Exoskeleton – part 3

Milking, humiliation

A disabled teenager is further humiliated and milked.

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Exoskeleton part 3

“Ironman, reverse.”

Felix gave the command that told his robotic exoskeleton to walk backwards from the minivan. He was strapped into it – too weak to walk unaided. The suit slowly backed out of the van and down a metal ramp to the street.

When he was at street level, he watched as his carer Michel loaded the ramp back into the van, then locked the van door.

“Who are we meeting today?” Felix asked.

Since Michel and his now-deceased father had invented the exoskeleton to give him independent mobility, Felix had met dozens of people; medical professionals, reporters, therapists, and others, all interested in the innovative robotic technology.

“A group of people from the American government,” Michel replied. “They’re interested in ways that the ES3 can be adapted for remote exploration. Who knows, maybe one day an Ironman will be exploring the sea bed.”

He omitted some of the other reasons that they were interested. Felix was used to putting on a show of the suit’s capabilities; there was no reason to worry him about how fully that demonstration was going to proceed today.

“Okay, ready to go?” he asked.

Felix nodded.


“Okay then, let’s go.”

He gestured towards the double glass doors of his office, and using voice commands, Felix walked to the doors then beyond.

“To the lab Felix.”

Felix turned right. The lab was where he spent the vast majority of his time inside the building, as the suit was tuned and improved, and new additions were trialled. A female receptionist smiled at him as he passed.

“Morning Sir, morning Felix,” she said.

“Morning Régine,” Michel said.

Felix gave a shy smile and nodded. He wondered if she knew that he was milked every week by the ES3. Once a week, against Felix’s wishes, Michel activated an attachment that shook the boy’s balls and drilled his bottom for an entire day, forcing him to cum over, and over, and over again, until he was so dry that an erection, much less an orgasm, was out of the question for weeks.

He briefly examined her face for a sign that she knew. Her bright smile broadened just a little more as their eyes met, and he guessed correctly that she DID know. In fact, everyone at the small start-up was aware of the fact that Felix’s balls were kept dry and he was prevented from becoming horny by Michel’s addition to the exoskeleton. He blushed and looked away quickly as he followed Michel towards the lab.


“Hey Michel…” he said.

“Hmmm?” the man responded turning to him.

“Did you ummm… Does anyone else know about that thing you do to me? You know, on Mondays.”

Michel gave the question a moment’s thought.

“I’m sure that I may have mentioned it to a few people, why?”

“I just wondered that’s all. The lady at the front desk was looking at me funny.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m sure it’s no secret to anyone that teenage boys are horny.”

“Yeah, but most of them don’t get drained for hours each week do they?”

Michel smiled.

“I’d put it out of your mind. Let’s go meet these people.”

Without waiting for an answer, he held the door open and gestured to Felix to enter. Felix looked at him sceptically. He wanted to say more; to express his frustration and humiliation at the fact that his libido was public knowledge, and he could be forced to give up his jizz upon demand. But he knew that he was powerless. Michel could literally walk his exoskeleton back out of the door at a moment’s notice, and nobody would ever see him in public again. He pushed his annoyance away and walked through the door.


Inside was a rectangular room; nearly 100 feet long. Along one of the long sides were computers and cameras for analysing Felix’s gait as he walked inside the ES3. At the far end was a large conference table with a smoked glass top. Around it sat eight men and women in business attire. Felix looked at them apprehensively. There were more people than he was used to performing for in one go. Usually there were three or four people, and at least two of them were camera or sound staff.

Michel led him to the group. As they arrived, the seated people rose from their chairs.

Michel said, “Good morning everybody. Thanks for your patience. I hope that Gabriel made you comfortable and filled in some of the details for you?”

He looked to his marketing manager then to visitors. They smiled in the affirmative.

A woman in her 40s spoke up.

“We haven’t been waiting long thank you Michel. I assume this the unit we’ve been discussing, and modelled by Felix.”

She turned to the teenager.

“Hello young man. You’ve been making quite a name for yourself. I’ve seen you on TV in several pieces.”

“Yes madame,” Felix confirmed.

She nodded and held out a hand.

“I’m Susan Robinson.”

He reached up and shook it, and she couldn’t help but notice how puny his grip was.

“I understand this was your father’s idea originally? I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Felix briefly glanced downwards at the reminder of his father’s death.

“Yes madame, thank you. But he and Michel have worked on it together since the beginning.”

She turned to her colleagues and introduced them one by one. When she was done, Michel spoke.

