Three times round the block

Unwanted arousal, humiliation

Losing a bet leads to public humiliation for a young Mexican guy

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Three times round the block

Javier watched Oscar jump into the air. It was all down to his best friend now. He knew that welching on their deal with Pascal and Victor was out of the question, but he also knew that if Oscar missed this trick, they were in big trouble.

Oscar flipped an open half somersault in the air, but that was the easy bit. As he came out of the somersault, he started to pivot around his vertical axis, although his body was now parallel to the ground. One rotation; two; it was clear that he was not spinning fast enough. He spun awkwardly, trying desperately to avoid falling flat on his back. He failed, landing heavily.

“That’s only two Oscar,” Victor said in a thick Mexican accent. “FLIP. We win.”

They were playing the parkour equivalent of the skateboarding game S.K.A.T.E. The players on each team took turns performing a gymnastic parkour move, and their counterpart on the other team had to copy it. If they failed, they gained a letter from the word “FLIP.” First team to get all four letters lost.

Oscar turned to Javier and grinned sheepishly.

“Sorry compadre, I did my best.”

Javier looked queasy. He knew they were big trouble.

“Lelo!” Javier said calling his friend a dummy in Mexican. “Now we gotta pay the forfeit.”

“Hey you missed two as well!” Oscar replied.

“Yeah, but I wasn’t the one who claimed to be some kind of top-shit free runner!”

He punched his friend firmly in the top of his arm. Oscar flinched and yelped.

“Hey amiga, easy. You know how good I am. You practice with me. I’m sorry okay?”

He offered an appeasing and crooked grin.

Javier looked pissed, but they were too close for him to ever get really angry. He turned to Victor and Pascal apprehensively.

“Guess it’s time to pay the forfeit. What you got for us?”

Pascal grinned and Oscar swallowed hard at the sight of it.

“Hey nothing too difficult guys; nothing sick. All you got to do, is get on that little bike of yours, and ride it three times round the block no faster than 5 miles an hour.”

Javier glanced at Oscar’s moped. It was his pride and joy, and he used it to ferry them both everywhere, but the forfeit seemed ridiculously generous.

Javier frowned.

“That’s it?” he asked incredulously.

Pascal and Victor looked at each other and grinned. Javier’s stomach sank as he saw the look.

“Not quite. You gotta get naked first. Leave your clothes here. And no covering up.”

Javier’s heart sank. This was pretty much the kind of forfeit he’d expected, but it still made him feel almost physically ill to hear it. He looked up at the audience who had had watched them competing. There was a mixture of guys and girls. Javier was not comfortable with nudity.

“And that’s it?” Oscar asked.

Javier glared at him. What else did he WANT?!

“Yeah, that’s it,” Pascal confirmed. “No tricks.”

Oscar looked at his friend, shrugged almost cheerfully, then immediately started undressing.

“Sooner we do it, sooner it’s over with,” he said.

Javier resisted throwing back a snippy comment about this situation being down to Oscar’s over-confidence. He knew now that any further sign of annoyance or discomfort would only serve as fuel for the watching audience to extract greater amusement from the situation.

He pulled off his T-shirt and kicked off his sneakers and socks, placing them in a heap near another friend.

“Keep an eye on my clothes Pablo,” he said.

His grinning friend nodded.

“No problem Javi.”


Javier’s only hope was to brazen it out, and act like being naked in public didn’t bother him at all, but he had a secret. He was a grower, not a shower. He dropped his joggers to the floor. Underneath, he was wearing Versace briefs. Two pairs cost him a week’s wages. They had a distinctive Greek border and the lean cut was flattering on his slender body, but the pouch held little.

Without hesitation, Oscar dropped his boxers. He was kind of average size – perhaps a little on the thin side, but he acted with the confidence of someone who didn’t give a fuck, and when a couple of the girls hooted, he grinned and gave a showman’s bow.

Javier admired his friend’s brazen hutzpah. He wished he was that naturally confident. He recognised that the longer he waited, the worse any ridicule would become but he knew that he was going to face ridicule when he exposed himself. For a brief moment, he considered backing out on the bet, but among his group, that was a far worse thing to do. He discarded the notion before it could fully form, and yanked his briefs to the ground in one swift motion, immediately turning towards the motorcycle.

