Czech Hunter and the Eagle’s Claw – Part 1

In this cross-over work of fiction, a pornographer uses an ancient Roman ball-busting device on modern victims.

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DISCLAIMER: This is a work of total fiction. I do not know the real Czech Hunter, nor do I imply anything about his relationship with his models.

Background: This story is based upon the Czech hunter videos. It starts by summarizing video 661, then goes in a darker direction.

Czech Hunter and the Eagle’s Claw – Part 1

Marek looked over streets that were almost completely devoid of traffic, panning with his expensive camera across buildings that were probably 500 years old, and had now been converted for civic use. They had the typical appearance of historic western European architecture, but he wasn’t really interested in them. A boy sauntered across the two roads that separated Marek from the buildings. He was eating an apple and carrying quarter of a small melon wrapped in cling film that he’d bought at the local vegetable market.

As the boy drew within talking distance Marek said, “It’s a beautiful town.”

The boy looked at him, surprised to be spoken to.

“Ermm, yes, I guess so.”

“You live here?”


The boy walked past, heading for the steps of what Marek assumed was the boy’s home. It was the Czech equivalent of a tenement building, but far more appealing, with stucco walls with sand-coloured paint. He’d have to talk fast, but he was an expert.

“I don’t suppose you’d like to give me a tour?”

“I don’t have time,” the boy said.

“I can pay you…”

The boy stopped in his tracks.

“500 crowns for half an hour,” Marek offered.

“That’s not very much,” the boy said.

It was the equivalent of 22 dollars. Marek smiled.

“You’re a student?”

The boy nodded.

“How old are you?”


“Good. How much would it cost for a quick tour?”

“Umm, 700,” he said.

The boy was not a good negotiator, and without even realising, he’d moved from caution, to agreeing a price.

Marek sighed as though he was being pushed. The boy continued eating his apple. It was surprisingly juicy, and it made his lips looks moist and sensuous.

“Okay, 700. Can we go right now?”

“I want the money first.”

The boy was pretending to be a tough negotiator, but Marek could tell that he was going to be child’s play. The boy was slim, with brown hair, a sensitive face, and a straight Roman nose. He was wearing long shorts and a T-shirt.

Marek reached into his pocket. He had hundreds in one pocket. 500s in another. 2000s were hidden in a waist belt. He pulled out a bunch of hundreds and counted seven of them out. The boy took them quickly.

“You don’t have much money being a student huh?”

The boy shrugged.

“Nah. Not really. So, what do you wanna see first?”

“Whatever. To be honest, I’m not really interested in the town all that much.”

The boy frowned at him.

“You’re cute,” Marek said. “I’ll give you a thousand to see your dick.”

The boy’s eyes widened, genuinely shocked.

“Wuh… what?”

“I’ll give you another thousand to see your dick,” Marek repeated.

This kind of thing just didn’t happen in Ostrava; at least not to him. He stared at the man awkwardly. Getting naked for a stranger was completely outside anything he had ever considered, much less countenanced. He screwed up his face.

“Nah, thanks. I don’t do that kind of thing.”

“Fifteen hundred,” Marek said.

The boy hesitated, amazed by the paradigm before him, and Marek knew he had him. It was just a matter of how much it would cost. He saw a sly look appear on the kid’s face. They all got that look, but few of them knew their true worth.

“Why are you filming me?”

“I like to have reminders of beautiful things.”

The boy smirked lopsidedly. He had an adorable, awkward shyness to him.

“Two thousand,” Marek offered.

“Just to look at my dick?”

“Sure, just one minute. Two thousand crowns.”

He knew that the boy was rationalising to himself. Going through an inner conversation.


“You can get it out right here if you like.”

“In the street? What if someone sees?”

Marek pointed to a panel van standing 50 metres away.

“You can do it in my van if you prefer.”

The boy looked at the van, then back. He stared at Marek, weighing him up. The man looked about 28, slightly overweight, the same height as him, with a friendly smile. He didn’t look particularly dangerous.

“I’m sure you could use 2000 crowns?” Marek prompted.

“Money first.”

Marek smiled and handed him 2000 crowns. The boy tucked it away in a foldup wallet with a VANS logo embossed on it. Marek noticed.

“You skate?” he asked as they walked to his van.

“What do you mean?”

“Your wallet.”

“Oh no, I just like the design.”

“Do you do any sports?”

“Road skating.”

“Are you good?”

