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Double X

Two brothers find themselves in a compromising situation. Kidnapping, humiliation +490

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kink If you want to support me in my art writing and encourage me to write more, please consider a small monthly donation via Patreon. You will be the first to learn about my latest work, and $5 will give you access to the 4K section of this site. A young man perves on his […]

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See no evil

gay coming of age, incest A naïve young man gives his brother a treat. +130

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Nen was initially furious that his father had gotten into the bath with him. It was something he hadn’t done since Nen was a little boy. Nen felt embarassed that his father’s cock was so much bigger than his. But as he stared at his dad’s prick, Nen discovered his own penis reacting, and within […]

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Balkan Ritual

Balkan Ritual Sexual initiation, gay incest, heterosexual, sexual ritual A Croatian teenager reluctantly meets his sexual responsibilities to his village. (inspired by actual rituals) +130

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Father and son

forced milking A father and his son find themselves in an unexpected sexual situation. +17-1

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One photo two stories – The debt

A teenager and his father are forced into humiliating sexual acts for an audience. You can find an index to all my stories here +60

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Bathroom treatment


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