sexual education, masturbation, father/son

A father teaches his son how to use his dick

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Eli and his father entered the cabin and placed their fishing gear on the floor near the door. It had been a great day on the lake and now they were both tired and ready to eat.

“Man, I’m wiped out,” Elijah said kicking off his sneakers and throwing his black Stetson hat onto the couch. “I know we’re out in the wilderness, but I’m never going to get used to getting up that early.”

His father Anthony patted him on the shoulder.

“It’s only an hour earlier than we get up to check the cattle. You did great today. Two big trout. There’s no greater feeling than eating food you caught yourself.”

“Yeah dad,” Elijah said with a smile. “I’m just gonna take a shower and clean up. How long till we eat?”

“Hmmm, about 45 minutes. Take your time.”


Elijah headed off to the shower.


His father waited until he heard the water running, then gave it an extra five minutes before following him. There was no lock on the bathroom door, so Anthony simply walked into the room. His son was standing with his back to the door in the shower. His arms were up and he was washing his hair. Anthony approached the lavatory and glanced at his son. Elijah’s penis was hidden in quarter profile behind his body, but Anthony could still see the top half. It stood up facing 45 degrees towards the ceiling. It was hard with an arrow-shaped head forced by its deep circumcision. Anthony was pleasantly surprised by how brown it was: a sign of maturity. He smiled at the kid’s erection. The kid was not even toying with it. It was a natural consequence of his age and the teasing water.

Anthony took out his penis and started pissing into the toilet bowl, deliberately aiming at the water to alert his son to his presence; not as a courtesy, but simply to see his reaction. Elijah turned and saw his father.


He turned fully away from his father to hide his boner. Had his dad already seen it? Would hiding it simply draw attention to it? He decided to act as though it wasn’t there.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, moving his hands over his head as though he was still washing his hair.

“Just taking a leak. I didn’t wanna put my boots on to go outside. I knew you wouldn’t mind. You don’t do you?”

Now Elijah was placed in the position of appearing uptight, or playing it far cooler than he was really comfortable with.

“Ummm, no, course not,” he said, playing it more casual than he felt.

“Great. I see you’ve got the ol’ shower boner there. Your old man still gets them. Not when the water’s cold like this though.”

So, he had been busted. His cheeks reddened.

“Too much information dad!” Elijah said.

“Ha ha, loosen up Eli. It’s just us guys together. Do you want me to leave you alone so you can choke the python?”

Another awkward dichotomy. On one hand, if he said “yes” so he finish his shower in private, his dad would think he planned to jack off. On the other hand, if he said “no,” his dad would stay longer.

“I wasn’t… I wasn’t doing that Dad,” Eli said.

Anthony continued pissing loudly.

“Oh okay. I mean, it’s cool if you were. You do do that don’t you?”

Another awkward position. Elijah didn’t want to talk about his masturbation habits with his dad, but on the other hand he didn’t want to appear sexually prudish or immature.

“Y… yeah. ‘Course I do. I just don’t want to right now.”

“Sure LOOKS like you do!”  his dad teased with a grin.

Elijah blushed bright red. His father laughed and gave his shoulder a rough shove from behind.

“Hey I’m just kidding with you son. You finish up and I’ll see you at dinner.”

To Elijah’s supreme relief, his father left the bathroom.


90 minutes later, Elijah dried the last of the dishes and returned them to the rough, wood hewn shelf. He turned to find his father sitting on one of the two cosy chairs that occupied the large room. There was a bathroom and two bedrooms, but the kitchen area stood in the corner of the main living area. The cabin was in the woods miles off the nearest road.

Elijah walked to the couch that sat between the two chairs and sat on it, lifting his feet and turning to face his father. His dad smiled at him.

“Well, your first caught and cooked trout. What did you think of it?”

“It was pretty good dad. I’m glad we came on this trip. Thanks for inviting me.”

“Hey, it’s important that we spend some guy time away from the ranch.”

“Yeah,” Elijah said, but there was a sadness in his voice. “Do you still think about mom much?”

“Of course. Every day. She’ll always be a part of our life, even if she can’t be with us anymore.”

