The cost of failure is pleasure – conclusion

edging, forced arouasal

A young man discovers that he doesn’t have as much sexual self-control as he thought he did.

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The cost of failure is pleasure – Conclusion

Trey knew he’d fucked up. He’d agreed not to cum for at least 30 minutes, but here he was with just five minutes to go, and he’d spurted like his life depended upon it.

William repeated his question. “You DO know what that means don’t you Trey?”

Trey looked back, his expression a mixture of sheepish bemusement and exhausted relief.

“Ummm, that’s the end of the video and I get to go home?” he offered, with a playful, fake grin on his face.

“Try again.”

Phil continued jacking him off, just as Trey would normally do; winding down after an orgasm, making sure the “poison was all out of the snake,” as his friend had once said. But soon enough, Trey was past the vinegar strokes, and his dick-head was sensitised now. He started to squirm uncomfortably.

Phil looked at him and switched his approach again, returning to his earlier massaging technique, kneading Trey’s helmet between his thumb and forefinger. On the way up, the technique had been arousing, but now in his post orgasmic state, the slightest touch on Trey’s hypersensitive flesh was excruciatingly stimulating, bordering on painful.

Trey squirmed, giggling and squealing like a little girl. He stared at his genitals, then at Phil’s face. Phil smirked at him playfully.

“No, please no!” Trey said half laughing, half pleading.

“You came without permission. You know what that means,” Phil said.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. Stop. Please stop!”

Phil ignored him, so Trey started slamming his hips from side to side in an effort to yank his dick away from Phil’s edging fingers. Phil tried to follow him, but Trey’s movements were too violent, and he didn’t want to hurt the boy.

Soon, he stopped trying, and instead turned to William.

“Oh dear, this will not do,” William said, with mock sternness.

“You’ve cum without permission, and now we get to play for another three hours.”

“I couldn’t help it. He was driving me crazy; making me so horny.”

William smiled and raised, lowered and raised his eyebrows.

“I told you we were good.”

“You’re not really going to make me cum again are you?”

“Sure are. Lots of times. You agreed to it.”

Trey sighed. He couldn’t argue with that. His agreement was even on camera. William looked down at his dick. It was still stiffly standing out from his groin at 90 degrees, although the end had just the hint of a droop to it now. The head was rosier coloured than at the start thanks to the massaging, contrasting against his healthy pink skin.

William picked up a gag attached to a leather strap.

“What’s that?” Trey asked.

William grinned.

“Just a bit of fun. Some of our guys like to see boys milked in silence.”

Trey frowned as William approached.

“Nothing painful. All just fun, I promise,” William reassured him “Open your mouth.”

“You didn’t say anything abou… glmmmmm.”

Trey’s voice was cut off as William pushed the ball gag into his mouth. Trey opened his eyes wide in alarm, but William had the gag strapped behind his head almost before he could react.

Trey protested.

“Ack kak, auh oo I iun ay aeeng aou ee!”

“What’s that Trey, I don’t know what you’re saying,” William said mischievously.

Phil moved in to help, and he and William attached the straps to rings on the frame behind Trey’s head, tightening them against it. When they were tight, Trey could no longer speak, nor move his head in any direction. His already wide eyes, widened still further. As they tightened the straps, as though trying to resist, Trey curled his fingers and wiggled his tied hands which were tied a foot away from each hip. It was all to no avail.

William cooed, “Don’t worry Trey, we’re not gonna hurt you. It’s all just for the horn.”

Trey mumbled something else utterly unintelligible into the gag, his eyes the only part of his head that could move now.

William patted his flat tummy with a friendly smile.

“I know Trey, it’s exciting huh?”

“Mm HMMM!” Trey protested.

William cupped his nuts again, and Trey petulantly pulled his groin away sharply in the opposite direction.

“Hmmm, going to have to sort that out.”

He nodded to Phil who was standing on the opposite side of the boy, and each of them bent over and grabbed one of Trey’s knees. They pulled his knees wide apart, and he tried weakly to resist, but he was no match for two grown men. They strapped his legs to the frame. When they were finished, he looked like a weight-lifter halfway through a squat, but he felt like a frog pinned to a dissection table.

“That’s better. No turning away now,” Phil said.

