Double X

Two brothers find themselves in a compromising situation.

Kidnapping, humiliation

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Double X

Lucas drifted awake; his mind still sleep fogged. He was laying on his face, which he never usually did. But that was not what instantly caught his attention: he was face-to-face with Aiden, his older brother by four years. He was laying on top of his brother. He blinked repeatedly. A single thought entered his mind.

“What the fuck?!”

Lucas tried to scramble off but immediately discovered another strange fact: he couldn’t climb off his brother. He was spread-eagled and his ankles and wrists were tied to the corners of the bed. He leaned his upper body upwards as far as he could – not even six inches.

“Aiden! Aiden! Wake up!” he said urgently.

His brother remained asleep, so he tried again louder.

“Aiden! AIDEN!”

His brother’s eyes fluttered open. As soon as he saw his brother laying on top of him, he gave voice to Lucas’s thought.

“What the fuck! Lucas, get the fuck off me!”

“I can’t, I’m tied.”

“What? Why are you…”

It was then that Aiden realised that he was also tied in the same pose, but on his back. He tried to sit up but his arms and legs were pulled wide apart, and even without his brother on top of him he would not have been able to lift any more than his shoulders from the bed.

“Who tied you?” Aiden asked.

“I don’t know Ade. Why would I know? I just woke up a minute ago like this.”

Aiden frowned and looked around the twilit room, then his stomach sank.

“Lucas, where are we?”

Lucas looked beyond the bed to the darkened room beyond. It was not a room he recognised. There were shelves, but the walls were mostly covered in sound-proofed foam and nothing was familiar.

“Oh shit,” Lucas said. “Last thing I remember was falling asleep in my bed.”

“Yeah, same here.”

“Why would someone take out of our beds at night and tie us up?”

“HOW would someone do that without us waking up?” Aiden said.

Then Aiden noticed something else. He looked down at their bodies.

“Bro, we’re naked!”

Lucas’s eyes widened and he looked down at his lean body. But he didn’t need to look to know that he was lying dick-to dick with his brother. The moment his brother said they were naked, he was instantly aware of his brother’s penis pressing against his own.

“We’ve got NOTHING on,” he said redundantly.

Usually he slept in loose boxer briefs or even cotton pyjama bottoms.

“Yeah, I just said that. Can you at least move your dick away from mine?”

Lucas tried to adjust his position. He managed to move his soft four-inch meat tube so that it lay alongside his brother’s five-inch snake, but that was the best he could do, and he could still feel the warmth radiating from Aiden’s flaccid penis. As soon as he stopped straining against his bonds, he was pulled back on top, with their light tan-coloured dicks grinding against each other and their nuts smooshed together.

“I can barely move. My arms and legs are pulled really tight.”

“Yeah mine too. I’m starting to get a really bad feeling about this Luke.”

“Yeah,” Lucas agreed, swallowing. “Me too.”


Aiden looked at his wrists, then he struggled, twisting and tugging fruitlessly at his restraints.

“I can’t even get my arms a tiny bit looser. What about you?”

Lucas repeated his struggles, to equally little avail.

“Nah, not a thing.”

“What about your legs?”

Lucas squirmed, twisting his hips, trying to pull his ankles free of their leather restraints.

“Nah, nothing. It’s almost impossible to move with my legs pulled so wide apart, and I can’t get any strength.”

“Yeah this…”

Aiden stopped mid-sentence.


“What?” Lucas asked.

“You’ve got a boner.”

Although Aiden couldn’t see his brother’s face in the low light, it was glowing crimson with embarrassment.

“It’s all the struggling. You know, with our dicks rubbing together.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. Dude, your dick is REALLY hard.”

“It’s not my fault.”

“Whose fault is it then?”

“It just happens. Ade don’t you ever just get hard for no reason?”

“Not rubbing against naked guys!”

“Sorry Ade,” Lucas said more quietly, thoroughly humiliated now.

“Hey I’m just teasing you Lucas. When I was your age my dick had a mind of is own too. You need to get laid more often.”

“Or at all,” Lucas said.

“You still haven’t…”

“Nah. Got close a couple of times then it just didn’t happen. I didn’t wanna get too pushy or desperate.”

“Bro, when we get out of this, we gotta help you lose your V plates.”