“Yeah. I know it’s years since she passed away, but I miss her all the time.”

“Same here Eli. Same here,” his dad said nodding slowly. “Still enough about that. I wanted this to be more than just time away from the world. I wanted to share some guy stuff with you. Have you ever drunk beer?”

“Yeah, a little with the guys.”

“Oh, I should have known. Well, do you wanna down a can with your old man?”


Anthony reached beside his chair and pulled out a couple of Budweisers. He stood up and passed one to his son.

“It’s weak as shit, but it’s a good one to start on.”

Elijah accepted the can and pulled the ring-pull. His father opened the other can, and chinked it against the one his son was holding.


“Cheers,” Elijah responded.

He knew that this was a special moment. He sipped at the beer and his father chugged at his.

“So uh, in the shower earlier,” Anthony said and Elijah’s heart sank. “You said you know how to coke the python right?”

“Yyyyyeah,” Elijah said cautiously.

He really didn’t want this line of conversation to go any further, but his father was having none of it.

“How many times a day you do it?”

Elijah blushed.


“Oh come on, don’t be a puss. We’re both guys. Can’t a father and his son talk about sex stuff together?”

“Errrr, I guess, but it feels a little weird.”

“So. How many?” his father persisted, ignoring his son’s obvious discomfort.

Elijah shrugged.

“Like one, maybe two times a day I guess,” he admitted.

Anthony nodded.

“Good, that’s healthy. And have you lost your virginity with anyone yet?”

Elijah’s blush deepened. Lots of his friends had lost theirs; even the religious ones, but the opportunity for him just hadn’t arisen yet. He shook his head.

His father gave him a friendly, reassuring smile.

“Hey that’s fine. It’s not a race. You do it when you feel ready. Is there anyone you like?”

“Well, yeah, there’s a girl in another class.”

“And I bet you think of her when you’re whacking it!” Anthony said with a leer.

“What? No!”

Elijah hesitated.

“Well, that is… Well I guess so. Sometimes,” he confessed.

His father beamed.

“Good boy. Fantasies are healthy. They keep things interesting. There’s so much they don’t tell you in sex ed. So much that would really make your sex life better.”

He paused just long enough to add weight to the words that followed.

“Even when you’re only having sex on your own.”

It took a few moments for the meaning of his dad’s words to sink in. Then Elijah blushed furiously.

“You blush a lot son. Does it make you uncomfortable to talk about sex?”

“It does with you dad.”

“Yeah I get that, but that doesn’t make sense does it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I taught you how to use a knife and fork, how to ride your bike and throw a football. I taught you how to fish, how to wipe your own ass, and if that little wisp on your top lip gets a bit thicker, I’ll teach you how to shave.”

Elijah rubbed his finger across the bum fluff on his lip.

“But when it comes to the one thing that will make you the happiest in your life, it’s too embarrassing to discuss. Where’s the sense in that?”

“I guess it doesn’t make much sense,” Elijah agreed.

“Great, I’m glad you agree. So tell me, how long on average do you take to jack off?”

Elijah coloured up and looked at the floor.

“I dunno,” he mumbled, “Maybe three minutes, but I can usually get done in two if I need to.”

Anthony smiled at the fact that Elijah seemed to think faster was better.

“If you need to?”

“You know, if I gotta get out to school, or if… If I’m feeling in the mood.”

“In the mood. Horny you mean?”

Elijah grinned bashfully still refusing to make eye contact. It wasn’t a side of his son Anthony saw often. The kid was a cowboy for god’s sake, at least a cow poke. Nearly a man. Elijah was mostly unflappable and tough as nails for his age. Yet now he looked at the ground like a shy Geisha.


“So, umm, what’s the longest you’ve ever taken?”

“The longest?” Elijah asked as though it was a crazy idea. “I guess ten minutes.”

“I see, and do you ever watch porn while you’re doing it?”

“Yeah, sometimes. Most of the time.”

“And you’re still done in under three minutes?”

“Yeah, it’s hard to last past that.”

“Too exciting huh?”