He reached down and started massaging Trey’s glans again. Trey whimpered and tried to yank his hips away as he had before, but with his knees spread wide and drawn backwards, he couldn’t twist at all. Without thinking, he thrust his pelvis forwards, which was the only movement left to him.

“Hmmm, looks like he’s getting into it now Phil,” William said playfully.

Trey immediately realised his mistake and drew his groin backwards. William laughed. He’d seen it many times before, although this part never made it to the public videos; he didn’t want to scare potential new models off.


He nodded to Phil and the man walked behind Trey and started to do something. Meanwhile, William picked up a rubber cock and ball ring. He showed it to Trey.

“Ever seen one of these?” he asked.

“Uh uh,” Trey murmured.

“It’s called Ox balls. It will keep you hard, and the ball stretcher is a bonus. It adds just a hint of discomfort, but most guys find it a real turn on after a while.”

He dropped to a knee and started to feed Trey’s now completely flaccid genitals into the rubber device. It had a single opening, but separate exits for the penis and testicles angled at 90 degrees to each other. It wrapped firmly around the base of the boy’s penis, but then stretched his balls downwards, away from his body.

As William was fitting the Ox Balls, Trey felt Phil spreading his butt cheeks with his fingers. Then there was something slimy at his hole. Trey shrieked his muffled alarm into the gag, and struggled what little the frame allowed him, but soon enough, the object was pushing against his sphincter, then passing beyond.

Phil moved it up and down, calibrating its range of movement, and with each cycle, Trey could feel its slimy, ribbed surface bumping past the nerves of his sphincter, and lightly stroking his prostate at the upper extent of its movement.

“Most boys are not aware how much pleasure their assholes can give them,” William said. “But I never met one that didn’t cum the first time they were fucked.”

“MMMM!” Trey protested. “Ai unn oooo eh uck!”

William smiled.

“I know, you’re excited about getting fucked for the first time, even if it is by a machine.”

“Ohh! Ah oho I ean!” Trey said.

William continued to deliberately misunderstand.

“Yes, you’re right, maybe you WILL grow to love it.”


He looked at Trey’s testicles and tugged them as low as they would go, which was not much. They bulged beneath the lower opening of the Ox balls. He gave them a light bat with his fingers, and they wobbled tightly.

Phil passed something through between Trey’s legs. It was a large clamp made of shiny rubber. There were two pairs of large opposing claws, each pair at right angles to the others, and they were attached to the motor that also drove the dildo. On the inside of the two side-facing clamps were copper electrical contact plates. William closed the claws, and they wrapped around the bouncy little lump that was Trey’s testicles, holding them firmly but not uncomfortably. The metal contacts pressed against the side of each testicle.

Trey could not see what was being done to his testicles, but he could feel it, and the sensations filled him with trepidation. His legs were spread so wide, and there was nothing he could do to prevent them doing whatever they wanted to his junk. He realised now that they could do literally anything to him. He wished that he had told someone that he was coming here, but modelling for the gay market was not something you advertised to your friends.


William nodded to Phil, and his assistant turned the current on low. At first, Trey didn’t notice, but as Phil turned the dial up to 25 percent, he became aware of an oscillating pulsing sensation deep in the core of each testicle. He murmured uncertainly into the gag.

Phil turned the dial up another 25 percent over the course of five seconds, and Trey’s penis rapidly rose in perfect synchronisation with the turning dial. Phil and William grinned at each other. They called it the boner dial.

William straightened up, facing Trey, and Trey looked at him with large, uncertain eyes. William gave him a reassuring smile.

“Hey Trey, I dunno how many times you’ve cum in a single day, but I guarantee, you’re about to beat that record by a considerable margin.”

Trey whimpered into the gag.

“I promised not to hurt you, and I definitely would never dream of breaking that promise, but you came without permission, and now you’re going to get punished with pleasure. Instead of holding your orgasms back, let’s see how many times you can cum in the next three hours shall we?”

Phil attached a sensor pad to the small of Trey’s spine. It wirelessly communicated with William’s laptop. William casually massaged Trey’s hard glans with all five finger tips as though he was rubbing shampoo into a tiny doll head. Trey let out a sigh of discomfort. He was almost past the post-orgasmic hypersensitivity, but it still made him wince. He tried, futilely to twist away, but with his knees spread so wide, pulled flat against the frame, he was like a fly caught on flypaper.