“Ade, I don’t think we’re GONNA get out of this.”

“What? What are you talking about Luke? COURSE we’re going to get out of this.”

“Dude, you never hear about sex slaves getting free alive. They almost always kill them or keep them prisoner for years and years, THEN kill them.”

“What are you talking about, we’re not sex slaves.”

“Ade, of course we are. I dunno who did this to us or how, but if they just wanted to kidnap us, they wouldn’t have tied us naked in this position.”

“Maybe someone just wanted to mess with us? Embarrassment or something?”

“Why would they do that?”

“I dunno. Revenge? Have you pissed anyone off recently?”

“I don’t think so. You know me, I mostly get along with people. I don’t get involved in drama. What about you?”

“Nah, not unless one of the soccer teams we beat took things WAY out of proportion.”

They fell into silence for a few moments and Aiden noticed that his brother had lost his erection.

“What DO you think they want with us?” Lucas eventually asked.

His brother pondered carefully before answering.

“I really haven’t got a clue. Maybe they want a ransom?”

“From who? We haven’t got much money, and gramma and pops are not rich.”

“No, I guess not. I was just trying to stay positive.”

“Ade, we’re naked and tied with our dicks pressed together. I don’t know why, but they want us for something perverted.”

Aiden sighed deeply.

“Yeah, I guess you’re probably right. At least we’re together.”

“And we’re still alive.”


The door opened and a light came on. Someone walked in at the foot of the bed.

“That’s excellent reasoning boys. Well done. You are indeed here for something sexual. You’re going to be movie stars. Two cute brothers like you are going to make us a fortune.”

The second the man started talking, Aiden was on alert. He looked down to see who was talking. It was middle aged man dressed smart casual.

“You’ve got great bodies, great dicks, and great faces. I know a lot of men who will love seeing you two get it on.”

“Who are you? Why did you bring us here?” Aiden demanded.

“You can call me “Sir”, and I just told you why you are here. You’re going to make porn movies for us. As long as you behave and do what you’re told, you’ll be well treated.”

“What sort of porn?” Aiden asked.

“Use your imagination son. You’re both naked laying dick to dick. What kind do you think?”

“How long are you going to keep us here?” Lucas asked.

“Yes, that’s the only question that really matters isn’t it? You’ll be here until our clientele become bored with you. That may happen in a few months or a few years. There’s no way of telling. But don’t think that you’ll be making yourselves unpopular. How you leave us is up to you. If you comply with our instructions, you’ll eventually wake up in another part of town, and you can resume your lives. If you make life difficult, you’ll transferred to our other studio.”

His emphasis of the word “other” was ominous, and clearly intended to be so.

“What do you mean your “other” studio?” Lucas asked, afraid to hear the answer.

“Hmmm, well, bad things happen there. Very painful, very unpleasant things. Models never leave there. At least, not with all their body parts still attached and unharmed. You don’t want to go there.”

Lucas and Aiden’s blood ran cold at the man’s words.

“But why us?” Aiden asked.

“Our scouts saw you on vacation on South Padre. It was very cosmopolitan of you to wear speedos. You both looked great. Nice bulges, great tans.”

Aiden and Lucas were acutely aware of their nudity. The man approached and firmly gripped their plump, brown scrotums. Each was the size of a small grapefruit. Both brothers jumped at the feel of his hands, and Lucas gasped.

“You both have such fat, ripe balls. Much better than even I had expected. So full of cum, and we’re going to drain them soooo many times. Why don’t we start right away? See what we’re working with.”


He walked over to a shelf and picked up two small butt plugs with vibrating heads, then dipped them into a tub of lube and returned to his former position at the foot of the bed. Using the fingers of his left hand, he spread Lucas’s bottom-cheeks, then pressed the tip of the plug against the young man’s puckered sphincter.

“No please,” Lucas said.

The man ignored him, and with his legs spread so wide, Lucas could not resist the steady pressure against his hole. It opened then suddenly the slimy rubber object slipped inside him painlessly. His sphincter snapped shut on the neck of the plug, holding it in place.

The man pressed a switch in the base and the tip started making small circles like a fingertip polishing a piece of valuable silverware. Lucas immediately felt it against his prostate, exciting his body in a way it had never been excited before.

