The forest – part 4 of 4

Fantasy, horror, gay coming of age

As they try to escape the forest, things get weirder and weirder

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The forest – Part 4

They trudged back along the bluff speaking rarely. Sam led, walking 15 yards ahead, maintaining the distance whenever his companions tried to close it. He didn’t know who to trust. These two friends who he’d liked and been friends with for years; who he felt real affection for, had let him down, leaving him vulnerable when he most needed their protection. Worse still, they may even have been a PART of whatever crazed sexual event had occurred during the night. But then he thought about the video. HE was gleefully cavorting, turning his masturbation into a public show for everyone’s entertainment. He could no longer discern reality from fiction. Sam felt as though he was on a precipice, in danger of falling into total insanity. The only way that he managed to keep it at bay was to remain laser focussed on a single objective; to get home. But to his dismay, as he thought about the video, and his friends’ sexual exploits, his own dick grew hard.


Behind him, walking side-by-side, Finn and Hugo still had persistent erections.

“I fucking wish I could get rid of this hard on,” Finn said after half an hour. “It’s driving me fucking crazy.”

“Yeah, me too,” Hugo confessed. “I’ve never been so horny.”

Ahead, Sam’s boner seemed to get harder with each step they took towards the cavern.

“I feel like it’s been a year since I last came,” Finn said.

Normally, such talk would put a smile on Sam’s face, but now, to his confusion, he could empathise. The churning excitement in his own nuts, and the straining excitement at the root of his dick were messing with his brain. Pushing all other thoughts away. He’d snatch at his own fear, trying to remind himself why he’d felt so afraid. Reminding himself how abnormal this all was. But then his horniness would recapture his attention. If he was at home, he’d have long ago gone and found somewhere undisturbed to take care of his own business. But now the primary emotion he felt was lust. His fear bled away with every step and all he could think about was that crazy video on his phone.


They continued for a while longer before Hugo realised that Finn was no longer keeping pace. He turned and Finn was behind, facing away from them, clearly masturbating where he stood.

“Finn?!” Hugo said.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hold it off any more,” Finn grunted. “Just go on without me. I’ll catch up to you.”

Hugo knew exactly how his friend felt. His nuts felt as though they were boiling, filled with too much cum, like a pressure cooker that needed release before it exploded.

“Yeah, I dunno what’s happening to us. It’s this place.”

He gripped his own cock, and in a few quick pumps, he gratefully blew his load onto the dusty ground.


Ahead, Sam could vaguely hear Hugo and Finn talking. He glanced at them as they finished masturbating and now it made him feel strangely excited.

His own dick was infuriatingly hard but he refused to acknowledge it or give it attention. Instead, he kept walking on automatic, every step bringing him closer to his hoped-for salvation. But he was no longer clear what he wanted saving from.

Suddenly his legs buckled and he grunted as his penis would be denied no longer. It spat its eager load in five powerful spurts onto the dirt ahead. He gasped at the strength of his orgasm and staggered as he tried to maintain his pace. After the initial orgasmic weakness in his legs, Sam forced himself to resume walking, determined not to surrender himself to his rising lust.


Behind, Hugo and Finn closed the gap between them and Sam after their own brief recess. They both noticed Sam’s creamy splatters on the rocky dirt as they passed.


And STILL their hard dicks wouldn’t go down…



They could hear wind blowing deep and soft in the trees. At first it seemed innocuous enough, but gradually it took on a different tone; long, low moans.

The sound took on a polyphonic quality as more voices joined.

“I can hear that sound again,” Sam said matter-of-factly, his dick still hard and leaking.

“Yeah, I noticed that too,” Hugo replied.

Sam felt paradoxically calm now. His edge of fear had evaporated after he ejaculated, and now he found the moaning almost pleasing.

“I’ve got a boner,” Sam informed Hugo.

“Yeah, I’ve had one since I woke up.”

“Me too,” Finn added.

“It’s making me feel super horny,” Sam said. “I already jizzed earlier.”

“We noticed.”

“I think it’s that moaning coming from the woods. It’s messing with my head.”

The teens were feeling slightly light-head, as if they had gone into a room where people were smoking pot.

The moaning grew in volume, and yet more voices joined the throng.

Sam seemed to have completely forgotten his earlier fear of his companions, and indeed of the voices. He felt disconnected from reality, and his head was buzzing pleasantly. With each step he took, his lust grew, and with it, his fear slipped yet further away. It was almost completely gone now.

