Interdimensional milking part 41 – The first night

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

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Interdimensional milking part 41 – The first night

Shaun and Jurnal turned and walked towards their hab. Shaun was despondent, and they walked in silence. Jurnal leaned into his colleague.

“It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean it.”

Shaun looked at the younger boy, shocked by his kindness. He was disgusted with himself. He kept screwing up his best friendships.

“Sometimes I just can’t help myself.”

“I know.”

Shaun frowned.

“Why are you being so nice?”

“We’re friends,” Jurnal said, and smiled at him.

Shaun felt a huge surge of emotion. He smiled back shyly, and he felt a weight lift from his shoulders.


Max and Brill arrived entered their hab, and Max hung a portable lantern from a loop in the roof, turning the brightness down. There was a sense of anticipation in the air. He looked at Brill and Brill looked back.

“Been waiting to get you alone for a long time,” Brill said with a sparkle in his eyes.

Max’s breathing was heavy.

“Yeah, same here,” he replied, his voice unexpectedly hoarse.

Brill smiled, and they moved together on their knees, rising tall so that their waists were vertical. Their penises drooped between their legs, but Max was suddenly very aware of his. Brill reached out and caressed Max’s cheek with his hand and Max smiled and turned his head into the gesture. He was uncertain how to reciprocate, so he reached out and rested his hands on Brill’s hips.

Brill moved closer and parted his lips, leaning into Max’s face. Max angled his head so that their lips would meet without bashing noses, and then they were kissing.

Brill took it slow, not wanting to rush something he had wanted for so long, and Max took his lead from Brill.

They massaged each other’s lips for a while, then Max felt Brill’s tongue in his mouth. He met it with his own tongue, and they tongue-wrestled, their tongues sliding off each other.

Brill wrapped his hands around Max’s waist, cupping the boy’s bare bottom cheeks. They were rounded and warm. Brill pulled Max closer so they were now kneeling belly-to-belly. Neither of them had pubes; they were disintegrated by Nurse Janeway as part of their induction into the harvesting program and it would be many years before they returned. Max felt his penis pressed to the side of Brill’s, their smooth stomachs pressed together. His heart was beating fast.

They continued kissing gently, but now Max’s attention was drawn down to his groin. Brill’s dick; the one he had seen in Sam’s vid, and at the pool, was pressed against his own. Max had fantasised over it so long. Brill moved his face away.

“Max! Naughty boy!” he said in a playfully disapproving tone, echoing the line he had used when they attended their first Explorers meeting.

Max grinned. This time there was no hiding his desire. His penis rose between Brill’s legs, pressing up hard against the base of Brill’s scrotum. It took a few seconds for Brill’s own penis to respond, but the feeling of Max’s erection quickly excited him, and soon there were two straining cocks between them.

Max pulled his waist back, allowing his penis to spring up hard, slapping against his belly, and giving Brill’s room to breathe, before moving close again, trapping their penises between their bellies. Brill reached down and cupped Max’s scrotum in his palm, playing gently with the boy’s balls.

“I’m SO boned for you,” Max said.

“Yeahhhh, me too,” Brill purred. “Sit down.”

Brill moved back and shoved Max’s chest gently. Laughing, Max fell to his bottom with his knees up and his thighs apart. Brill sat between Max’s legs mirroring the posture, with his own legs to around Max’s waist, sitting penis to penis.

He reached down and took both of their straining dicks in his fist and started slowly pumping.

“Ohhhhh,” Max sighed. “I’m definitely not gonna last long if you do that.”

Brill smiled.

“Doesn’t matter. Splash if you want to. We’ve got all night. Tell me when you’re close.”

“I’m close!” Max said immediately.

Brill grinned and pumped his hand faster.

Max instantly started to ejaculate; a huge gusher rising between them and hitting him on the neck. Brill pumped his hand as fast as he was able so that Max would find the orgasm satisfying, and Max rewarded him with half a dozen spectacular spurts, his semen flying everywhere.

Max gasped, doing his best not to cry out loudly in exultation as he came. Brill continued pumping until Max stopped squirting then let out a long sigh, his head flopping forwards and his eyes closed.

“Wow, you WERE juiced!”

