Why did you fuck me?

Forced arousal, humiliation

A cool straight guy and his younger friend unexpectedly fool around together.

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Why did you fuck me?

“Did you fuck me last night?!” Luca asked, his brow deeply furrowed.

Carter grinned lopsidedly.

“Yeah dude.”

“What the fuck? Why did you do that?”

Carter shrugged.

“I dunno. Because you let me?”

“Why the fuck would I do that? I’m straight.”

“So am, but I dunno; it just kinda happened. We were stoned and horny.”

Carter grinned again.

“You’ve got a tight ass though dude. I blew a fat wad into you.”

Luca frowned. He felt betrayed, and queasy at the thought of Carter’s cum inside him. His memory of the previous evening was foggy. If his hole was not still aching, he would have dismissed the event as his imagination.

He looked at his friend. Carter was the epitome of casual coolness to him. He stood outside the barn leaning over the open hood of his pickup grinning back at him. Luca didn’t have a car yet; he was just old enough, but he couldn’t afford one, and his parents came from the “If you want something, earn it for yourself” school of parenting.

“You got me stoned.”

“Dude, I didn’t force you to smoke. Anyway, it wasn’t the weed. You seemed quite happy to help out.”

Luca’s face screwed up as he tried to remember past the veil that obscured his thoughts…



Friday night. The whole weekend ahead, and nothing to get up for on Saturday. Luca sat next to Carter on a blanket laid out in the back of Carter’s pickup eating a burger. He generally paid his own way, but Carter had bought this one. He had a job in a construction yard. The company built houses, but Carter just loaded up the vans ready to deliver construction materials to the various sites. It paid okay, and Carter was free with his money. Luca was grateful, but that wasn’t the reason that he looked up to Carter. His friend was four years older than him. He had a truck, money, good looks, and a decent body. He was popular and could have hung out with anyone, but he hung out with Luca.


Carter’s phone rang. He answered it, listened for a few seconds and frowned.

“It’s for you.”

He passed the cell phone to his friend.

“Hello?” Luca said into the microphone.

Luca listened for a few seconds also frowning.

“Hello?” he repeated louder.

He listened a few moments longer then he handed the phone back to his friend.

“Who was it?” Carter asked.

“No-one there. Just a weird, high-pitched noise.”

“Yeah, I heard that, then someone asked for you. A guy. I thought it might be your dad.”

“I don’t think my dad even has your number.”



Carter passed him another beer. Luca was too young to drink, but out there in Carter’s father’s, nobody was going to hold him to it. Carter passed Luca the joint they’d been sharing, and Luca took a hit. The smoke hit his tastebuds first, but soon after, it was followed by the taste of mango.

“Tastes like fruit,” Luca observed.

“Mango kush. It’s mellow. Not too strong.”

“I like it,” Luca slurred, already half baked.

“Thought you might.”

They sat in mostly silence as they finished their burgers. Luca took the top off the sandwich and threw it onto the paper bag, concentrating instead on the thinner base and filling. The moonlight softly illuminated them.

Luca screwed up the wrapper and threw it into the paper bag.

“Thanks dude, that hit the spot.”

“No problem.”

Carter was leaning against the rear of the cabin but he slid lower and Luca followed suit.

They looked up at the vast canvas of stars against the black night. That was one of the advantages to living so far from town, much less a city – no light pollution.

“So many stars,” Luca pondered.

“Yeah, you’re looking at the Milky Way. Gazillions of stars like the sun. Wonder how many planets there out there.”

“I wonder how many aliens are living on those planets.”

“I wonder how many of them are horny right now.”

Luca giggled as the weed lowered his sense of humour threshold.


“It’s been months since I got laid. Sex on the brain. You ever get like that? When was the last time you got some?”

There was a long silence. Luca said without looking at Carter, “Dude, I… I haven’t yet.”

This was an important moment in their friendship. Carter could get laid any time he wanted. Would he rip on him for not losing his cherry yet?

Without turning, Carter said like it was no big deal, “It’ll happen when it happens.”

Luca let out the breath he’d been holding, feeling closer to Carter than usual.

“I bet you sure do spank it a lot though huh?”

Luca smirked up at the sky.