“I’m gonna burst if I don’t jizz soon,” he announced.

“Well, what are you gonna do about it?” Hugo asked.

Sam stopped and turned towards the others. His boner stuck out like a nail in a board. He grinned and took it in his fist, then rapidly started pumping, showing off for them, and switching his eye contact between Hugo and Finn to ensure that they were both watching. They smiled back at him, watching as he hunched over with the strain, pumping his dick furiously. Finn walked close and cupped Sam’s balls in his palm, lightly rolling the small ovals with his fingers.

Sam grinned at him, grateful for the assist. Hugo also moved close. He licked his middle finger before slipping it into Sam’s asshole. Sam let out groan of pleasure at the new experience, then Hugo started pumping his hole.

Sam panted rapidly with exertion, his fist flying on his dick now. Spunk flew from the head, and he somehow managed to find even more speed, sending his semen flying from side to side. It splattered on Finn’s thighs, and whipped in a creamy arc in front of him. The finger in his hole was moving fast and light, urging his balls to give up their full load.

Looking down at Finn’s ball-tickling hand with a smile, Sam continued flogging his stumpy cock long after it lost the ability to spit. Then, eventually he was done.

Hugo withdrew his finger and instead rubbed the fingers of his other hand through Sam’s small, but surprisingly thick bush.

“You’re so cute,” he said. “I love the way your bush is so soft. It’s like rabbit fur.”

Just one day earlier, the thought of Hugo touching his pubes would have been inconceivable, but now Sam found the experience oddly soothing, drawing them closer together.

Sam turned to him and they kissed deeply, rubbing tongues. Meanwhile, Finn stepped behind him and spread Sam’s bottom cheeks with his finger and thumb. Then he pressed his enormous cock between.

Sam turned and laughed.

“Hey!” he said in an uncharacteristically high-pitched voice that cracked at the end, “no fucking!”

Finn grinned.

“No yet at least huh?” Finn said.

He allowed his dick to slide up between the cheeks of Sam’s bottom, and he gripped the crests of Sam’s hips, pulling him close so that his belly was pressed to the voluptuous curves of Sam’s soft bottom, thrusting with his pelvis to create friction.

Sam laughed again, and moved away from them both.

“Not here!” he chided playfully.

He trotted away from them both like an impish Puck in the direction of the caverns, his hard dick bouncing as he went, nothing but smiles on his face now.

Finn and Hugo, both equally hard, glanced at each other smirking, then followed the naked boy like hunters gleefully chasing a quarry that wanted to be caught.

The sounds of moaning continued as they resumed making their way, more quickly now, along the base of the buff. In the woods, indistinct misty shapes started to form and undulate.


Far sooner than even their gentle jogging pace should permit, they were back to the caverns. Sam looked over his shoulder and flashed a smile, then entered. The sound of moaning continued outside, but inside, there were no voices.

Even the memory of his fear seemed like something that had happened to someone else now. Despite the fact that they had lost all their gear and were completely naked and in the grip of a sexual mania, Sam’s only thought now was to pleasure and be pleasured by his friends.

He turned to Finn with a happy smile and immediately dropped to his knees in front of him. He clasped Finn’s hard penis. The meat was as impressively thick as it was long. Where a lesser penis might otherwise have pointed at his own chin, Finn’s pointed out from his body at an angle of just below 90 degrees, far too heavy to lift its head any higher. Indeed, only his extreme arousal and its formidable hardness enabled it to support its own weight at all.

Sam held it in his fist. It was too thick to wrap his fingers all the way around. He looked at it in excited awe, and could see pencil-wide veins running along its rigid length, forking like river tributaries as they moved towards its head. He ran a finger down one of the veins, scrutinising it with the curiosity and wonder of a child.

Then he poked out his tongue. Finn was circumcised. The circumcision line was way down the shaft; a neat transition from the normal skin of his penis, to the paler, mucous membrane above. The head was potent-looking, neither particularly globular nor excessively narrow, it looked to Sam more like a human battering ram, designed for forcing entry into other people’s body cavities.

Sam slowly ran his tongue from the scar where Finn’s missing frenulum would have been, drawing it up and over the dome of the glans. Finn’s legs trembled and he added his own quivering moan of pleasure to the voices drifting in like a choir from outside.

