A chance encounter at a pool leads to a world of possibilities.

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I first see him at the outdoor pool. I’m half reclining in a pool chair and he’s with his family who are sitting less than ten feet in front of me to my right. I’m wearing mirror sunglasses so that nobody can see my eyes. I like the freedom to look around at the young cuteness unrestricted.

He’s wearing shorts, but the thin nylon clings tightly to his groin when he is fresh out of the water, giving more than a hint at the young meat within. It saddens me that most boys wear shorts rather than speedos to swim.  Speedos are so much more flattering, even on boys who are not packing much. I watch him with interest, playing and splashing about with his father and younger brother. His father is perhaps 35-40 years old but in pretty decent shape. His brother is young enough to have the falsetto voice of a child. Too young for me.

I have a magazine open as cover, but I’m watching him whenever he clambers from the pool. Then I get what I’m looking for. He lifts a foot from the water and places it on the poolside ready to lift himself and I see straight up the leg of his shorts. He’s not wearing speedos or underwear beneath like most kids do, nor do his shorts have the mesh lining that would denote that they were intended for pool use.

Dangling down in semi-circle is his uncut dick – paler than I would have expected, with a longish foreskin completely covering the head, and a tight round sack wrinkled beneath. He pauses for a long couple of seconds, and I drink in the sight. Then he rises and it is gone.

For the next half hour, I continue watching him, more curious than ever. I take my phone out and pretend to be browsing and at one point I get a great shot of his junk. Then I hear the words that make me pay attention.

“Hey dad, I’m just going to the bathroom.”

“Sure thing Austin.”

The boy walks past me in the direction of the bathroom. I give it 15 seconds, then follow. Just enough time that his father won’t be alerted, but not so long that the kid will finish his business before I get there.

I walk in holding my phone to my ear.

“Anyway, gotta go. Just going to the bathroom. Great to speak to you,” I say, finishing my pretend conversation.

I see Austin standing at a piss bowl. I stand at the bowl next to him to the right and unzip my pants with both hands, discretely pressing the record button on the phone in my left hand. The record light is disconnected so it won’t give me away. The phone is facing towards him but as I start to piss, I glance discreetly across just in case the recording doesn’t come off. It’s hard to get a perfect recording when you aren’t aiming the lens by eye. I’ve practiced plenty and I’m pretty good at it, but I still wouldn’t want to miss the chance to see his dick from this angle.

I’m surprised that he hasn’t even taken his dick out yet. Maybe he’s one of those boys who gets bashful when other people are nearby. Then to my relief he pushes the front of his shorts down and hoiks his meat out with his index finger.

I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s hard to judge his age from his face and body. He has a great physique; lean, well defined six pack, and broadish shoulders. But his dick is younger looking than I would have guessed. It hasn’t got that weathered look that a well-used dick develops. I wonder if he’s still a virgin. He’s more than old enough to have lost, and with a body like that, I’m sure he’d have no shortage of offers. I expect the girls are all over him. Or the boys.

He starts to piss. It’s pale yellow. He should drink more in this heat. I’ve got something he could drink. It wouldn’t slake his thirst but it would sure make me feel good!

I piss with him, just for plausibility, but my attention is totally focussed on him. His foreskin is cuter moist; softer, and I expect, more sensitive. The moisture puts me in mind of his cum. I muse to myself, wondering if he squirts thick porn star cum or thin pearly boy juice. Boy juice. Definitely.

Austin finishes pissing. It disappoints me knowing that this will soon be over and after today I will likely never again see this good looking young man. He shakes his cock a few times with surprising vigour. He’s obviously fastidious about his hygiene. Good boy.

His cock whips up and down. He shakes harder still until it literally smacks his belly with a quiet slapping sound.

Shy but better-endowed boys sometimes like to show off their manhood without revealing themselves by wiggling their hips and making their dicks slap against the inside of their thighs. I doubt that Austin could wiggle hard enough to make an audible slap with his curve of white flesh. I wonder if he is self-conscious about it at school? Maybe not. It’s big enough to be within the normal range.

He stops shaking. He will pop into back inside his shorts now. As drip-dry as he can make it. But he doesn’t. Instead he slowly draws the skin back, and it retracts, stickily revealing the glans. It’s a purple pink colour, and shiny wet. He continues pulling the skin, his fingers just behind the corona, drawing the moist foreskin fully off his glans and then down the shaft revealing a floppy length of dead-fish white skin. I can see tiny veins in the exposed skin. He gives his cock a little shake. The floppy glans wiggles.