“Yeah,” he admitted coyly.

“Me too.”

They lay in silence for a while longer, then Carter spoke up.

“Have you got a big dick?”


“A big dick. How big is yours?”

“I dunno. Three inches; maybe a bit more. I never measured.”


“No seriously, I mean, it seems kind of average.”

“Is that hard?”

“Dude, seriously?! ‘Course not.”

For some reason, Carter was suddenly very curious about Luca’s genitals. Without asking, he leaned over and groped the front of Luca’s silky basketball shorts. He could feel the teenager’s bulge, and with his fingertips, he explored the lump, first finding Luca’s balls, before working his way up, along the tube of his friend’s cock. At end, he could clearly discern the ridge that defined the rear of his glans.

“Dude! What you doing?” Luca asked, sniggering.

“I’m making sure you’re not malformed!” Carter informed him, laughing.

Luca’s sniggering turned into another giggle.

“Duuude!” he giggled, squirming, but he didn’t push his friend’s hand away.

There was something horny about letting his friend grope him, and it made him feel closer.

Eventually he said, “Well?”

Carter grinned.

“Seems normal.”

“What about yours?” Luca asked, and without waiting for an answer, he reached across and gripped the front of his friend’s shorts.

He felt like he was really pushing his luck, especially as he was so much younger, but there was something in the air and made him feel like a naughty childs.

“Whoa!” he said, genuinely impressed as his fingers came to rest on Carter’s meat. “What have you got down there, a snake?”

Carter grinned.

“Truck’s not the only thing my daddy gave me.”

Luca sized it up, forming a U shape between his fingers and palm, then working his way along his friend’s dick.

“Shit how big is that thing?”

“’Bout six inches – nine, hard. Wanna see?”

Without waiting, he pushed his shorts and boxers down to reveal the uncircumcised beast that now lay on his belly.

“Dude!” Luca murmured, genuinely impressed. “You better be careful or someone’s gonna call animal control.”

Carter burst out in a sputter of laughter, spraying beer from his mouth.

“Say what?! Where’d you get that from?”

“Nowhere,” Luca smiled, glowing with pride at Carter’s appreciation of his wit. “made it up myself.”

He looked at the soft meat laying on his friend’s belly. It had a long skin hood over the end

“You’re not circumcised. Makes it look even more like a snake. Do you wish you were cut?”

“Hell nah! The skin makes it really sensitive. And it makes it look bigger. Why’d I wanna lose that?”

For the first time in his life, Luca questioned his own parents’ decision to have him cut.

“Pick it up,” Carter said.

“Pick what up?”

“My dick. See how it feels in your hand.”

Luca gave a lopsided grin. The air between them was electric. He gripped his friend’s shaft in his gentle fist, lifting it off his belly.

“Now pull the skin back.”

Luca moved his fist towards the base, and the foreskin unfolded wetly to reveal the head. Luca kept pulling until there was no more skin to unpeel.

“It’s sticky,” he observed.

“Yeah, it sometimes gets like that when I’m horny.”

“You’re horny now?”

“Yeah, I told you, I got a serious case of blue balls.”

Luca looked at his friend’s testicles.

“Your balls are massive too. Wish mine hung down like that.”

He reverently cupped the plum-sized ovals. They slid inside a loose scrotum.


“So, let’s see what you got.”

Carter smiled and tugged the front of Luca’s shorts down to reveal his underwear

“You wear briefs?”

“Yeah, they’re more comfortable.”

“They look tight. Don’t you mind them squashing your junk?”

The thick cotton pouch was so lean there was barely a bulge to denote where Luca’s genitals lay.

“Nah, I hate the feel of my junk flopping around when I’m s.”

“That’s what a jock is for.”

“I guess, but you can’t wear one all the time.”

Carter pulled the briefs down, to reveal Luca’s genitals. They were wrinkled and loose, the skin sticking to itself from being tucked inside the cotton pouch. His penis curled like a hibernating animal guarding two nuts for winter.

“Ah your nuts are okay. Your sack is loose enough. Too loose and you hit your nuts all the time.”

“Oh yeah, I never thought of that.”


Carter’s mind was full of all kinds of kinky ideas. He suddenly stood up and pushed his boxers off. Luca frowned quizzically at him.