“I only do it for fitness, and to get around.”

“Cool, cool.”

They were at the van. Marek pulled the slide door open.

“So, what’s your name?”


Marek smiled.

“I’m Marek. You look like an Emil.”

“What does an Emil look like?”

“Intelligent, thoughtful, sensitive. A nice mouth.”

“Oh, um, thanks I guess.”

Marek gestured to the inside of the van. Emil looked around to see if anyone was watching, then he looked inside to check that there was no one else inside. When he had assured himself that it was not a kidnapping setup, he stooped and clambered into the side of the empty vehicle, followed closely by Marek.

Marek knew that he had to play it easy. He didn’t want to spook the kid.

“Welcome to my cave,” he said grinning. “I sleep here when I’m on the road.”

“What do you do?”

“I’m a travel vlogger. I travel across the country recording my journey.”

Emil finished his apple and threw the core from the van. Marek slid the door shut behind them and turned on the lights. It was a lot brighter than Emil expected. Marek looked at him.

“So, you gonna show me your dick?”


“That’s what I was hoping,” Marek said, pushing away a sarcastic answer.

Emil seemed skittish and a little uptight, like he wouldn’t appreciate it. He’d need to be handled carefully, but he was very money oriented; that was a huge bonus.

Emil unbuttoned his waist and unzipped his fly, pushing his shorts down to his knees. His briefs were crumpled inside. He hesitated, then pushed them down too and his genitals bounced free. His penis was slender but a nice length – not long but on the upper end of average. It came to a nice foreskin that was loose – easy to retract, without being too floppy.

“Classic,” Marek murmured.


“Your foreskin. It’s perfect. I call it the classic – not long, not short, not pinched; just right, and definitely not circumcised. Exactly how a foreskin should look.”

“I guess I’m lucky my mom didn’t get me cut.”

“Yeah. You just live with your mom?”

“And my little sister. My dad died when I was a little kid. He had an accident at work.”

“Oh. Very sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah, he was an engineer.”

Chit chat was just Marek’s way of putting a boy at ease. He didn’t care for it, but he often gleaned valuable information.

He continued looking at the kid’s groin. His nuts hung loose in a tear-drop scrotum that was just longer than his four-inch penis. Above, a modest spread of short pubic hair. Clearly unshaven. Nothing about the kid was exceptional or extreme, but the composite effect was very aesthetically pleasing.

Marek nodded.

“Very nice. Great dick. Lift your shirt.”

Emil had never thought of his dick as “great” before. The compliment made him happy. He lifted his T-Shirt like a little boy getting ready to go pee pee. Without asking, Marek reached out and lightly grasped Emil’s loose nuts in their soft scrotum. The boy didn’t flinch away, almost as though he had expected it. He was accommodating. That would make it easier.

Marek played with the soft nuts a second before extending his grip to encompass the penis as well. He massaged the objects in his hand, and tugged them outwards, nodding approvingly.

He released Emil’s testicles and allowed the penis to lay in his palm, then he moved his palm towards the root, and the glans emerged easily from its protective sheath into his hand. He rubbed it a few times between his finger and thumb.

“You’re getting aroused.”

He often used formal language at first. It put the boys at ease, as though he was a doctor.

“Maybe,” Emil replied.

“Yesss, I think definitely. You like being touched?”

Emil shrugged, and there was that tight-lipped shy smile again.

“First time.”

Marek continued massaging the boy’s dick. It was fully hard already.

“You get hard quick.”


“No, it’s a good thing.”

He released the boy’s cock and it stood up almost vertical, the arrow-shaped glans purple and exposed.

“You play with yourself a lot huh?”

“What do you mean?”

“Your helmet is purple.”

Emil had never even considered that the colour might incriminated him. He bashfully looked towards his feet, blushing slightly.

“I guess.”

Marek continued filming. Emil stepped backwards and pulled his underwear and shorts back up.

“You’re shy?” Marek asked.

“Yes, I am,” Emil replied with disarming candour.

“Wanna make more money?”

“Doing what?”

“Suck my cock.”

“I’m not doing that.”

“Not for another 3000 crowns?”

Emil looked at Marek’s face, and his own screwed up, as if to say, “What are you doing to me man?” It was the equivalent of $130 dollars. Maybe not much on the streets of Los Angeles or London, but out here in rural Europe, it was half a month’s wages.

“It’s a lot of money,” Marek said. “That’s 6000 with the money in your pocket.”