Sam repeated the motion several times, savouring the experience as though Finn’s dick was a succulent lollipop on a hot day. Then he moved his tongue in a slow, teasing series of circles, ensuring that he paid attention to every millimetre of the shiny purple flesh.

Meanwhile, Hugo stood watching, slowly jerking his own penis, moving his hand just fast enough to bring pleasure, but not quick enough to elevate his arousal to orgasmic heights.

Sam detected him in his peripheral vision, and reached for the inside of Hugo’s thigh, drawing him closer. He moved his palm up and down Hugo’s leg, the back of his knuckles deliberately brushing the older boy’s testicles at the apex of every upwards stroke. Hugo starting thrusting his groin forwards and bending his legs as Sam’s hand moved higher, unconsciously seeking to increase the contact. After a while, Sam obliged, and gripped his friend’s testicles in his hand, rolling them like a man with a nervous affliction might work a pair of stress balls.

“Yesss,” Hugo moaned, giving his approval and continuing to slowly pull on his penis.


Sam returned his attention to Finn’s dick. He opened his mouth, stretching painfully wide to wrap his lips around the thick log, then he started bobbing his head up and down, sliding his taut lips over the rear of Finn’s glans. His tongue flickered lightly, teasing the head. At the same time, he pumped the oversized meat sword with his left hand, moving its remaining skin up and down the shaft like a wrinkled necklace. And down below, with every lick, his own eager cock jerked and fluttered, its head raised high, desperately aroused by the cock he was sucking.


It didn’t take long before Sam’s expert fellatio pushed Finn to the edge. Finn reached down and grasped Sam’s hair, slamming his face again and again onto his cock. The meat was far too large to swallow, but Sam instinctively tried to relax so that Finn could set the pace. In seconds, Finn started to cum, his first blasts of thick spunk seeding Sam’s throat without ever touching his tongue. Sam allowed it initially, but he wanted to taste Finn’s jizz; to see and touch it.

He pulled his face away as Finn continued to cum in a river of creamy goo like a street-corner fire hydrant with the valve knocked off. It spurted onto Sam’s tongue, then his lips, and his face, and his scrawny chest. Sam pumped Finn’s pole rapidly and smiled, ecstatically worshipping the fountain that Finn’s cock had turned into, as Finn anointed him with a load larger than any porn star freak had ever managed.

At the same time, Hugo also started to cum, moving close now, spraying the side of Sam’s face with his own plentiful contribution; thinner than Finn’s, it dripped off Sam’s face and trickled down the sides of Sam’s thin neck and chest to his abs and ribs.


The teens looked around, aware that the cavern was now filled with rocky penis sculptures, but these were different. They were carved from solid pieces of smooth stone, with nobbled sides that simulated the exaggerated ridges of retracted foreskins.

Sam looked at one and instinctively knew what to do. He squatted over it until his thighs were parallel to the ground. The surface was so highly polished that no lubricant was needed. He smiled at his companions and they followed his example, squatting on sculptures of their own, each facing towards the others in a 6 foot triangle.

Then Sam started bouncing up and down, impaling himself with the same gusto as a Roman whore riding a rich patron’s cock. The ridges made his sphincter flutter and pulse as they bumped past the muscles that controlled his hole.

He groaned at the sensation, and seeing his pleasure, Finn and Hugo started bouncing too. They all alternated their attention between each other’s faces and cocks, grinning at their mutual lust.

Soon they were all moaning, and now other voices joined them and hazy clouds started to appear in the cave, like thickening swamp mist. The teenagers saw nothing at first, concentrating instead on their own pleasure as they bounced and reamed themselves on the mystic sculptures, their boners bouncing and swinging between their splayed thighs.

All too soon, the impaling was too much, and the trio came one after the other; first Sam, then Hugo then Finn, each shooting ropes of glistening spunk far in front, grinning broadly as they saw each other spurt.

When they were done, they stood.


“Come here and kneel down,” Hugo said to Sam, his lust far from abated. The diminutive teen willingly complied.

Hugo offered his penis to Sam’s mouth but before Sam could start sucking, Finn said, “Get down on your hands and knees, I want to fuck you as well.”

Sam’s mind was now thoroughly lost to the intoxicating atmosphere, the strange moaning coming from outside, and his own lust. He smiled at Finn, excited now by an idea that the day before had paralysed him with fear and disgust. He dropped to his hands.