“What you doing?”

“Get up, let’s trade underwear.”

Luca snickered at the silliness of the idea. He stood up, wobbly, and had to put a hand out onto the truck’s cabin roof to steady himself.

“Easy,” Carter cautioned.

Luca pushed his briefs down and stood bare-assed holding them out to Carter. They looked small. Carter was also naked from the waist down, but the difference between them was night and day. Carter was a stallion, with a thick cock hanging like an elephant’s trunk between his thighs, and a set of bull balls behind. Luca; well Luca was just a teenager, not quite old enough to quit high school, with a 3-inch finger of meat and an average pair, not low or heavy enough to reach below the end of his dome-headed cock.

Carter exchanged his boxers and they each pulled the others’ on. Luca had to hold the waist shut in his hand. There was a 6-inch loop of spare material.

“Too big for me!” he laughed. “Feels weird with my junk just flopping around down there.”

He looked over at Carter. The material of the briefs was strained almost to tearing point around the waist, and inside, his friend’s cock nestled in a thick curl, with his enormous balls weighing the pouch down. He looked like a man wearing a kid’s briefs. Luca laughed again, then reached out and cupped the bulge in his palm. It felt heavy.

“Dude your dick is WAY too big for those.”

“I dunno; I kind of like them. Makes me horny putting my dick where yours just was.”

Luca frowned at him. That was a weird thing to say. But the combination of weed and alcohol was greater than his ability to contemplate undertone.


He had to admit, he also found the exchange inexplicable arousing. He dropped his hand away from Carter’s bulge. There was a dark circle. He pointed.

“Wet patch.”

“Yeah, I need to nut so bad.”

Carter reclined back on the blanket, pushing Luca’s briefs down past his ankles as he reclined.

“Hold my dick again,” Carter said.

Luca complieds with a quizzical grin.

“Now jack me off.”

Luca gave him a long “Are you serious?” look, but for no reason he was consciously aware of, as he considered it, the idea gained erotic traction in his mind. With a mental shrug, he started pumping his fist up and down Carter’s flaccid penis. It didn’t remain that way for long. Luca felt it thickening in his hand, and he could see it getting longer.

“Jesus, Carter!”

His friend grinned at him.

“You like it?”

“It’s like a Red Bull can, but twice as long. It’s so thick dude. Don’t the girls mind?”

“Nah, not really, they like the feeling of being filled up and they get horny for the length.”

Luca pumped it faster, dragging the foreskin back over the head with every up stroke, moving with all the ineptitude of a first timer nervously jacking another male’s cock.

“Smoother,” Carter suggested.

Luca obeyed.

“And not so fast, I don’t wanna cum too quick.”

Luca slowed. Carter looked across. He could see the head of his friend’s dick sticking out above the loose waistband of his own loose underwear. It was pale pink, sleek; almost the same colour as the shaft it topped. He leaned across and pulled the boxers down, hooking them beneath Luca’s balls.

“Take those off,” Carter said.

Luca shimmied out of Cart boxers then threw them aside.

Carter lightly gripped his friend’s much smaller cock and stroked it. It reacted quickly. Luca’s balls weren’t loose anymore. His nuts were pulled up into a tight sphere at the root of his cock; the skin of his scrotum deeply ridged. Carter gripped his friend’s dick in his fist.

“Like this,” he coached, pumping up and down Luca’s now-hard shaft in a steady, slow rhythm.

Luca shuddered and let out a moan of pleasure as his friend’s knuckles bumped over his glans.


The situation felt utterly surreal to him. In his craziest imaginings, he’d never have thought that he and his older friend would end up jacking each other in the back of Carter’s truck, nor was it something he’d even aspired to, but now it was happening, he felt giddy with excitement. He felt his heart pounding in his chest.

Luca did his best to copy Carter’s rhythm.

“Yeah, that’s the way,” Carter said.

Luca looked at Carter’s dick with intense curiosity. He was mesmerised by the foreskin as it slipped up and down over the head, loose, then tight, in a repeating cycle.

“Does it feel good when your skin slides over the end like that?”

“You better fucking believe it. Doesn’t your dick feel sore jacking off raw like that?”

