Shaken not stirred

Forced milking, humiliation

A young American in Thailand discovers that his new college has a humiliating forced milking routine for its students.

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Shaken not stirred forced milking, humiliation

by dariomindus@hotmail.co.uk www.damnd1.org

A student in Thailand is forcibly milked with undesirable consequences.


Nathaniel glanced at his roommate. They had been bunking together for a week, and to his pleasant surprise they were like old buddies already. Lek was easy going, with a great sense of humour and a quick smile. Best of all, he spoke English whenever they were alone together. After five years of constant visits with his parents, Nathaniel could understand Thai easily, and he spoke it well enough to be understood, but it was nice to have the option. Hearing his native language made him feel less homesick.


Lek dropped his briefs as they chatted and Nathaniel couldn’t help glancing between his legs. The boy had a tiny dick, not even two inches long with a puckered foreskin. It was such a dark brown colour that he could easily have been mistaken for an African, although the rest of his body was more of a Latino tan colour. The penis was nestled deeply in a thick tangle of black pubic hair, and beneath, a very large pair of nuts hung, not particularly low in a loose, greasy-looking sack.

Nathaniel let his glance linger a little longer than a heterosexual male ought to and Lek caught him staring.

“Hey, you like dick?”

Nathaniel looked away quickly then up at Lek red-faced.

“Whu… what? No. I was just… curious that’s all.”

“You never seen a dick before?” Lek asked in stilted, heavily accented English. He smirked at Nathaniel.

“Of course, but not a black one and not…”

He hesitated. He didn’t want to be hurtful.

“Not what?”


“No. Was something. Say it.”

“I don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

Lek grinned widely.

“How you hurt my feelings? Just say it. Don’t be a poos.”


“Poosy. Coward. Quit stalling and say it.”

Nathaniel sighed.

“Okay, well I’m not putting you down or anything, but your dick is kind of small.”

Tiny actually,” he thought.

“Show me yours.”

Nathaniel undid his grey school uniform trousers and pushed them down along with his boxers, allowing both to fall to the ground around his ankles. If you looked up the definition of “average” in a dictionary, there would be a photograph of Nathaniel’s genitals. His flaccid penis was a little over 4 inches long, emerging from a modest raft of brown pubic hair. His equally average testicles hung in the pouch of his far-from-droopy scrotum.

Lek looked at Nathaniel’s genitals for so long that Nathaniel started to feel uncomfortable and covered them with his hands.

“Shy?” Lek asked.

“Not normally. But then guys don’t normally stare at my dick for that long.”

Lek grinned.

“Nice dick. Don’t see many big ones.”

“It’s not big. It’s pretty average. Don’t you mind having a small one?”

“Not small. Average for Thailand. All boys at school got little ones.”

Lek moved his hips rapidly left and right making his tiny penis wave from side to side, though it was too small and his pubes too thick for it to slap against his skin.

“Hey Nayfun,” he said, his tongue struggling with his abbreviation of Nathaniel’s name, “it’s long enough to piss out of. That’s all I care about!”

Nathaniel grinned back.

“Yeah, but what about fucking? Do girls ever make comments?”

“Fucking? Who fucking? We got school work to concentrate on. No fucking.”

Nathaniel frowned.

“You’re still a virgin?”

“Sure, most boys virgins till end of university.”

“But don’t you; you know, get horny?”

“Course not. Never horny. That’s what milking for. Leave me free to concentrate on studies.”

Nathaniel frowned.


“Course. All boys from high-school on. Get your balls drained.”

Nathaniel gave him a “What the fuck” look as he tried to work out if Lek was messing with him.

“You get your balls drained? How?”

“Milking hall of course. You never been drained?”

“Bullshit!” Nathaniel said, grinning at the joke. “Nice try Lek!”

Now it was Lek’s turn to pull a face. Bewilderment.

“Not kidding Nafaniel. It’s the law. Gotta have empty balls so we concentrate on school work. You not have that in England?”

“Get the fuck outta here. You’re yanking my dick. There’s no ‘milking room’. You almost had me there Lek!”

“Believe what you want. You find out soon enough. Milking starts again any day now.”

“Yeah whatever.”

Nathaniel pulled his boxers and trousers back up.



Two days later, instead of morning gym class, Nathaniel and his fellow students were herded to another changing room where they were urged to strip naked. Nathaniel frowned at the odd request.

“Where we going?” he asked Lek as they were guided towards another door.


“This school has a sauna?!”

“Sure, why wouldn’t it. All schools and colleges do.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“No kidding. How else would they get you ready for milking?” Lek asked.

Nathaniel frowned. He was starting to think that maybe his roommate was not playing an elaborate prank on him after all.

“How does a sauna get you ready?”

“It make your balls hang low of course,” Lek answered, as though that somehow explained everything.

Nathaniel frowned.

“Why would you want to do that?”

“For the shakers.”

“The what?”

“My dude,” Lek said. The words sounded awkward in his mouth. “You really don’t know anything at all about milking do you? They never milk guys in England?”

“Of course not. I don’t even know why anyone would do it. Nobody’s milking me.”

“Oh, they will. Very much. It’s the law. It’s much worse if you fight them.”

