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Grampa’s Photo

A young man gets to know his grandfather in a way he would never have imagined. +3-1

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Cultural movie

A young actor in a historical documentary finds himself being messed with in a public and humiliating way… +40

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Chinese recruitment

A young Chinese military recruit discovers himself being sexually humiliated +6-1

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A young man finds himself in a situation where he must face a sexual realisation. +60

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Dusting for a busting

I teach my college room mate a lesson when I walk in on him jacking off. +42-2

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One photo two stories – The debt

A teenager and his father are forced into humiliating sexual acts for an audience. +70

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Terry – A skinhead love story

A boy remembers the troubled skinhead friend who took his cherry. 00

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A picture tells 1000 words

Patrons can access downloadable PDFs of most stories, 4K versions of many images, and content that I chose not to publish publicly here. Please consider donating to my Patreon in order to receive access. Click here to find out more. +20

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