Finn moved behind and slowly, carefully pressed his cock. Sam relaxed. The sculptures had already loosened him. His hole stretched very slowly, wider and wider to admit the thick cock. In front, Hugo stood, his penis standing taller than Finn’s thanks to its lesser mass. Sam gripped it in his left fist, bending it downwards towards his face, and gleefully took the head into his mouth.

Behind, Finn patiently pushed, giving his younger friend’s hole time to stretch. The pliable flesh and the elastic sphincter muscles slowly, slowly eased, until eventually, right at the absolute limits of Sam’s no-longer-puckered sphincter, he slid inside. He started fucking and his dick penetrated so deep that Sam felt it was rearranging his organs, but there was no discomfort; only pleasure. Finn pumped at a medium pace, suffering none of the usual refractory discomfort that would normally follow such a ball-drainingly powerful pair of orgasms. Instead, he was horny and eager to nut yet again.

With every pump, his heavy nuts swang between Sam’s legs, more violently as he increased the pace.


While Finn used Sam’s asshole as a personal playground, Sam concentrated on pleasuring Hugo’s penis. He saw no reason to change a technique that had already worked with total success on Finn, so he bobbed, and sucked and licked. But this time he had a free hand which he used to continue massaging Hugo’s fat nuts, moving his hand as Hugo fucked his face.

Again, his own cock, stiff beneath his belly, twitched excitedly, this time in rhythm with Finn’s fucking. Each time Finn reached the end of a thrust, Sam’s boner jumped upwards enthusiastically. Flaccid, his cock was tiny, but now hard, it was only an inch or so short of the average for his age.


Finn leaned over him now, belly to back and reached underneath and gripped Sam’s nipples, giving them an occasional pinch or pull. Each time he did so, Sam’s cock involuntarily jumped, twitching as though his nipples were switches connected to his penis.

Suddenly Sam moaned as he started to cum, his cock ejecting its seed without the need for direct stimulation. As he came, he clenched his anus with each pulse of his testicles, passing his pleasure along to Finn. Finn and Hugo pumped faster.

Hugo gave the boy an urgent order.

“Quick, lay down on your back,” he said.

Sam pulled his mouth off Hugo’s cock and his asshole off Finn’s cock and rolled onto his back. Finn knelt and gripped Sam’s thighs and quickly pulled him close, with Sam’s buttocks off the floor, resting balls to balls with Sam’s legs spread wide. But rather than reinserting his penis into Sam’s asshole, he started jacking off furiously between the boy’s thighs, while Hugo, kneeling at the other end also masturbated frantically above his face.

They both came like fountains, covering Sam once more in entire cupfuls of creamy jizz. Hugo coated his face, while Finn covered from the base of Sam’s exposed soft nuts and up his past his belly button. Sam lay, legs wrapped around Finn’s body as they both baptised him with their semen, depositing a phenomenal; superhuman amount of sticky jizz over his body. Sam opened his mouth, grinning, to allow Hugo’s jizz to pour into his mouth.

He happily looked up at his older friends, ecstatic that they had deigned to christen him like this, coating him in their cum like a housewife bastes a thanksgiving turkey.

And behind them now, he could see white glowing figures moving; masturbating, in a large circle. But they were not reflections or dark shadows of other things; the glowing human shapes WERE the things.

“Spirits” he thought.

Past or never alive in the first place. And they too moved close covering him in their pearly fluid; swamping him as a countless number of them drenched him with their ectoplasmic juice.

Finn and Hugo saw them too, but none of them were afraid any more. The whole experience felt safe. More than safe. Right. Wholesome. Joyful.

Finn looked down at an exhausted Sam. The boy still had his thighs spread, and he wore an almost angelic, beatific smile on his face.

Finn started to massage him, starting with Sam’s balls, his hands moving outwards along the cracks of his thighs, then moving up Sam’s thin stomach and lean sides. And with every movement, he worked his own cum, and the spectral jizz from dozens, maybe even hundreds of others across Sam’s body like fragrant oil at a massage parlour. The mystic semen was loaded with chemicals that acted as powerful aphrodisiacs as they were absorbed into Sam’s skin, turning him on in a way that relatively few humans ever got to enjoy.

At the other end, Hugo also massaged the cum into Sam’s grateful body, stopping occasionally to tweak his nipples, grinning as Sam’s eager cock jumped each and every time. Sam stared up at the wall paintings, in too much pleasure to focus on any one face. A far-away, euphoric grin was painted across his face, and he moaned in a continuous happy drone with vocal cords that did not yet fully produce the bass tones of manhood.

