Too good to refuse

Jimmy deliberately followed Jordan into the bathroom in hopes of sneaking a peek at his junk. What happened next was beyond his wildest dreams. Little did the college senior know that Jimmy’s boner was NOT caused by the need to urinate…

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    Jordan was JImmy’s hero and could have suggested using a vice to get rid of the “piss boner” and although Jimmy wouldn’t have said yes, he would have thought about it. Basically put, Jimmy was putty in Jordan’s hands.

    Jordan finished emptying out what Jimmy thought must be the world’s most enormous bladder. The whole time Jimmy just stood there with his bone exposing his dick head to Jordan. Exposing his glans made Jimmy blush. Besides his doctor, nobody had ever seen Jimmy’s “special thing.” – of course, he knew that every guy had a dick head and had even seen guys in the showers who were circumcised. Nevertheless, Jimmy thought that showing someone his glans would make him more naked.

    “Not here, of course,” Jordan smiled at Jimmy with an all-knowing look that demonstrated confidence in the world of sex that Jimmy only dreamed of having one day. “Let’s go back to my place.”

    Jimmy didn’t say anything. He just stuffed his still rock-hard 4.5″ donger back in his pants as Jordon finished milking out the last few drops of dew out of his foreskin. Figuring that the answer was yes, Jordon headed for the door and Jimmy tagged along about five feet back so it wouldn’t look like he was doing anything wrong.

    Timing is everything in a power exchange. Jordon realized quickly that Jimmy was embarrassed about having agreed to have the poison sucked out of his dick. Jordan quickly turned back and put his arm around Jimmy’s shoulder in the manner that two mates who have just had a fun day playing football might.

    Silence had worked in the bathroom. But, now Jordon put on the full press to be completely in charge. “So, how often do you jerk off, Jimmy?” There was no answer. “Six times a day?”

    “Naghhh, come on Jordan,” Jimmy stuttered as his dick got harder than it had ever been before. He’d never even admitted he jerked off to anyone and now Jordan knew he did.

    “So, four times a day? Come on, Jim-Jim, I do it at least that many times a day. All guys do.” Jordan mussed JImmy’s hair. But, that wasn’t going to get him out of answering the question. “So, what’s the most times you’ve spewed cock crud in one day, Jim-Jim?”

    Jimmy hated being called “Jim-Jim” because it started in his last year of high school when the coach found him still dressing for class and shouted for him by saying, James, in the gym, now! Gym-gym! Come on Gym-gym. And the nickname stuck.

    “Maybe five,” Jimmy lied as Jordon opened the door to his apartment. The truth was that Jimmy’s all-time record was about ten. Even Jimmy had lost count.

    “Bullshit,” Jordon laughed as he pulled off his clothes and stood there butt naked. “I bet it’s at least twice that many, Jim-JIm.”

    Jimmy was stunned. Every fantasy he’d ever had about Jordon was coming true. There stood Jordon in private in his all-together and Jimmy didn’t know what to do next.

    Knowing he was in complete charge, Jordon dropped the nice-guy act. “Go on, strip down. I can’t suck the poison out of your bone if you’re wearing pants, can I?”

    A shirt, pants, underpants, trainers, and socks were deposited on Jordon’s entry floor as fast as Jimmy could strip them off. Jordan smiled at him with that golden smile that had always gotten him his way.

    “Much better, come on back to the bedroom and I’ll take care of that bone of yours. Have you ever used a fleshlight,” Jordon asked?

    “Well, I’ve heard of them. But, I mean, well, I don’t have one.”

    “It’s all good Jim-Jim. I have a new kind of fleshlight if you want to give it a go.”

    Jimmy looked confused.

    “Not to worry, I clean it after I use it. So, it’s ready to go.”

    Saying, “okay,” but, thinking, “I thought he was going to blow me,” Jimmy agreed.

    “Sit here and I’ll bring it down,” Jordon more ordered that asked.

    Jimmy sat in Jordon’s desk chair and looked at Jordon’s laptop and knew that was where Jordon watched porn.