“You know,” Anthony said, “If you make it last, it’s better right.”

“It is? How?”

“Well, you’ll cum harder. And stronger. It feels fantastic when you get it right.”


This was not a conversation that Elijah would have wanted. He was eager for the guy time. To be treated as more than just a kid, but this was not the way he wanted things to go, yet he sensed that his dad was inducting him into manhood, and he was slowly getting used to the idea. His dad seemed to understand what it was like to be a horny teenager. It felt like his dad was using this as bonding exercise, and Elijah might just learn something useful. He sipped at his beer.


“It does? But how do you stop it happening? I mean, I’ve tried just stopping when I get close, you know, and letting the feeling die down a bit, but after a couple of those, it usually catches me and I just have to go with it.”

“Maybe it’s your technique. Why don’t you show me how you do it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Get your little guy out and show me how you do it.”

Elijah stared at his dad as if the man had just told him to jump off a cliff. He grinned awkwardly at his dad.

“You’re kidding right?”

Anthony looked calmly back at him.

“Why would I be kidding Eli? I can help you to improve your technique. I taught you almost every other important thing in your life, why not this?”

Elijah squirmed.

“But this is different.”

“Why? It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked a thousand times.”

“Yeah, but I was little then mostly. It’s different now.”

“Only in your head. I’m still your dad. You’re still my son and I want to teach you the best thing you’ll ever learn.”

“The best thing?”

Elijah’s curiosity was piqued.

“Yeah, it might not last long, but nutting will be the best part of your day most days. Be honest, you look forwards to spanking your monkey every day right?”

“Yeah, I suppose.”

“And I’ll bet there’s been days when you spent hours at school looking forwards to getting home and doing it right.”

Elijah looked bashful again.


“So, wouldn’t you want to learn how to make it feel even better? Like five or ten times better?”

“Ten times?”

“Well I might be exaggerating a tiny bit.  It depends. Have you ever cum so hard you blacked out?”

“Blacked out?” Elijah asked sniggering, his voice squeaking. “No!”

“What about hitting yourself in the face with your jizz where you cum so hard?”


“Jelly legs?”


“Cum moan?”



Elijah was starting to realise there was a lot he had not experienced.


“Eli, there’s so much more to your dick than just whacking it. We’re on our own in the woods, 40 miles from anyone. Let me do this for you. I promise what happens in this cabin stays in this trip. Unless you want it to go further. Go on, take the chance. Live a little.”


Elijah stared at his father for ten long seconds whilst he weighed up the proposition. It was definitely weird, but everything his dad said made perfect sense. His dad stared back at him steadily, hiding nothing.

Eventually Anthony said, “What have you got to lose son?”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“So what? You’ll get over it, and it’s gonna be so worth it.”

“It is?”

“Fuck yeah. You really don’t know what you’re missing.”

“Show me YOUR dick then,” Elijah said, testing if his father’s logic went both ways.

Without a word, Anthony stood up, unbuckled and unzipped his jeans, and pulled his hairy penis out for his son to see. Elijah looked at it with interest.

“Your turn,” his dad said.


Elijah hesitated, then stood and feeling incredibly brave, he unzipped his fly. He reached inside, pushed the front of his briefs down and flopped his teen cock out for his father to see.

Anthony looked at his son’s groin. Eli’s penis was about three inches long, and very brown, protruding from neat bush of brown hair. A pale ring more than half way towards the base denoted his low-cut circumcision scar.


“How come you’re not circumcised and I am?” the boy asked, comparing.

“It was something your mother wanted. I wasn’t keen but she said it was more hygienic and at that time, almost everyone was cut.”

“How come you’re not?”

“I dunno. I never really thought to ask.”

“I wish it wasn’t so low.”

“Oh, why’s that?”

“Skin feels tight when I get hard.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Nah, it’s just tight.”

“Why don’t you get it hard now?”

“Now? In front of you?!”

“Sure. You want me to leave my dick out?”


In the understatement of the night, Eli said, “Nah, that would be weird.”

Anthony put his dick away and sat down to watch his son.


