The kickboxer – Part 1

Kidnap, heavy ball busting, mind games, rape

A kickboxer discovers that you can’t fight your way out of every situation

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The kickboxer – Part 1

A group of five teens sat at a plastic-coated steel table in a busy quad outside the lunch room. The early-summer sun was shining and they enjoyed the opportunity to eat in the fresh air.

A sixth teen joined them, and they looked up as she sat.

“Hey Caitlin,” one of the seated teens said.

“Hey Yasmine, hey guys,” the newcomer said.

They acknowledged her with friendly greetings.

“So, what do you think has happened to Daniel, Cait?” one of the girls asked, immediately clueing her in to the topic of conversation.

“Mmmm, I don’t really know. He’s probably just left home for some reason. He didn’t seem like he had any problems, but you know, exams are kind of stressful. Maybe his parents were on his case about them and he needed some time to himself. I hope he comes back soon.”

“Amy thinks he ran away to be with his gay lover!” the girl said salaciously.

“He’s not gay! He does kickboxing and everything!” Caitlin said grinning.

“Yeah – exactly the sort,” one of the boys chimed in. “He’s super macho but he uses it as a cover for the fact he’d sooner be naked mud wrestling!”

Yasmine gave the boy a playful shove.

“For fuck sake Josh, Daniel’s not gay!”

“Does he have a girlfriend?” Josh retorted.

“No, but I know he’s been with a couple of girls.”

“Hmmm,” Josh murmured, unconvinced.

“I’m telling you,” another boy added, he’s in a dungeon right now getting his ass pounded by some sicko.”

“That’s nasty Lucas!” Yasmine said with a grin-grimace on her face.

“Yeah, but I bet it’s true. Right this second, he’s sitting somewhere with electrodes on his nipples getting his ass pounded by a bunch of fat old faggots.”


In a pitch-black room, a light came on. The illumination was provided by a bare 40-watt incandescent bulb hanging from a wire on the ceiling.

The room measured 10 feet by six – a glorified broom closet now although it had once served as a root cellar. It had rough, unfinished cement walls and a dry dirt floor.

Against the narrow wall, furthest from the door, a heavy-duty metal ring had been fixed to the wall, and from that ring, connected by its middle, was a short but robust chain that formed two hanging ends. On the end of each end was a thick metal manacle, and each of them was closed and padlocked shut around a wrist. The wrists were bloody; worn raw by their owner’s futile attempts to pull his hands free, or pull the ring from the wall.

Sitting on the dirt floor, his hands raised above his head by the chains sat a naked, tan-skinned teenager. His entire naked body was smeared in dirty streaks from the dusty floor. He’d been unconscious when he was dragged in here with no concern for cleanliness, pulled across the mud outside the remote shack and the dirt inside. In fact, the man who’d brought him here rather liked the dirt. It emphasised the fact that the boy was no more than an animal to him.

Daniel sat with his legs spread wide, knees up. Two wires led between his legs, and they were connected to two alligator clips that were clamped to the young man’s testicles. The clamped jaws closed perfectly in the middle of each testicle, bisecting them along their length. The boy was in constant pain. The clips had been carefully chosen by his captor. They applied enough pressure to make Daniel feel as though his nuts were in a vice, but not enough to cut them in half. Several young men had paid with their testicles for the man to work out the right amount of pressure.

The teenager’s thick brown cock flopped on the floor, curled in curve like a sleeping python, as dusty and dirty as the rest of his body.

Daniel looked up with a mixture of fear and glowering resentment. For the first few days, he’d worn an expression of hope, but after four days, when his captor’s visits brought only pain or humiliation, Daniel had lost any optimism that the man might show mercy, and now his only expectation was pain.

The man looked down at his work with amusement. The clamps on the teenager’s testicles pressed just over halfway through each oval, bloating each testicle to either side of the clamps, giving each one the appearance of a small dumbbell. The boy had wriggled and repeatedly dislodged the clips with his thighs when they were initially clamped in place four days ago, but a few one-minute electrical jolts had been sufficient to prove to him that the constant pain in his nuts could easily be elevated MUCH higher if he attempted to remove the clips in future. If that was an insufficient disincentive, the man assured Daniel that it was no trouble to simply peg his legs apart so that he had no way of dislodging them.