Nothing short of moving at the speed of light could have protected his groin from the audience, and the moment he was naked, the laughter and jeers began.

With Oscar, the taunts slid off him like water off a duck’s back, and consequently, they didn’t wound him. But then he didn’t have a freshly-shaved, circumcised inch-and-a-half chubby sticking out atop a pair of nuts smaller than two seedless grapes; all pale pink and smooth, like a preteen boy. Maybe if Javier had copied Oscar’s behaviour – acted like he knew he was tiny but he didn’t give a fuck, he could have looked everyone straight in the eyes with a “So what?” grin, but that wasn’t Javier’s personality. Oscar glanced down at him and smirked, knowing he was totally off the hook now.

Javier’s face flared red with embarrassment, as Oscar clambered onto the front of the bike, grinning and playing to the crowd. Javier followed him quickly, sitting at the rear. There was no luggage rack behind for Javier to grip so that he wouldn’t flip backwards off the motorcycle. That would have been the manly way to ride, but he had no choice, so he wrapped his arms around Oscar’s waist as he always did, pulling close. When he was clothed, that was completely natural, but now, naked, it felt way too intimate.

Javier turned away from the bulk of the audience, and leaned his crimson face against Oscar’s back as his friend started the bike.

“See you in five!” Oscar called, jauntily, still playing up to the crowd.

“Can we just fucking get this over with,” Javier hissed.

Oscar looked over his shoulder grinning.

“Awww sorry ese,” he said, clearly amused more than sorry, “Let’s get you and pipirin outta here.”

“You fucking prick,” Javier said with great sincerity at the “small penis jibe.”

With that, motorcycle started moving.

“Remember, no faster than 5 miles an hour, and no short cuts!” Pascal called as they slowly rode away.



The block measured a fraction over half a mile around its circumference. At 5 miles an hour, that meant 6 minutes per circuit. They started on calle 18, and set off for Urquidi, a road that travelled south west to north east. The district was a largely residential favela – a poor working-class district, with relatively few people on the streets. At the intersection of Urquidi and calle 16, Oscar turned left onto 16 following the third side of the square block. There were a few commercial units here, a small supermarket with mesh covered windows, and next door, food and vegetables were laid out on a stall on the sidewalk. They heard chuckles as they passed. At the junction of calle 16 and Carlos Fuero, there was a small bar, and a few early patrons lounged out on the streetside chairs drinking from cans. Their responses were considerably less restrained, and although they could not see Javier’s genitals from their chairs, the sight of two naked boys crawling down the street on a moped was enough to raise all kinds of sexual comments, and suggestions about the manhood of the two passing teens.

Javier turned his head to the right so that they could not see his red face, but they seemed to be in sight for far too long as Oscar steered the motorcycle to the left. More quiet houses, and then finally back onto calle 16, where the others were waiting. Javier turned to the left now, so that he wouldn’t have to look at their laughing faces, although teenagers and people in their early 20s stood on both sides of the road. He saw some of them holding phones, recording or taking photos.


Then as Oscar steered back onto Urquidi, it happened.

He felt something firm bouncing intermittently against the top of his ass-crack. He ignored it at first, but as they approached calle 16, he could ignore it no longer.

“Hey dude, have you got a boner?” he asked in English, with a thick Latino accent.

“Yeees,” Javier admitted, in an exasperated sigh.

“What the fuck cabrón! Is this turning you on?”

“Of course not, but you know; my dick don’t care.”

Oscar looked over his shoulder and down at Javier’s groin, where a five-inch -inch boner stood straight up, pointing right back at him. He smirked.

“At least there’s no more pipirin!”

Javier glared at him with no humour whatsoever.

“Not so much at least,” Oscar added with a cheeky grin.

Javier punched him in the ribs, and the bike swerved precipitously.

“Hey easy Javi! We don’t wanna crash while we’re both naked!”