More hands joined the massage, and Finn and Hugo gladly allowed them to work alongside them as they worked Sam into a state of such sexual ecstasy that he lost all motor control. Far from being fearful, the beings were radiating a sense of intense warmth towards Sam. All they wanted was to fill him with sexual pleasure and happiness. His eyes drifted across the walls, and suddenly, with their hands touching him, Sam understood everything. These beings were not spirits or evil ghosts; they were trans-dimensional travellers here to help Sam and his friends. To release them from the stupid inhibitions that limited their friendship. To return them to their true sexual natures. The statues in the paintings were not offerings by the smaller figures. The smaller figures; the humans, were the RECIPIENTS of gifts designed to liberate them! To give them the greatest gift of all – the total understanding of their body’s erogenous zones that could only be experienced between males.

The massaging figures imparted this knowledge without words. Suddenly the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. The objects that Hugo had taken to be drawings of suns were not as he had at first perceived them to be; they were portals. It was the aliens’ way of deterring unworthy visitors, and shepherding Sam and his friends to this cave when they were ready, where they could be given this rare and supreme gift!

Sam’s twitching cock spat up a small fountain, and the beings of light continued touching him, sharing their fondness for the race that they had first discovered on Earth thousands of centuries ago.

Sam’s cock spat again, five minutes later, and still they continued. Fingers slipped in and out of his hole, and teased his balls, and stroked his glans, and moved up and down his shaft, and brushed his swollen red lips, awakening senses and desires that Sam had never even dreamed existed. They imparted warmth from their hands as they lovingly caressed his body, taking turns to phase in and out of our dimension, eager to do their part in teaching him just what ecstasy a properly stimulated male body was capable of.


Sam looked up at his friends.

“I love you guys,” he murmured.

He didn’t care if they thought he was sappy or gay anymore. He was willing to risk everything to let them know how much they meant to him. How much they had ALWAYS meant to him. Since an age when he didn’t even understand his cock’s pleasures, he had looked up to them with a secret love that went even beyond family. They had always treated him like a beloved younger brother, but the strength of his feelings for them sometimes left him saddened at his inability to express them. But now he had. A lifetime of concealed emotions reduced to four simple words.

He looked at their faces and to his elation, they returned his gaze with smiles and loving looks of their own, finally expressing feelings that had simmered unspoken but growing for years. Sam felt his chest swell with happiness as he saw his sentiments reciprocated. His elation at their response was so intense that it made it hard to breath. His smile stretched so wide that the sides of his mouth ached but he couldn’t stop himself.


Then more light beings were there, paying attention to Hugo and Finn, cumming on them too. And before Finn or Hugo could react, the alien hands started stroking and pulling and squeezing their cocks, their nipples, their balls, their lips, their stomachs, even their feet, and invading deep, deep inside their assholes, rubbing their aphrodisiac fluids into the teens. The sexual euphoria rapidly overwhelmed them, and soon Hugo and Finn joined Sam on the floor, incapacitated by pleasure, as their bodies formed a single sweating, slippery, panting, groaning, throbbing mass of arms and legs and torsos, and bouncing, straining cocks, writhing in ecstasy.


Sam could barely form a coherent sentence, much less speak, but if he could speak, his only words would have been an endlessly repeating breathy mantra;


He’d never felt so horny or happy in his life. He’d never have believed his asshole could feel so good. He kept cumming, time after time, joined now by his friends. But each instance didn’t reduce their arousal, nor diminish the power of their next orgasm. Their balls were impossibly full, like a bottomless cup; a testicular Tardis, much bigger on the inside, always managing another fountain a few minutes later when their bodies could not hold it back.

Sam’s mind floated further and further, consumed only by the pleasure in his genitals, and the sensuous alien massage that moved over every millimetre of his skin, helping their stimulant love juices to sink into his flesh.

He felt like he’d been oiled and dropped into a mud wrestling pit with Finn and Hugo but nobody wanted to win. Instead, they just kept on rubbing their alien spunk-coated bodies against each other in an erotic parody of combat. He heard them moaning; in no more control over their bodies now than he was. He no longer cared about impressing them or being cool. He no longer even cared about concepts of sexuality. His face bore a huge dopey smile. His vision slowly faded to grey, then white, and then there was nothing.