“Worse? Worse how?”

“Well, being drained can be much lot of fun. Frustrating fun. But being drained hard is enough to drive you crazy my dude. Better to just do what you told and get it over with. It’s only once every two weeks.”

“Drained hard?”

“They do it faster. Longer. Makes you so horny you lose your mind.”

“Hmmmm,” Nathaniel murmured as they entered the sauna.


The room was vast. Nathaniel had only ever viewed saunas on TV and the internet, and they tended to be intimate rooms suitable for half a dozen people. But this room was much larger than any sauna he had ever seen. Inside, there were almost 200 naked young men; the entire 13th grade year.

Nathaniel looked around as the boys all sat on the wooden benches and he couldn’t help but notice that they appeared to all have tiny penises. He knew that Japanese boys came up short, having attended an international school in Nagoya from the age of 14 to 16, but he’d not seen enough Thais to form an opinion. Even so, what he saw before him was considerably smaller than those he’d seen in Japan. It was an ocean of brown and near black dicks, ranging from 1 to 3 inches long. He leaned close to Lek and whispered.

“All their dicks are so small. Why does the milking do that?”

“I don’t know. It just does. All Thai guys have tiny dicks until long many years after they finish education.”

“But why? I don’t get it.”

“Because horny boys much distracted boys. Waste all energy chasing sex and spanking it.”

“Spanking it?” Nathaniel queried with a smile.

“Isn’t that what you call it? Spank your monkey?”

“Oh yeah, I guess some people do. Americans. We call it ‘wanking’.”

“Wanking. Ah yes. Wanking your monkey.”

“Not ‘wanking your monkey’ – jeez, that’s gross! Just wanking. So you were explaining how this stops you being interested in sex…”

“Well, very simple Nafaniel. All boys drained for 3 hours every two weeks. Cum many times. Over a hundred. After that, boys are not at all horny no more. Not for a loong time. Couple of months even. Can’t even get hard. No morning stick.”

Nathaniel was horrified. He hadn’t fucked since he arrived in Thailand. It was not something he entered into casually, especially with the country’s reputation for sexual tourism. He didn’t want to take an STD home as a memento of his trip.

But he certainly didn’t refrain from pounding his meat whenever the desire took him. He was a two-a-day guy, with extra on weekends, although he still constrained his high school activities to the showers or lavatory. And now Lek was telling him that he would soon be denied that simple pleasure? Fuck no! There was no way he was allowing that to happen!


He turned and headed back towards the door.

“Where you going?” Lek asked.

“I told you, I’m not doing this. I’m getting out of here.”

“But you must. It’s law!”

Nathaniel waved dismissively as he walked towards the exit. As he neared it, a large, athletic-looking man stepped into his way. The head coach.

“Where are you going?” the man asked in Thai.

“Excuse me?” Nathaniel responded in English.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m English, is it true that the guys are going to be milked?”

“English,” the man said switching to English. “Ah. Milked. Yes, yes. Where you going?”

“I’m not doing it. I’m only visiting for a year. I’m not getting milked.”

“EVERY student must be milked. All the boys. You do good boy. Go back to sauna.”

An expression of consternation appeared on Nathaniel’s face.

“I don’t think you understand, I’m not FROM Thailand. We don’t milk boys in England. I’m not getting milked.”

“You not IN England. Here in Thailand, ALL schoolboys get milked. Make good students.”

“But I’m…”

“ALL boys get milked,” the man said emphatically, “You student at this school, your balls be very empty. Always empty. No exception. Now get back in sauna before I force you. You make trouble, only make it worse for you.”

Nathaniel looked at the man, weighing up his chances. The man stood between him and the exit. Decades of physical activity had given him a toned physique. Nathaniel on the other hand, was just an ordinary 17-year-old, and he knew that on his best day, he had no chance against the man. He turned and returned to Lek.

“Change your mind?” his friend asked.

“No, not at all, but that guy wouldn’t let me past.”

“Ah yes, Mr Anuman. Don’t mess with him. He was Muay Thai champion of Kanchanaburi province. Very good fighter. Very badass.”

Nathaniel sat beside his friend in the humid room.

“I wasn’t going to mess with him. I’m not crazy. He looks tough even without the Muay Thai. I’m just going to sit here and hopefully I’ll get a chance to get out of it later.”

They sat and chatted as the steam and heat worked as it was intended. Nathaniel was comfortable naked around guys, but knowing that he was sitting in the heat for the exclusive purpose of making his testicles hang lower felt weird.

Many of his fellow students were positively exhibitionist about it, dancing, waving their tiny cocks and having a good time. Nathaniel thought that if his dick was that small, he wouldn’t be so flamboyant about it. Then he reasoned, if everyone had a tiny dick there was no shame about it. He noticed that all around him, scrotums were lengthening as balls started hanging lower in the 120 degree heat. He looked around with curiosity, but his own penis had not gone unnoticed.

“Hey English, you got big wang,” a young man opposite said.

Nathaniel couldn’t tell if the boy was teasing, admiring, or simply making an observation. He looked down at his dick. It hung totally flaccid, four and a half inches in the balmy heat. He shrugged.

“It does the job.”

“And what job that?” another boy asked.