He knew that most young men’s sexuality could quickly be subverted with enough cash.

“I do need the money,” Emil said, as though trying to convince himself, not sneaky enough to realise that he was revealing his weak hand to the stranger.

Marek took the money out of his pocket in thousand crown notes. He held out the three folded bills and rubbed them against each other to draw Emil’s attention. Emil looked at them transfixed.

“You won’t cum in my mouth?” he said.

“Not if you don’t want me to.”

Marek dropped his own trousers and boxers to reveal his genitals. He was much bigger than Emil. He always kept himself scrupulously clean. Last thing he needed was to turn a kid off with a cheesy dick.

He sat down on the blanket that was laid out and parted his knees. Emil looked queasy, like he was about to fall down a well. Then he pushed it away, and knelt between Marek’s legs.

“I don’t know what to do.”

“That’s okay, I can coach you.”

Ten minutes later, Marek pushed the boy’s mouth off his dick. Emil looked at him afraid he had done something wrong.

“I’m gonna cum if you go any further,” Marek explained. “You did an excellent job,” he lied.

First timers were never any good.

Emil smiled tightly, unsure if it was good that he gave excellent blowjobs.

“I’ll give you another 5k if you let me fuck you.”

Emil stepped back, his lips moving without speaking at first, then he murmured; “F… fuck me?”

Marek grinned and nodded.

“You want to fuck me?” Emil repeated.

Marek’s grin broadened.

“Sure. You’re a good-looking guy.”

That part was not a lie.

“But I’m not… I’ve never…”

“5000 crowns,” Marek repeated. “Plus, what you already have. It’s a lot of money. What will you spend it on?”

“I… I don’t know. It’s my little sister’s birthday soon. A present for her. And something for mama. Maybe a new pair of sneakers.”

He stopped himself.

“But I haven’t even said I would yet.”

Marek smiled warmly.

“Be nice to treat your mother though right?”

Emil stared at Marek hard. He knew he was being manipulated but he couldn’t ignore the offer.

“Yeah,” he said grudgingly. “Does it hurt?”

Marek shrugged.

“Dunno, never been fucked, but I think if we take it slow it isn’t so bad. I’ve fucked lots of guys and none of them cried.”

It was meant light-heartedly but Emil wasn’t smiling.

“There’s a nice place by the woods off Ostravska; the edge of the fields. No-one ever walks there.”

“I thought you didn’t come from here?”

Marek smirked.

“I wanted an excuse to talk to you. I’ve got a nice place in Lhotka. It’s not exactly in town. And I do make a travel blog. Of sorts.”

Emil considered Marek’s words. He didn’t like being lied to but the man was technically correct. He didn’t live in Ostrava, although Lhotka was only a few miles to the North West. Emil chewed his lip as he contemplated the proposition. He sighed deeply.


They dressed, then walked to the front of Marek’s van. 25 minutes later they were parked on the edge of a quiet field out in the countryside. Trees stood close to the right side of the van, and though there were signs of a footpath, it was overgrown with long grass. Marek opened the rear double doors to allow sunshine to flood inside the back. The sound of insects buzzing in the field enhanced the chilled vibe.

“Jump in,” Marek said, filming once again.

Emil did as he was asked but he looked very nervous now.

“You will stop if I say, won’t you?”

“Of course, of course.”

Emil undressed slowly, placing his clothes to the side with exaggerated care. When he had stripped, he looked up. Marek was already naked, and he was working his half hard cock up in his fist. It didn’t take long. This kid was driving him wild. He put the camera on a tripod where it would catch the action.

Emil looked down at the thick 9-inch erection with trepidation.

“Your dick is massive.”

“I don’t get any complaints,” Marek said, reclining on a thin, blanket-covered mattress.

Emil looked at the pillow that Marek had propped his head up on.

“You’ve got a love van,” he observed with tight smile.


“Your van; it’s all ready for sex,” Emil clarified, looking around.

Marek grinned.

“Oh yeah. Never know when a really hot guy might come wandering along, eating an apple.”

Emil dropped his head, smiling shyly at the compliment. The kid had an awkwardness to him that Marek found utterly delightful; charming. He had a tight, lopsided grin as though he was not used to receiving compliments and didn’t know how to handle them. It was disarming. But that made his hole all the more appealing.

Marek greased his cock.

“Aren’t you going to use a condom?” Emil asked.