As Oscar turned back onto calle 16, Javier prayed that his boner would magically disappear by the time they reached the bar on the corner, but to his dismay the more he wished it away, the harder it got, and feeling it rubbing against his friend’s back was not helping


When they reached the corner, even from their seated position, it was clear to the handful of drinkers that Javier was hard as a nail. He looked away as the taunting began.

“Hey, kid on the back’s got a boner!”

“Oh, has he? I can’t tell!”

“Hey kid, why don’t you just stick it in his ass and be done with it?”

The taunting continued, and it felt to Javier as though his friend was deliberately moving as slowly as possible to humiliate him.

“Can’t you go any faster?” he urged.

“Dude, 10 miles an hour. Can’t break the deal.”

“Just for this bit? Pleeeease,” Javier begged.

Oscar turned the corner and accelerated away from the drinkers, before slowing when he was out of earshot. Javier rested his head against Oscar’s back again, but now the man’s taunt ran through his mind, and he couldn’t clear it away.

“Why don’t you just stick it in his ass and be done with it?”

How WOULD it feel with Oscar’s asshole wrapped around his straining boner? He quickly pushed the thought away, but his dick was not so easily tamed. It felt like it was trying to burst out of its skin.


He knew the worst was yet to come. His boner steadfastly refused to diminish and all too soon they’d be approaching their friends.

They turned back onto calle 16 where their friends and the other neighbourhood guys stood. Most were not particularly waiting for him and Oscar, but this was a popular hangout spot, so there were frequently people here during the warm weather.

As the motorcycle approached, the taunts began again, then they saw Javier’s bone, and the number of shouts doubled.

“Hey what have you two been doing round the block?”

“Look out Oscar, Javier wants to fuck you!”

“If he hasn’t already fucked him!”

“What, with that little thing?”

On and on, the taunts continued as Oscar drove on past. It only took 15 seconds to get past them but it felt like an eternity to Javier.

They turned the corner of the final circuit, back onto Urquidi.

“Oh man, I’m never gonna live this down.”

“Ah, you’ll get over it Javi.”

“Yeah, when I move to another town. Maybe a different country.”

He was not joking.


They turned onto calle 18. Like most roads in the city, the ones they rode over were poorly maintained and bumpy, but the effect was only to turn Javier on even more.

Half way along the segment of road that connected Urquidi and Carlos Fuero, Javier squeezed Oscar’s waist urgently.

“Oscar, stop, stop, you gotta stop!”

“Don’t worry about them,” Oscar said without slowing.

He assumed that his friend was afraid of passing the drinkers again.

The drinkers approached on the left.

“No Oscar you gotta…”

Just as they were next to the drinkers, Javier came hard, launching five thick spurts of spunk into the air, before splattering onto Oscar’s lower back. In a panic, he pressed up tight against Oscar’s rear, desperately trying to hide his shame.

There were howls of laughter from the seated men, as they saw the red-faced teenager ejaculating onto his friend then jamming his cock against him. Javier didn’t even register the individual words anymore; just the general tone of derision and mockery.

“Oh dude,” Oscar said in a low voice, turning his head away from the drinkers, “you didn’t just cum on my back did you?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help it.”

“But why are you rubbing your dick against sme?”

“I’m not. I didn’t mean to. I just… I didn’t want them to see.”

“Javi, I know we’re like carnal,” Oscar said, using the Spanish slang for family, “but seriously cabron!”

“I begged you to stop.”

Oscar couldn’t argue with that.



He turned the corner and drove 30 yards down the road, out of sight of the drinkers, then he pulled over to the kerb side. He climbed off the bike into the empty street, and strained to see his back.

“Dude, that is too fucking much. At least you didn’t do it in front of our guys. Clean it off.”

“What with?” Javier said, still sitting on the moped. His spunk had puddled on the seat.

“I dunno. Use your hand if you have to!”

Javier climbed off the bike, his fierce skywards-facing boner barely moving.

“And clean the fucking seat. Dude, haven’t you jacked off in a month?!”

Oscar was smirking.

Javier looked down at the spreading puddle. He never usually came that much. He reached out and slopped it off with onto the sidewalk his hand. It took four swipes to wipe the majority of it off, leaving streaks on the seat, and splatters on the sidewalk.

