The kickboxer – part 2

Kidnap, heavy ball busting, mind games, rape

A kickboxer discovers that you can’t fight your way out of every situation

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The kickboxer – Part 2

Daniel sat with a brutally hard erection protruding from his lap. It had just been used as a fuck toy by his kidnapper, yet HE was the one who had cum.

The kidnapper, Sawyer approached Daniel and quickly secured a figure 8 of rope around each ankle then he lifted the loops of rope and secured them to hooks on the wall to either side of the teenager’s head, spreading his legs wide apart. Daniel now hung from the wall with his legs spread, his arms above his head and his ass exposed. The young kickboxer had a strong suspicion about what was coming next.

Sawyer reached behind his ass and collected some of the kid’s cum on his fingertips, using it to lube his own dick. Daniel watched with apprehension as the man approached, holding his penis. The man dropped to his knees and aimed his dick at the boy’s exposed asshole.

“No dude, please not that!” Daniel pleaded.

He tried to twist his asshole away from the penis that approached his hole but with his ankles pulled so far apart, he had almost no rotational movement. He tried to swing his asshole to the side but found himself similarly constrained. All that remained was to swing his hole closer to the approaching dick and that was one thing that Daniel had absolutely no intention of doing.

The man grinned at him unpleasantly, then Daniel felt the moist head of his penis touching his hole.

“Please don’t,” Daniel tried one more time, but he correctly suspected that his pleas only made the man harder.

Sawyer pushed and Daniel puckered his hole against the assault. The strength of his sphincter, especially weakened by his position, was nothing compared to the man’s body weight and the power of his thighs and stomach muscles. The man pushed and Daniel knew that he was never going to be able to prevent the man from taking his cherry.

He had assumed that it was one thing that would remain with him all his life. He had no problem with gay people but Daniel was strictly heterosexual. He was not metrosexual, bi-curious, closeted or any other flavour of sexuality that might one day have led him to experiment with a dick in his ass, but now, as straight as he was, he realised that he was going to spend the rest of his life knowing what it felt like to be fucked.

Even if he somehow escaped, or even less likely, was set free, whenever he met his friends, Daniel would know that he’d had a dick inside him. And they’d probably suspect it too.

Daniel inhaled momentarily, and in that moment, sensing his brief lessening of resistance, Sawyer pushed hard and the head of his dick pushed past the boy’s sphincter. Daniel let out a small choked sound of shock and pain as he realised that he had lost the fight.

Once Sawyer’s penis was inside, it was easy to slide the rest in. He pushed his pelvis forwards, driving his cock inside, and for the first time in his life, Daniel discovered what it felt like to be sodomised. It was not as physically painful as he had feared. The man’s dick was not thick. Daniel could feel the man’s hard meat sliding up inside him, stretching him, giving him a feeling of fullness that was like taking a difficult shit. Except for the warmth and closeness of the man’s body.

Daniel’s asshole had been fagged now. Even though it was against his will, he’d always have the knowledge of what it felt like to have a cock in his ass. And to make matters worse, his dick was still rigid between their two bodies. The man looked down at it and grinned.

“You’re still hard,” he said, knowing that Daniel had no choice. “Must like it.”

A sickly expression appeared on Daniel’s face. Then the man started to thrust…



“Hey Lucas, did you mean it, what you said about Daniel?” Aaron asked as they sat in class.

“What, about him getting kidnapped and fucked?”

Aaron nodded.

“Nah, course not. I was just fucking with the girls. He’d sooner die than let some fag fuck him. He’s off smoking weed somewhere. He’ll turn up in a couple of weeks like nothing happened.”



Sawyer knelt on his bed naked. Behind him, his brother was pulling his hair savagely, whispering gay slurs whilst pounding his ass.

Clay had been fucking him for the past three years, since he was 12. Sawyer had hoped that his older brother would get bored and stick to the girls he had no trouble dating, but Clay reminded Sawyer that he was his “weekday bitch.”

Sawyer was not intelligent enough to realise it, but his brother fucked him as much from a sadistic need to dominate and humiliate him, as out of a desire to nut. That was why Clay insisted that his 15-year-old brother kept his pubes shaved and baby smooth. It gave him a kick to imagine his brother humiliated at school as well as at home.

Sawyer fantasised for many nights about putting a bullet in Clay’s head. His father had a gun, but he just never worked up the courage. Then fate took the decision from his hands: a drunken car wreck. To the surprise of everyone who knew him, Clay was not the one who was drunk, but it left him in a wheelchair with no further interest in his kid brother.


Daniel’s erection strained painfully hard, the head brushing up against the man’s lightly-haired belly as the man fucked him. The man had not cum even once yet, but now, like an eager fag, and despite his mental anguish, Daniel felt as though he was close to nutting again.


Sawyer fucked the kid like his brother had fucked him, slamming his dick in savagely and fast, going balls deep on every stroke, letting the bronze-skinned punk know who was in charge, and where his place in the universe was. The kid’s head was turned to the side, and he refused to make eye-contact in a vain attempt to protect his ego, as though looking away meant that someone else was getting fucked instead of him.

Sawyer turned the boy’s face back to face him. He grinned sadistically.

“Your cock is leaking again. Beginning to think you’re enjoying this even more than I am huh?”

Daniel’s scowl deepened.

“No,” he growled curtly, but he could feel his increasingly slippery dick sliding off the man’s belly. Why the fuck was he feeling so horny?