“You’ll find that rather stimulating Lucas. You might start leaking precum,” the man said with a small laugh.

Lucas noted that the man knew his name, but he was far more preoccupied by the unwanted pleasure in his hole. His erection returned with a vengeance, pressing hard against his brother’s still-flaccid penis.

Aiden felt his brother’s boner return, unaware that the man had thrust something into his bottom. Then the man rummaged beneath and inserted the second plug into HIS hole. Aiden grunted as it violated him. The moment the plug was activated, Aiden understood why his brother was hard. He felt his own dick rapidly filling with blood. He adjusted his hips until the angle of his cock was not bisecting his brother’s. Their bull-like nuts pressed against each other and Aiden could almost feel the virility pulsing through his younger brother’s testicles.


The man walked to the head of the bad and turned a metal wheel one quarter of a turn, loosening the tension on the young men’s arms, before returning to the shelf. He picked up a couple more objects, then walked to the side of the bed. He slapped Lucas’s smooth tanned bottom just too hard to be playful.

“Lift up.”

Lucas lifted his groin away from his brother. Beneath, their two brown cocks faced towards their heads. Aiden’s 8-inch log lay against his belly. Lucas’s 6-inch pole was tucked up tight against his own stomach, supported by the strength of his erection.

The man reached beneath. He was holding a tool, and in the four arms of the tool was a rubber sheath. The tool moved like the animal castration device known as an Elastrator, but the man had no such intention today. Instead, as he pressed the handles, it opened a soft rubber sheath that comprised two adjacent tubes of latex, with the overlapping section missing. The man held the brother’s penises until they lay parallel to each other, then slid the rubber tube over them, allowing each young man’s penis to occupy one of the tubes. The tubes were transparent and four inches long. When the rubber was just short of the base of Lucas’s penis, the man released the handle and withdrew the tool. The rubber tubes snugly pulled the two light-brown cocks together, so that they were pressed urethra-to-urethra.

The boys were positioned so that the head of Lucas’s shorter erection was level with the head of his brother’s. The heads of both penises were hard and dark plum coloured. Neither of them was circumcised, but in their excitement, the heads were fully exposed, the glanses so engorged that the skin was shiny. Even their frenulums were stretched tight.

“Nice erections,” the man observed. “I bet you could really do some damage with them. Still…” he said, patting Lucas’s rump in a friendly manner this time, “Our audience will appreciate your virginity. We’ll have to make a big occasion out of you losing it. Or having it taken from you.”

Aiden stared at his brother’s face hanging above him, and he saw his brother’s expression turn sickly as the younger brother contemplated what it would mean to have his virginity taken from him.

The man slid something else over the head of first Aiden, then Lucas’s penis. Each was a small rubber loop containing three small, oval pill vibrators. Each of the three was positioned to the sides and rear of each boy’s glans, level with their flared coronas. Then he added another larger, flatter pill, sliding it between their glanses. The man pressed a small pad on the remote he pulled from his pocket and all 7 pills started vibrating. Their movement was rapid like the buzzing of an electric shaver, and no greater in motion. It was instantly teasing, not enough to force the brothers to a immediate orgasm, rather it edged them, ringing each of their helmets with mild, high frequency stimulation.

“Unnnn uhhhh,” Lucas groaned softly, certain that he would not be able to resist the gentle teasing.

“You like that huh Lucas? We call it ‘the buzzer’. No guy can resist it. Especially one as turned on as you are already.”

He lightly squeezed the teenager’s firm glans.

“Okay, you can lay back down. Careful not to knock those buzzers off. If you do, I’m going to have to punish you when I return.”

Lucas lay back on his brother, lowering his full weight on him, grateful that he was the one on top. He rested his head to the side, their cheeks brushing.


But the man was not finished yet. He produced a much larger orb, this time the size of a small chicken egg. An electrical wire attached to its middle. He lifted Lucas’s hefty testicles and placed the egg between Aiden’s equally large nuts with the wire facing up towards Aiden’s penis, then he replaced Lucas’s nuts on top, surrounding the plastic egg with their testicle-filled scrotums. To finish, he slid a large rubber band over their scrotums, joining them together at the neck with the egg between, pressing softly against their testicles. The cable passed up between their sacks. The man plugged the other end into the mains. The eggs immediately started to vibrate at the same frequency as the glans pills but at a much greater amplitude. This time they both moaned with pleasure.