“Oh, you know,” Nathaniel said holding up a fist and pumping a finger into it to simulate intercourse.

The boy smiled.

“Not gonna be doing any of that after today English!”

Around him, several boys laughed at the comment. Nathaniel smiled tightly.

“We’ll see.”


After another five minutes, Nathaniel heard a growing hubbub to their left. At the opposite end of the hall, boys were starting to rise to their feet, making their way through a door at that end. A ripple of rising boys travelled towards them. He turned towards the exit, and Mr Anuman stood, now flanked by two equally imposing males.

Nathaniel stood with the boys around him and started shuffling with the flow of students towards the opposite door. He glanced over his shoulder and noticed that the trio of men were slowly walking along behind the boys, ensuring that nobody remained behind. Going backwards was out of the question, and in any case, he was naked, where was he going to go? His only hope was to somehow continue through whatever room lay ahead then return to his dorm room and collect his clothes later.


He passed through the doorway and he couldn’t initially make sense of what he was seeing. Over a hundred boys were sitting on what looked like low toilet seats; higher than squat toilets, but lower than a western lavatory. Each had vinyl seats with cut-out holes, and a high, padded back for comfort. The boys sat approximately a foot off the ground, placing their feet on movable foot plates. He could see dozens of boys adjusting metal positioning spreaders between their thighs. The curved metal rods rose from the floor, then curled on top of each young man’s thighs, before opening wide, spreading each boy’s legs wide to expose his genitals.

A pair of metal restraining arms clamped down on each boys’ thighs near the top, pulling the boys down onto the seat.

Nathaniel was surprised to see that the boys were willingly securing themselves onto the strange seats.


An army of female students who appeared to be a similar age, passed among the boys, making adjustments between the boys’ legs, although Nathaniel could not clearly discern what they were doing.

Nathaniel looked across the gymnasium-sized hall to the only other door. Three more men stood in front of it. He realised then, that he was going to have to escape backwards after all, where he hoped there was space to dodge around the three men behind. He ducked back inside, immediately made eye contact with Anuman, then made dash to the side. The man to Anuman’s right quickly moved, cutting off Nathaniel’s escape. Nathaniel zigged back to his right, hoping to pass between the two men, but Anuran easily intercepted, grabbing him by the shoulder.

Nathaniel struggled and squirmed.

“No, I don’t wanna be milked!” he protested. “I’m English. We don’t do that!”

“I already said, you in Thailand now. Follow Thai laws. If you fight more, you get milked more.”

Nathaniel ignored him, and struggled to break free as though his life depended upon it. The second man joined them, then the third. Anuman stepped away and his two assistants gripped an arm each and dragged Nathaniel back into the hall. The nearby seated boys turned to look at the commotion with expressions of amusement as Nathaniel protested and resisted every step of the way, trying to dig his bare heels into the tiled floor.

They dragged him to one of a dozen seats at the near end of the hall, laid out at a right angle to the rest of the seats, which were arrayed in 10 rows of 20.

The two assistants forced him down onto the seat and quickly attached the thigh restraints that stopped him standing back up. Another strap was wrapped around his waist, pulling him against the seat back. Unlike the majority of the other seats, this one and the 11 adjacent seats, also had wrist restraints. The two men pulled Nathaniel’s wrists down by his sides, attaching them to the restraining points to either side of his bottom. Now Nathaniel could neither stand, nor use his arms to try to release himself.

Anuman knelt between Nathaniel’s knees and attached the spreader rods, spreading the young man’s thighs apart by 90 degrees. Nathaniel continued to struggle pointlessly, more now to express his rebellion, than in any realistic hope of escaping.


The man gripped Nathaniel’s testicles, pulling them low in his scrotum and tugging them away from the student’s body. Using his thumb, he separated the two soft orbs as he lifted a device from the floor beneath. Nathaniel look down at it. It comprised two pairs of rubber-lined tongs on the end of long rods. The man clamped each of Nathaniel’s testicles between a pair of tongs, and adjusted their range of movement so that they could move freely back and forth without harming the delicate orbs they held.

Nathaniel realised that the girls buzzing around each of the other boys were performing a similar operation on them, clamping their testicles for an as-yet-unknown purpose.


Coach Anuman stepped back and turned to an assistant and spoke in Thai.

“Set station 1 to six hours and times two speed. We’ll see if this farang is so much trouble when his legs and balls are turned to jelly!”

The other man laughed heartily at the derogatory term for a foreigner and nodded, before leaving to make the requested milking program adjustment for Nathaniel’s station.

“What do you mean ‘jelly’?” Nathaniel demanded.

“Oh you understand Thai yes?” Anuman said reverting to broken English. “Well, when a boy causes trouble like you do, we milk for twice as long and twice as fast. Drain your balls VEEEERY empty. Boy with empty balls not so angry. Empty balls verrrry soft.”

Nathaniel’s eyes widened.