Max opened his eyes and looked up sheepishly. His jizz coated Brill’s fist, and ran in a river down both of their chests

“Sorry. I’ve not splashed in 6 weeks.”

“6 weeks?! But I thought your balls were fixed in three?” he said, referring to Max’s injury.

“Yeah, but I wasn’t in the mood for another week, then…”

Brill frowned.


“Well, I wanted to save it for today. And now I’ve gone and blown it in the first minute!”

“Oh Max, that’s so romantic, but you haven’t spoiled it. You really went nova. It’s very flattering actually.”

“Yeah, but now I’m done. It’s not fair on you. I wanted it to be special.”

“Oh Maxy,” Brill said, “that was just taking the edge off. You’re not done. If you can go double green for a machine, I’m sure you can for me.”

Brill held Max’s shaft and gently polished the cum-slicked glans with his palm. Max squirmed in his post-orgasmic sensitivity.

“Ahhh ahh!” he gasped.

“Or else…” Brill concluded, with a playfully sadistic expression on his face.

“Okay, okay! I cede! Stop!”

“Thattaboy Maxy. Now how about we clean up?”

Brill pulled a small hitowel from his pack and tenderly wiped the jizz from Max’s chest.

“It got in your charging port,” he said, looking at the creamy pool in Max’s navel.

“My charging port?” Max laughed, as Brill pushed the towel into his belly button to dry it.

Brill grinned and worked down Max’s smooth belly to his equally hairless groin, wiping semen all the way. When he reached the root of Max’s cock, he wrapped his towel-covered hand around it, his fingers meeting on the other side behind Max’s tight testicles. Then he drew his hand along the shaft, evacuating the last remaining fluid and cleaning the glans.

Max took the towel from him and rubbed Brill’s chest. His splash had not trickled all the way down to Brill’s groin, but Max reached down and twanged the stiff cock like it was a lever.

“Boing!” he said, and Brill returned the favour with a giggle.

“You’re harder than me!” Brill said.

“Yeah,” Max said, “you make me hyper boned. Just like Cullen was.”

“I like that.”

Brill took the towel back, turned and cleaned up the jizz that had strayed off to their sides, then he threw the towel back on his pack before turning to Max. He leaned forwards and dropped his head between Max’s spread thighs, and started sucking the boy’s cock. Max let out a series of surprised gasps.

“You sound like you just finished a race,” Brill said, his head still bent forwards. “First time?”

“Y… y… yeah!” Max panted. “Feels g… good.”

Brill lightly ran his wet tongue all over Max’s glans. Max trembled.

“Fffffffuuuuuu… Ahh stop, stop!” Max said.

Brill pulled his head away and looked up.

“Told you, you weren’t done!” Brill grinned.

“I never doubted you, it’s just, I wanna do you too.”

Brill smiled.

“Lay on your side,” he said and Max complied.

Brill copied the motion, inverting his body so that they each lay head to the other one’s groin. Max reached out and gently took Brill’s penis between his thumb and first two fingers, holding it like an expensive cigar. It had a puckered foreskin, but he pushed his fingers down the shaft, revealing the glistening head. Max’s heart pounded in his chest now, and he looked at Brill’s cock like a hungry dog eying a fresh steak. Unconsciously he ran his tongue over his lips, then he leaned forwards and took it in his mouth.

“Ahhh!” Brill shouted, and yanked his groin backwards.

“What? What? What’s wrong?” Max stammered, mortified.

“Teeth,” Brill said. “Careful of your teeth.”

“Sorry,” Max said sheepishly.

“Zero probs,” Brill said pushing his hips forwards where they had come from. “Why don’t you copy me?”



Brill skinned Max’s penis and started to gently lick the glans, moving the tip of his tongue in light circles over the dome. Then he proceeded to lap at it with less of a light touch, using more of his tongue, running all the way along the shaft. Max shivered at the pleasure, and did his best to follow suit, but he was starting to feel a pleasurable glow emanating from his groin.

Brill wrapped his upper arm over Max’s hips, and cupped his bottom.

“You’ve got a great butt,” he offered, in between slurps, running his palm over the rounded cheek.

He pulled Max towards him, and again made an “o” with his lips, then he started to bob his head up and down on Max’s cock, using his bottom hand to hold the shaft in place.