“Now do my back.”

Oscar turned his back to his friend, so that Javier could wipe the cum off him. Javier reached out and repeated the same swiping motion, his hand following the beautiful curves of his friend’s bronze-coloured behind.

“Quick it’s going down the crack of my ass!”

Javier swiped most of the gloopy spunk away in two wipes, but he was too late to stop it dribbling into Oscar’s ass crack. He crouched down and reached between his friend’s cheeks with three fingers to scoop out the remaining cream. Oscar flinched.

“Javi what the fuck are you doing?”

“It went down your ass crack,” Javier explained.

“Dude, I’m gonna need to shower for a week when I get home!” Oscar said with a smirk.

Javier stood up.

To find an elderly nun looking at him with wide eyes. Behind her stood 23 preteens.

Javier was paralysed, apart from his eyes, which grew almost impossibly wide. He forgot to breath. Then his insistent boner twitched. The woman looked down at it then back at Javier.

“Well, I!” she exclaimed, momentarily unable to find the words to express her outrage.

Their eyes locked. Then, as though suddenly realising his boner was waving at her, Javier exploded into motion, almost comically covering his groin and drawing his knees together like a coquettish Geisha. He let out the breath he’d been holding in a loud gasp.

“Disgusting,” she said.

She turned to the children. 23 pairs of eyes were fixed on Oscar and Javier’s nudity. At least half of their owners were grinning. Oscar saw the kids and stood with the same casual confidence he always had, one hip propped to the side, refusing to cover himself.

“Children, look the other way,” the frumpy old virgin instructed.

The children obeyed and she led them away in a flurry of indignation. Many of the children sneaked a final peek on the way past, and a younger nun at the end of the group smirked and gave Javier a wink.

“Boys,” she said.


When they had passed, Javier said, “Oh my god, a fucking nun saw my boner.”

“And a bunch of kids,” Oscar added unhelpfully.

“They probably think we just had fag sex right out in the street.”

“Well you did.”

Javier jerked his towards Oscar in shock, and his friend was smirking.

“Not funny amiga. I’m going to burn in hell for this.”

“Ahh, don’t be so melodramatic. You don’t even believe in hell!”

“Well no, that’s true, but if I did believe, I’d be spending eternity with a flaming pitchfork up my ass.”

“Yeah, and if candy was hookers, you’d be getting laid 20 times a day.”

Javier looked sheepishly at his friend.

He watched the two nuns and the giggling children disappearing along the sidewalk.

“You know what though,” Oscar said, looking at his slender friend’s buns. “You’ve got a beautiful ass!”

Javier turned and looked at him, in his second double-take of the day. Oscar smirked and blew him a playful kiss.

“Funny, funny. Can we please get out of here?”

“There is one good thing for real though.”

“Now what?”

“At least your boner’s gone. And no more pipirin either.”

Javier looked down at his dick. It hung flaccid at last, but with post erection length. It reminded him of a floppy elephant snout. A tiny one, at least.

He gave the moped seat one more glance, for evidence of his recent loss of control, but the spunk had dried in the blazing Mexican sun.

Oscar climbed on first, then Javier.

“Almost over,” Oscar reassured Javier.

Being seen naked almost seemed minor compared to blowing his wad in front of the neighbour bar flies and the local Catholic school seeing his boner.

Oscar started the motorcycle and Javier sat hoping his ordeal would soon be nothing but a memory…


    • blopibob-
    • 24th August 2023 at 12:06 am-
    • Reply

    You could write a cool story where their penises swap while riding.

    • Igor-
    • 7th June 2024 at 7:15 am-
    • Reply

    Tres sympa.

    Un histoire douce et pleine d’humour.
    On a envie d’en imaginer une suite.


    • Igor-
    • 7th June 2024 at 7:18 am-
    • Reply

    Sorry in english

    Sweet and with lot of humour
    it makes me want to imagine a sequel with them

    • Igor-
    • 7th June 2024 at 7:18 am-
    • Reply

    Sorry in english

    Sweet and with lot of humour
    it makes me want to imagine a sequel with them

    • Thank you Igor. I liked the characters as well!

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