    Pulling a contraption down from the ceiling, Jordon reached into the desk drawer and brushed JImmy’s nipple as he did so. Jordon retrieved a bottle of lube and squirted some into the tube he was holding in one hand.

    Jimmy had never seen a fleshlight but, didn’t think they involved being connected to the ceiling and having such a long tube hooked up to them.

    Jordan slid the tube over Jimmy’s aching bone. As he did so a wave of pleasure swept up to JImmy’s brain. The tube was soft and warm. It felt exactly like what Jimmy imagined fucking a guy’s back door hole would feel like.

    “I told you it was a new kind of fleshlight. Well, not really a fleshlight exactly. It’s something I made myself. It feels amazing. Even better with the arms on.,” Jordon sounded casual.

    “Ohh, my God!” that is amazing. “Geesshh, auughhh,” Jimmy was in heaven.

    Jordon reached over and clamped down the arm restraints before Jimmy could notice. Getting the leg restraints on was just as easy because Jimmy had lifted his legs high as his first orgasm hit him.

    Now, Jimmy was bound into the chair with his arms and legs unable to move. Spewing out his seed had never felt that good and his orgasm was still going on and Jimmy was enjoying it. For now.

    Jordan watched and waited for the PoisionSucker to detect that Jimmy’s orgasm was finished.

    Bucking like a bronco, Jimmy tried to leap away. “Fuck, Jordan, gaoooodddd, noooo, offff, turrrrrnnnn, iiittt offfff!!!!” The warm soft tube had gone into hyper mode and was making sure that Jimmy’s secret place, his glans, was well polished.

    “Eventually, Jim-Jim,” Jordan smirked. There wasn’t any sense in explaining to Jimmy before hyper mode was finished.

    Five minutes later, the PoisionSucker went back into start mode to begin sucking Jimmy’s dick one more time.

    “No, Jordon, I’m done. All done. Thanks. You can turn it off now,” Jimmy’s voice was almost firm as he begged.

    Jordon came over and cupped JImmy’s scrotum and balls. “Naghhh, they still feel full to me. Let’s get them good and empty.”

    The PoisonSucker when into “full fuck mode” and Jimmy lost interest in talking to Jordon.

    “How about a little something to keep you interested, Jim-Jim,” Jordan asked as he slipped a pair of 3-D glasses over Jimmy’s eyes and strapped them on in three-point restraints over his head and under his chin. Bluetooth earbuds were then quickly put in place. Then, without asking what kind of porn JImmy liked, Jordon put on gay porn.

    Three minutes after the gay porn started JIm-Jim bucked again. This time he hollered loud. When he opened his mouth, Jordon pushed in a 5″ realistic dildo that would cum in time with the actors in the videos.

    When Jimmy calmed down, he found his mouth being fucked by a dick that was leaking precum as the actors were tasting each other’s pre.

    Jordon opened up the bottom of the chair and activated the anal dildo part of the PoisonSucker. As soon as the actor with the 8″ cock pushed into the bottom on the video, Jim-Jim felt his starfish being violated. He bucked as much as he could but, the restraints held firm.

    Jordon didn’t feel bad at all. He had asked at the urinal if Jim-Jim wanted the poison sucked out of his bone and Jim-Jim had eagerly agreed. Jordon had meant, even if he hadn’t said it, that his offer was to suck all of the poison out of Jim-Jim’s bone.

    The third orgasm that Jim-Jim felt was accompanied by the oral dildo squirting down his throat and the anal dildo plunging its deepest so far into his hole. His prostate was on fire. Until that moment, Jim-Jim didn’t even know he had a prostate.

    The prompts on the PoisonSucker were indicating that the cycle was going to finish after the 5th orgasm. But, Jordan wanted more, much much more. He changed the setting to 20. He thought, “why not, the last guy that tried my invention did 15 and only lost 10 IQ points. So, it won’t hurt him. I hope.”

    Jim-Jim’s mind was lost in the 3D video’s pictures and sound. He had no idea that the outside world existed or how many times this wonderful and hateful machine would make him cum.

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