Sam gradually became aware of the sound of birdsong. He rolled from his side to his back and opened his eyes. Grey, synthetic fabric hung above him and a backpack lay behind his head. He pushed his sleeping bag down and climbed out of it wearing his short, skin-tight boxers.

“Morning Sam,” Hugo said behind him.

“Hi Hugo,” Sam said.

“Hey guys,” Finn added.

Sam unzipped the tent and climbed out into the bright morning air. He stood just outside, and stretched, raising his arms high over his head, and yawning and blinking away the last of the night.

Hugo followed him out, and Finn was not far behind.

The remains of the fire lay a small distance away.

“I, um, had a crazy dream last night,” Sam said.

“Oh really?” Hugo asked, his voice betraying his sudden tension.

“Yeah, so did I,” Finn added. “What was yours about Sam?”

“It was kind of a nightmare about the forest. At first.”

“At first?” Hugo asked.

“Yeah, it got better towards the end.”

“So, what happened,” Finn said.

Sam shrugged, evasive.

“You guys were in it.”

“Yeah, and?”

“I don’t really remember,” Sam lied.

Finn grinned and looked at Sam’s skimpy boxers where a four-inch diagonal ridge had appeared.

“Then why have you just got a boner?” he asked.

Sam blushed and covered himself with his hands.

“Morning wood.”

“You wake UP with morning wood, it doesn’t turn up AFTER you get up. That’s just horny!” he teased smiling warmly.

“I had a weird dream too,” Hugo said quietly. “It started in this camp. There were all these weird sculptures and we couldn’t find our way home.”

Finn and Sam stared at him with their jaws agape.

“That’s what I dreamed too!” Finn said.

“Me too,” Sam agreed.

“We kept walking in circle but we couldn’t get out of the forest, then we found these weird caves,” Finn said.

“How did yours finish?” Sam asked quietly.

“You know how it finished,” Hugo responded with a smile, as Sam’s cock started twitching in his boxers.

“So, they weren’t ghosts were they?” Sam said.

“No, they were here to help us,” Hugo replied. “I’m pretty sure we can go home any time now.”

He turned to Finn.

“What do you say Finn. First time was not down to us, but how about a rematch?”

A slow grin spread across Finn’s face. He looked at Sam and raised his eyebrows. The head of his own cock was now holding the waist band of his boxers far from his stomach.


Sam rubbed his rear. It was still pleasantly tender from the previous day’s pounding. He looked at Finn’s pole like a child looks at a longed-for toy, and licked his bottom lip uncertainly, but his anxiety about the forest was completely gone. It felt calm, friendly, safe.

The aphrodisiacs that the interdimensional aliens had smeared on them were a part of the boys now and for the rest of their lives, imbued into their very cells, ready to drive them wild whenever they became aroused; increasing their sexual capacity to a level that would make Casanova look celibate in comparison.

“Well, I guess. If you guys think it’s okay?”

Hugo moved close and cupped Sam’s balls through his underwear. He rubbed them and they slipped beneath his hand. Sam squirmed with pleasure. With his other hand, Hugo cupped Sam’s round bottom cheeks.

Finally free to express his true feelings, Sam hugged him, pressing their boners together, and slowly opened his mouth to kiss.

Before their lips clamped together, Hugo said, “It’s better than okay Sam, it’ll be great.”


    • Simoarry-
    • 30th March 2021 at 3:37 am-
    • Reply

    story was the good read. very well wrote. could be sex story and psychological horror movie. i predicted Finn dick would swap with Sam. Finn did say he wanted it gone and big dick not all it cracked up to be. sad this was not case cause i like your old shrink story. i hope you carry on with the forest really want to read part 5

    • Glad you liked it! 🙂

  • Cool!

    • 892-
    • 20th February 2022 at 2:21 am-
    • Reply

    I knew that this would have some psychological horror elements. But, I didn’t expect the ending to be wholesome. I still love it nonetheless.

    Whether the story ends up with the characters loving or hating their experiences, I would love it regardless.

    • Thank you so much. I’m really happy that you enjoyed it. I originally had a much darker idea for the antagonists, but it gave me nightmares so I changed it and I think it’s a much better story as a result.

  • this was great part 5 would be great

    • Skyler Dunlop-
    • 12th September 2022 at 9:16 pm-
    • Reply

    Fantastic story! Very well written with a clever plot line and a bit of a surprise ending. All of your stories are fantastic, much respect for your writing ability.

    • Thank you so much. I really liked writing this one!

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