The Academy

Two parents discover that a prospective residential school has a unique way of preventing its teenaged students from being distracted by thoughts of sex.

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The Academy

Mr and Mrs Hines logged onto the website that Mr Hines had visited earlier that day. John Hines entered the password that he had received over the phone, and they sat back to watch the video presentation that ensued.

The screen was black, and the following words appeared, “Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you watch this presentation with the potential student present. Please click to continue.”

The twins were out at school, so John clicked his mouse and the video began playing.


The camera opened with a long shot of a complex of buildings surrounding a huge central edifice enclosing a quadrangle. The central building was made of red brick, and even from this distant camera position, the architecture was clearly Georgian. The buildings were set in extensive grounds, and it was easy to make out a football pitch, tennis courts, and an athletics track. Even before the words Eaglewood Academy slowly faded onto the screen, it was obvious that they were looking at a school. Beneath the name of the school, which was written in team jacket font, the words “Guaranteeing excellence” revealed from left to right in a white cursive handwriting font.

The view faded to show a series of views of the school and its students. They were studying, working in the library, out on the sports pitches, even putting on a play. The boys were all of high school and college age – 14 to 21.

After a minute of unremarkable school promotion, the view changed to reveal the Dean of the school, sitting behind his desk.

“Hello dear parent, thank you for taking the time to watch this presentation. We could continue showing you our school, but frankly, our reputation and our results speak for themselves, and you wouldn’t be watching this video if you were not already well aware of our academic performance. Suffice it to say, students from Eaglewood consistently rank in the top 1% amongst the elite academies, boarding schools and colleges in America. That places them in the top point zero zero zero one percent of all schools nationwide.”

“You are here to find out why. You have already been pre-screened as parents who are willing to consider ANY methods to guide your children towards greatness, and you have demonstrated via the extensive psychometric questionnaires you filled in, that you are open-minded enough to appreciate the value of our methodology.”

“So, let me ask you a question. What do you think is the single greatest factor that comes between a male student and success in life?”

The Dean sat back in his chair.

“I’ll give you a moment to consider that.”

The video paused and the words “Click to continue,” appeared over the video.

John turned to his wife. She frowned.

“I don’t know? Syllabus? Quality of the teaching?”

“Hmmm, but he said comes between the student and success,” John said. “IQ? Bullying maybe?”

They were both mystified. John clicked and the Dean continued.

“Sex… That’s right, you heard correctly. From the start of puberty until their mid twenties, sexual energy, and the pursuit of sexual gratification is the single greatest factor that stops young men from achieving greatness. Whether it’s watching pornography, reading it, pursuing sexual partners, thinking about sexual fantasies, courting, masturbating, or actively engaging in sex, it occupies an inordinate amount of their attention.”

The screen flipped through a series of short clips. The first looked over the shoulder of a showing a boy aged about 14, the peachy down on his cheek catching the light as he looked at porn on the internet. The next showed a boy aged 18 or 19 chatting to a girl, and adjusting the obvious erection in his jogging pants as he talked. The final clip showed a boy of 16 reclining on his bed, a dreamy expression gazing off into space as he masturbated.

The Dean reappeared.

“If you were offended by the previous clips, either stop this presentation, or ready yourself. It will not be the last graphic image that you will see. The fact is, gay or straight, the pursuit of sexual gratification takes up 27% of a young man’s mental resources and 7% of his physical energy EVERY… SINGLE… DAY…”

The man paused for emphasis.

“Study after study has revealed that young men who have no sex drive, usually due to loss of the testicles before the onset of puberty, even when they are aided with regular hormone injections, perform over 53% better academically, and grow up to be over 700% wealthier. Of course, money may not buy them happiness, but it certainly helps.”

“Of course, removing our students’ testicles would be as inhumane as it would be counter-productive, leading to all manner of mental issues as they grow older. The modern option for sex offenders is the use of antiandrogen drugs such as cyproterone acetate, but this not only suppresses the sex drive but also renders the subject completely impotent, and long term usage can produce permanent fertility issues.”