“His boner is like a horniness sundial,” Phil observed.

William glanced down at Trey’s stiff boner.

“A quarter past horny,” Phil added, and William smiled.

They both loved to tease the young guys. Most came in so macho; so desperate to prove how manly they were. How they were just doing it for the cash, and they definitely weren’t doing it for the nut. But within 30 minutes, almost without exception, they were reduced to gibbering mutts who would do almost anything to blow their loads.


William spoke to Trey

“That pad on your back will measure how many times you cum. Well, “cum” is the wrong word.”

He gave Phil a knowing look and a wink.

“You’ll squirt the first few times; after that, your balls will be all dried out. But looong after that, you’ll continue to nut; to orgasm. And that sensor can tell when you do.”

Trey looked at him askance, disturbed by what he was hearing. How many times was William going to make him cum?! He wanted to back out of the deal; to shake his head; to shout, “Nooo, you can keep the money!” but of course, his head was immobile and he couldn’t speak.


William brought in another device. It was an electric wand with a hummingbird attachment. The “wand” was actually a 9-inch motor with a vibrating circular head, and it was originally invented for therapeutic massage, but then some kinky genius came up with the idea of adding a latex cap that surrounded the penis glans like a sleeve, pressing hundreds of soft, vibrating latex nodules against the flesh.

Used to slowly pump up and down over the head, it could achieve a single, explosive orgasm in five minutes, leaving behind a sore glans, especially at the flared rear. Left in place, without any movement, it didn’t abrade the skin, and produced a slow build that could last up to 30 minutes, resulting in a powerful, if unsatisfying orgasm.

The humming bird only achieved its full potential when used in conjunction with other forms of stimulation.

William slid the hummingbird head over Trey’s straining glans. He was too low for the boy to see, even in his peripheral vision, but the kid certainly felt the hood as it slid onto his helmet, engulfing it. Every nodule was like a tiny, stiff tongue rubbing against him. Trey’s inner thighs trembled as it slid into place.


William straightened up again, ran his palm across the gentle curves of Trey’s pectoral muscles.

“You’ve got a nice chest. Shaped but not too big.”

The boy’s small dark nipples stood out perkily against the curves of his pecs. William pinched one lightly.

“You know Trey, some guys call nipples “dick switches” because they make your dick jump. Did you know that?”

As his fingertips brushed over Trey’s nipples, he could see the boy’s dick twitching, confined inside the humming bird. He pinched both nipples firmly, and he could see Trey trying to contract his testicles.

“You want to try nip-suckers or no? Too much for a first time Trey? Brain completely scrambled or just blown? Oh, what the fuck, might as well make the first time memorable eh son?”

He attached two devices to the teenager’s chest. Each comprised a small almost-flat, transparent latex cone about the radius of a deodorant can, with a hole in the middle for the nipple to poke through. The latex cones were attached to a small, clear, electrical vacuum pumps that hung off an overhead support. When he pressed a button on the side of the pump, it created a vacuum, sucking Trey’s nipples through the holes.


“Okay then,” William said, “you already got to try the ball stims; what order shall we turn the rest on? I know; least to most horny!”

He turned the nipple pumps on and they started contracting and relaxing. With each contraction, Trey’s nipples were sucked lightly into the vacuum tube, then they relaxed. He inhaled sharply through his nose, surprised at how erotic it was to have his nipples teased.

Next, William turned on the wand and the humming bird started to vibrate softly, the nodules buzzing rapidly, but barely moving. Trey could tell that, although it was not an overwhelming sensation, it would build over time to become irresistible, much as Phil’s edging had been.

“Dildo next then. Phil?”

Phil switched the dildo on. It was slender. Far thinner than the thinnest penis, but its ribbed surface was more than enough to set Trey’s asshole fluttering as it pumped lightly in and out of his hole.