“You can’t do this! It’s not legal. I’m not a Thai…”

Before he could complete his tirade, the other assistant grabbed his head and forced a tight-fitting gag into Nathaniel’s mouth, holding it in place with rubber straps at the back. Nathaniel struggled to turn his head from the man’s arm, clamping his mouth tightly shut. The man pressed a pressure point on the side of the boy’s jaw with the point of his index-finger knuckle until discomfort forced Nathaniel to open his mouth. After that, all Nathaniel could do was “mmmmmph” into the gag, and struggle in a futile display of defiance, while the other nearby students watched grinning in amusement at his behaviour.

Coach Anuman and his assistant stepped away from Nathaniel and stood waiting. Nathaniel looked up at them angrily.

Now what?” he wondered.


He looked around. The other boys all seemed to be seated in a similar position, although without the wrist cuffs to hold them in place, some of them were looking at phone screens, some even held magazines or Kindles.

The female students gradually finished setting the boys up and stood up, moving backwards a step and standing patiently.

Nathaniel looked around bewildered.

Is this it?” he thought. “Surely there’s more?

He didn’t WANT there to be more, and sitting naked in front of all these girls, with his dick hanging out and his testicles clamped, was more than he wanted, but nevertheless, it all seemed anticlimactic. Then he felt something beneath him – two rubber rollers pressing upwards against the inner curves of his ass cheeks. They parted, drawing the cheeks apart and exposing his hole. He didn’t understand why until he felt something cool, soft and slimy pressing up against his starfish, and he squirmed with distaste as it pushed up against him. Whatever it was felt thicker than his thumb. The end was nobbly. He tried to stand away from it, but he was immovably held down into his seat. His asshole was exposed like the bullseye on an archery target. He clenched but his resistance was nothing compared to the power of the piston driving it upwards, and it bumped past his puckered sphincter, and pushed inside until it pressed against his prostate. He’d never been touched there before, and he felt a surge of unexpected excitement pass through him. Then the end of the thing started buzzing, and the lumpy end started to twist slowly, the bumps and soft vibrations stimulating his G-spot.

He let out a soft gasp of dismay through his nose. He didn’t want to feel horny in front of his new school-mates, much less all these girls, especially not caused by an anal-reaming, but that was undeniably how he now felt. Waves of excitement emanated from his hole, and travelled to his balls and the base of his cock. His limp penis slowly raised its head until it formed a loose downwards drooping L shape. For a moment he thought that it might go no further; displaying his mild interest, but no more. But after a five second hiatus, its ascent resumed, raising in a series of blood pumping twitches. Soon it was fully erect, curving very slightly upward. His foreskin retracted down his shaft, fully revealing the arrow-shaped, sculpted head. He was proud of his dick head. He thought it was a good shape, and looked especially manly – perfectly designed for stabbing at pussy. It was swollen, purple, and shiny, and had ridges of hard flesh behind the glans, where the foreskin attached to the shaft.

It was 6 inches long – slightly above average for a grown man, and though he’d never considered it, it was a little thinner than most. Now Nathaniel was not so proud of it.


From his vantage at right angles to the rows, Nathaniel could see the other boys. In front of him, his fellow students all sat with the signs of their arousal protruding from their laps. Most were stumpy and on the thick side, and many were too short to easily see at all.

He did see a couple of guys with more impressive meat. Two were not far off his own dimensions.



At the end of one row, far from him, Nathaniel saw one boy; a skinny, studious-looking teen, with a thick monster standing like a small tree from his lap. In any other situation, a nerdy looking kid like him would probably do his best to avoid attention, but he sat, back straight, hands on his knees looking around with an expression that might be described as imperious. One thing was for certain, without his clothes on, he certainly had nothing to be shy about.

Although he was no expert on boner size, Nathaniel guessed that the boy had to be packing 10 inches, and with that thickness, it would destroy any pussy he hammered it into.

Then Nathaniel remembered the purpose of their presence; they were to be drained. Impressive or not, that boy was not going to be wrecking any girl’s pussy as long he was a student…

Although there were nearly as many female assistants as there were boys, rather than distributing evenly, they seemed to cluster around the boy with the giant dick, giggling like manga waifu.

For his part, the boy stared from girl to girl, an expression of smug confidence on his face.



On the walls on three sides of the room, over a dozen 70-inch TV screens flickered on. Each played hardcore pornography with the sound turned off, with different types on display. Every fourth screen showed gay porn.

The lights dimmed to a more subdued level.

Then, the final part of the milking equipment clicked into life. Snugly held in the tongs, his testicles suddenly started shaking, with one travelling forwards as the other moved backwards. It was slow at first, but Nathaniel let out a series of shuddering moans at the unexpectedly delicious sensation. They instantly elevated his arousal from high to on-edge.

Despite the pleasure, he started to struggle again. If they were not turned off immediately, he knew he would soon cum, and he didn’t want to do that; not in public. The tongs quickly gained speed, and Nathan’s moved at twice the rate of the other boys’. He could hear the tongs shaking. The sound was like a cat enthusiastically purring between his legs.

Coupled with the prostate massager, he knew that there was no chance that he could resist giving up his spunk. His struggles turned into involuntary writhing, and in just 20 seconds, he gritted his teeth, letting out a long, low growl as he fired off a fountain of creamy cum. He tried in equal measure to thrust his hips and to lift his balls out of the tongs that held them, but he succeeded at neither. His hips were quite immovably secured down onto the seat. As powerful as his orgasm was, and as aggressively as his body wanted to respond to it, he could no more lift his hole off the anal probe, then he could thrust his pelvis high into the air, and they were both actions he desperately wanted to do.