“But we have another solution that is as elegant as it is effective, and I must stress, it is guaranteed to have absolutely NO physical or emotional side effects. Our program is approved by all relevant government agencies, and you can check on our approvals and the underlying studies that prove our program’s efficacy via the contacts and links provided at the end of this presentation.”

“The first step is to isolate the boys from female companionship. Our Academy is 60 miles from a major town, so it is quite impossible for the boys to casually fraternise with any females. Because it is a boys only Academy, there are no girls around to distract the students. Furthermore, all female staff members are in their forties or older.”

“Although they are allowed to use computers in their rooms, and the boys may initially maintain an interest in pornography, after their very first night, any such interest will remain out of habit rather than desire, and within a couple of weeks, will disappear completely.”


The screen changed to show a boy’s dormitory. It housed two boys of about 15. They were chatting as they prepared for bed. One was wearing boxers, the other striped pajama bottoms. Both climbed into bed.

A voiceover said, “We enforce a strict lights out policy at 11pm for all students. The power to their overhead lights goes off at 11.05. Emergency lighting is available all night, but is too low to read by, and in any case, is NEVER needed for reasons that will soon become obvious.”

The lights turned off, and the view switched to night vision.  After a minute or so of adjustment, both boys settled.

“At 11.15, electronic units beneath each bed starts to emit theta waves. These quickly supplement the natural drowsiness caused by the darkness. At 11.30, these change to Delta waves, which entrain the boy’s brains into a deep state of slumber. This is reinforced with a patented neural amplifier that makes it utterly impossible for the boys to awaken.”


John and his wife Alice looked at each other, baffled as to where this was leading.


The lights in the dormitory turned on, and a matronly woman wearing a white nurse uniform and polythene surgical gloves entered carrying two plastic boxes that looked like first aid kits. She was accompanied by a male porter, also dressed in a nurse uniform.

The camera view switched to a HD hand held view that followed the staff. John noticed that a boy’s names was stencilled onto one of the plastic boxes.

“This is where the magic of our program begins,” the voice continued.

The nurse pulled the quilt back off the boy on the right, then rolled him onto his back with his arms by his sides, then she pulled his pajama trousers down past his knees. He was wearing briefs underneath, and she pulled those down too. The porter lifted the boy’s feet and moved them where his knees had formerly been resting, whilst the nurse guided the teenager’s knees apart. When they had finished positioning him, he looked like a frog on a dissection table. Throughout it all, the boy continued to breathe slowly and deeply.


John looked at his wife, a good idea where this was now heading was now forming in his mind. She frowned, as surprised as he was by what they were seeing.


The nurse took the lid off one of the plastic boxes and placed it on the bed in the diamond space space between the boy’s legs. She withdrew an 8 inch long a metal rod from the box. It had two inch long head about half the thickness of a banana on one end, tapering to a thin, curved head. She lubricated it and slipped it effortlessly into the boy’s anus, sliding it up until all but one inch on metal protruded. The other end was attached to a wire, which she plugged into an electrical unit inside the plastic box.

“The nurse is prepping the young man for semen milking. This is basically a much more sophisticated version of the way that sperm is collected from livestock,” the voice informed them. “With livestock, the goal is to collect as much semen as possible in a single operation. This is painful to the animal, and does not fulfil our objective. With our program, each boy is milked continuously for 6 hours. The purpose is to drain their testicles utterly of sperm, whilst also exhausting the ejaculatory muscles so that the subject is not only disinterested in becoming sexually aroused over the next 24-48 hours, he is INCAPABLE.”

The camera switched to show a dozen boys, all utterly flaccid, laughing and joking as they showered together.

“The boys are unaware of the fact that their sexual response has been suppressed, but there is no more of this,”

A hidden camera from a side view, showed a youngster sitting in a chemistry class, fidgeting uncomfortably, and looking shiftily around as he attempted to hide the erection that was tenting his black school trousers.

“Or this,”

The hidden camera showed a top down view of a boy masturbating in the stall of a public bathroom.

“Or even this.”