Trey started to squirm. He didn’t like being fucked, even by a machine. He didn’t like the way his legs were spread, inviting it in. He didn’t like the way the humming bird tickled and teased his helmet. He didn’t like the way the nipple pumps sucked on his tits. He didn’t like how hard his dick was. He didn’t like the way his nuts were stretched away from his body; how they ached slightly. The experiences all made him feel like he was less of a man. Like he was some desperate whore who would do anything to nut another time. But the worst thing was, his body LOVED them. His asshole pulsed and suckled at the dildo, and his dick twitched and tensed and flickered as it was massaged.


“Righto, that should do,” William said. “We don’t need to stay and watch. We’ll leave the cameras running. Feel free to cum as many times as you like. We can clean the mess up later.”

William and Phil checked that the cameras were running, then they glanced at Trey and headed towards the office door. Just as they were about to open it, William stopped.

“Oh, silly me, almost forgot.”

He aimed a remote at the testicle vibrator and it immediately started violently shaking Trey’s testicles from side to side, moving with the same frequency as a road-diggers jack hammer. Trey’s massive intake of breath was easily audible, even over the noise of the shaker. William knew that the shaker provided an order of magnitude more stimulation than all the other devices combined. A disciplined subject could resist cumming for a good while without the shakers. With them, a rapid orgasm was absolutely inevitable, and irresistible. They both watched with amused expressions.

Trey noticed that Phil was holding his watch. He barely cared. The sensation in his testicles was unbelievable, hornier than he could ever have imagined. He was at 4 on the 10-point horniness scale before it was turned on, but with the shaker, his excitement instantly jumped to 20. He tensed his groin, and tried to contract his balls against the erotic shaking, but he might as well have stood at the seashore with a hand up, commanding the crashing waves not to fall.

In no time at all, he was launching a second load of cum, bigger and more violent than the first, its direction, this time somewhat constrained by the hummingbird, but ejecting in wild, twisting slops that twisted as they flew.

Trey let out a choked yell into the gag as the device on his testicles literally shook the cum from him.

Phil looked down at his watch.

“14 seconds.”

“He lasted longer than Logan. How long did he last?”


William grinned.

“Yeah, the young ones never last long.”

As they exchanged words, they watched in amusement as Trey continue to throw his spunk around the room.

When he finally stopped spurting, he stood, shellshocked, staring at the men with incredulity. How could he possibly cum that hard? How could a machine make him so horny?

“Uh, ohh, uhhh,” he moaned into the gag.


The devices continued working on him, relentlessly turning him on. Even though he’d just blown his load, his balls still felt crazy horny. But he was also peripherally aware of his helmet; his nipples, and his asshole. They were like sub-harmonics against the meteoric, orgasmic earthquake that had just rocked his world. None of them was individually overwhelming, but collectively, they served to accentuate the power of the shakers.

He was here for three hours. He’d agreed to it, but there was no…

His thought was interrupted by yet another earth-shaking orgasm, almost as powerful as the first, not even a minute earlier. His thoughts were halted, his ability to think clearly disrupted as he came again. He didn’t squirt as much, but the actual orgasm scrambled his brain even more as his body was forced into an orgasm it was not yet ready for.

Across the room, William and Phil smiled warmly at him. William looked down at his laptop screen.

“That’s three so far today. How many do you figure altogether Phil?”

Phil looked at Trey and scrutinised him.

“Hmmm, he’s fit, I’m gonna say 30 in total.”

“Nah, he’s much hornier than that,” William disagreed.

“He’s easy got 40 in him, maybe even 50.”

“50. In three hours?!” Phil asked incredulously.

“That’s almost once every three minutes!”

“I’ll bet you tomorrow’s lunch he’s nearer to 50 than 30,” William said.

They both looked at the red, sweating boy.


They slapped palms to seal the deal, then walked out of the room leaving Trey to his unbearable pleasure.



Trey watched them go, horrified that there was no longer anyone to appeal to for mercy. Not that he was much able to communicate such a need, strapped to the frame with his entire body immobile, and his mouth gagged tightly.

With his knees spread, and his groin on full display to anyone who might walk in, he’d never felt so vulnerable or exposed, and the constant arousal was maddening, driving him almost over the edge of sanity with lust.