What’s he doing? This is an elaborate post-piss routine. How much cleaner does he hope to make his prick? It occurs to me that he might be obsessive compulsive about such things. That would be a shame. He’s too cute to suffer mental illness.

Austin moves his fingers back along the shaft towards the end slowly. I expect he’s squeezing the very last dewdrops of urine from his urethra. When his foreskin is half covering his helmet, he draws back again slowly, then repeats, his fingers moving back and forth along his short length.

And that’s when I get it. He’s jacking off, performing a slow and sensuous post-piss wank. I wonder if he’s even consciously aware or this is part of his normal routine. A few seconds of pleasure before putting his cock away.

His dick swells with blood now. Maybe four, four and a half inches of white chicken meat but he’s still moving slow, moving just his wrist. From behind, you wouldn’t even know he was pleasuring himself.

The guy two bowls across shakes and walks out without washing his hands, leaving just the two of us.

Austin starts masturbating faster, still using just his wrist. Then he stops and lowers his hand almost as though showing his boner to me. His dick is standing up stiff at 45 degrees to his body. He bounces it with his other hand and I detect the hint of a smile on his face as he apparently enjoys its hardness. He reminds me of a kitten playing with a ball on a string. He appears to be fascinated by his body. His cock twangs up and down with a stiffness that few men will ever experience. He repeats the action several times then resumes his masturbation, faster now, seemingly mindless that I might notice what he is doing.

I have long since finished pissing and my own dick is rigid now.

I decide to risk joining him. I start to masturbate, subtly at first so as not to spook him. Then he speaks.

“You forgot to turn the pages of your magazine.”

I turn to face him and he continues masturbating unabashed.

“Excuse me?”

“You forgot to turn the pages. When you were watching me by the pool and pretending to read.”

I consider a denial but for what reason? I decide to go with it.

“Oh, thanks. I’ll remember that in future.”

“No need. It was how I knew you were interested.”

Smart kid.

“Oh. You’re very good looking. Do you wrestle?”

“Lacrosse and triathlon.”

“No wonder. You have a lovely dick too.”

“Thanks. It’s only four inches but it works great.”

“I can see that.”

Austin smiled, still looking at his penis. Throughout our exchange, he never looked away from it. He’d make a great secret agent!

“Yours is great. How big is it?”

“Nearly seven inches.”


I grinned at the wall. That was a new compliment to me.

Austin said, “You’d better finish. Someone else is bound to come in soon.”

“And you.”

“I only need a second.”

Throughout our brief exchange, he continued to tug at himself, as did I. I pulled faster now, and in no time, my cock was spewing up a thick river of cum against the back of the white porcelain pissoir. Almost the second I started to cum, the boy’s cock spat up its own load. It was thin, just as I had anticipated. Four fast, watery squirts then done. He grunted softly and his knees buckled, but he saved himself grinning.

“Legs went.”

“Yeah I saw. Good one?”

He simply grinned in answer.

I looked at the pissoir on his side. Two thin rivulets of boy-jizz were trickling down the back.

“Were you holding back till I came?” I asked.

“No. But seeing you jizz pushed me over the edge.”

I smiled again. Nobody had ever paid me a better compliment.

We both squeezed the last of the cum from our cocks with our fingers then I reluctantly put mine away, and he followed suit.

“I’d better get back to the pool or my dad…”

“Yeah, thanks. Austin.”

“You heard my name?”


“Wait a few seconds before following. I hope you enjoy the video.”

I looked down at my phone. This kid was dangerously on the ball.

“I definitely will.”

He turned towards the exit. The front of his shorts was sticking out.

“You better hide that. Someone might see it.”

“So what if they do?”

The kid was shameless. All this time I thought I’d been the one on the prowl, and now I realised it was him that was after me, or someone like me. I didn’t want to say goodbye.

I smiled at him.

“Do you come here often?” I asked hopefully.

“Sometimes. But I prefer the park. Less disturbances. I’ll be there tomorrow on my own. Near Tanner’s Fold. About 2.”

“Wow, that’s a coincidence, I think I’ll be there about that time too.”

“That’s great,” he said with a wry grin, “maybe we’ll bump into each other.”

He walked to the doorless entrance, then rubbed his hand deliberately between his buttocks.

“I’ve been hoping to try something new.”

Then he was gone.

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