This time the camera showed a party attended by boys and girls in their late teens. On the couch right in the middle, two boys were fucking. It was a video designed to trigger the homosexual bigotry of many parents. Even those who were more liberal, such John and Alice, were guaranteed to be appalled by the casual exhibitionism, and the fact that the boys were fucking bareback. The video continued for thirty seconds; an uncomfortably long time. John was wondering how much longer the sex scene would continue, when the video returned to the dorm.


The nurse clipped two small clamps onto the sleeping boy’s testicles. Each was a little larger than a clothes peg, with metallic heads like kitchen tongs that surrounded each testicle. It was clear from how little they depressed the boy’s testes that the springs holding them shut were very weak.

The nurse flipped a switch in the box and the boy’s penis quickly hardened. She slid a condom over his penis. Although she rolled it all the way down the sleeping boy’s five and half inch penis, three more inches of condom remained at the end.

The nurse removed one more piece of equipment; a soft rubber ring into which were affixed four, inch long plastic lozenges. She stretched the rubber and drew it down over the head of the boy’s penis, then released it so that the plastic lozenges were pressing on the base of his glans at the front, back and both sides. The set of lozenges were also connected to the control unit by a wire.

“The subject will be kept in a repeating cycle of sexual arousal, with each cycle lasting 10 minutes. During each cycle, the stimulation level will rise, culminating in an orgasm at the end of ten minutes. Many of the boys will experience two orgasms during the early cycles.”

The nurse slid another switch inside the case and the four lozenges started buzzing. John turned to his wife and she grinned. They both recognised the sound of a vibrator. He had bought one for them to play with together.

“Is it me,” John asked, adjusting his penis, “or is this kind of hot?”

Alice smiled.

“Yeah it is pretty kinky. Just a shame the kid isn’t awake to enjoy it.”


The narrator continued.

“Each boy is guaranteed to experience at least 36 orgasms each night, of which generally, 10-15 will include ejaculation. To prevent the subject experiencing sexual dreams during the milking, REM, better known as “dream sleep” is prevented during milking. To prevent mental issues and to ensure a proper night’s rest, it is instigated for one hour per night after milking has concluded, and the boys are too drained to have sexual dreams.”

As he spoke, the camera returned to the ceiling view, and the nurse and her assistant could be seen quickly and efficiently wiring up the second occupant of the room. It took less than a minute, and soon he too was lying on his back, knees apart and his eager penis being stimulated.

The view returned to the handheld, which zoomed in close on the first boy’s groin. There was cream in the condom.

“As you see, our programme expertly, and without fail produces orgasm after orgasm until long after the subjects are able to ejaculate. In the event that your son has not yet discovered how distracting his hormones and his penis can be, this procedure guarantees that he will not discover for the duration of his stay with us.”

“Of course, most boys quickly discover that their sex drive has disappeared. Many assume that it is something to do with the food, and they try to eat as little as possible, or get it directly from the kitchen or the gardens. We allow them to do so without penalty in order to assuage their suspicions, and they gradually grow to attribute their lack of sex drive to other issues. Our onsite counsellor will tell the boys that it is a natural result of the hard work and the soft water, and the boys quickly grow accustomed to their new, sex free lifestyles.”

“As an aside, we DO add supplements to the food – FDA approved nutrients and supplements to make up for what is lost in the constant ejaculations, but nothing more. Just before they go on break, we include a small dosage of a drug called DMPA which will suppress their sex drives for a week or two. This dosage is increased before summer recess. The drug is safe in small, irregular doses.”

Cream started to squirt from the boys’ penis again. It was the second orgasm in five minutes. He continued to breathe slow and deep, with no sign that he was enjoying his orgasm or was even aware of it.

“Students of all ages, from 14 to 21 are milked every single night, and our expert team of nurses undergo the highest level of government vetting before being allowed to work for us. Apart from this video, which was made with the approval of the students’ parents, no phones or cameras are allowed into the boys’ rooms, except for the control room which is monitored all night by two staff with Alphasec 1 clearance.”

Overhead views of dozens rooms, with students of all ages, all lying in frog position, slowly played. All were motionless and tranquil. Boys of every shape and size. Some muscular and adult, some baby smooth and soft. Large powerful cocks, short stubby cocks, thick, thin, and every variety in between. All the cocks had one thing in common: they were standing up hard, whilst their balls were being milked.