He roared into the gag. It was not elation or even anger, but a primal sexual howl forced from his vocal cords by the power of his orgasm. The nearby students turned, smirking, not yet brought to their own climaxes. Most remembered their first time driven to orgasm by the milker, although few were milked at double-speed as the farang now was.

Nathaniel fired off, jet after jet as the machine urged him to surrender his load. He yanked at the wrist restraints as his pearl juice flew high into the air as though rocket-propelled, travelling far from his seated position, and there was nothing he could do to prevent it. His glistening juice splattered onto the dark grey speckled industrial linoleum 5 feet away from him like water from a hose.


Their attention drawn by his growling, numerous girls made a pretence at casualness, drifting towards him with forced slowness until half a dozen of them stood around him in a small gaggle, looking down at his twitching cock. His upper body twisted and flailed frantically, but from waist to knees he was immobile, held in place by the spreaders and restraining straps.

No matter how hard he struggled, his balls and groin stayed exactly where they were but his cum landed in a series of incriminating splats that pointed messily back to their originator, telling the girls that he was nothing but human livestock, whose semen could be demanded on a whim and there was nothing he could do about it.
All attempts at discretion abandoned now, the girls pointed at the cum splats. Despite his preferred masturbation routine, Nathaniel had not jacked off in days, and it was a long time since the girls had seen a boy who was not drained almost to exhaustion before he even sat in the milking room. They were surprised and delighted at the vast amount of jizz delivered by Nathaniel’s gargantuan first orgasm and they were impressed and amused in equal measure, especially considering the fact that he was the first western boy that any of them had witnessed being milked.

Nathaniel looked up at them defiantly, enraged that he was nothing more than entertainment to them. He also glowed bright red at the humiliation at being milked, and worse still, of being gagged like a bitey dog being muzzled.

He glared at them, acting as though he was not naked, but his thighs were spread so wide, and everything was on display. He could feel his cock twitching between his legs, although he had long since stopped cumming.

Despite his humiliation, and even as he glowered at the unwanted spectators, he was only too well aware of the probe in his asshole continuously stimulating him. He felt as though he was being machine-raped in front of the girls. One of the girls giggled and stepped forwards and held her fingertips above his cock. It twitched upwards again, like a seal begging for a fish. It touched her fingers, and when it fell away, it left a sticky string of cum. She giggled and he struggled again performatively, achieving nothing. She gave the glans a gentle brush as though stroking the head of a hamster, making a cooing noise as she did so.

Another girl stepped forwards and pinched his nipples. He wasn’t even aware that they had puffed up, small and dark against his pale chest. As she pinched, his dick jumped violently. She pinched again, and his cock responded, she pinched again, and there was no doubt it was reacting to her actions. The girls all giggled at her party trick, and then he was squirting for the second time, her pinching quickly pushing him over the edge. Nathaniel snorted and grunted, furious at being toyed with, and more furious still that his body could be triggered so easily.


The girls seemed delighted by his body’s powerful ejaculation, as he added another load to the splats that already demonstrated his inability to resist. But now Mr Anuman intervened.

“All right girls,” he said, “you know you’re not supposed to be teasing the boys. You’re here to help them. Why don’t you go about your duty?”

The girls turned to him, with sounds of disappointment, then with a final look at Nathaniel’s eager penis, they headed off reluctantly to attend to their duties with the other boys.

Nathaniel glowered, relieved by the tiny modicum of dignity Anuman had afforded, but even as he watched the girls retreat, he felt his testicles violently shaking, maintaining a state of fantastic arousal.

He looked down at his cock; his pathetically keen, treacherous cock. It stood hard, eager and ready to fire off the second the shakers forced him over his body’s low orgasmic threshold.


All around, Nathaniel could hear the sound of pleasured moaning, panting, and whimpering, as the other boys were consumed by arousal and orgasms of their own. Even at half the rate that he was being stimulated, it was utterly impossible for them to resist their own inexorable rise towards orgasmic euphoria.

Within just five minutes, every single student had deposited their own load on the dark floor, although even the best equipped couldn’t come close to Nathaniel’s porn-star load.

Under other circumstances, Nathaniel would have been amused by the range of orgasmic vocalisations and reactions. Some panted like overheated dogs, others grunted in a primal manner as he had done, other still squealed like girls. Thai males were far less concerned about projecting facades of masculinity, but even with their relaxed attitudes towards gender, it seemed as though 25% of his school year ought to be wearing the clothes of preteen girls given their orgasmic responses!

Nathaniel was surprised at how powerful their reactions were after just a single orgasm. But he also found it hard to concentrate on much of anything. The constant ecstasy in his balls was unbearable and unrelenting. The machine didn’t know when he’d cum, so it continued teasing during and immediately afterwards, never giving him a second’s respite. He came 4, 5, 8 times, then he lost count. After a while he was too weak to even moan, and he slumped as the juice was mercilessly forced from his body.