“No. Your ass is too sweet to spoil with rubber. I’m clean, I get checked regularly.”

Marek could see that Emil wanted to object. The kid pulled a sceptical face but he lacked the assertiveness to make a stand.

“Turn around and lean forwards,” Marek said.

Emil stepped across the reclining man and leaned forwards.

“Bit lower and pull your cheeks apart so I can see your asshole.”

Emil did as he was told, revealing his hole for the man to inspect.

“Nice and clean. Tight too.”

Emil didn’t know how to feel about that. It was a compliment he guessed, but why WOULDN’T his asshole be clean and tight? Would it still be tight after the man had fu…!

His train of thought was interrupted as he felt Marek’s oily index finger stroking his hole. He puckered it in surprise.

“Relax,” Marek said, “I’m just making sure it goes in easy.”

Emil forced himself to breathe slowly. His ring relaxed and Marek stroked it with his lubed finger. He pushed the tip inside and Emil resisted the urge to clench again. Marek pushed his finger deeper; to the first knuckle, then in as far as it would go, then he started fucking him with it, pumping it in and out. Emil’s inner thighs trembled.

“Good huh?” Marek asked.

Boys always got a bit trembly their first time. Emil went through a range of expressions as he looked straight ahead; a frown, then surprise, then a scowl, then mild surprise again.

“I… I… I don’t know,” he answered honestly.

Marek reached between Emil’s thighs and inserted a finger into his soft foreskin. It was moist and sticky. He rubbed his finger tip over the glans and the boy trembled at the touch.

“I think yes,” Marek said. “Turn to face me and sit on my cock.”

Emil’s stomach leapt into his throat at the words. This was it! He turned and lowered himself. He could see that Marek was already holding his own cock, facing it upwards in readiness. Emil felt it on his hole. His hole stretched a little but it was immediately clear that he was not going to be able to sit straight down on it.

“It’s too big.”

“Give it time. You’ll get looser.”

Emil sat on it, allowing his body weight to help. He could feel his hole stretching as the oiled organ pushed its way in. His virgin hole was tight, and there came a point where it felt as though it was not stretching any further. He grimaced.

“That’s as far as it will go.”

“It’ll go all the way. Just be patient.”

Emil allowed the large glans to press against his hot hole. He could feel it entering, millimetre by straining millimetre. He exhaled through his teeth in short, pained breaths as the meat drove its way into a place that only shit had ever passed before. The lips of his sphincter were burning as they were stretched way beyond their usual limit. His grimace deepened, looking Marek in the face. Marek looked back at him. The kid was not the most rugged of men but he was a real trooper.

Emil could feel Marek’s helmet deforming as it pushed into him. The head was kind of squishy. He was grateful that it wasn’t super hard like his was earlier. Emil concentrated on breathing steadily and relaxing his asshole, but it was hard to relax when it was being tormented.

He felt the head slip inside him, then the depression at the rear of the glans, just behind the corona hooked up on his sphincter. The shaft was much harder. Then it too, slid inside Emil’s rectum, aided by the lubricant. Emil let out a long exhalation of relief through gritted teeth, as his body sank down the man’s shaft. He continued lowering himself, feeling the oversized cock filling him more and more, until he felt the curves of his bottom pressing against Marek’s groin.

Emil looked at Marek.

“It’s so big. I can feel it in my stomach.”

“It’s not quite that big,” Marek said, smiling. “Nine inches.”

Emil gave a tense half smile, half wince.

“It feels massive.”

“Why don’t you bounce up and down?”

Emil gave the same awkward smile and started to bounce, watching Marek’s face constantly for approval. Marek nodded.

“That’s it, perfect. Hey Emil, do you like boys or girls?”


“Are you sure?”

Emil looked at him and nodded his head curtly.

“Not even bi?” Marek pressed.

“No. I’m only doing this for the money.”

“I get it. ‘Gay for pay’ huh?”

Emil nodded but his dick told a different story. As he continued bouncing, with each bounce, his formerly flaccid penis lifted its head a little, first rising towards his belly, then becoming fiercely hard. Marek watched it swing side to side with each bounce but said nothing. Forcing boys to face their sexuality was a great way to drive them away if they were in denial as so many were.

He allowed Emil to bounce for a minute before reaching out and enfolding the boy’s fierce erection in his fist. Neither of them said anything, and Emil continued bouncing as Marek started to pump the cock in his hand.