“Yeah, that’s why I usually spit on my hand or use shampoo.”


“Suck me,” Carter said out of nowhere.

Luca looked at his dick. The end was sticky and moist.

“Nah, sorry dude, not doing that.”

His mouth watered in spite of himself.

“Ah come on Lukey, I’d do it for you.”

Luca shook his head, and Carter smiled at him, then dropped his head to Luca’s lap and started expertly sucking on his friend’s hard dick, making a circle with his lips, bouncing his head whilst his tongue flickered over the top. Luca gasped in shock, then he lay fully back, before lifting his hips off the blanket towards Carter’s mouth, bridging on his shoulders and feet.

“Oh fuck,” he whimpered, overwhelmed by the pleasure.

Carter continued fellating him for a couple of minutes before stopping. He looked his friend in the face.

“Now you know why I wanted you to suck me.”

Luca’s mouth gaped. There was nothing he could say that would negate the ecstasy his best friend had just provided.

“69?” Carter offered.


“I’ll do you while you do me.”

“But it’s so sticky,” he protested.

“Yeah, ’cause you’re making me horny.”

It was another comment that could be taken two ways. Luca furrowed his brow as he tried to determine what his friend meant, but his thoughts were too clouded by pot.

“Here, I’ll wipe it,” Carter said, mopping his helmet with a burger napkin.

Luca looked at it. It was still moist, but his nuts were two roiling balls of lust, and he wanted Carter to finish him more than anything.

“Okayyy,” he eventually conceded.

Carter smiled, then turned around so that they were laying toe to head. He rolled on his side so that he was facing Luca, and Luca did likewise.

“Scootch down more,” he told Luca.

Luca did as he was told, adjusting his position until they lay face to groin. Carter was taller, so he bent until their heads and dicks were a perfect match.

“Just copy me. Whatever you do, don’t cum. If you’re close, let me know,” he said, before resuming his blowjob.

Luca gripped Carter’s dick and looked at it. The foreskin covered the head and it still looked sticky. The thought of touching it with his tongue made him feel queasy again. He moved his fist towards the root, and the helmet didn’t look as sticky. Luca steeled himself to lick it, then he felt Carter’s tongue on his own glans. The pleasure rushed over him instantly, and he shuddered from head to toe. The thought of making his friend feel as good as he felt turned him on but he didn’t know why. His reservations fell away and he poked out his tongue and lapped at his friend’s dick. It wasn’t as bad as he’d feared. It was sticky, but it wasn’t disgusting.

He did his best to copy Carter as his older friend bobbed his head and licked at his dick. It was the strangest feeling, to concentrate on pleasuring his friend, all the while Carter pleasured him better. For a dozen seconds, he’d give all his attention to Carter’s helmet, then he’d feel a shudder between his own legs as his attention was drawn back to his own dick.


After a while, he felt Carter’s hand resting between thighs. It started moving, and Luca was sure it was searching for something. He gasped in shock as he felt Carter’s finger push into his hole in a single motion. He pulled his head off Carter’s dick, reaching behind him in a single motion. He tried to pull his friend’s hand away, but Carter was too strong.

“Dude, what the fuck!” Luca protested.

Carter stopped sucking him long enough to speak.

“Trust me, it feels fucking sick.”

As he spoke, his finger searched for Luca’s prostate.

“A girl showed it to me. Blew my mind. I came so hard I damned near fell off the bed!”

Luca liked the sound of cumming that hard, but he was reluctant, then Carter’s fingertip found his prostrate. He inhaled sharply.


“Crazy huh? It’s the male G-spot. Why put something that good in your ass if it’s only for gays to enjoy?”

“Yeah. But I’m not putting my finger in your asshole dude,” Luca said.

“No problem.”


Carter resumed sucking and soon Luca rejoined him.

As he sucked Luca’s dick, Carter firmly stroked the lump that was his friend’s prostate. Almost immediately, Luca’s excitement ramped up three notches.

“I’m not gonna last long if you keep doing that,” he cautioned.

Carter pulled away and rolled onto his back, propping himself up against the truck’s cabin once again. His cock stood up like a flagpole. Luca looked at him with confusion and no small amount of disappointment. He frowned a question.