Elijah swallowed hard then took the head of his penis between his thumb and the side of his index finger.

“It’s really floppy,” he said sheepishly.

His dad gave him a reassuring grin.

Elijah rubbed his helmet softly. It had never failed to stand up on command – quite the opposite, and he was not even keen on performing in front of his dad, but he was still concerned that he might not get hard. His fears were unfounded. As excruciatingly embarrassing as he found the situation, he also felt strangely excited to be touching himself in front of his dad. He was quite comfortable to sit around half the evening at home with his hand down his joggers cupping his nuts for comfort, but that was not sexual. This was different. Yet paradoxically exciting.

His penis quickly responded, inflating to its full size in less than 30 seconds. He let go of it and moved his hand away to show his father. His penis stuck out of his jeans at 90 degrees.

“Why don’t you take your jeans off. Let the fellah out to play,” his dad suggested.

Elijah pushed his jeans down and stepped out of them, then he shimmied out of his briefs. They fell to the floor and he kicked out his foot before they landed, sending them flying across the room.

Anthony appraised his son’s genitals. The teenager’s penis was long, potent-looking, gnarly like the cock of a much older male. It was thinner than a fully-grown man’s cock. The word “slender” popped into Anthony’s mind.

Beneath, in a loose but not low-hanging sack that was the same brown shade as Elijah’s shaft, two unexceptional teen testicles hung. Freed from his jeans, Elijah’s penis pointed a little below 45 degrees.

“Hmmm, impressive Eli. Guess you’re a grower not a shower. How long is that, seven inches?”

“Uuuh,” the teenager responded, managing to turn a single sound into three “uh” syllables with the second raising in pitch above the other two. It meant “I don’t know.”

Anthony approached and placed his palm along the top of his son’s penis, with the tip of his pinky finger level with the tip of the boy’s glans. Elijah’s penis twitched upwards at the touch.

“Easy tiger!” his dad said laughing.

“What are you doing?”

“Measuring. It’s exactly six inches from the top of my pinky to the base of my palm.”

“Oh, right. That’s clever. So how long is it?”

“Uhh, it’s easy seven inches. Maybe eight.”

“That’s big right?”

“Yeah, most men would be happy with that.”

Elijah glowed with pride at being compared to men.

“Dunno where you got that from; must come from your mother’s side of the family,” Anthony joked.

“Anyway, what sort of porn do you like? Look some up now on your phone.”

“I like thin girls with nice boobs. I…”

Revealing his deepest tastes in pornography felt even more intimate than showing his father his boner.

“I like it when they suck the guy’s dick.”

“Yeah, blow jobs are always hot. Why don’t you find something to watch now.”

Elijah found some on his phone. His dick twitched and lifted its head as he looked, staying hard; showing its interest.

“Got something?”

Elijah nodded.

“Good, now why don’t you sit down, put your phone beside you and show me your technique. Don’t cum though okay?”


Elijah sat and his father moved over and sat to his left. Elijah took his penis in his fist. He turned to his father with a queasy expression on his face.

“This feels so weird.”

“Just pretend I’m not here.”

Elijah looked down at his penis. He gripped it tighter in his right hand to stop it twitching and dribbled spit onto the head, then smeared the spit all over the glans with the index finger of his left hand. He loosened his fist, creating a ring between just his thumb and index finger, then he started pumping light and fast, moving his fingers over just the glans. At the same time, he looked to his right, watching the porn on his phone. His father could hear the theatrical groaning of whatever man was getting blown.

In under a minute, Elijah felt his excitement building and switched to a tight fist, using his whole hand. His speed increased and he started pounding it, smashing his fist hard all the way to the root of his dick as though he was trying break rocks.

His father put a hand on top of his fist and stopped his hand moving.

“Whoa, whoa, you’re meant be jacking off, not beating your dick into submission. You’re gonna cum already. I told you not to.”

Elijah looked at him, momentarily resentful that his imminent orgasm had been interrupted. Then he grinned wryly, embarrassed at his lack of control.

“Oh yeah, I forgot. Once I get started, I can’t help myself.”

His dad smiled back.