“Now that the formalities are completed, let’s show you what you came here to see. As you already know, the Exoskeleton 3, which we shorten to the ES3, is an electric robotic frame. In its current configuration, it enables Felix to control it by amplifying his movements and transferring them into powered locomotion. If Felix is tired or too weak, he can use voice commands. Why don’t you show them Felix?”

Felix smiled.

“Ironman left 90.”

The suit took a series of small on the spot shuffling steps until it faced 90 degrees to the left.

“Ironman, forwards.”

The exoskeleton started to walk towards the wall.

“Ironman stop.”

The suit stopped.

Felix made a series of small shuffling movements with his body and the unit started to walk backwards. When he was next to the table again, he took a series of small twists and the unit turned back to face the guests.

The woman smiled.


“I used to love the movie. It was a name I came up with when I was younger. It just kind of stuck,” Felix explained.



Over the next half an hour, assisted with demos by Felix, Michel explained the unit’s attributes and answered questions about how it coped with various scenarios. Eventually, there was nothing left that the delegation wanted to know. Michel gestured to the head of the table and Felix walked into place.

“I’m sure that you’ll agree, young Felix has been very helpful.”

He nodded to Felix and the assembled guests clapped politely.

“There’s just one final demonstration left to show you.”

He discretely pressed a remote-control button that deactivated the ES3 as he walked behind the youngster, and before Felix could tell what was happening, Michel had pulled a ball-gag into his mouth, pulling the boy’s head backwards against the head support, securing it into place. A look of panic exploded on Felix’s face as he realised that he was being restrained. In his experience, that could mean only one thing.

He started to struggle, raising his hands to his head and mmmmfffing into the gag.


Michel explained, “He doesn’t much like this part, but I’ve been testing it to great effect over the past 6 months.”

He reached up and grabbed the boy’s right wrist, effortlessly pulling it away from the gag and strapping it to the side of the frame. Felix’s fears were confirmed – Michel was going to milk him in front of all these people!

The boy went berserk, struggling with all of his feeble might to prevent Michel progressing his plan further, but he was already strapped in from the waist down. Now with his head and right arm immobilised, all he could do was wriggle his upper body and try to prevent Michel from securing his left arm.

Even if he’d had the strength of a normal boy, it would have been an impossible task. One arm against an adult man’s entire body was not a fair match up. Michel easily pulled Felix’ left arm to his side and strapped it firmly in place. Now there was nothing the teenager could do. He continued to struggle as Michel attached the additional parts to the exoskeleton.

Soon enough, he was ready to go, and Felix had expended what little energy he had. He looked at the audience with an expression midway between horror and pleading. They looked back at him with expressions ranging from clinical detachment, amusement, and empathy.

He continued begging into his gag, but it muffled his voice, rendering his pleas completely unintelligible.


Michel stood before him and their eyes met. He could see that Felix was desperate for him to go no further, but this was too important, and who else was going to model the unit?

He gave the boy a brief insincerely apologetic smile then dropped to his knees and pulled the boy’s baggy joggers and underpants down past his knees in a single smooth movement. He moved to the side so that the audience could see.

“I keep him shaved for hygiene. Of course, his pale skin is due to the fact that he doesn’t spend a lot of time naked.”

The watching people chuckled politely.

“It’s best if you secure the subject’s testicles before he gets an erection. They can draw up towards his body and then they may become harder to clamp. Felix’s testicles hang quite low so that’s not a problem, and once the shaking begins, his cremaster muscles short circuit and lose their ability to draw his testicles back towards his body.”

He reached out and gripped one of Felix’ testicles in its white sack.

“As you can see, his testicles are quite small for his age. Although he was on the lower end of the tanner range for his age, we’ve been milking him weekly, and that has reduced them to approximately 5 millilitres, which places him on a par with the average 11 or 12-year-old.”


Felix didn’t fully understand Michel’s words but he got the gist. His balls were the size of a 12-year old’s. Or less! He looked at the audience mortified, his face glowing red with humiliation. He saw a number of stifled smirks but most of the watchers looked at him with the same professional curiosity as a scientist looking at an object on a microscope slide.


Michel clamped each of the boy’s testicles then moved to the rear and inserted the dildo into Felix’ rectum. It was bad enough to be naked in front of these strangers; any adults in fact, but Felix definitely didn’t want to be HORNY in front of them! But he knew that he had no choice. When the dildo started fucking it was exciting, but when his balls started shaking, he just felt so turned on he wanted to explode. And then, moments after he did experience that fleeting relief, he knew he’d be squirming, desperately horny all over again.


Michel explained the procedure.

“Until now, the anal pump and testicle shakers have been more than enough to ensure that Felix will experience repeated and irresistible orgasms. In fact, the most he’s experienced so far in an 8-hour period, is 164.”