“Sit on my dick,” Carter said.

“What?! No way, I’m not doing that. That’s queer.”

“I sucked your dick, now it’s your turn to do something for me.”

“Dude, I’m not letting you fuck me.”

Carter turned on the charm and the manipulative cunning in a way he’d never done before with Luca.

“I wouldn’t be fucking you if you’re the one sitting on me. You’ll love it. It’s just like my finger. Trust me.”

His words came out smooth, soothing, reassuring. Part of Luca vehemently disagreed, but his brain was not working properly. Carter’s words made a kind of sense. He tried to reason it out, but his thoughts were woolly and he couldn’t make the connections. Carter reached over and stroked Luca from balls to the tip of his circumcised head.

“Just try it. What have you got to lose?”

Luca frowned. He was confused. This was important. It was still weird, even if Carter wasn’t kneeling behind fucking him wasn’t it? But his friend was right – what DID he have to lose? Carter slipped a finger back into Luca’s hole.

“Go on…” he purred.

Luca’s cock jumped and twitched at his friend’s touch.


Carter didn’t know why it mattered so much to him to do this. He’d fucked many girls and a couple of guys, but they’d always been willing. Why was he so desperate to get his dick wet in Luca’s hole? Sure, Luca meant to him than any of those others, but until now he’d always seen their relationship more like that of brothers, with him taking on a mentor role. But now, he didn’t care. All he knew was that he would do anything to feel Luca’s hot hole around his dick.

He slowly finger fucked the teenager.

“That feels good doesn’t it?”

Luca nodded.


Luca’s defences crumbled.

“Okay, but stop if I say so, right?”

“You’re in charge dude. Just take it slow. Spit on my dick first so it goes in easier.”

Luca hawked up what spit he could manage and smeared it onto Carter’s glans.

“Dude, you’ve got a big helmet,” he observed, laughing nervously.

“Yeah, but once it’s in, you won’t notice. You ready?”

Luca looked at him uneasily and nodded.

“That’s the way dude. What a fucking champion!”

Luca grinned awkwardly at the compliment. It made him feel good. He stepped over Carter’s waist facing him, and started to lower himself.

“Here goes” he said, his voice returning to a husky broken adolescent tone he’d not experienced in three years.

“No, not like that,” Carter interrupted. “Face the other way.”

Luca looked confused, momentarily hurt.

“So, I can jack you off easier,” Carter explained.

Relief swept over Luca’s face. He gave Carter a wry grin, then turned so that he was facing away, and squatted over his friend’s pole. He lowered himself until he felt it between his cheeks and Carter guided it in.

“Here’s goes,” Luca said.

He squatted lower. He felt the huge head pressing at his starfish, stretching his hole.

“Fuck, it hurts!” he announced.

Carter reached around. Luca’s cock was still hard in spite of the pain. He gently massaged the glans between his finger and thumb.

“Take it slow, give your asshole time to stretch.”

Luca followed Carter’s guidance, supporting himself as he gradually increased the pressure below.

Carter waited patiently for two full minutes before speaking again.

“How’s that feel?”

“It stings. Your dick is massive.”

Carter grinned.

“Give it time.”

Luca grimaced, looking back over his shoulder.

“Is it nearly in?”

“Just a bit more. Don’t tense up.”

Luca took a deep breath then sat lower. Suddenly, he was sliding down Carter’s pole. He grunted in discomfort, then he felt the head of his friend’s cock brush past his special place. His cock jumped in Carter’s hand, and Carter grinned at the reaction.

Luca continued squatting lower; all the way until he was sitting on Carter’s belly.

“God, I can feel it filling me up. It feels like it’s in my stomach!”

Carter laughed.

“I’m not THAT big. Now start bouncing up and down.”

Luca obeyed, and Carter let out a sigh of pleasure.

“Your hole is hot.”

“And your dick is fucking hard.”

Carter jacked Luca’s cock slowly, massaging the head at the same time.

“Don’t cum,” he told his younger friend. “Move up and down.”

Luca did what he was told, repeatedly squatting then raising himself. Carter started to moan.

“Ohhh boy, that is good.”

“I’m not a boy,” Luca protested looking over his shoulder.