“No problem. You’re young. You haven’t learned self-control yet. I’ll be right back. Don’t touch your dick again until I say so.”


Anthony walked over to his pack and fished a tube of lube out of a side pocket, then he returned to his son. He poured some onto his fingertips.

“You always carry that in your bag?” Elijah asked.

“’Course not, but I was hoping to get the chance to do this with you. Teach you more about your body. Help you become a better man.”

“What else have you got in your bag?”

Anthony just smiled enigmatically, then he gently smeared the lube over every bit of his son’s throbbing glans.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Elijah gasped in a trembling sigh.

“Feels good?”

“So sensitive.”


Anthony put the tube down and gripped his son’s dick in his fist.

“You gotta go slow. Build it up.”

He started sliding his hand up and down the full length of his son’s shaft. Elijah gasped and reclined on the couch.

“Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.”

At the top of each stroke, his father twisted his fist so that his fingers rubbed against his son’s glans in a circling motion.

“Some people call this “the pencil sharpener”. It’s really intense but it’s hard to squirt to.”

“It’s almost TOO intense,” Elijah said, “it’s almost painful.”

“Yeah, but it’s great for making your boner crazy hard, then if you wanna pound some girl like you’re hammering nails, or you just wanna go at it really fast on your own, it’s a lot better.”

He released his son’s penis. It sprang up almost vertical, but too hard to flick as far as his belly. Anthony reached down and twanged it downwards. It barely moved before returning to its former position. Even the glans was bloated and shiny.

“See what I mean?”

Elijah looked at his penis as though it was new to him. It seemed powerful; dangerous. He smiled.

Anthony ran a finger slowly across the glans, then down the oily side of the brown shaft. The veins glistened in the light.

“Even the veins are sticking out. That’s a good thing. Enjoy it while you can. It probably won’t be able to get this hard when you get older.”


Anthony knelt on the floor in front of his son. He gripped the boy’s shaft with the fingers of both hands, then he placed his lubed thumbs along the slippery halves of his son’s glans where they joined at the fraenulum and started slowly but firmly massaging in an upwards direction away from the root. Elijah started squirming in slow motion. He let out a long, moan of pleasure.


“Yeah, that’s a good one. I dunno if there’s a name for this, but if you’re ever with a girl and you’re chilling naked, she can do this for ages without making you cum. It’s not as intense as the pencil sharpener but it’s a great way to stay hard and horny without blowing your load and ending your fun. You might be able to do it to yourself so long as you watch your fingernails. Nails or teeth on your dickhead really hurt like a motherfucker.”

Elijah grinned at his father’s candour and coarse language.

“Has anyone ever done it for you?”

“To be honest, your mom used to do it for hours when we were in college. She liked the feeling of my dick, and I sure as hell liked her touching it. On the weekends, we’d hang around naked and she’d play with my dick like it was her favourite toy and I’d do the same with her pussy. Women don’t get excited as quick as guys, so any time you can make the foreplay last, they’re gonna appreciate it.”


“Yeah, what I’m doing now. The stuff you do to get yourself or your girl simmering before you go for in for the kill.”


He continued massaging Elijah’s glans for fifteen minutes, whilst the boy slowly writhed on the couch, murmuring his pleasure.

Anthony switched his grip, forming a claw shape with his right hand, then he sat on the couch beside his son. Careful to ensure that only the pads of his fingertips contacted Elijah’s penis, he started screwing his fingers back and forth, allowing them only to touch the rim of the boy’s glans.

“This is like the pencil, but you only touch the edges of the head. There’s a lot more nerves there. It’s good for…”

Elijah was squirming on the coach like a lizard running in slow motion across hot sand, alternately lifting his legs as though preparing to kick his father away, then twisting his torso and straightening his legs and alternating.

“Yeah, it’s good for making you squirm!” his father finished with a grin.

“And this one is called polishing the cherry.”

He gripped the boy’s shaft in his left fist and started polishing the head with the palm of his right hand, moving it in a circular motion.

“Ah, ah, ah, stop!”

Anthony continued.