The man looked at Daniel’s face. It had cleaner streaks where tears and snot had cleared tracks. The boy knew better than to speak without being invited but he watched the man carefully.


“Well, well, what shall we do today tough guy?”

Daniel looked at him without answering the rhetorical question, but he couldn’t hide the glowering hatred in his eyes. Contrary to his friend’s guess, Daniel’s assailant was NOT old or fat. In fact, he was lean and quite muscular, and more than a decade short of middle age.

Daniel was a reasonable kick boxer for an 18-year-old with two years’ experience, but it was quite probable that he was lose, even in a fair fight against the man.

“You know what I’d love to do right now?” the man asked.

Daniel shook his head sullenly.

“I’d love to put the strongest alligator clips I have onto your nuts and as they slowly cut them in half, turn the electric up to full power and cook them. I wonder how long it would take before you stopped dancing?”

Daniel stared at the man in absolute horror. He knew that his captor enjoyed playing mind games with him, but the agony in his nuts demonstrated that the man was also more than willing to actualise his desires.

“But I’m not going to,” the man continued. “You know why?”

Daniel didn’t want to give the man anything to work with, but he also knew that refusing to answer resulted in great pain. He shook his head again.

The man gave him a sadistic smile.

“Because then our fun would be over and I’d have no-one to play with. Cocky fucks are easy enough to catch, but cute ones like you are harder to find. I’d rather play with you at least a little longer before I…” he hesitated, choosing the next words carefully for maximum effect. “discard you.”

Daniel couldn’t help but tremble at the words. The only thing preventing him from smashing his own skull against the wall and ending his misery once and for all, was the miniscule hope that he would get a chance to escape some day; that the man would make a mistake and Daniel would be ready to seize his opportunity. It was a shot that he was willing to risk everything for. But not yet. No clear moment had arisen, and he would doubtless receive only one chance.


“Well, let me tell you, I thought we’d give you a haircut. It’s not like that mop of black hair isn’t cute an all, and it goes well with those dark brooding Latino eyes of yours, but frankly, I don’t like my guests to look that fashionable. You’re just my prisoner now, and I think I prefer you to look the part.”

The man produced a pair of electric clippers.

“Keep your head still or I might accidentally poke your eyes out.”

Daniel remained still and the man started cutting his hair. The shaver had various depth attachments for changing the length of the cut, but the man used it without attachments for the lowest cut.

He drove through the middle of Daniel’s hair, cutting away a single swathe from hairline to the nape of his neck.

He thought back to his childhood. His older brother Clay, had once cut his hair the same way against his will, then taken the clippers and left him. He’d gone running in to tell his father, and instead of demanding that Clay at least finish the job, his father had laughed along with him.

“Hey looks good on you Sawyer. A reverse Mohican. Ha ha.”

His father and brother had laughed together at the ridiculous haircut, and he’d spent the summer of his 11th year walking around the neighbourhood with his humiliating cut. Someone dubbed it “The Skunk” and the nickname stuck with him until high school.


But he didn’t give Daniel a Skunk; he shaved it all off. When he was done, he stood back to appraise his work. The boy looked like a concentration camp inmate.

Daniel glowered at him with his big dark eyes. Even in the dinginess of the room, they still glistened.


Sawyer leaned against the wall, using a straight arm against the rough cement to support himself. Daniel looked at the wall with an expression of fear.

“What’s your problem boy?” Sawyer asked.

Daniel’s eyes flickered briefly to the switch then back. The last thing the boy wanted was to give the man ideas but it was too late. The man followed the boy’s eyes to the switch that hung on a nail on the wall. It was connected to a wire and the wire was connected to the alligator clips.

“Oh, you wanna dance again do yah?”


Daniel shook his head emphatically, but Sawyer was already flipping the switch. The current jolted into Daniel’s scrotum like a kick in the nuts, the pain made him arch his back away from the wall, supporting himself horizontally on his feet on the floor, hanging from his arms. He let out a strangled, gurgling sound as the current continued to pulse through his testicles.

Sawyer watched grinning, then turned the current off after five seconds and Daniel collapsed back to the dirt. The man immediately flipped the switch again, and the lean teenager arched in the air again. It amused Sawyer to see that the boy’s contortions were completely involuntary, and beyond his will to prevent.