Max copied his actions, this time covering his teeth with his lips. He took Brill’s testicles in his upper hand and gently rolled them between his fingers, savouring their size and shape. Then he ran his palm over Brill’s flat, smooth stomach.

Brill’s balls started to rise, despite the inexperience of Max’s fellatio technique. Max felt the glow in his own groin spreading, but it felt different to a normal impending orgasm – it was warm, tingly, and it made all the fine hairs on his body stand on end.

Brill sucked and bobbed faster, his tongue flickering across Max’s glans, as Max did his best to replicate it. The glowing sensation took a tangible form. His vision was suffused with golden light; almost angelic, acting as a filter, giving everything a beautiful fuzzy golden hue. Max felt as though he was gently floating above the ground like a balloon, connected by mouth and penis to Brill. Then he was ejaculating for the second time, and this time Brill was splashing too, both of them shooting into each other’s mouth; pure joy actualised in the creamy fluid that they gushed onto each other’s tongues.

Max sucked Brill’s penis as though it was the most important job in the universe, eager to drain every last drip of fluid he could from it. The jizz filled his mouth – not nearly as much as he had produced, but then Brill had only been milked the day before; but it was still a generous amount, sloshing around in his mouth. It was sticky, and ever so slightly sweet.

And as he sucked, he felt his own penis contracting from the very root and deep inside; the pulsing contractions that denoted his own orgasm, all the sweeter because it was in Brill’s mouth. He kept on sucking until Brill stopped sucking him, and long after his own orgasm had concluded. Now he also gripped Brill’s bottom and pulled his bow towards him, and they lay like that, face to groin for several minutes, as the other’s semen turned from gel to watery liquid in their mouths.

Eventually Max moved his face away, allowing Brill’s hard penis free.

“You okay?” Brill asked.

“Yeah, just gotta swallow,” Max said.

“Sorry, I was so juiced for you.”

“What?! No, I’m not negging. I love the taste of you. You’re sweet, like Hi Joos. I just, well, I’m going to sound like a total bonzo, but…”

“What?” Brill prompted at the hesitation.

“Well, I just wanted you to be part of me, you know, forever. With your splash in me, I kind of feel that way.”

“Oh Maxy, that’s lovely. I think it’s the nicest thing anyone ever said to me actually.”

“One thing,” Max said, “I think my implant kicked at the end there.”

“I hope not. I wanted it to be just us. Why d’you say that?”

“At the end, I got this weird feeling, and there was this gold light…”

“Oh really?” Brill said raising and lowering his eyebrows playfully.

“Wait, was that… Was that something you did?” Max asked.

Brill looked at Max’s glans. It was red as a strawberry, the surface starting to show small wrinkles as he lost the extreme hardness of his erection.

He leaned forwards and gently sucked it into his mouth like a calf suckles on its mother’s teat. Max reciprocated, and they lay there, softly sucking each other’s cocks, content to stay like that long into the night.



Shaun climbed out of the portahab he shared with Jurnal, and looked towards the camp fire. He walked past Max and Brill’s tent; past the fire, to the hab that Jarvis slept in alone. He tapped on it.

“Sir,” he called softly. “Mr Adson sir.”

He heard movement inside and Jarvis stuck his head through the opening.

“Shaun. Are you okay?”

“I can’t sleep sir. I don’t like the dark.”

“Well, I’m not going to make you a hot choco and sing you a lullaby son.”

“No sir.”

“So what do you want me to do about it?”

“Can I sleep with you?”

Jarvis looked at the erection that stood tall from Shaun’s groin.

“It doesn’t look like you’re interested in sleep son.”

Shaun followed his eyes and smirked in the firelight.

“No sir.”

“I’m flattered Shaun, but I’m three times your age and I don’t fly that way. You’re bunking with Jurnal aren’t you? Why don’t you go have fun with him?”

“I don’t think he can yet, and after earlier I didn’t want to make him feel bad about it.”

“Oh. That’s very, umm, decent of you Shaun. Look, I’m sorry son, but it just wouldn’t be appropriate for you and me…”

Shaun smiled sadly.

“That’s okay, I understand. Night sir.”

He turned towards the tent he shared with Jurnal.

“Goodnight Shaun.”


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