“Dad stop!” Elijah demanded, but still his father ignored him


Elijah pushed his father’s hands away from his dick, with a look of great irritation.

“Dad I told you to stop!”

His father smirked.

“You can use that to torment yourself or a friend if you ever fool around with anyone else. DO you ever fool around with any of the guys?”

The question short-circuited Elijah’s annoyance, but he didn’t answer. Caught off guard, his cheeks flushed deepest crimson. His dad studied his face for a few seconds. Elijah tried to face him down but it felt like his father’s eyes were burrowing into his soul. He looked away flustered.

“Hey that’s okay Eli. It’s natural to experiment and fool around. Nobody knows a guy’s body better than another guy.”

Elijah turned back, looking for the trap in his dad’s expression but found none.


“Okay, stand up,” Anthony said, breaking the awkwardness.

Elijah stood and his dick was like the barrel of a canon, sticking out of his groin, hard and ready to fire a shell at any moment. It seemed to have almost no articulation, and moved as though it was rigidly embedded in his pelvis.

“Damn, you ARE hard. So horny. Okay, here’s something else you might not know. A little bit of pain sometimes makes things feel even better.”

“Pain? You’re not gonna hurt me are you dad?”

“No, no. Stand with your feet wide apart.”

Elijah dropped his hands to cover his balls, then he complied with his dad’s instruction.

Anthony laughed.

“I’m not gonna hit you in the balls son. There’s no need for that.”

Elijah scrutinised his face then hesitantly dropped his hands to his sides.

“That’s better. Now squat down until your thighs are about bent to 45 degrees.”

Elijah did as he was told.

“Okay, now you can start jacking again. Slooowly this time.”

Elijah took his dick in his hand and started pumping. Having his legs spread wide somehow added to his pleasure, and he could feel the ligaments in his groin pulled tight. But after 30 seconds, he started to feel the burn in his thighs from the strain of holding the position.

“Ah, my thighs are aching.”

“Yeah, that’s the pain. Hold out as long as you can.”

Anthony reached out and gently gripped his son’s testicles.

“Do you ever play with your balls when you jack off?”

Elijah curtly shook his head.

“You should, they can add a lot.”

Anthony tugged his son’s testicles low in his sack and started rolling them against each other.

“You can play with them like this. If you get it right, it can feel like you’re pumping them up ready to squirt.”

He squeezed them in his fist, slowly increasing the pressure. Elijah stopped pumping his fist. He was apprehensive of his dad’s intentions. Anthony nodded to him.

“Keep on going. I’ll stop when you tell me. A bit of pain in the goolies can really make you blow your load hard.”

Elijah looked at him sceptically.

“Don’t look at me like that son. I wouldn’t lie to you. Have you ever sack tapped anyone or got tapped yourself?”

“Yeah…” Elijah answered, unsure where the conversation was headed.

“And you got a boner right after. Be honest.”

“I guess so,” he conceded.

“There you go then,” Anthony declared as though he had just made an undeniable argument.

He continued increasing the pressure.

“You gotta go just past the point where your nuts start to ache. If you stop the moment they ache, the feeling goes away straight away, and of course if you squeeze too hard, it just kills your boner entirely. You want them to keep aching but not enough to really hurt.”

“Okay, that’s hard enough now,” Elijah said.

His father released his nuts.

“Are they still aching?”


“That’s good. You feel that kind of excitement though?”


He lubed his middle finger.

“Look, I’m gonna show you something else. It’s gonna make you feel very weird. It might even freak you out at first, but trust me, it’s well worth it. It might even change your life. Trust me okay?”

“Umm, okay.”

Anthony put his hand under his son’s backside and felt between his cheeks for his hole. He felt his finger tip bump into it and started to push.

“Daad!” Elijah said in rising panic. “What are you doing?”

His father slipped his finger inside and Elijah rose up to get away from it.

“Don’t panic Eli. I told you this would feel weird. I’m looking for your GSpot. It’s one of the most powerful sexual parts of your body but almost all guys ignore it because of where it is.”

“Dad, I don’t like th….”

“There it is. Found it.”

