.

I knew it was risky, but I wanted to seed him fully – to mark him as mine. I tore the condom off, knelt down and drove my cock into him burying it balls deep. He gasped as the head of my cock pressed against his internal organs. I held the crests of his hips again and started fucking him with a vengeance. He whimpered and gasped with almost every stroke, but I ignored it. After a couple of minutes, I reached out for his hair so that I could pull his head back, but his close cropped hair was too short to grip so I held him under his chin and pulled his face skywards. He arched his back, but I realised that he had also started to push his buttocks back towards me in time with my thrusting. I grinned. The kid was taking it like a proper bitch. I reached under him with my right hand. His chaud was hard again. I started pumping it, and his whimpering turned to moaning.

I fucked him hard now, my nuts swinging between his legs and bouncing off his perineum with every stroke. He was gasping and panting like a dog in heat, desperate for release, his breaths coming far faster than even my jackhammer pounding of his tight hole. Suddenly I felt him start writhing and his hole contracted against my cock. There was wetness on my fist. Horny fucking mutt was cumming again, and that did it for me. I tipped over the edge and had an orgasm that was years in the making. This was the fulfilment of a fantasy I’d had since he’d grown his first pube. It was an epic orgasm. I’ve never cum so hard before or since. I couldn’t tell exactly how much seed I poured into his ass, but the squirting seemed to last forever, and the evidence afterwards suggested that I had deposited 6 months worth of cum in a single orgasm!

Eventually I was done, and I slowed to a stop, resting with my cock inside him. But I had continued pumping his cock, and now he was starting to squirm.

“Uncle stop,” he winced, “I’ve had enough now.”

I ignored him, and kept pumping whilst my dick softened inside him. He continued squirming, like a child desperate to go to the bathroom, and I deliberately switched to a smaller hand movement, using his jizz as lube, polishing the ping pong ball sized end of his dick. It was hypersensitive and he was desperate for me to stop, but he was still mine to do with as I liked.

I pulled my flaccid dick from his hole, and it flopped down like a wet noodle, completely spent. For some reason, the image of a newborn calf falling from its mother’s vagina popped into my head. Alejandro’s hole was stretched wide, and I could see deep inside to his pink innards. The lips of his sphincter, formerly inflamed looking, were now a livid bright red.

I flipped him once more onto his back and continued polishing his glans in my fist. He wriggled and lifted his hands and knees like a five year old being tickled, but it was not pleasure he was feeling. His face showed his alarm as I forced his penis to respond, staying hard when it was ready to soften. I batted his hands away and continued for a few more minutes, whilst his struggling intensified. Then he gasped and violently tried to push my hand off his dick. Nothing emerged, but I had clearly achieved my objective and forced a third orgasm from his young body. I gave him a knowing leer, and he gaped back at me, amazed at my ability to control him.

Amongst his friends, he was a self-assured male with a cocky swagger, but now, laying on back in my lounge, squirming like a newborn baby, he was most definitely, NOT the one in control.

I released him, and he scooted back a pace. His hands immediately went to his groin to protect himself against any further forced milking. He sat up, and looked at me with new eyes: shocked, respectful.

I wiped a finger in the last of the rapidly drying puddle of cum that his second orgasm had left on the carpet. I walked over to him and held my finger out.


He shook his head.

“LICK!”  I commanded in a tone that left no room for refusal.

He timidly poked out his tongue and licked his own cum off my finger.

“All of it!”

He sucked my finger like a popsicle.

“Now swallow.”

He obeyed.

I picked up a towel and wiped my dick. Alejandro’s knees were up, and I could see my cum leaking from his hole. He must have felt its coolness against his rump. He bent over double and lifted his dick and balls out of the way to have a look, then he reached out to me for the towel.

“No, you take that home inside you. Now we will be close together forever. I’ll always be a part of you.”

He looked at me, still shell-shocked at the ferocity of my fucking, and confused by what it meant. Our relationship had subtly shifted. We would still be close, but from now on, I was the one in complete charge.

Alejandro stood up and pulled up his tatty, baggy white, pseudo name-brand underpants and his knock-off Adidas half length shorts.

“You’d better get home. It’s almost dinner time,” I said.

He looked as though he was going to say something. His lips started to move but no sound came out. He turned towards the door. The seat of his shorts was drenched. They’d dry soon enough in the heat, and he had no houses to pass on his route home. I smiled at the thought of my sperm still seeding him. I wondered how long it would take his hole to close.

He turned back.

“So you won’t say anything about the video to my dad will you?”

I had to stifle a laugh. After today, he was still fearful of being outed.

“Nah. But come back next week, and next time, bring Roberto…”

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