He never dreamed that he wouldn’t be able to avoid nutting for 30 minutes with a gay guy trying to jack him off. If he was honest, he’d considered it unlikely that he would even be capable of getting a boner with guy touching his dick, let alone an overweight guy in his late 50s as William was. But as it was, the man had teased him to a boner with dismaying ease, and Phil had gone on to edge him so expertly that just before he blew his load, he might even have been willing to suck a dick if Phil would just let him cum.

In the end, no such request was made, nor such payment necessary, but now that he was facing the agreed-upon penalty, and he was absolutely certain it was far…

“Nnng, garrr, uh, uh…”

His train of though was cut short by his fourth orgasm. He clenched his abs against the force of it, and tried involuntarily and pointlessly to draw his balls up towards his body, but they were firmly clamped, and even if they were not, the Ox balls cock ring ensured that they remained stretched away from his groin.


Trey felt as though his libido was no longer his to control; that the shaker continued, implacably, unstoppably shaking the cum from his nuts regardless of his wishes. His wide-legged stance only made it worse, somehow adding to his arousal. Even as he ejaculated, he could feel the slender dildo sliding in and out of his asshole. Unbidden, an image of getting his asshole reamed by one of his friends popped into his head. He tried to push it away, disgusted with himself, but it was gone before he even realised it was, replaced instead with a maddening horniness that remained even as he reached the end of the orgasm. The image would return more persistently throughout his ordeal.

He took a few moments to regain his senses. Now what was he thinking about. He could feel his nipples being sucked and released, and his cock twitching each time. How could they even be connected?

But what was he thinking about? Oh yeah, how much worse this penalty was than sucking a dick. The idea of sucking a dick nauseated him but three hours of this non-stop ecstasy seemed unbearable. He was sweating buckets already, and he was physically and mentally exhausted. What would he be like after three hours?

Sucking a dick was a pretty disgusting thought to him. The taste; the feel; the…

“What the fuck are you doing?!” he mentally yelled at himself. “Why are you thinking about sucking dicks?!”

He frowned, dismayed at his train of thought.

“I was just saying that would be better than this,” his inner dialogue responded.

“Yeah, but at least you can ignore this,” he countered.

“Are you…”

Then he came again, his muscles violently contracting as he tried to avoid the stimulation, but he was held infuriatingly still, while his dick was forced to spit out another load.

That was almost the worst of it. The fact that he couldn’t even move. He couldn’t pump or grind, or twist to avoid it, or lift up, or tug his nuts away. His junk was clamped into a pair of machines that had their way with him, no matter what his wishes were, and even though he definitely did NOT even want to remain hard, much less to cum again, his boner was not his to command, and four devices conspired to keep him achingly hard and desperately horny.



In the office, away from the sound-proofed studio, William and Phil chatted and laughed, occasionally glancing at the feed from the two cameras, as well as at the laptop readout.

“Hey, there’s another one.” William said. “What’s that, 8 now? He’s down to just oozing froth. Don’t think he has another wet one in him.”

Sure enough, apart from Trey’s reaction, and the number on the laptop going up by 1, there was no indication that he had cum for the ninth time.

“What’s that, 9 in 14 minutes?” William asked. “If he keeps this up, he’s easily going to make it to 40. Looks like you’re going to owe me lunch.”

“Yeah, don’t count your chickens Will. You know they all start off fast, then slow down when they hit the end of the first 30 minutes.”

“True enough, but I’ve got a good feeling about this one…”


Trey’s orgasm rate did decrease at 45 minutes; slightly.

“Oh, come on kid, you can’t be THAT horny, ya goddamned mutt!” Phil said, exasperated.

“Ooop, I think he’s trancing… yup, definitely zoning out, his eyes have gone. There’s his eyelids fluttering. Yup, Trey’s gone to his fuck place. No reaching him now.”


In the studio, Trey had long since stopped hoping for mercy or an early ending. The orgasms all seemed to merge into one. At 35 minutes; the last time he cared about time; he glanced at the clock. There were still another two and a half hours; an eternity. He let his mind drift, no longer thinking. Instead, his body just became a single erogenous zone in a state of constant stimulation. His breathing slowed as he slipped towards an orgasmic trance. Ten minutes later, his eyes rolled back in his head, his eyelids rapidly fluttering, almost in time with the testicle current.


