The unlucky triplet

I love twins and triplets, but I’ve always wondered if they are always similar in all areas…

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    • James-
    • 19th April 2023 at 1:07 am-
    • Reply

    Would you ever do another milking van story? It would be really hot if the VR technology from Exoskeleton was implemented into the vans; maybe I’d be a nice surprise for the lucky boys!

    • James-
    • 21st April 2023 at 10:15 am-
    • Reply

    Would you ever do another Milking Van story? Adding the VR tech from Exoskeleton into the vans would make for some really hot scenarios!

    • Yes, definitely! 🙂 No VR because the whole idea is the embarrassment. Exoskelton not a bad idea. I’ll let the idea brew awhile…

  • Brock: “I can’t believe mom tells everyone we’re ‘identical’ triplets.”
    Tad: “Hey Brock, stop staring at Jackie’s dick. Guys will think you’re a queer.”
    Jake: “Fuck you guys and stop calling me Jackie.”
    Tad: “Come on little brother, it’s all in fun.”
    Jake: “That’s the other thing, I’m only your ‘little brother’ by 4 minutes.”
    Brock: “From what I’m looking at, you’re our little brother between your legs too.”
    Tad: “He he. Gotta respect the truth, Jackie.”
    Jake: “I don’t think I’ve finished puberty yet. I’m going to grow … well, ….down there.”
    Brock: “Not gonna happen.”
    Jake: “What makes you so sure?”
    Tad: “Should we tell him?”
    Brock: “Yeah, why not. It’s time he knew what was in his orange juice every morning.”
    Jake: “F^ck! Not to me! You jackasses didn’t do that to me? You two are always playing pranks but … wait.”
    Tad: “Haha, he’s figuring it out.”
    Brock: “It was all in good fun. Plus, we wanted to see if it was really working or if we were just wasting time.”
    Jake: “You both are total jerks. Why?”
    Tad: “Well, putting DHT blockers in our friend’s water bottles seemed to stunt their growth as you put it, ‘down there’ but, we weren’t sure.”
    Brock: Because we’re identical twins, we knew testing it on you would prove if it was working.”
    Jake: “You mean identical triplets.”
    Tad: “Ehhh, not anymore. No, not really. More like identical twins and one brother that looks like us but with a tiny willy.”
    Jake: “No! no! This means it’s as big as it will ever get?”
    Tad: “Look at the bright side. Since we’ve put DHT blockers in every other guy in school’s water bottles, you’re the brother of the two best-hung studs on campus.”
    Jake: “Why doesn’t that make me feel any better? I mean, geez, I’m looking at two examples of exactly what my cock should look like.”
    Brock: “Little bro, don’t worry. You can always bottom for some guy with a 4″ donger.”
    Jake: “Hey! What makes you think I’d do that?”
    Tad: “Haha, your browsing history. It’s full of gay porn”
    Brock: “Yeah little brah, I mean in a way we did you a favor. While some stud is taking you to his dorm, there won’t be any confusion about who will top.”
    Tad: “Well, not as soon as he gets a look at that tiny thang between your legs.”
    Jake: “Okay, okay but you two owe me something. And, it’s a big ask.”
    Brock: “Name it little bro and if we can do it we will.”
    Jake: “Well, it’s embarrassing a bit … but, you two are good friends with … I mean I just need an … you could do it for me….”
    Tad: “Look, he’s blushing like he’s in love.”
    Brock: “Tad, our little brother is in love. Haven’t you seen the way he’s always looking at Josh?”
    Tad: “Is that what you want? You want us to tell Josh you’d like to go out with him.”
    Brock: “No, he wants us to tell Josh that he wants to suck Josh’s 3″ donger.”
    Jake: “That’s not what I said.”
    Tad: “Do you want us to tell Josh or not?”
    Jake: “Well, actually … I mean gosh guys.”
    Brock: “It’s all good little brah. We’ve got your back on this one.”
    Tad: “Haha, ah, I think it’s Josh who will have his back.”
    Brock: “Naghhh, they’ll just suck each other off. The DHT blockers made sure neither has enough dong to bang the other.”
    Jake: “I kinda hate both of you right now.”
    Tad: “But, you’ll love us again after Josh and you get married, right.”
    Jake: “Maybe.”
    Brock: “And little brother, you’ll have two best men at your wedding instead of one.”
    Jake: “That better mean two bachelor parties.”
    Tad: “Haha, we can do that.”

    • Jared-
    • 25th April 2023 at 12:41 am-
    • Reply

    Would you ever do another Milking Van story again?

    • Yes, definitely. It’s just a matter of finding a fresh angle.

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