The room took on an almost surreal atmosphere in the half light, more like giant Roman bordello or one of Caligula’s sex barges. It started to stink of cum and sweat, and it was filled with a constant groaning, punctuated by more strident tones the boys orgasmed at different times, their voices briefly rising and falling in volume against the background moaning, only to be replaced by another voice and another, each of them unable to suppress the vocal expression of their pleasure. There was a heady, heaving, slow motion writhing quality to the hall, and the female attendants were clearly not immune to the atmosphere, as many of them also shifted from foot to foot, and squirmed, as their own sex juices started to dribble.

Some of the boys surrendered to the experience, watching the porn on display all around, and using it to fuel their pleasure, others preferred to look at more personal material that they had brought with them. Most found the constant state of arousal too distracting, and instead, they simply sat, their penises twanging and vibrating and flickering, like oversexed mutts desperate to get their dicks wet inside a bitch. But these boys were not going to be putting their dicks anywhere for pleasure for the next four years – they wouldn’t even be capable of raising a bone beyond a milking hall, far less doing anything with it.


Moving among them, trying not to slip on the growing puddles of cum that the boys sprayed before them, their female classmates walked, admiring, giggling, monitoring, and offering bottled water or energy food when requested. Both food and water were heavily infused with tasteless aphrodisiacs that supplemented the physical stimulation.



After two hours, Anuman approached Nathaniel with a bottle.

“Need drink?” he offered.

Nathaniel was drenched in sweat, and his hair matted to his face. He looked up, defeated, subdued, and nodded.

“No more angry business okay?” the man said.

Nathaniel had nowhere to go. All he could do would be to shout profanity, and then he would be immediately gagged again, without even receiving much needed water. He nodded curtly, already exhausted.

The coach removed his gag and hesitated to see if Nathaniel would go back on his agreement, but after dozens of orgasms, Nathaniel had already had all the fight milked from him, and now he was meek and quiet as a mouse.

The man opened a bottle and held it up to Nathaniel’s mouth. Nathaniel drank greedily cumming midway through the bottle. He tensed his stomach but continued replenishing the liquid that he had ejaculated and sweated away. In no time the bottle was empty.

“H… how much longer?” he asked quietly.

“You fight. Sorry, many hours yet.”

Nathaniel closed his eyes in dismay too tired to even protest.



After three hours, the main bank of milking units deactivated, and the swarm of girls moved among the boys, releasing their testicles from the shaker tongs. The restraining bars lifted from the boys’ thighs, allowing them to close their legs.

The boys rose to their feet, their earlier ebullience muted now. Their brown scrotums had a rosy hue, coloured by three hours of constant shaking. Freed of their pods, many of their nuts drew up towards their bodies. The boys shuffled back towards the steam room, many adjusting their nuts as they walked.

They all passed by Nathaniel and he remained like a little boy sitting on the naughty table. He looked at them, meeting their eyes as they passed, trying to project an attitude of dignified defiance. But it was hard to be defiant, when he felt like a toddler sitting on a potty.

His face was contorted as he struggled to fight off another orgasm. His cock kept twitching, raising its head eagerly. Some of the passing boys grinned and pointed at it, making laughing comments in Thai. Others looked sympathetic. When Lek approached, he tightened his lips in an expression of resigned sympathy.

“Sorry Nayfun, I tried to warn you. I see you in our room later.”

As he passed, Nathaniel looked up at him like a drowning man watching the last lifeboat drifting away.


Now that they were freed of their devices, despite the earlier aphrodisiac they had unwittingly ingested, the boys’ cocks quickly shrivelled to tiny flaccidity. Nathan watched them pass; a series of brown and near-black uncircumcised cocks poking out of surprisingly thick bushes of lush black hair. They looked like tiny slugs, most terminating with puckered foreskins that seemed to account for most of their length. And beneath, contrary to his expectation, their testicles looked plump. More than plump; positively enormous.

Then the studious-looking boy approached. In exhaustion, he’d lost his swagger, but his long thick snake swayed and jiggled, serpentine between his legs, and hanging in a low, fat pair, his testicles, which promised so much fertility, yet would completely incapable of delivering on that promise for many years.


A babble of girls approached the exit, and stopped to look at Nathaniel one last time while they still could. They giggled and pointed, and one of them drew the index fingers of each hand apart to indicate the length of Nathaniel’s penis. He recognised her from his homeroom class.

“Nice weelly Engrish!” she said, and the girls burst into immature titters.

Nathaniel scowled at her resentfully. A random thought crossed his mind.

“How can she pronounce the l’s in ‘willy’ but not in ‘English’?”

“Shame it no good for anything but peeing out of now,” she added, and the titters got louder.

Nathaniel’s scowl darkened into a frown, his brow knitting.

Despite his humiliation, the anal stimulation continued, and his scowl curled into an ugly grimace as he experienced his 67th orgasm of the day. His stomach muscles tensed, he grunted, and though he tried not to, his groin bounced as he tried to pump his hips, the girls’ presence briefly reenergising him

A couple of the girls excitedly jumped and clapped like seven-year-olds being given a puppy for Christmas, their faces all smiles as they watched the English boy trying not to show that he was popping his cork for the umpteenth time.