He didn’t need to tell Elijah. The second his finger pressed against the young man’s prostate, the boy felt a surge of excitement inside and in his mildly aching balls. It cut him off mid-sentence as he was overwhelmed by the new sensation.

His father started rubbing the gland and his son started panting and moaning in response. His pumping fist started to move faster on his dick. His father glanced at it with a smile.

“Hey, you don’t want to cum yet.”

“I do!” Elijah responded emphatically.

His father pushed the boy’s fist of his penis entirely.

“No, not yet. Bounce up and down.”


“Move up and down. Like you’re fucking someone.”

Elijah frowned and started rising and falling, his hips travelling six inches from one extreme to the other.

“Like this?”

“That’s right.”

Antony changed from stroking to finger fucking his son. Elijah was red faced again but this time the colour was accompanied by beads of perspiration as he exerted himself.

Even without direct stimulation, his cock was harder than ever. It stood out from his groin like the handle on an old-fashioned pump, moving in complete unison with his hips. His father wrapped his hand around it from beneath, allowing it to lay in his palm, then he resumed stroking Elijah’s penis slowly, treating it more like a cow’s udder than a penis.

“Go faster,” Eli said.

His father responded by increasing the rate of his finger fucking.

“No not that bit,” Elijah protested.

“Do you want me to stop?” Anthony asked ceasing the finger fucking entirely.

Elijah instinctively felt as though he ought to say yes, but his hole said no.

“No. You can carry on.”

“Thought so,” his dad said grinning.

Elijah continued bouncing while his father languidly stroked his cock and pumped his asshole.

Eventually he said, “Dad I’m getting tired.”

Anthony pulled his finger out of his son’s hole and released his dick. Elijah rose up.

“My legs are killing me.”

Elijah shook his legs out. Then his dad playfully tapped him in the nuts with his fingertips.

“What about your nuts?”

Elijah skipped away.



“Have you ever tried sucking your own pole?” Anthony asked.


“Your dick, your cock, your lollipop. Have you ever sucked it? I mean, sure, it’s better if you can get a girl or a friend to do it for you, but sometimes there’s no-one else available.”

Elijah looked at his father in amazement. It was like he was discovering a whole new person.

“No, I never even THOUGHT of doing that!”

“When I was a couple of years older than you I could. One of the happiest discoveries of my life. I tell you, I went at it like a hungry baby on a pacifier.”

Elijah grinned widely at the simile and the mental image.

“You’re messing with me dad, right?”

“Nah, until me and your mom got serious, I used to love sucking on the ol’ love stick. Why don’t you see if you can reach yours. With that long dick, you’re already off to a big advantage.”

Again, Elijah looked at his dad sceptically.

“You sure you’re not messing with me?”

“Eli, I just had my finger up your asshole, why would I mess with you about this?”

Elijah bent over and tried to get his head to his penis. He was a good 18 inches short.

“Try laying upside down on the couch. That helps,” his dad said.

Elijah lay sidewards on the couch and lifted his knees over his head.

“Here, turn around so your butt is against the back.”

Anthony grabbed Elijah by the hips and pushed his body around 90 degrees so that the boy’s bottom was up against the back of the couch. Then he hefted his son higher still until Elijah was resting on just his shoulders. The teenager bent his dick towards his face and strained his head up towards it. His mouth was open, reaching for his dick with his lips. It was comical given that his mouth was still over 6 inches away from his glans.

“Nah, can’t reach,” he said, mildly disappointed.

“No problem. If you stretch every day, one day you’ll make it. I’m telling you son, that’ll be a happy day for you. In the meantime, are you ready to cum?”

“Fuck yeah! Oop, sorry dad.”

Elijah didn’t use profanity around his dad. Anthony smiled.

“That’s okay. I like your enthusiasm. Tell you what, slide down a bit on the couch so you can put your feet against the back. I’ll let you flog your own meat to finish off.”

Elijah was surprised by the variety of terms his father used for jacking off. He made a note to remember some of them.

He put his feet against the upper rear edge of the couch and gripped his penis in his fist.

