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Just a chilled nude. A character I really like.

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  • Sometimes Aaron felt that the waiting was the hardest part of his Friday night appointment with his Dad.

    Then, he’d remember the punishment that was about to happen. Punishment wasn’t the word his father used. He called it, “the fix.” It was a fix for oversleeping, poor grades, not doing chores, rude behavior, and well just about any infraction of a set of rules that apparently Dad had memorized but that Aaron had never seen. If Aaron protested that he didn’t know he’d broken a rule, that was backtalk which, of course, was against the rules.

    Overall, Aaron had a very good life. He lived with his Dad in a posh neighborhood and attended the same University his dad had attended. Although the all-boys school had dorms, students living close to the school could choose to live at home.

    Aaron turned 18 on a Sunday just over a year ago and had assumed that “the fix” on Friday nights would stop. But, the number just went up. His father had been completely unreasonable about Aaron being a legal adult and had offered Aaron two options. Either he would continue to live by the rules of the house or his father would buy him a one-way bus ticket to anywhere Aaron thought he’d get a better deal than his own room, maid service, meals cooked for him, and his laundry washed and folded. His father employed a housekeeper, a cook, and a gardener..

    Aaron’s “chores” included keeping his own room straightened up, taking care of their two dogs, washing his Dad’s car, and whatever slip he pulled out of the chore jar on Saturday morning. To put it mildly, Aaron lived a good life with the finest clothes, his own driver, and a weekly allowance greater than many adults made working a full-time job.

    Still, here he sits as normal waiting on Friday night for “the fix” while his friends from school were out having a good time.

    Aaron’s father was convinced that sex was the root cause of any affliction a university student had. If Aaron missed a homework assignment, his dad figured Aaron was most likely masturbating instead of hitting the books. If Aaron’s room was unkempt, dad would admonish that Aaron should stop daydreaming about what the footballer’s bums looked like in their kits.

    Aaron’s dad was also gay. Which might be the reason he felt sex was the distraction that always kept Aaron one step behind. Last week his father told him that he should put half the effort into his studies as he did in checking out men’s bulges. Aaron didn’t know how to reply.

    The fix was both brutal and simple. At the beginning of each week, Aaron’s age was written on the chalkboard in his father’s study. Simply meeting expectations didn’t add to or subtract from the number. However, if Aaron violated a rule, his father added to the number. Aaron was frequently frustrated by the additions. Last week, he had 3 points added for not taking the next-door lady’s newspaper up to her front door when he’d seen it was getting wet from the lawn sprinklers. Aaron had no idea when that rule was added to the list.

    To be fair, if Aaron showed responsibility and exceeded expectations, points would be subtracted. Yet, he had no way to know what all the rules were and how to go beyond what was expected. Still, three months ago he’d gotten 5 points removed for complementing one of his dad’s coworkers on his tie. For some reason, that made his dad happy..

    Nevertheless, Aaron’s typical week started with 19 points and by Friday he’d have a score between 30 and 40 as additions always outnumbered subtractions.

    “Ready,” his father asked in a voice that indicated there would be last-minute points added if Aaron even hesitated to say he was. Although Aaron had been quite proud of his bush when it sprouted in his groin, tonight he’d wished he’d stayed hairless.

    Without being told, Aaron spread his legs wide. Tonight’s number was 36 and the next day and a half would be a roller coaster of pleasure, hyper-sensitivity, and anguish. One point equaled one hour of “the fix.”

    Although Aaron had no way of knowing it, nothing actually happened in the real world while “the fix” was happening. His father worked for MentaPhysical – a company that was creating a computer-to-mind interface. The hope was those entire populations could be controlled with nothing more than the flip of a switch by a technician working in a central control station.

    Aaron was experiment number one and his dad was the lead scientist working on the interface. When Aaron was 10 he had a minor fall and his doctor took him to the local clinic. Two days later, he left with micro-connectors implanted behind each ear.

    Aaron saw the equipment inside the closet his dad opened but his father neither opened the closet nor was there any equipment. Aaron tried to remain stoic as his father strapped down his arms to the chair and placed the various tubes on Aaron’s penis but there were no tubes and Aaron’s penis was still flat against his impressive balls.

    Little by slow, Aaron experienced having the entire non-existent machine attached to his face and nipples. Lastly, Aaron felt the biggest dildo ever being shoved up his bum.

    Although Aaron couldn’t hear his father, his dad was dictating into a microphone.

    “Subject has once again imagined ‘the fix’ to be a sexual machine that will cause forced ejaculations for the next 36 hours. Our attempt to rewrite software V.3209 has failed to encourage the subject to think of anything other than this as being ‘the fix'”.

    For the next 36 hours, Aaron’s penis remained flaccid and he never had an orgasm. In fact, he was sound asleep. Yet, in Aaron’s mind, he was wearing a 3D headset that projected the hottest gay porn ever, his cock was being milked from flaccid to orgasm constantly. He experienced each orgasm as if it were his first and screamed as the machine relentlessly continued to suckle him.

    2,000 miles away the tech that had rewritten the software was viewing everything Aaron on his monitor. Although the software was rewritten, the tech had never installed it. Every week for years he’d watched as Aaron’s sexual fantasies grew bolder and more detailed. The tech had fallen in love with Aaron – first as the perfect test subject and about 8 months ago as the perfect example of a fit blond college freshman with the biggest bush he’d seen on a male that age.

    The tech could manipulate the program to fit his own kinks. Every time Aaron’s mind resisted another orgasm the program would punish him by pulling on his pubes violently. Aaron soon learned to love having his pubes pulled on and the tech’s kink for pulling pubes was also satisfied.

    After 36 hours of what appeared to Aaron’s father as his son having a good nap in a comfortable chair, Aaron’s mind saw the milking machine being removed. It took only two minutes for reality to come into sync with what Aaron was seeing.

    “Maybe now you’ll stop thinking so much about sex and start following the rules.”

    Aaron was always astonished at how well the machine had cleaned up after itself. He never had any cum stains or even marks from where it had ruthlessly sucked every drop of sperm from his balls.

    “Unless you’d like another 12-hour session with ‘the fix’, get up and get dressed. It’s almost time for lunch and you have to wash the car before we eat.”

    Aaron’s father erased the board and wrote 19 on it. “Let’s see if you can maybe get that number down this week.”

    The next morning Aaron woke up with morning wood. He wondered how it was possible that after dozens of orgasms the day before, his dick would wake up stiff. He glanced at the clock and figured he had time to run off a quick one. Aaron grabbed his cock and pulled his silly soft foreskin over his glans just as his Father opened the door.

    “Sex? See? If you’d used this free time you seem to have to open your history book instead of pulling on your dick, you might pass the semester with a B instead of a C.”

    Aaron let go of his dick which only made things worse as his swollen red glans was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. He instantly wished he’d kept it hidden in his palm.

    “Well, go on then finish. If that is what is more important to you than school, then get on with it.”

    Aaron’s pecker softened and no matter how he tried it wouldn’t get erect again.

    “If that’ is as good as you can do, perhaps the history book should take the place of breakfast. Oh, and that’s 4 points for failing to follow my order and finish. You need to learn to follow instructions.”

    Closing the door Dad smiled and shook his head. The computer had both given Aaron his morning erection and forced his cock to go soft. Aaron hadn’t had two original thoughts in the past 18 months and didn’t even know it.

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