A minute before three hours, William and Phil entered the room. They turned off the equipment connected to the boy, and William removed the clamp from Trey’s balls. They were bright red and very warm to the touch. He smiled. Testicles were not designed for so many orgasms in so short a time. The skin looked thin; almost translucent.

He removed the nipple pumps, and the boy’s dark areolas stood out much further than before, and the nipples looked like buttons protruding from the centre of each one. He gave one of them a curious stroke. It was stiff; filled with blood.


He and Phil quickly removed all of the equipment except the Ox balls. That was hard to remove while the boy’s balls were so swollen. At least without an erection, there would be more room to squeeze them out without causing him needless discomfort.

Trey’s eyelids continued to flutter, and freed from the hummingbird, his penis twitched and bounced as though it was still being stimulated.

William removed the head restraints and took the gag off. Then he and Phil tidied up the studio, cleaning and disinfecting the toys that had been used on Trey’s body.

After 20 minutes, Trey’s erection finally deflated, shrivelling to an ice-water small slug. William carefully pushed the boy’s balls through the hole in the Ox balls. Now freed, Trey’s nuts really did look like bulls’ balls; huge, swollen, low hanging nuts. He cupped them again. They were heavy. If Trey was lucky, they’d remain that size for at least six months, giving him monumental, stallion orgasms that would blow his mind. Of course, the kid wouldn’t even want to think of touching his dick for a month or more…


“Uhhh, mmm, whu, what happened? Is it finished?”

Trey’s voice was thick, foggy, and confused.

William smiled at him.

“Hey Trey, you zoned out for a while there. Yeah, it’s finished. Here, let me untie you.”

William and Phil removed the straps from Trey’s knees and they collapsed inwards. Then the men each untied an arm. Trey’s arms hung limply to his sides. He took a step forward and collapsed, but Phil was waiting to catch him. Three hours of non-stop milking was enough to rob the strength from any guy.

“Hey, you okay there Trey?” William asked.

“Jelly legs.”

Trey looked down at himself and frowned.

“What happened to my nuts?!” he demanded groggily.

“They go like that when you cum a lot,” William explained.

They guided him to a couch and sat him down with his knees spread. The fog was clearing from Trey’s brain slowly.

“You made me cum.”

William grinned.

“Of course. You agreed to it.”

The boy frowned.

“I didn’t know it was going to be like that.”

“I promised not to hurt you. We didn’t”

Trey lifted his enormous, puffy nuts from between his splayed thighs. The skin was tender but to his surprise, there was no pain.

“I said we’d make you keep cumming, and we did.”

Trey frowned again, remembering a bet.

“Did you win your bet?”

William smiled and nodded.

“How many times?”

“Well, let’s just say you’re not going to be jacking off any time soon.”

“How many?” Trey insisted.

William turned the laptop screen to show him. The counter read 87.

“A new goddamned record,” Phil said sulkily.


  • All day at school, his friends had been teasing Trey that he must have stuffed a sock in his pants. His swollen bull balls had made a bulge Trey hadn’t counted on. His brain was still quite addled and he just grinned and took the teasing.

    When 4th period came around, it was Trey’s assigned gym class. More out of rote than intent, Trey wandered into the locker room using the drone mind that 87 orgasms had converted his brain into.

    Knowing damned well that Trey would have to fess up and show whatever was stuffed into his pants to make such a bulge, Trey’s classmates all kept watch as Trey was about to drop trow.

    Coach required that all students wear a jockstrap. So, getting completely nude to swap underpants was required.

    Trey slipped his boxers down and stepped out of them. All his classmates’ jaws dropped at the sight of his huge bull balls. Oblivious to the attention his junk was getting, Trey reached into his locker and pulled out his smelly jockstrap. He hadn’t bothered to wash it in months.

    Stepping into the jock, trey bent over and gave everyone a good view of his well fucked gapping hole. Then, he pulled the jock up to his waist.

    But, the pouch on Trey’s jock was way too small. No amount of stretching the elastic made it big enough to cover his newly enlarged nut sack. Marshal, the guy with the next locker over started to snicker.

    Soon, the whole class was watching as Trey’s muddled mind was riddled with confusion about how to get his jock to cover his newly engorged bits and pieces.