Emil’s excitement quickly rose, and he bounced faster. Marek responded by increasing the speed of his fist. Soon, Emil was bouncing as fast as his legs would take him. Suddenly, his cock was spitting a huge load onto Marek’s stomach, and he managed to find the energy to bounce even faster. Marek rewarded him in turn, by pumping his fist as fast as he could manage. Emil grunted as he came hard. His orgasm pitch was not a deep, macho grunt; rather it was soft and hoarse; higher than his speaking voice.

Marek kept pumping, forcing the boy’s balls to give him all that they had. As he reached the end of his orgasm, Emil threw his head back, silently howling in slow motion at the sky as the pain in his ass and thighs, and the pleasure in his groin merged into one. Eventually he was spent and he slowed then stopped, his eyes closed in post-orgasmic bliss as he sat on his benefactor’s groin, impaling himself deeply. Marek slowed his pumping but did not stop.

After 40 seconds, Emil’s eyes fluttered open, and his knees fluttered inwards.

“That’s enough now,” he said.

Marek stopped pumping, but instead started rubbed the side of his thumb over the top of the slimy helmet.

“Enough!” Emil said. “I’m done!”

Marek rubbed even faster, smirking up at the boy.

“No, no, no more!” Emil squealed, giggling like a child being tickled too long.

He never thought to push Marek’s hand away, instead he squirmed, still skewered by the man’s rod.

Marek chuckled playfully, ignoring Emil’s plea, and Emil wriggled in torment until he finally realised he was not powerless. He reached down with both hands, grabbing Marek’s wrist and pushed. He might as well have pushed the arm of a statue for all he achieved. Marek was phenomenally strong, and even with two arms, Emil could not move it away. Marek looked up at Emil, and the boy looked down, wide-eyed as he realised that Marek could do whatever he wanted with him.

Marek grinned again, then raised and lowered his eyebrows a couple of times, continuing to rub the spunky helmet. Then he stopped, and his grin was replaced with a genuinely warm smile.

Emil defensively cupped his groin with both hands.

“You cum hard. For a straight boy,” Marek said.

Emil looked at him hard, their eyes locked. A flush appeared on Emil’s cheeks and forehead, and his mouth puckered into an expression of uncertainty that said, he didn’t know how to respond. He said nothing.

Marek said, “That was a really great one. Beautiful boy. Beautiful dick. Beautiful cum.”

Emil’s expression of uncertainty relaxed, relieved that the subject had moved on.

“I’ll finish you. Are you close?” he asked.

Marek grinned.

“No need.”

Emil frowned.

“Don’t you wanna…”

“I already came. The same time you did.”

“Oh. Did you enjoy it?”

“Yeah; a lot. I love fucking cute boys. Even when they do all the work.”


Emil smiled demurely.

“So, tell me Emil, how many girls have you fucked. Truth.”

Emil looked uncomfortable. He shrugged dismissively.

“None yet.”

Marek grinned.

“I was positive you were still a virgin.”

Emil looked uncomfortable.


“I dunno; because you’re shy; uncertain of yourself.”


Emil couldn’t argue with the assessment, but he wished he was not projecting the signs so clearly.

“Sure. It’s nice. You’re sweet. So, I really did just take your cherry. Not how you imagined it probably.”

Now that he’d fucked him, Marek didn’t mind pushing back a little.

“I guess so. And no.”

“Will you tell your friends?”

“No way! I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with you but…”

“But getting your ass filled by a stranger in the back of a van doesn’t make for a good boast with your mates in the locker room, am I right?”

Emil looked away bashfully, suddenly very aware of the still-hard cock that continued to fill him. His own cock was still equally hard, standing like a flagpole, pressed against his belly.


Emil rose off Marek’s cock. His hole slurped some of the way shut, and he felt relief as the stretched muscles relaxed, but there was also a sense of emptiness and absence. He felt a river of cum pouring from him, dripping down his inner thighs back onto its owner’s cock. He looked between his legs at it with a mixture of curiosity and distaste.

“You came a lot.”

“You’re a hot boy.”

Marek gave an awkward, self-effacing grin but said nothing.

“Sooo, you want to earn more money?”

To his mind, Emil had already gone further than he could possibly have imagined he ever would, especially in such a short period of time. It was like he was in a daze. What else could there be left to do?


“Do you know what a humbler is?”

Emil shook his head and Marek grinned.

“Come back to my place and I’ll show you…”

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