“I didn’t mean you Luca. It’s just an expression.”

“Oh. Sorry,” Luca said, feeling sheepish at being so sensitive. “I guess, you know, ‘cause I’m younger than you, you were putting me down.”

“Why would I do that dude, we’re homies. I’d never dis you.”

“I know man. I feel dumb now.”

Carter grinned at him reassuring, and gave his tummy an affectionate rub from behind.

“Don’t dude.”

He paused for a moment.

“But don’t stop either. Man, you’re making me feel so good!”

Luca grinned at him.

“My thighs are burning. I’m glad coach doesn’t do this workout in phys ed.

“You could always suggest it…”

Luca smiled.

“Nah, I think I’ll pass on that one.”

He bounced faster, unaware that his speed also reflected his own excitement.

“I’m getting close,” Luca said.

Carter stopped tugging at Luca’s dick, and instead reached over and grabbed the uneaten bun from their earlier meal.

“Do it onto this,” he said, handing it to Luca.

Luca frowned, but accepted the bread.

“Finish yourself,” Carter said.

He put his hands on Luca’s hips and started bouncing his friend, using his own thrusting pelvis to lift and drop the teenager. Luca gripped his own dick and started pounding it. He felt unbelievably horny.

Beneath him, Carter started groaning and pumping faster. His groans turned into a series of staccato grunts that Luca knew were a sign that he was cumming. He moved his own hand faster.

Making his best friend blow his load excited him and made him even hornier. He felt the unstoppable rush between his legs and just remembered to direct his own load onto the bun, letting out his own gasps of ecstasy. He could feel Carter’s buried cock drilling him to the core, rearranging his insides; stretching his hole. It felt weird, but he also felt closer to his mentor and friend than he ever had before.

Eventually they both came to a stop, and Carter leaned forward, resting his head on Luca’s shoulder from behind. They were both sweaty in the summer heat. Luca could feel Carter’s sweaty torso slippery against his back, and the sound of insects in the grass all around the truck was like a lullaby.


“Did you catch it?” Carter said, his mouth close to Luca’s ear.

“Yeah,” Luca confirmed, showing him the slime-coated bun. “I don’t think I ever came so hard.”

“That was fucking hot,” Carter said.

With his left hand, he reached around and slowly pumped Luca’s hard cock. With his right, he took the bun from the teenager’s hand and lifted it towards Luca’s mouth.

“What?” Luca asked.

“Eat it.”


“Eat it. Rite of manhood,” he made up on the fly.

He didn’t know why he wanted his friend to eat his own cum, but for some reason, his mind was filled with erotic, kinky ideas tonight. Ideas that were way out there.

“The Spartans used to eat their own jizz,” he added, “It’ll make you strong.”

“Duude, I’m not…”

“Don’t be a pussy, it’s only spunk, come on.”

Luca felt his masculinity being impugned by the person whose respect he most cared about. He leaned forwards timidly and Carter pressed the bun to Luca’s upper lip. Luca’s thick cum hung from the side nearest his mouth in a creamy dribble that clung to the bread. He squinted down at it with disgust, yet, like so much that had happened tonight, it made a kind of horny sense. He opened his mouth to take a bite, instinctively scooping up the dribble with his tongue to prevent it dripping onto his chest. His cum was as slimy as it looked, but thankfully it was nearly tasteless, especially mixed with the slightly salty residue of the burger on the bun. Nevertheless, a part of him was disgusted by what he was doing.

“Yeeeeaaah,” Carter purred. “Nice job.”

Luca felt restored in Carter’s eyes. He took another bite.

“Dude, you came like a porn star. I’m fucking impressed.”

The entire surface of the bun was coated. Luca was also impressed by how much he’d squirted. He never usually came that much.

He took another bite. His cum floated on the top, not yet melting into the bun. The jizz mixed with the dry bread and saliva in his mouth and helped it go down. Carter pushed the bread towards him as he slowly devoured it.

“Yeah, that’ll give you big nuts like mine,” Carter said, continuing to make stuff up on the spot, fabricating the lies that he knew would most spur Luca to continue. He had no idea what was inspiring him to be so devious. Normally, he was pretty straight down the middle, especially with Luca, but tonight for some reason all he could think of was sexually degrading his young friend.


