The 45th orgasm

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Private Jones held out for many hours, but every man has his limits!


  • (In The Control Room)

    Interrogator: Is he ready?

    Tech: Yes, Sir.. He’s scared out of his mind. He thinks we’re going to shock his junk with electricity.

    Interrogator: They always think that at first. The room’s audio and visual is functioning normally?

    Tech: Yes, Sir. You can see him on this monitor and hear him on the headphones, or I can turn on the speakers.

    Interrogator: Turn off the monitoring – all of it.

    Tech (With a quizzical look on his face): Yes, Sir.

    (In the Interrogation Room)

    Private Jones knows where the rival operation is based. He isn’t even denying he has knowledge of their operations. He just won’t tell. Knowing that if he can just hold out for two days, it won’t matter if he tells what he knows, he is determined to keep silent.

    Jones: You can shock my nuts all you want. I’ve been through counter-interrogation training. They did it to me and I held out for over a month!

    Interrogator:: Well, we both know that is bullshit. You might have been through interrogation training. But, no man can hold out for a month of getting his baby makers fried like hushpuppies at a Friday fish fry.

    Jones: Whatever you say. But, I’m not talking.

    Interrogator: I hope not. If you spilled good intel right now, I’d miss the joy I get when I walk back into the room after 6 hours and see the look on your face. I should admit it’s a combination of joy and becoming super horny.

    Jones: You sadistic son of a bitch! You’ll be charged with war crimes for this.

    Interrogator: How? You can’t see my face. We keep no records of who is on duty here. Also, your sorry ass army will have to win the war to charge anyone with anything and the information you will eagerly give me will make sure you never win anything.

    Jones: The only thing I’m going to eagerly give you is nothing.

    Interrogator: I’ll take that as defiance. Here is how it works. It’s very simple. The device attached to your junk isn’t designed to shock your balls. Your army’s training techniques need improvement. We never leave any visible marks.

    Jones: Fuck Off!

    Interrogator: Yes! Exactly. The machine on your cock will make you think you’re fucking the sweetest hole you’ve ever pounded. Feels amazing. Like a soft blowjob combined with a vigorous fuck.

    Jones: That’s pathetic. That could never make me talk.

    Interrogator: Yeah, about that. It doesn’t stop. It just keeps stimulating your shaft, glans, and testicles.

    Jones: Ha! I’d never be made to talk from that.

    (After the door to the interrogation room closes)

    Jones: Hello? Pathetic fool.

    (In The Control Room)

    Tech: Should I turn the monitoring back on, Sir?

    Interrogator: No. If a nude man being milked relentlessly screams and nobody hears it, did it happen?

    Tech: Sir?

    Interrogator: Never mind. Set the machine for 6 hours. Start on level one. I want the incremental adjustments set to auto. It should reach number 10 by the second hour.

    Tech: (Shuddering at the thought and gulping): Yes, Sir.

    (In The Interrogation Room)

    The machine turns on.

    Jones Thinking To Himslef Or Screaming Outloud – He Can’t Distinquish Between The Two:

    “Damn, that feels interesting. This is never gonna make me talk.”
    “Holy fuck! I’m gonna blow a wad”
    “Ahh, fuck! Fahhh, gahh, yeah, damn that felt good”
    “Stop! Too much. Hah, ohhh, gaaam, no, no, no Hah!”
    “Whew, the stimulation after the gasm was too intense. But, I can handle it.”
    “Fuck, it’s still going. Is it getting stronger?”
    “Not really bothering me. It’s starting to feel good again.”
    “Oh, damn! I can’t be cumming again.”
    “Fahhh, oh fuck! Mmmmm, ha, hoh, ah.”
    “Wow, no, no, no, Stop! Stop! Arrrgh, Arrrgh! God, make it stop.”

    (At The 2nd Hour At Full Force)

    “Jesus in heaven. Gagh, Not Again! Oh My Fucking God!”
    “Grrrgh, Fahhh, Naghhh, Ahhh Ha!”
    “God, God, Stop! No! NOMORE, PLEASE! PLEASE!”

    (After Six Hours and Orgasm Number 45)

    Interrogator: Well, nice to see you again. You’re covered in sweat and look like you’ve had the fuck of all fucks. Congrats there, cowboy.

    Jones: Is it over? I’m gonna die. I swear, I need medical attention.

    Interrogator: Medical attention for what? There is nothing wrong with you. Any man who can cum 45 times in 6 hours is as healthy as they come. Or as the “cum.”

    Jones: That’s not funny.

    Interrogator: No, it’s erotic. I’ve got full bone in my pants and will be thinking of your gasm-extraveganza when I get a piece of tail tonight.

    Jones: Okay, I’ll Talk, I’ll Talk.

    Interrogator: I know you will. I told you that from the start. But…

    Jones: But what? You fucking wanted me to talk and I will. Everything I say will be both correct and actionable.

    Interrogator: I know. The “but” is that I work a 24 hour shift and it’s only been 6 hours. So, there’s no harm in letting you ride this beast for 12 more hours. Then, it will give me 6 hours to take your statement.

    Jones: No! I want to talk now. The location is at …

    (The Door To The Interigation Room Shuts)

    Jones: Wait, wait. I know you can hear me. This room has to be wired for sound and vid.

    (In The Control Room)

    Tech: He didn’t talk, Sir?

    Interrogator: Not a word. Still holding out.

    Tech: Amazing. 6 hours of non-stop orgasms always works.

    Interrogator: Some men are made of stronger stuff. Punch in another 12 hours. Start at number 10 this time and leave it there.

    Tech: Should I turn the vid and sound back on?

    Interrogator: No. Leave them dark. It works better if we don’t iterupt the process.

    Tech: (Cringing as he sets the machine and starts it): Yes, Sir.

    Interrogator: I’ll be in the bunk room. Wake me if I’m not back in 12 hours.

    Tech: Of course, Sir.

    (Alone in the Control Room, The Tech Can’t Control His Curiosity And Turns the Video On and Puts on the Headphones For the Audio)

    Jones is begging to talk.

    The tech reach in his pants and takes out his 5″ circumcised tallywhacker and starts to slowly bate. It’s the best porn he’s ever seen.

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