“And this one, we call ‘scrambled eggs’,” the man said with a smile. “It gets everything working harder down there. You’ll be able to cum an almost unlimited number of times as long as that keeps going.”

Both brothers moaned at the pleasure swelling in their balls.

“Just one more thing,” the man said, “I want you to start kissing. Mouths open. Tongues in.”


Moving with all the urgency of a snail on the way to the dentists, Lucas lifted his head and looked into his brother’s eyes. A “do we really want to do this?” look passed between them.

“Just in case you’re considering disobeying my request, just ask yourselves which you would find the most disagreeable, kissing each other for a couple of hours, or having your testicles crushed in a vice for a couple of days.”

Lucas’s eyes widened. Aiden opened his mouth and the Lucas pressed their mouths together.

“Good, that’s it, tongues in. We have an ultrasound scanner. I’ll know if you try to be clever.”

Lucas reluctantly pushed his tongue into his brother’s mouth.

“Good, now let’s see you start getting to work with those tongues. I want to see some movement; enthusiasm.”

Aiden slid his tongue across his brother’s and Lucas reciprocated.

“Better. More. More!” the man said, and the brothers tongue wrestled with greater conviction.

“Right, that’s the stuff. Now I’m going to leave you for a couple of hours, but we’ll be watching you on multiple cameras. If you are not kissing with genuine passion each time, I’m going to have to punish you, and I can assure you, you do NOT want that.”

The man left the room, leaving the boys to their toys.


Lucas didn’t know where to focus his attention. The last thing he wanted was to cum whilst rubbing dicks with his brother, but the buzzing ring of pills around his glans was infuriatingly arousing. The massage in his hole, was a very different beast. It was sending ripples of deep euphoria through his prostate; a sensation that he had never formerly experienced.

Beneath him, Aiden could feel the cool dribble of precum from his brother’s penis dribbling onto his hairy belly. It was soon joined by his own.

And then there was the egg on their nuts. Again, a totally unique experience, driving the brothers both crazy with desire. Neither would ever have considered that violent vibrations on their nuts would be arousing, let alone enough to have them squirming desperate for…

Aiden felt his brother’s cream landing in a series of squirts on his abdomen. Their bellies were pressed tightly together down to just above the navel, but Lucas’s cream rose as far as it could. Aiden’s torso was hair covered, but he felt the pressure of the cream hitting his hair, than melting past it to his skin.

Lucas let out a series of groans as he came and his eyes closed at the intensity. His orgasm lasted 30 seconds, and as it came to an end, he gave a series of involuntary staccato stabbing motions with his groin as his body attempted to evacuate every last drop of semen.


Aiden completely understood his brother’s reaction. It was taking every ounce of willpower not to join him, but he knew that he would not last long. And he hated to admit it, but his brother’s orgasm had cranked his own arousal up several notches.

Above, in the refractory period following his powerful orgasm, Lucas squirmed, uncomfortable now as the buzzing pills continued to tease his hyper-sensitive glans. He just wanted them to stop, to give him a few minutes to cool down and recover, but they wouldn’t. His sensitive plum-coloured skin stayed infuriatingly hard and his balls and asshole were as excited as ever. With his limbs spread so wide, he could barely move, but he writhed from side to side, as though impersonating a lizard running over hot sand in slow motion.

Then Aiden was adding his own pearl-jam to the puddle between them. As his brother moaned and squirmed above, the sticky fluid squelched and slurped between their bellies as his movement slowly turned it to foam. Then Aiden was also squirming, slower than his brother, two siblings in a syncopated dance of ecstasy. A dribble of sticky fluid slowly trickled down the side of Aiden’s hips, to darken the sheets below.


“Well done gentlemen,” a voice said from a speaker. “Now don’t forget to keep kissing.”


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    Hot! Please more from this series!

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    Hot! Please more from this series!

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    I’d love an update on this about more movies that the brothers had to make!

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    what a wonderful beginning

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    I always have fantasies of forcing young siblings, either boy and boy or boy and girl.

    And I always imagine they end up as lovers.

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