Draining Artie

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A certain Glee star has caught my attention. I know the wheelchair is just a prop and he can walk normally. Or at least he could. He’s gonna be knock-kneed for months after I’ve finished with him. I’ve been milking him almost continually for 17 hours. It’s incredible how much semen you can force a healthy guy to give up with the right drugs. From the look of it, he’s up to 3 litres. His nuts are hot to the touch, but they’re not hurting, although he’d give anything to stop cumming right now. I’ll keep him for another two days. His sperm will be valuable. There are so many people who will pay for a vial of it, especially with video footage of its extraction. He looks at me, crazed with lust, and begs me for the hundredth time to stop the stimulator. Then he cums again for probably the 700th time. He throws his head back, his expression a mixture of ectasy and torment. I smile and leave the room…


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