Of course, Nathaniel’s balls had loooong since dried, so there was nothing to shoot, but his reaction was still unmistakable, and on the floor in front of him, was a huge, milky puddle that showed just how much he’d already been forced to give up over the past three hours.

Mr Anuman allowed the boy to finish jerking and snarling, then he approached, and seeing him, the girls moved on.

Soon the hall was empty of everyone but Nathaniel, Anuman and one remaining girl.

Mr Anuman spoke quietly to her and she nodded. Then with a final glance, he left the hall. She pulled up one of the many chairs arrayed around the walls for the attendants to sit on, and sat to Nathaniel’s side.

Water?” she asked.

He nodded mutely. He was too horny to say much.

She fed him a bottle, unwittingly accentuating his torment.

There was one question he desperately needed to know the answer to though.

How long?” he asked in her native tongue.

She looked down at his erect penis misunderstanding the question, and blushing. She was plain looking, and given her nation’s unique national practice of essentially neutering its population of young males, it was unlikely she had ever been fucked.

No, not that,” he interjected. “How much longer will I be here?

Ohhhh, that.

She looked at her phone.

Two hours forty minutes.

“Oh fuck. I’ll never make it,” he said, reverting to English.

She looked at him sympathetically and touched his arm.

“You strong boy. You make it Nafaniel.”

He didn’t notice that she knew his name.



Of course, he did make it. He had no choice BUT to make it. He was not free to avoid his punishment.

The shakers eventually deactivated and Mr Anuman entered at a little after 4. The girl looked up from her book.

“Thank you. You can go now Malai.”

She smiled and stood, giving Nathaniel a mini curtsy before leaving.

His head was drooped heavily to his chest and he barely registered her leaving. Anuman opened the testicle tongs. Freed of the rubber loops, Nathaniel’s testicles drooped and filled his scrotum like two eggs in a sock.

The man uncuffed Nathaniel’s wrists and removed the thigh clamps.

“You can go put clothes on. Classes over. Go back to your room drink lots of water get lot of rest.”

Nathaniel rose slowly to his feet, his inner thighs aching from six hours spread wide. He took a few slow, tottering steps, the insides of his thighs trembling, then his knees buckled inwards and he started to collapse. Anuman caught him and lifted him back up to full height.

“Take it slow. Balls very empty. Take all boy’s strength.”

He glanced at the puddle that Nathaniel had produced.

“You make much cream. Take many time to make more. Body weak now.”

Nathaniel’s muscles felt like jelly to him. Six hours of relentless milking had drained all of his leg strength along with his sperm. He walked slowly through the sauna, assisted by the coach, his balance as precarious as a new-born fawn. His peg in the changing room was the only one with clothes on it. He dressed slowly, regaining a little strength as he did so. The coach watched him until he was almost dressed.

“You okay?” the man asked.

Nathaniel raised his eyes as though it took every ounce of effort to do so.

“Nuh really,” he slurred.

“Next time be good boy then. Not fight. Be much easier okay?”

Nathaniel blinked exhausted. He wanted to tell the man to go fuck himself, but in a nation like Thailand, where elder respect was a big part of the culture, he knew better. In incredibly slow motion he gave a small nod. He was too exhausted to argue, but he’d be taking this up with his parents when he spoke to them later.


The coach left him and Nathaniel returned to his dorm room walking in a zombie-slow shuffle. Whenever he passed someone from his grade, he was met by smirks, whispering or outright sarcastic comments, but again, Nathaniel didn’t have the mental energy to fight.


When he reached the room, it was empty. He drained a large bottle of water, collapsed onto his bed and fell immediately into a deep sleep for the next five hours. When he awoke, Lek was sitting on his bed across the room.

“Hey Nayfun, how you feeling?” his roommate asked quietly with genuine compassion.

Nathaniel considered the question for a moment.

“Like shit. I’ve got a migraine.”


“A headache. A really bad headache.”

“Ah yes, not enough water. From all the sweating. And cumming. You want a drink?”

He got up and offered Nathaniel a fresh bottle. Nathaniel accepted it and drank it down in 4 gulps.

“What about the other thing. How your balls?”

Nathaniel could feel his testicles straining in his boxers. He frowned.

“They feel massive.”

He dropped his trousers and pushed his boxers down. His testicles were twice their normal size, tight but shapeless in his scrotum, like pig testicles. He lightly squeezed them and they were like water-filled balloons.

“What the fuck?!”

“Yeah, they get big after milking,” Lek explained. “Be like that a few days. They never go all the way back. Get bigger and bigger over time.”

He dropped his own underwear to show Nathaniel his own testicles. They were massive, and just as tight and shapeless as Nathaniel’s. Nathaniel frowned.

“They look like horse nuts,” he observed wryly.

Lek grinned proudly.

“My dad said I hung like a bull!”

“You let your dad see your nuts?!”

“Only when we have morning shit together.”

Nathaniel still couldn’t get over the idea of communal squat lavatories.

“Oh yeah.”

“Anyway, you want something to eat. We could go dining hall, get something from machines?”

“I’m not really in the mood to see anyone. That was pretty fucked up. I feel like the whole school was laughing at me.”