“You say that they are ‘irresistible’” another woman asked, “but according to your schematics, you are not using electro-ejaculation. Surely the young man can stave off further orgasms with willpower, especially after the first one or two?”

Michel smiled.

“I’m glad you mentioned electro-ejaculation. The purpose of that technology is to collect semen. It stimulates the prostate via electric shock. The purpose is to extract as much semen in a single go as possible. However, it’s extremely uncomfortable to the subject. Imagine a taser to the genitals. It produces an orgasmic contraction – if you like, it activates the physical mechanism of an orgasm, but with little of the pleasure. After very few ejaculations, the pain literally counteracts the desired objective.”

“However, with our process, the subject; in this case Felix, is in a state of sexual ecstasy for the entire time the system is activated. Furthermore, because his glans is not being touched, there is very little refractory period – a couple of minutes at most. There is no limit to the number of orgasms that Felix here can be induced to experience. He is instantly elevated to a sensation of near orgasm, and from there, the transition to actual orgasm occurs so quickly that its imminent arrival cannot be anticipated or girded against. In other words, it’s literally impossible for him to prevent himself having multiple extremely powerful orgasms.”

Felix knew only too well that there was nothing he could do to stave off the orgasms. One moment his balls were filled with a crazy, deep excitement that left him breathless; panting with excitement, then he was cumming.

“Surely he doesn’t ejaculate every time,” a man in his 50s asked.

“No, certainly not. His capacity is massively increased. He’ll ejaculate anywhere from 7-10 times at the beginning. Then he’ll have dry orgasms, intermittently punctuating the dry orgasms with wet ones throughout the entire period.”

“Is there any limitation on the number of orgasms that you can induce, or the duration of the procedure?” Mrs Robinson asked.

“That has yet to be established. As you’ll see when the demonstration begins, the state of arousal produces significantly elevated cardio-vascular levels. There are limits at which the human body can remain at that level before dangers arise. After 8 hours, Felix is like a new-born infant, weak as a kitten, and he will sleep for anything from 24-48 hours. I have not cared to risk his safety by going beyond that. However, I was able to test on two prisoners who were serving life sentences in solitary. One of them had a cardiac arrest after 27 hours, and was subsequently revived. The other suffered a terminal cardiac arrest after 32 hours, and he could not be revived. For obvious reasons, I was not willing to test the limits again.”


The woman turned to a male colleague.

“Perhaps we’ll run a series on a dozen subjects to see if there are predictable failure points.”

“Yes ma’am,” the man agreed.

Michel frowned.

“That seems… somewhat unethical,” he said.

She smiled.

“Here you are testing your invention on your young ward, and you want to talk about ethics? You’d be the first one to concede that sometimes ethics must take a back seat to the prosaic needs of the situation.”

Michel contemplated her mild rebuke and nodded with an ironic smile.

“That’s true enough, but why would you want to find out the threshold when a mere 8 hours of safely induced orgasms is long enough to non-chemically neuter any male?”

“Mr Dumont, suppressing sex drive among prison inmates, or even reducing their testicular capacity is just one of the usage cases that we are evaluating for this aspect of your invention.  We are also considering this technology as a non-terminal means of interrogations in terrorist and combat situations. Males have a particular weakness to anything involving their genitals, but pain is such a blunt weapon. Our experts have suggested that unending pleasure may be both more humane and more effective.”

A smile broke on Michel’s face.

“You want to wank a confession from your prisoners?”

The woman slowly smiled back, and was joined by smiles all around.

“That is… a crude but accurate assessment.”

“In that case, let me show you the system in action. Today I will be premiering a new technology that I have not mentioned to you before. You will be the first people to see it outside a very few individuals in our company.”

The woman raised her eyebrows in interest.

“Oh yes? Sounds interesting.”

Michel produced a headset and placed it onto Felix’ head.

“Virtual reality?” one of the men asked.

“Not quite,” Michel replied. “Better than that.”


The unit was light, made of thin strips of pressed metal, like a telemarketer’s headset, and it clipped over the sides of Felix’s head.

Felix looked at Michel in panic, as the man locked the device into place.

“A virtual reality headset displays a simulated virtual image before the subject. He has only to close his eyes and the effort is defeated. This device projects a video image directly into the subject’s brain. He cannot resist it. If he closes his eyes or leaves them open it makes no difference, he will still witness whatever scene we have recorded for him. “

He elaborated.

