Major site redesign!

I’ve just completed a massive redesign of this site.
$5 Patrons now only need to enter a password once to view all images, videos, animated GIFS, PDFs, and to listen to my talking books. You also have access to over 100 images that are exclusive to that support tier, as well as more extreme ballbusting art, additional stories, and more.
3 and 1 dollar patreons still benefit from the site redesign which I think makes it a lot easier to navigate. There are additional stories in the PDF section that non patrons never even get to hear about.
I’m so happy with the way the redesign has gone. I’ve been working on it for ages, and I think it’s MUCH more attractive and intuitive once you get past the first page.
It IS best viewed on a computer screen, and hopefully it’s not unpleasant on a phone screen.
I hope to eventually redesign the blog homepage to make it easier to preview new content, but of course, 3 and 5 dollar patrons receive all art by mail early in any case, and you all receive the stories.

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