Humiliation stories

Backfire – Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Bully – Things take an unexpected turn between a bully and his victim

Candle – A young man accidentally turns himself on

Commune punishment – Part 1Conclusion – A naughty teen is spanked, humbled and tormented

Cultural movie – A young actor in a historical documentary finds himself being messed with in a public and humiliating way…

Chinese recruitment – A young Chinese military recruit discovers himself being sexually humiliated.

Emmett’s descent – A teenager is forced to perform for a wealthy man to avoid a beating.

Embrace – Two former enemies get more intimate than they would ever possibly have imagined.

Evidence – A young man finds himself in an embarrassing situation. Based on several actual incidents.

Glitter – A frat bully hides a humiliating secret.

Glove – A student finds himself under the control of a mystery stranger.

Hate wank – Not every wank is enjoyable.

Lord of the Rings – The restored tower – Valinor was NOT the end of Frodo’s journey, as we discover.

Monkey – A bully is punished in a fantastical way.

One photo two stories: The debt – A teenager and his father are forced into humiliating sexual acts for an audience.

Party piece – A young man becomes the unwilling guest of honour at an unusual party.

Pay the Piper – Two teens discover that their horniness can be used as a weapon against them.

Restrained – Two young men are captured by the Eastwood Alliance. – see the images here and here

Runaway – A runaway is forcibly milked

Saggers – Two teenaged BMXer discover that their dress sense has attracted unwanted attention

Sex Olympics: Event 14 – Rowing – Young men are forced to compete in sexual sporting events

Sex Olympics: Event 27 – Running – Young men compete against their will in a kinky Olympic event.

The chair – A young man finds himself the unwilling star of an erotic show.

The Don’s daughter – A horny young man discovers that even his massive teenage libido has its limits when he is subjected to a mechanical milking by the Don.

The Light – Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Conclusion – A father and son have an alien encounter

Three times round the block – Two friends are publicly embarrassed

USA – American men learn that US exceptionalism is not forever

When mom gets home – A young man in a dilemma waits for his mother to get home with mixed feelings