“Yeah. There always one. Tomorrow the freshmen’s turn. There be a lot of them that fight back. They can be really embarrassing, crying or begging. Many, it’s first time cumming. They reactions can be crazy. We’ll hear all about it tomorrow night, very much if the girls sneak video out. People will forget about you in one or two weeks long as you not make it worse.”

“Worse? How could I make it worse?”

“I don’t know. Some guys very angry. Act like it everyone else’s fault. My advice act like it all big joke for you. I know it not, but guys respect you if you have sense of laughter.”



“Humour, it’s called a sense of humour.”

“Ah yes thank you for helping my English. Sense of humour.”



The next day, everywhere Nathaniel went, he was met with smirks, grins and comments. Following Lek’s advice, he pretended to receive them in good humour, grinning back, offering a thumbs up and refusing to be goaded into expressing any kind of irritation or anger.

He bumped into the boy who had called him “big wang.”

“Hey English,” he said, performing to a small group of associates, “you still in the mood to fuck?”

“Errr, not so much. Your mother is safe for a few more days.”

The boy and his colleagues burst out laughing at the come-back and they patted Nathaniel on the shoulder as they passed.


It was the second toughest day of his life, and his balls still ached from the toughest, the day before. They were enormous now, and he realised now why all of the male students from his grade were wearing black sweat pants. He’d been told it was part of the uniform, and now it made sense, as did the instruction to bring briefs as well as boxers in his school uniform load out. His trousers and boxers felt extremely confining, and at lunch break, he ran back to his room and changed them for something more supportive and comfortable.


That night, he phoned his father. His father answered on the second ring.

“Hey Nathan, how’s the new school. Made many friends yet?”

“Yeah, you could say that.”

“Oh, what’s that about? Anything wrong?”

“Dad, do you know they…” he hesitated to say it. “Do you know they force the boys get milked by machines in this school? It goes on for hours.”

“Actually, I did know Nath.”

“What?! Why didn’t you warn me?!”

“Because it’s the law. Every boy of high school, college and university age has to be milked. It’s to help with your education.”

“But how could it possibly do that? It’s total bullshit.”

“So um, what was it like? Surely it wasn’t THAT bad Nath? It’s not like you’re a stranger to…” he considered whether to use the word “wanking” to build rapport with his son. He decided against it. “It’s not like you’re a stranger to masturbation are you son?”

“It was HORRIBLE! They locked me in it for 6 hours, I couldn’t stopping cumming. Every couple of minutes. I nearly lost my mind.”

“Hmmm, the school called us actually. They said you were… resistant to being milked. Apparently a more intense session is the standard treatment in such situations.”

“Do you have ANY idea how many times I came dad?! I was losing my mind.”

“Every couple of minutes you said?”

“Probably. At least every three minutes.”

“So that’s about 20 times an hour. For six hours. About 120 orgasms. In one day. Wow, that’s… a lot.”

“Fucking right it’s a lot. And now my bollocks have swollen up like balloons!”

“Yes, I understand that’s quite normal. Your testicles will grow considerably larger over time. I researched it quite thoroughly before accepting this gig. The results are beyond question. Boys who don’t spend their time masturbating or having sex are MUCH more productive. Their average academic attainment almost doubled overnight, and I’m certain a smart boy like you can benefit even more.”

“But dad, I’m not an animal that can just be wanked whenever people feel like it!” Nathaniel protested.

“Nath, there are lots of decisions your mom and I make for your wellbeing that you might disagree with. This is one of those decisions. We didn’t make it lightly, but all evidence suggests that teens who don’t waste their time having sex or masturbating, or even thinking about it all the time, are much more productive. I know you don’t like it, and it’s certainly an unusual program, but I think one day you’re going to look back on this and be grateful that the Thai government dared to be so creative.”

“Never!” Nathan said, and hung up.


Two weeks later, he filed in from the sauna with the other boys and allowed himself to be milked. Six hours at double speed had been unbearable, so he reasoned that unless he was prepared to run away from the school and try to make his way out of the country, it was better to accept the lesser fate gracefully.

Three hours and 45 orgasms later, he knew he’d made the right choice, although it was far from easy once his body passed the fifth orgasm. To stay in a state of constant near orgasmic arousal was as exhausting as it was frustrating, and he would never stop resenting the fact. Whenever he sat there, he felt like nothing but an animal to have his spunk forced from him any time the school demanded it. Worst of all, to the girls, he was always a farang; a foreigner; a source of special interest, and he always received far more attention than his native classmates. Then, in the halls or in class, he’d receive comments or knowing looks, or smirking nudges as the girls made observations about the contents of his pants, and the way he reacted during milking.


Six months later, as Nathan sat down for his twelfth milking, Malai looked down at his now one-and-a-half-inch penis, as she clamped his enormous testicles between the shakers. She smiled.

“Cute leetle pee pee like good Thai boys. Your balls big like bull. Make much sperm.”

He looked down at himself, and with no enthusiasm he said, “Yeah.”


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    Kinda makes Me wonder what each Senior receives after graduation. Really, reproduction could be taken care of within marriage by the first load of spunk milked out. Then, the graduates would make for far more passive members of society and wives would never wonder where their husbands were at night.

    • Ha ha – great idea!

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    I think the story description might be for the wrong story?

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