He flipped the switch off and on a few more times, then left it on. Daniel gurgled, in too much pain to speak coherently. But now with a continuous current, his cock rose as Sawyer knew it would. The glans swelled atop the brown shaft, turned dark purple by the blood pressure. The meaty cock stood powerfully away from Daniel’s body, curved upwards along its length. Veins strained on its sides with all the vascularity of a pumped body builder. He swayed and vibrated and screamed in long gurgling exhalations.

Now that he was hard, Daniel’s contortions made him look like he was trying to fuck the air, rather than merely dancing to electricity’s painful rhythm. As Sawyer watched, his own dick hardened in his pants. He enjoyed the feeling.

He turned the current off, allowing Daniel to collapse once again, but this time, rather than flipping the switch back on yet again, he removed the clamps. Daniel moaned, but it was not relief. His balls had been clamped for days, and now that the blood flowed freely, the nerves went into overdrive. He squirmed in discomfort.

Sawyer produced a rubber cock ring. Stretching the rubber, he placed it over the root of Daniel’s cock, pulling the boy’s balls through the ring. The ring clamped tightly to the root of Daniel’s penis, allowing the blood in but inhibiting its exit.

Sawyer appraised his work. Daniel’s cock strained hard, standing tall in his seated lap. It was a very average six inches long, but it looked shorter and stumpier due to its thickness. Its arrow-shaped head made it look potent, ready for fucking.

“That’s a pretty decent dick you got there,” Sawyer observed giving it a few pumps to feel how it handled. His fingers bumped across the veins, as though reading braille. “Has it seen a lot of pussy?”

Daniel was still groaning and his balls were aching as though someone had kneed him between the legs. Hard. He grimaced, struggling to speak.

“Some,” he managed to grunt tersely.

“I bet it has. What about ass; ever fucked a guy with it?”

Daniel’s grimace intensified and he aggressively shook his head. Sawyer grinned at him.

“First time for everything.”

He dropped his work pants. Underneath he was wearing worn boxers. His erection lifted the aging cotton. Sawyer pushed his boxers down. He dick bent, caught on the waistband, then sprang free, bouncing upwards. It was the same length as Daniel’s but not as thick.

Sawyer looked down at Daniel’s penis and smiled.

“That’s another good thing about sparky, it sure gets your dick ready for action. It looks like you’re already good to go.”

Daniel glanced down at himself. The head of his penis was coated with precum and it dribbled down the shaft. He looked at it with disgust. He’d never produced precum before, but now his dick was sopping with it.


Sawyer moved close and placed his penis near Daniel’s mouth.

“Do you want a taste to get you in the mood?” he asked.

Daniel pressed his lips tightly together and Sawyer laughed.

“Ha ha! Thought not! Another time.”

He rubbed his dick against Daniel’s lips and the boy pressed his head back against the wall, trying to retreat away from it. He turned his head in disgust as Sawyer left a snail trail of his own precum across Daniel’s lips. Daniel growled at the grossness of it, but with his hands secured, there was nothing he could to erase it.

“If you don’t like that, you’re gonna HATE this!” Sawyer said.

He turned his back and forced Daniel’s head to face forwards, then he pressed his asshole against Daniel’s nose. Daniel made a gurgling sound of disgust, and Sawyer laughed heartily as he re-enacted scenes from his brother’s teenaged playbook. But there was one act his brother had never performed and it was the one that Sawyer was about to perform.

He sat on Daniel’s lap, guiding the teenage kickboxer’s hard dick towards his hole. Sawyer had spent many nights getting fucked by barroom hook-ups, but very few of their dicks were as thick as Daniel’s. He lowered himself carefully, allowing his asshole time to open for it. Daniel moaned, dismayed that his cock was being used as a gay dildo. Many times he’d made the “any hole’s a goal” joke, or even “it’s not gay if you’re doing the fucking,” but now that his penis was buried in another man’s asshole, all of his jokes felt hollow and meaningless. He squirmed underneath the man, instinctively trying to move away from the hungry asshole that slurped on his penis.