Luca ate with care. No enthusiasm motivated his actions, but he continued, certain of the benefit his best friend promised.

“Can you feel your nuts getting bigger?” Carter asked.

Luca was not a smart guy, but under normal circumstances, even he could have figured out that simply eating a jizz sandwich was not going to make his nuts grow that quick. But right now, in the drug and alcohol induced soporific atmosphere, he DID think he could feel a gentle tingling in his nuts, almost as though they were buzzing in his sack.

Carter languidly continued jacking his friend’s cock, still buried to the balls in his asshole. Luca was uncomfortably aware that Carter was still hard as a baseball bat. As he ate, he could feel the pole stretching his sphincter, and penetrating him deeply. But he was also hard. It was as though his own hardness was powered by Carter’s. He ate the last bite, swallowing it down.

“Yeah, cum going in both ends, just like a fag at an orgy” Carter blurted playfully.

Luca frowned. What had Carter just said?


“Hey chill, I was just messing with you.”

Carter wrapped an arm around his friend’s chest from behind, pulling him back onto his own chest as he reclined against the truck and lay blissfully. Luca’s head lay on Carter’s shoulder next to Carter’s face. As uncomfortable as the giant dick in his hole was, it also felt right, like it was joining them together, making them even closer.

“Do you think I’ll ever get nuts as big as yours?” he asked, staring up at the black sky, unaware of the satellite overhead that looked like a star.

Carter became aware of his heavy nuts drooping between his spread legs.

“Maybe not quite that big,” he admitted. “But bigger. Just keep eating that cum.”

The idea of his friend continually eating his own jizz put a smile on Carter’s face and made his boner harder.


They lay like that for fifteen minutes, legs parted, connected by Carter’s boner.

Then eventually Carter roused.

“Hey dude, I better get you home. Don’t want your pop on my case.”

Still wearing each other’s underwear, they dressed and Carter dropped him home.



In a white monitoring room 700 miles away, two men sat watching the satellite feed that showed Carter dropping his friend off at his home in a rural town.

“Test alpha 659/74 concluded. I think we can write that up as another total success.”

“Agreed. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the neural dehibitor is effective. Have we tuned how long the effect lasts?”

“Yes, 659/74 A and B are in test batch P. We’ll see if it’s permanent, but so far nobody in that group has regressed to their former sexuality.

“Very good. Don’t you think it’s high time we moved from audio delivery to directed microwave?”

“Yes. And you’ll be happy to know that large group testing has also been authorised. Our first tests will be conducted on a Mormon college in Utah, a boy’s high school in Oregon, and a naval base in Jacksonville.”

“Excellent, I look forwards to seeing the results.”



Luca looked confused.

“But I’m not gay,” he insisted.

Carter stood up and draped an arm around his shoulder in a fraternal hug, pulling him close.

“Gay, straight, whatever. They’re just words. They don’t matter. What matters is we had a good time last night. Why feel bad about it?”

“But, but… you fucked me!” Luca insisted.

Carter cupped Luca’s head in his palm pulling him closer, lightly grasping his hair as he did so. He kissed him on the forehead in an almost fatherly gesture.

“And you enjoyed it dude. Don’t make out you didn’t.”

He laughed.

“You came so hard you nearly passed out!”

Luca gave a sheepish half grin.

Carter dropped his hand from Luca’s head to his groin, cupping his bulge. Luca flinched, pulling his groin away with a look of horror. Carter smiled at him warmly. Luca scrutinised his friend’s face for deeper meaning but he found no darkness.

“We could fool around again some time,” Carter said, “you know, if that sounds cool to you.”

Luca’s breath was coming in strained, trembling cycles. He felt like he was on the edge of a sexual precipice. This was not how he imagined his sexual future, but then it was Carter. His best friend. The coolest person he knew. Carter and him.

He let his groin return to its natural position, straightening his posture. Carter gently massaged his bulge, smiling softly. He rolled Luca’s glans between his thumb and forefinger, and now Luca pushed his groin forwards.

“Later, not now,” Carter said.

He kissed Luca’s cheek lovingly now, and Luca smiled shyly back and him, his dick already hardening in his jeans.



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