    With no sympathy at all, the class started shouting out suggestions on how to get 10 lbs of potatoes into a 5 lb bag. Trey heard the laughter and cat calls but, he hadn’t fully returned to the real world and was only concerned with his balls.

    Coach heard the brouhaha and stepped out of his office. Coach blew his whistle and the room immediately went silent. “Now, if you are all done getting a good look at Trey’s dirty jock, get your asses out on the field and give me four laps around the track.”

    Four laps was a full mile and Coach knew that would give him 20 minutes alone with Trey.

    Trey seemed unphased by either the teasing or the whistle and continued to pull on the pouch of his jock as the class filed out to run their punishment laps. Just to enjoy the show, Coach silently watched Trey adjust the unadjustable jock for another three minutes as a full bone grew in Coach’s shorts. Coach always wore a jock and loose shorts to hide whenever he sprouted wood.

    Coach was standing on Trey’s left side and reached around and put his hand on Trey’s right shoulder. Trey instantly looked to his right which confirmed Coach’s belief that Trey had no idea there was anyone standing next to him.

    “Buddy, over here,” Coach chuckled.

    With a blank look, Trey turned towards Coach and muttered, “can’t get it on.”

    “Yeah, balls swell up like that after 87 orgasms,” Coach whispered into Trey’s ear. “I was watching the web show but didn’t know it was you.”

    With less than 60 percent of his normal IQ, Trey didn’t quite comprehend. “Can you help me,” Trey begged?

    “‘Course I can help you, buddy,” Coach said as he knew he must get his hands on Trey’s nut sack. “Just let me help me get this jock off first and then we’ll find one that fits.”

    Starting between Trey’s pecs, Coach slowly slid his hand down Trey’s body towards the 3″ strap on the dirty Bike #10 Jockstrap. When his fingers reached the strap, Coach slid them under the waistband and into the pouch where he cupped Trey’s swollen scrotum and testicles. In one very slow move, Coach used his wrist to pull the waistband out and then slid the jock down with his other hand. The whole time, Coach’s hand was still cradling Trey’s giant balls.

    Butt bare naked, Trey stood there confused and not sure where everyone had gone.

    Coach took Trey back to the equipment room and found a jockstrap that would fit. He handed it to Trey who stared at it with a blank look. It didn’t seem possible but, Coach’s dong got even harder in his shorts when he realized he’d have to put the jockstrap on Trey himself.

    Moving behind Trey, Coach dropped the jockstrap to the floor and moved Trey so his feet were inside the straps. With one finger firmly on Trey’s seriously well fucked starfish, Coach bent over and pulled up the jockstrap.

    A bewildered Trey look down at the jock as Coach fitted it over his inflated balls. The new jock was freshly washed and fit perfectly. Not going to waste this opportunity, Coach again slipped his hand into the pouch and grabbed Trey’s balls. “Just going to adjust these for you champ,” Coach grunted into Trey’s ear.

    With the new jock adjusted and fitting right, Coach took Trey back to his locker and helped him put on the rest of his gym kit.

    Coach glanced at his watch. It had been about 20 minutes since he’d sent his class out to run a mile and he knew the stragglers would just be finishing up. Getting one final feel, Coach pulled the back of Trey’s shorts out and used his other hand to reach in and adjust the straps that were perfectly framing Trey’s bubble butt.

    With a firm slap on Trey’s ass, Coach said, “okay get out there and join your classmates.”

    As Trey wandered more or less towards the exit, Coach quickly went into his office and put Trey’s old dirty jock in his desk drawer. Coach would have a great time smelling that when he jerked off that night.

    As Coach entered the bright sunlight out on the track, most of the class was in formation waiting for him with only the last few just finishing lap four of the quarter-mile track. All of them were out of breath and a few had tossed up their lunch.

    “Let that be a lesson to you. No more bullying or teasing in my class,” Coach bellowed in his deepest voice. Then he thought, “except for me.”

    • It makes me happy that my stories serves as a jumping off point for your own ideas!

      • Hey @damnd1 – thanks!
        It was great to see you back online after a brief respite.

        I wrote that comment in one pass with only Grammarly finding errors as I wrote. I have lots of stories I wrote way back for Tumblr that are sitting on flash drives doing no good. Sigh. Eventually, I’ll publish them somewhere – maybe.

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