“As you’re aware, arousal comes in two forms; mental and physical. The physical component is provided by the shakers and the dildo. When they are active, the subject simply cannot withhold his orgasms. However, the mental component is far more subtle, and by addressing that, we can alter a subject’s responses. In this case, I have created a four hour play list of gay erotica. Felix is gay, and I know from past experience the type of content that he prefers so that is precisely what I have created. However, our testing has proven that in as little as a single 8-hour session, it can even be used to CHANGE a person’s sexual preferences, although the ultimate duration of that change has yet to be determined. We could for example turn Felix straight, or of course, we could turn a straight man gay. Or…” he paused for effect, “we could give him a far more exotic paraphilia.”


The woman narrowed her eyes and gave him a searching look, then she nodded approvingly.

“This sounds extremely interesting Mr Dumont. I can see that such a system might provide additional leverage during interrogations.”

“Would you like to see it in action?”

She gave a wry smile.

“Most certainly. Please go ahead.”

“Very good. I’ll start with the cortical projector so that you can see how effective it is at generating arousal.”

He activated the headset via his remote. At first it appeared that nothing had changed, then, like a timid cobra, Felix’ penis lifted its head slowly, going through the stages from flaccid, to a droopy semi, a stiff rod poking out from his belly at 90 degrees, and then finally upwards until it was almost pointing at his chin.


Felix could see a room from a 45-degree overhead angle. Below, was a boy on his back, with his legs spread, as another slightly older boy, perhaps 19 or 20 years old, lifted the younger legs by the knees, holding the boy’s butt in the air as he fucked him. The bottom boy was smiling happily; gratefully, up at the fucker. The boy’s face was familiar. It was him!

Felix breathed heavier, his eyes widening in surprise. The scene was in his head. He blinked to clear it but he could still see it as clearly as though he was there. He scrunched his eyes tightly to obliterate the image, whining into the gag against the involuntary invasion of his senses. Still the image remained. Eventually, he opened his eyes, unable to prevent the scene from playing out.

“Hmmm, that’s impressive,” the woman said. “He’s certainly excited. And that’s purely from the images your projector is projecting into his brain?”


“And is he aware of us still?”

“Well, the images and sounds that we are projecting are being transmitted directly to his visual and auditory cortexes. This subjugates any real-world signals that he is receiving via his eyes and ears. He can no longer see or hear us, but his reasoning centre is still functioning, as is his memory. He knows that he is still in this room and we haven’t modified his sense of touch at all.”

An older man spoke up.

“That’s exceedingly interesting. I wasn’t aware that neural manipulation had reached such an advanced stage. Tell me, how have you stabilised the interface? I assume that each unit has to be entrained for each subject?”

Michel smiled.

“Well, that’s all proprietary information, and at the moment I can tell you nothing more than I am showing you here. The process involves directed magnetism, and while it does NOT require entrainment for each subject, more… efficacious results can be achieved if you do.”

The man stroked his chin.

“Remarkable. Truly remarkable.”


Michel addressed the entire group.

“Now you may want to move away from the table. Usually, I’d insert a glansal catheter and collect his semen in a test tube, but in this case, I thought it would make for a more graphic demonstration if I left him free to fly as it were.”

“A glansal catheter? Is that different to a standard indwelling cather?” a woman asked.

“Yes it is. A standard catheter intrudes all the way to the subject’s bladder which is beyond the entry point of the  vas deferens to the urethra. A glansal catheter is designed purely for the collection of semen. It is inserted only as far as the glans, then a small balloon inflates and holds it in place.”

“Doesn’t that mean that harvested semen could become contaminated with urine?” the woman persisted.

“Yes, but that can easily be negated by the concurrent use of a suprapubic catheter that will evacuate urine before it reaches the urethra.”

The woman seemed satisfied with the answer.

“Now may I suggest that you all move to a safe distance,” Michel said with a smile.

The guests moved back away from the glass table, retreating towards the far end for good measure.

“Okay, I’ll start with the rectal piston. The dildo will pump in time with the action he’s seeing.”

“What if you’re feeding him straight sex?” a younger man asked.

“Good question. The thrusting is timed to match the thrusting of the male lead whose role the subject is playing. Initially this causes some cognitive dissonance, but the brain is very easy to confuse and within an hour the subject will start to associate the rectal sensation with his own actions.”

Michel turned on the dildo and the piston immediately started thrusting. It moved slowly and steadily in and out of Felix’s rear. The boy started to squirm, but his hips were tightly secured and he could eliminate the dildo from his hole. In his brain, he was the cute kid on his back being fucked. He could feel the older guy fucking him. His thin cock started to twitch.

“Bear in mind that the scenario is at an early stage. Each scenario lasts ten minutes which is enough for two or three orgasms. Now I’ll turn on the shakers. The effect is usually quite fast, especially the first time.”