Daniel could feel the wet heat of the man’s rectum as he pressed down against onto him, forcing him to bury his dick balls-deep. His fat balls hung loose in his bag, dangling between his parted legs. Daniel groaned; not from pleasure, but in repugnance as he felt the man tensing his asshole, tightening his colon like a boa trying to swallow its prey. But the worst part was how steadfastly hard his dick remained. He was not aware that the cock ring prevented him from losing the savage erection that the electricity had given him, and he felt nauseated that his body responded with such enthusiasm.

Daniel was not excessively macho, but getting a throbbing boner while a faggot rode his dick was a massive assault on his self-image. He thought about his friends at college seeing him in this moment and it made him screw up his face in distain.

Then he thought about his friends from kickboxing. When they got changed, it was all macho BS talk about fucking and dick size. He’d always been perfectly comfortable around such talk, but now if he was ever naked around them again, he’d know that his dick had been used to fuck this guy’s asshole.

He squirmed, trying to pull his dick free, or at least to communicate his displeasure without provoking the man’s anger. But his actions had the opposite effect.

“Oh yeah,” Sawyer growled, “That’s it, move it around. Fuck me deeper.”

Now Daniel was in an impossible situation. If he continued moving, it would appear that he was a willing participant, but if he sat there motionless, it would appear as though he didn’t mind the man using his prick as a sex toy. He chose the lesser of two evils as Sawyer bounced up and down on his dick, resolving to do nothing that would increase his tormentor’s pleasure.


Sawyer continued bouncing, and Daniel continued intermittently growling in displeasure as the man used him. Despite Daniel’s hatred of the situation, his body had a mind of its own and he was appalled to feel it responding with growing excitement to the stimulation of his dick. Although they were still aching, he could feel the arousal growing in his balls. It was a strange paradox; the pleasure felt as though it was deep inside them, trying to tunnel its way throbs of pain. He felt his helmet straining even harder. This was not electricity induced, nor even cock-ring aided. His dick was genuinely eager now, and despite the horror of his situation, a part of him very much wanted to nut.

The man bounced on his dick ever faster and Daniel tried with all his will to resist the coming surge. He tried to put his mind somewhere else – in a sad moment, when a friend from high school had passed away from leukaemia. It was a memory he normally shied away from, but now, in light of his OWN dire situation, the memory was nothing but a fleeting distraction. He examined it; tried to elicit the sharp pain that the memory usually brought. He even felt a moment of guilt for having used his friends’ premature death to lessen his own imminent orgasm. But it achieved nothing. He could feel the orgasm fast approaching. He gave it one final try; tensing his stomach, contracting his scrotum, focussing on the pain in his nuts, but now even that merged oddly into the rising pleasure that had an inevitable conclusion.

He growled, as though defying it, but mid-growl, his voice turned into a moaning sigh of pleasure tinged with disappointment at his own weakness.

Sawyer bounced faster, amused that he had forced yet another macho straight boy to nut against his will. He was collecting quite a roster now. Daniel was his 11th. Wrestlers, football players, boxers, and now a kickboxer. They were all powerless in the face of their own libidos.

The 34-year-old man continued bouncing until Daniel’s moaning and squirming stopped, then he climbed off. He could feel the boy’s cum dribbling from his hole. He backed into the teenager’s face, smearing the kids’ own cum from his asshole onto his lips and nose. The sounds of deepest disgust were like music to Sawyer’s ears. He could never humiliate these fucking jocks enough to make up for the way his own brother had humiliated him during his teen years.

Another image formed in his mind. He was 14. He’d only just discovered how to masturbate, and now he stood in front on his brother and two of the boy’s friends, naked, jacking his dick while they drank beer and laughed at his clumsy efforts. He came quickly, but they were not done. They made him perform again, and again, and again, and again, whacking at himself, hunched over like a horny chimp until he could not cum anymore and his dick was too sore to touch.


Sawyer turned and asked Daniel, “Did you like that? Sure looked like you did!”

Daniel scowled at him wretchedly, his own cum smeared across his face. He felt debased and degraded, and the fact that he had cum in spite of that, and in spite of the fact that his dick was in this man’s asshole was the worst of all. He said nothing.

“Anyway, you’ve had your fun, now it’s time for mine.”


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