Sawyer wrapped his arms around the kid like they were lovers, pulling their torsos together, and fucked Daniel faster. Suddenly he felt warm fluid splatter against his belly in half a dozen spurts.  The kid had come again! That would mess with his head for years; maybe the rest of his life. The thought was enough to push him over the edge, and he seeded the college boy’s virgin hole with his own eager slime.

Daniel was looking to the side again now, acting like his cock had not just betrayed him for the second time. He tried to ignore the pumping sensation in his balls, but the squelching sound as his cum-splattered belly rubbed against the man’s was hard to ignore. He knew in his heart-of-hearts that he’d cum even harder being fucked than he had being ridden.


The man continued pounding Daniel’s hole until his balls had no more to give, then he slowed and finally stopped, remaining buried in the kid’s unwilling hole. He could feel Daniel’s asshole puckering; relaxing and contracting on his cock like a calf puckering at its mother’s teat, its rhythm set partly by his own orgasm, and partly as a continuation of the pace that Sawyer’s fucking had set. Daniel could feel his asshole sucking at the man’s dick. He tried to quiet it; to make it stop but it seemed to have a mind of its own that wanted to show off his body’s enthusiasm.

Sawyer grinned at him.

“I knew you’d get off on that. You straight guys are always the fucking horniest. I bet ever since your balls dropped, you’ve been secretly hoping a real man like me would pound your asshole haven’t you?”


If he’d thought about it, Sawyer would have realised that he was parroting the same type of insults his brother had used on him half a lifetime ago. Not that he’d have cared. Fucking unwilling virgins was how he got off. Nothing gave him a greater buzz than stealing the fiercely-protected cherries of young men who claimed that they were straight, making them nut at the same time. It was a routine he’d perfected down the years, and any boy who was not impotent found it impossible to resist his skills, no matter how fearful they were.


He withdrew his cock and offered it to Daniel’s mouth.

“Suck me clean. If you even think of biting or refusing, I’ll pop your eye balls.”

He gripped Daniel’s head between both hands, and placed his thumbs near enough to the teen’s eyes for the threat to be tangible.

Like a child preparing to eat his vegetables, Daniel slowly opened his mouth. The man pushed his cock inside, moving it slowly, savouring his victim’s discomfort. He guided the end downwards, ensuring that it rubbed against Daniel’s tongue. Daniel pressed his tongue flat against the base of his mouth in a pointless attempt to avoid contact with the organ, but the man simply aimed lower, following.

When the head of his cock was in the middle of Daniel’s mouth, Sawyer said, “Close your mouth. Wrap your lips around the shaft and suck it like a lollipop. If there’s any cum left on it when you’re done, I’m gonna slice your dick like a banana.”

Daniel had already considered biting the man’s dick off. He doubted that the man would be in much mood to fight in the immediate aftermath of such an injury, but then what? Daniel had not been able to escape when it was just his hands secured. Now, with his legs yanked up and pulled so wide apart, he had even less chance of escape.

Then one of two things would happen; the man would bleed to death, leaving Daniel hanging there until he presumably died of dehydration; or he managed to recover and came back and took his revenge upon Daniel. Daniel didn’t even want to imagine how much more painful the man could make it for him.

Daniel was moderately brave, but he wasn’t suicidally reckless or fearless. He closed his lips around the meat tube and started to suck.

“Good, that’s right, use your tongue. Move your head back and forwards. I want it all clean when you’re done,” the man told him.


Daniel never thought he’d get to taste another man’s spunk, much less direct from the pump. He’d tasted his own – just a little on the tip of a finger out of curiosity when he was in his mid-teens, but that was the full extent of his desire to encounter it orally.

The man’s spunk was actually quite insipid; slimy but almost tasteless. Daniel had expected the man’s dick to be as rank as the root cellar he was chained in, but it seemed that he actually kept himself clean. But the feel of the man’s sausage in his mouth, and the feel of his loose foreskin against his tongue still made Daniel feel physically ill. He could feel it pulling back and forth across the glans as he sucked the cum from the penis.

“Whooo boy, you give good head. I can tell you’ve done this lots of times before. If I’d a known, I would just have offered you a beer and we coulda been friends. Just make sure you lick that sucker clean boy.”

Daniel moved his head slowly back and forwards. Sucking as much off the shaft as he could. On one hand, he didn’t want to be punished for performing a bad job, but on the other, he didn’t want to prolong the experience by making the man think he was giving him a blowjob. He tried to keep his tongue movements firm and slow, with what he hoped was a minimal amount of pleasure-giving flickering.

Finally, he stopped entirely.

“You all done kid?” Sawyer asked.

Daniel mumbled into the man’s cock.

The man laughed riotously.

“Hey boy, don’t you know it’s rude to speak with your mouth full?”

He gripped the sides of Daniel’s head and jammed his cock all the way in. Daniel was caught off guard and he choked as the cock pushed its way down his throat. He made a noise like a cat trying to vomit, but there was nothing he could do to prevent the dick that now stretched his throat painfully.

The man held it there for 20 seconds, 30, 40 Daniel’s face started to turn purple as he struggled to breath but his airway was closed by the meat log that filled it. With his arms tied and his legs splayed apart, Daniel was completely powerless. A thought flashed across his mind.

“This is how I die. Suffocated by a dick.”

Then the man withdrew his cock.

“Oops, wrong way,” he said smirking.

He looked down at his hard penis. It was glistening with saliva but there was not trace of his thick cum.

“Hmmm, you did a good job.”

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