Michel pressed a button on the remote control, and the wire arms holding each of Felix’s testicles started shaking rapidly, each testicle moving in the opposite direction to the other at any given moment. Felix had experienced it dozens of times by now, for hours on end, and every single time it caught him by surprise how instantly and intensely pleasurable the sensation in his testicles was. One second, he was standing there with a boner, and the next moment, he was blow-his-load horny! He started jiggling his legs, partly in uncontrolled response to the pleasure, and partly from a conscious desire to close them and dislodge the shakers. He didn’t want to cum in front of these suits. It was bad enough that he was standing there naked with a boner. More than bad, it was utterly humiliating, but to cum? That would be the most embarrassing; degrading even. Milked while they watched, like he was some kind of farm animal. A cow. No they didn’t have…

Before he could finish the thought, he felt himself violently orgasm, as the machine shook the cum from him. No. It didn’t shake from him. It exploded, launching 5 feet into the air, and across the glass conference table in a high arc. He grunted, and thrust his hips in a series of aggressive staccato movements the extent of which was greatly confined by the webbing that strapped him buy the thighs and waist into the exoskeleton. He didn’t want to cum, but he couldn’t have stopped even if his life depended upon it.


Although Felix couldn’t hear it, one of the men said what the spectators were all thinking as they saw him launch watery squirt after watery squirt across the table.

“Oh my fucking god!”

The man’s tone was part incredulous, and part humorous. He was still young enough to ejaculate hard himself, but nothing like this!


Felix knew that the guests must have all seen him busting a nut like it was an Olympic event. His lack of control appalled him. He knew the machine was designed specifically to force him to give up his seed, and as a young man with a severe disability, he was used to being seen naked by Michel, and even Michel’s girlfriend Adrienne on rare occasions when Michel was not available, but he felt thoroughly humiliated that his most intimate bodily function was laid bare for these total strangers to watch, like some kind of shitty porno.

When he’d entered the room less than an hour ago, Felix had felt special; important. He felt that he was needed to show off his beloved father’s pride and joy; an assisted mobility machine that was one day going to change the world. But he’d never have dreamed in his wildest nightmares that he’d be demonstrating Michel’s devious addition to the ES3, and displaying his own modest privates to a bunch of government suits.

Felix grimaced at the power of his orgasm, but the image of his handsome fucker continued to play in his head as the boy pumped his asshole with the rhythmic steadiness of an oil derrick piston, and the force of a horny stallion. The dildo was constantly being lubed, and it slid into him easily enough, but he could feel his asshole stretching then snapping shut as it retreated out of his sphincter, before burrowing back through and drilling six inches inside, brushing his prostate gland on the way past in both directions.

He couldn’t see it, but semen whipped from his rapidly bouncing cock, spraying in an 25 degree arc before him, and streaking the table for feet away, his glossy cream confirming the heights of his excitement.

Eventually the orgasm concluded, and his eyes opened, staring off into space, not seeing the room he was in, but the room that Michel was projecting into his brain.

The woman waved her hand in front of his blankly staring eyes. He looked shellshocked, but gave no indication that he was aware of the proximity of her hand to his eyeballs. She snapped her fingers by his ears, and again, he showed no reaction.


Felix was done. If it had stopped there, and it had been in private, it would have been the most deeply satisfying orgasm, but it didn’t stop there. His testicles continued to shake violently, denying him the ability to cool down. No matter how hard he tried to relax his abdomen, his penis strained, responding to the carefully-crafted scene that plugged directly into his libido via his hypothalamus. It was like waking up with a painfully straining erection that had nothing to do with his conscious desires.


“That was quite an impressive demonstration. How often did you say he could be forced to orgasm?”

“For at least 24 hours, at an interval of 3-5 minutes.”

“And it’s not painful?”

“Not in the physical sense, although Felix is usually pretty keen for a break after his second or third orgasm.”

“And how many do you usually give him?”

Michel pondered.

“Upwards of 100.”

Several of the men screwed up their faces briefly in a wince.

“And there are no ill effects?”

“Apart from the exhaustion? Well, his testicles are swollen immediately afterwards, then they are significantly reduced in size – at least half their usual size. That lasts for at least five days. I milk him once a week, which is just about when they would start to return to normal.”

“And the effect on his libido of this schedule?”

“Oh, his libido is reduced to zero. No masturbation, no nocturnal emissions, not even morning erections. I’ve monitored his internet use, and his visits to porn sites has dropped to almost nil.”

“Very good. I can see many, umm, off-label applications for this technology. The robotics of course, speak for themselves, but…”

Her sentence was interrupted by an unannounced blast of semen as Felix shot his wad for the second time. It landed on the table with a splat, followed by two more blasts. She eyed it with amusement.