“Whatever age your son, our programme ensures that his testicles – and his libido – will be utterly drained by the end of the night…”

The camera returned to a close up of the first boy. A clock hand whizzed around to show the passing of six hours. Then the nurse was removing the equipment attached to him. The last thing she removed was the condom. With an impassive expression, she turned and showed it to the camera, holding it by the ring at the base so the tip dangled downwards. It contained half a teacup of sticky fluid.

John looked at his wife amazed. Neither of them could believe that anyone could produce that much semen in a single night, much less a teenage boy.

“Because this method of orgasm does not require any physical exertion by the boys, it ensures that they can start each day full of energy, and ready to focus on what really matters – their studies, and participating to the fullest in our wide range of sporting programs.”

A final montage showed happy boys playing lacrosse and soccer, and working hard in class and their dormitories.

“One additional bonus of our program, is that it actually increases the size of the boy’s testicles by over 150 percent, and the rigidity and duration of their erections dramatically.”

Video of a locker room where seven young men of about 19 or 20 are unselfconsciously getting changed for swim practice. Each of them has heavy testicles larger than chicken eggs swinging between his legs.

“This means that when the boys finally complete their education here at Eaglewood Academy, they will be both willing and more than able to satisfy the most demanding of sexual partners.”

“Our program simply defers their sexual awakening until they complete their education, at which time they will be FAR better sexual partners as a result. For the last 12 weeks of their time with us, the boys will no longer be milked, and will instead receive extensive sex counselling.”

Video showed a class of eight men surrounding a bed in a classroom, watching with fascinated interest and obvious arousal whilst two people had intercourse.”

“This ensures that they will not only catch up to their counterparts who have not enjoyed the benefits of an Eaglewood education, but will far surpass them in terms of technique and self discipline.”

“This sexual education also include dozens of one to one sessions with our sex coaches, who will ensure that EVERY students leaves our school able to please the partner of his choice.”

This time the video showed a young man laying beside a beautiful woman, his large straining penis resting on her leg, and heavy balls dangling on his own, whilst she guided his hands across her breasts.

“And don’t worry, if your son is homosexual, we won’t neglect him either.”

The video showed two young men laying side by side, erect penises sword fighting each other as they tenderly kissed.

“Years of sexual denial will be rewarded in their final week, with an event to remember. The graduation orgy. For this event, which lasts two entire days, we will provide eight sexual partners for each student, each of whom has been medically checked, carefully vetted, and is an expert in every possible aspect of love-making and sexuality. It is certain to be the defining event of your son’s time with us, and will provide happy memories that he will keep with him for the rest of prosperous life.”

The video showed a vast, parquet floored hall, with beds and chaise lounges and mattress and every conceivable sex toy, and a myriad pieces of sexual equipment whose exact purpose the Hines could only guess at. Everywhere you looked there were horny, happy young men, fucking, getting fucked, being teased, toyed, edged, and generally having the best experience of their lives.

The camera lingered for a full minute before cutting one last time. The Dean appeared again in his office, he had a smile on his face that said, “You know and I know that you’re jealous as hell that you weren’t at that orgy.”

“Now that you have seen our programme, I’d just like to remind you one last time of the benefits. By ensuring that your son spends his entire time with us with constantly drained testicles, he will lose ALL waking interest in sex. That will leave him free to concentrate completely on his academic and sporting activities. The rewards will be immense.

Please remember that it is VITAL that you do not tell your son or sons about the milking program. For our program to work, it is essential that the students come to accept that their lack of sex drive is a natural result of the atmosphere of hard work and hard play that we maintain here.

I sincerely look forwards to helping your son to become the industry-leader of tomorrow. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call our admissions officer who will be happy to help you.”

The video slowly faded to black.

John looked at his wife. She looked back, studying his face to gauge his reaction. He nodded slowly and she gave him the smallest of grins.


Three hours later, they sat down to dinner. John looked across the table at his sons. Both black haired, with startling blue eyes. Just old enough to drive.

“Boys, we’ve finally found a good school for you. You’ll be starting in the Fall…”

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