“He may not have the largest testicles, but he’s certainly a juicy boy isn’t he?”

Michel smiled.

“Yes, that’s why I created this technology in the first place. Shall we adjourn to the dining room. After your long journey, I have a light lunch and some liquid refreshment available as promised. We can discuss whether or not your office will wish to place an order for our technology.”

“What about the young man?”

“Oh, he’ll be fine here. Gabriel can stay and keep watch over him. After an hour or two for lunch, it will enable you to see just how effective our system is at uh, extracting his juice.”

She chuckled.

“Very good Michel, very good. Lead the way then.”


Two and a half hours later, they all returned to the lab to find Gabriel working on a laptop, while Felix continued to squirm in his robotic frame. The boy was flushed pink, and sheathed in sweat, his formerly tidy hair, matted together in wet clumps. He stared into space, his pupils moving as his eyes witnessed an entirely different reality to the one that Michel and his guests could see.

The woman looked at the table top. It was thickly streaked in cum in a wide arc from his groin.

“The boy has been busy while we were away,” she observed. “How many times do you think he’s orgasmed?”

Michel looked at his watch and performed a quick mental calculation.

“At least 50 times, maybe more.”

“Jesus,” one of the men said empathetically. “Kid’s nuts must be empty by now.”

The woman turned and gave a dry smirk.

“Judging by that table, young Felix has surprisingly deep reserves.”

The man glanced at the puddles on the glass table top. There was an inconceivable amount of semen there, especially coming from a single young man.

“Yeah, I think his legs must have been full as well.”


Felix was not aware of their presence. To his senses, four frat boys were currently wanking over him while he sucked the penis of a fifth. A sixth was pounding his asshole in time with the dildo.

As a severely disabled teenager, prior to Michel’s addition to the ES3, he had been starting to face the reality of the fact that he would have troubles finding love, or even a simple fuck buddy. He’d never seen or heard of any gay disabled people, and as he couldn’t even leave the house without assistance, his opportunities were severely limited.

In other circumstances, the projector would be a dream come true for him. If he was on his own. Even the dildo and shakers were a far more gratifying way of inducing orgasm than his own weak hand provided, and if he’d been in control of their speed, and most importantly, when they stopped, he’d happily have used the system for all of his sexual activities. The options to participate in a totally convincing sexual experience was incredibly gratifying. Yes, the vibrating testicles were not congruous with the rest of the experience, but he soon grew to accept that as part of his sexual release.

He was well aware now, that he was in a room full of people. He’d long since stopped hoping to free himself. He knew from past experience that once he was strapped in, he was Michel’s to milk until the man decided to end it. His body struggled automatically, as the waves of sexual euphoria flooded up from his testicles and to a lesser extent, his anus. He could feel his inner thighs trembling at the pleasure. That was one of the reasons, in addition to the orgasms of course, why he was always so exhausted afterwards. It was like a whole-body workout.



“Okay, so to confirm then,” the woman said, “in return for the agreed-upon sum, which will be prepaid into your company’s bank account via BACs, you’ll deliver ten units complete with cortical projectors, to our facility in Mendocino in six months. I must stress, the US government does not suffer delays from its overseas contractors, so it would not be in your interests to miss the agreed upon deadline.”

Michel smiled.

“We’ve built three months into our delivery timetable, and will be flying the units out. Our logistics have delivered the ES3 to hospitals and other businesses all over the world. The stimulator and cortical projector are the only… bespoke elements of the system, and they’re easy enough to fabricate. I can assure you that Felix and I will be seeing you again on the agreed upon date.”

The woman nodded.

“Excellent. Then I’ll look forwards to seeing you again later in the year.”

Felix started to thrust and moan again and a small jet of cum squirted from his stiff boner.

“Looks like he’s recharged,” she added sardonically, offering her hand.

Michel shook it. She gestured with her head towards the spunk laden table. Michel nodded.

“I’ll leave you to um, clean up. We can find our own way out.”

The rest of her entourage followed, each briefly shaking hands with Michel as they passed him. The second to last man looked at Felix, still in throes of arousal.

“How much longer you gonna leave him hooked up to that thing?”

Michel shrugged.

“Might as well complete his weekly cycle. Another 5 or 6 hours.”

The man shook his head.


He glanced sympathetically towards Felix. The boy stared into space. Drool dribbled down from the ball gag onto his chest.

“Good luck kid.”



Mendocino. October 2021. Research division F329.

“What’s this place?” Felix asked as they followed a guide through the building.

“Oh, it’s a government place we’re doing business with. We just sold them 10 ES3s. I just need to sort out a couple of details and we can back to our vacation.”

The guide led them through double doors into a large area. Felix immediately noticed two things. The first was a row of ten ES3 units standing in a row. Each was fitted with milking accessories and a cortical projector. The second thing he noticed was a group of people. One of them stepped forwards to greet them. Felix recognised her. It was the woman from the lab; Mrs Robinson. His eyes widened.

“Ironman, backwards,” he said immediately, in a voice quiet enough that he hoped it would escape Michel and the woman’s attention.

Michel turned and smiled at him.

“Ah you recognise Mrs Robinson?”

He pressed the remote button that disabled the exoskeleton, and Felix immediately came to a halt.

“No Michel! Not again. This is not fair.”

“It’s the very last time in public, I promise.”

“No Michel. Not even one more. I don’t agree to this. I’ll report you.”

“Who will you report me to Felix? The air hostess? The taxi driver? Who else do you know?”

“I… I…”

Felix didn’t even own a phone, and he shied away from mentioning the internet. He wanted to hold that card to play later if he needed to.

“Michel,” he wheedled.

He knew there was nothing he could do to prevent his humiliation again if the man chose to milk him in public.

“Please don’t. Not again.”

“I’m sorry Felix. It will soon be over. I just need to demonstrate how to use the ES3’s advanced functions. It won’t be as long as last time, then we can get out of here.”

Felix squealed and struggled like a little child that doesn’t want to be picked up as Michel once again gagged him and locked him into the ES3…


3 hours minutes later, he stood with his joggers around his knees, and a thin, if fierce boner protruding from his groin. He orgasmed for the 38th time but nothing came out. The first few were always the closest together, while he still had lots of spunk in him. After that, he only came intermittently. Right now, his cock bounced up and down, driven by contractions at the root. If it was not for the shakers, his testicles would currently be riding high, trying to crawl back into his body.

To his senses, he was currently getting his ass slammed by a beautiful young Brazilian teen with curly hair and brown skin. The boy looked about 16 or 17 – barely older than him. It was a fantasy that definitely appealed to his libido, but he knew only too well that despite the fact his senses showed him this attractive youth leaning over him, he was in fact in a room surrounded by technicians and scientists, and that knowledge angered him. It infuriated him that his modesty was not even a consideration; that Michel could just strip him naked and show his junk to random strangers any time he liked.

When his father died, and Michel was the only other living person to look after Felix, he thought that the man genuinely cared about him. Nothing could replace the love of his father, but Michel seemed to want to provide a friendly home where Felix could feel safe as he grew up. But now, increasingly, Felix felt like he was just a human guinea pig, to have Michel’s inventions tested on, and for Michel to show off to others.

What infuriated Felix the most right now, was the fact that despite his fury, he couldn’t stop his body from responding to the stimulation it was receiving. He still thrust, and humped, and panted his way through yet another unwanted orgasm. He growled into the gag with a mixture of anger and lust.

On a nearby screen, the audience could see a replay of what Felix was seeing, and below that, a left-to-right scrolling waveform that looked like a heart rate monitor, displayed the position of the dildo at any given time.

“The system is very easy to program,” Michel explained. “You simply watch the footage and use the mouse to indicate when the tori is thrusting.”

“Tori?” one of the technicians queried.

“Ah yes sorry, it’s a Japanese word we’ve adopted. In their culture, an uke is one who receives, you might called that person the “fuckee.” The tori is the fucker.”

“Anyway, with a simply click, you indicate when the tori has reached the maximum penetration or withdrawal. With the keypad, you indicate the velocity – how hard they are fucking. We’ve kept it simple; there’s a scale from 1 to 5. 1 is slow and tender, and 5 is brutally hard. This is then interpolated into a velocity map that translates that into dildo motion. I’ve discovered by trial and error that Felix responds strongly to level 4 and 5 stimulation for the first hour or so, but after that, his libido is maintained most effectively at level 2. It may be different for different subjects. I’m sure that with your greater availability of test subjects, you will quickly be able to determine whether Felix’s responses are universal, or each subject is unique.”

He turned and addressed the woman directly.

“When you acquire that data, I would very much like to be updated.”

“I’m absolutely certain that you will be the first one to find out,” the woman said.

Another technician spoke.

“You said that the dildo continues pumping in his rectum, and you have milked this young man for 8 hours continuously. Doesn’t the constant pumping rip his anus to shreds?”

“Ahh, that’s an excellent question. No it doesn’t, although his sphincter is certainly bruised afterwards. For starters, the dildo is heavily lubricated. But far more importantly, it doesn’t pump in the conventional intercourse sense. In fact, the dildo comprises a rubber sheath, within which a metal ring slides up and down. The sheath slides into the subject’s anus then remains in a fixed location. The ring then moves up and down within. This produces an almost identical sensation to intercourse, with the sphincter being enlarged and released, and the prostate receiving massage, but with none of the friction that would otherwise cause damage with prolonged use.”

“And you can synchronise the pump to any event, using it in conjunction with video to change the subject’s sexuality or instil entirely new paraphilias?”

“That’s correct.”

“I’d sure like to see a demonstration of that in action.”

“Well, I’m certain we can arrange that,” Mrs Robinson said, “But first, does anybody have any further questions while we still have Michel at our disposal?”

The attendees shook their heads, affirming the thoroughness of Michel’s presentation.

“Then in that case, let’s test Michel’s claims right now.”

Michel frowned, confused by her comment. She nodded to two guards who had been standing discretely to one side and they approached Michel. A quick taser stun to his neck dropped him to the floor without a moment of resistance.

When he regained consciousness, he was naked and secured into another of the units. He looked down at his hairy groin and exposed genitals. His testicles were already gripped between two pairs of shakers, and he could feel a dildo in his asshole.

Michel looked up at the woman and the curious circle of onlookers in horror.

“What is this?” he demanded. “What the hell is going on?!”

“I’d think it was perfectly obvious Michel. YOU are going to demonstrate the capability of your invention to change a person’s sexuality. We have been monitoring you over the past few months to confirm that you are indeed heterosexual. So we thought that a good test would be to make you homosexual. We have also spent the past 6 months developing medication that will prevent the heart attacks that your prisoner studies revealed with prolonged use. You and Felix here are going to be our first permanent subjects. Thank you very much. Your services have been greatly appreciated.”

“What? No! What the fuck are you… I demand that you release me immediately!”

A guard forced a ball gag into Michel’s mouth, reducing his angry shouts to muffled grunts. A cortical projector was lowered over his head. Mrs Robinson nodded to a technician and Michel’s screams got even louder, taking on a new sense of urgency as he was shown the same video feed as Felix. He felt the dildo go to work on his asshole, and his dark hairy cock quickly lifted. Then the shakers went into action. He moaned loudly into the gag. He knew that he would not manage to withstand them for very long at all.

Suddenly, he felt absolute empathy for the boy beside him. With the gag in his mouth, there was no way that he could protest or make a case for freedom, and with his arms and legs tightly secured, there was no possibility of escape. He couldn’t even see the real world to know when an escape attempt might not be witnessed.

His dick was straining; straining so very hard, the loose wrinkled foreskin still protruding like a mole rat’s snout over the end. And his balls – his goddamned balls! They felt so good. So incredibly, ecstatically good. That was the most devastating part; the part that was completely irresistible; the part that guaranteed that he would orgasm again and again, endlessly, as long as the shakers were active.

Then he felt himself cumming, squirting hard, like a teenage kid after a week of enforced abstinence. He moaned as he felt his body betray him, his groan of disgust turning into a gurgle of ecstasy as his orgasm continued on and on, the machine not allowing his body to stop until he could not cum any longer.

He collapsed back into the ES3, already exhausted, but that was the fiendish reality of the device. Whether he struggled or relaxed, looked forward to it or fought against it, the shakers; those fucking things, tortured him with pleasure, ensuring that he remained horny and squirming.

He allowed his eyes to close, but they didn’t hide the cock that was pumping in and out of his hole, nor the 9-inch meat that was in his mouth. He hadn’t programmed the cortical projector to impart the sensation of the cocks, but the gag stretched his mouth almost like the thick cock he was seeing, and he could almost feel the heavy balls on his chin.


Beside him, his body working to its own cycle of arousal and orgasm, Felix’s cock jumped in excitement each time the cock at his rear pounded. He had long since stopped trying to imagine the spectators around him, and instead his body responded with excitement to the spit-roasting double teaming it was participating in. For a gay disabled boy with no hopes of living a normal life, this simulated experience of unending sexual stimulation was the greatest existence possible, and once he ceased to think about the real world, he would start to feel as though he was nothing but a mouth and a hole and a set of genitals.


The spectators filed out, leaving the two subjects to their arousal. A single technician remained to monitor them. The sound of the testicle shakers was a low vibration, like a centrifuge in action. He glanced at the first two permanent residents of the program. Their cocks were both so very hard. He could only imagine how horny they were feeling.

Before she left the room, Mrs Robinson said, “Take good care of them Stephen. We’ll have 8 more to join them by the end of the week.”


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