“That’s it, now open your knees, wide as you can.”

Elijah obeyed. He was still inverted, but now he could push against the couch.

“Great, now you can go for it, but just as a little challenge, see how long you can hold off cumming.”

Elijah’s expression of anticipation, changed to one of almost comical disappointment.

“Ahh come on, it’ll be good for you. You’ll thank me when you can jack off for an hour without cumming.”

“An hour?” Elijah said with a mixture of wonderment and scepticism. “I’ll NEVER be able to last that long.”

Anthony glanced at his watch.

“We’ve been going at it for 40 minutes already. It’s not THAT much longer.”

Elijah started pumping his dick. His hand moved up and down with metronome regularity at just under two cycles per second; much slower than his usual pace, but much faster than his dad had jacked him. His balls felt like they were bursting with cum. They had in fact, swollen considerably thanks to his arousal, and risen in a soft knot to the base of his brutally stiff penis, wobbling with each bounce of his fist. His father slipped his middle finger back into his inverted son’s hole and started finger fucking him deeply, rubbing his prostate on the way in, then teasing his sphincter as he pulled all the way out.

Elijah moaned at the stimulation to his cock and his penis.

“Oh, oh, aaah, ah!”

His face was red and coated in sweat and he started pumping faster.

“Hold it…” his dad cautioned.

Elijah caught himself and switched to tiny, fast strokes with barely any pressure. Suddenly, in a desperate effort to abort an orgasm, he pulled his hand off his cock like it was too hot to touch. It twitched and bounced, desperate to squirt. Anthony stopped finger fucking and they both watched Elijah’s twitching cock, curious to see if he had managed to avert an orgasm. A few dribbles of thick cum appeared at the head, oozing out like treacle, impelled by the sheer internal pressure that Elijah had built up. They dripped onto the teenager’s chest and his cock bounced under its own power even more vigorously. They watched it for 30 seconds before it stopped twitching.

“Well done, that was close,” Anthony said.


Anthony started pinching his son’s small, dark nipples with his left hand.

“What are you doing?!” Elijah asked with annoyance.

“Erogenous zone. Some people call nipples your “dick switch”.”

Even as he spoke, Elijah’s penis twitched each time he pinched. Elijah frowned, surprised at his body’s reaction. He gripped his dick and started pumping again, and his father resumed reaming his hole with his finger.


Two more times over the next ten minutes, Elijah managed to spoil his own orgasms.

After the third time, he said, “Dad, I can’t hold off any more. It’s making me crazy. I’m going for it on the next one.”

“Okay Eli, make it a good one then!”


Elijah wasted no time pounding on his dick. He remembered his dad’s attention to his balls earlier so he reached down with his other hand and started lightly massaging his bloated ballbag, softly rolling and squeezing the nuts within. His right fist moved faster and faster and his dad finger fucked his hole at the same pace.

Elijah started to press with his feet against the couch, lifting his pelvis off the couch and pushing it into the air as his excitement reached fever pitch. It hung above him at an angle of 45 degrees and his groaning became louder and more strident.

And then he was cumming. A blast of cum rocketed from his dick, followed by another and another, and then a continuous stream of jizz. He groaned aggressively, loudly, triumphantly like a bear establishing dominance, and his cum hit him right in the face, filling his open mouth.

His father fucked his hole as fast as his finger could move, helping the cum on its way.

Elijah’s fist moved even faster. Fast as it could move. It was nothing but a blur as the boy arched his back up off the couch, his face and hair awash with his own thick, sticky cum. And still his balls kept pumping, now coating his chest and belly and neck.

Eli growled and groaned and yelled in ecstasy that far exceeded anything his hand had ever brought before, and still he pumped furiously. His dick kept squirting for 30, 35, 40 seconds, then it dribbled and stopped but still he was cumming, dry now, his balls and his asshole and his dick clenching and pumping in a supercharged desire to evacuate every last bit of semen from his system and grant him release from an orgasm that his father had expertly spent the past 45 minutes charging.


When his orgasm was finally done, Elijah collapsed exhausted back onto the couch, and his parted legs slid off and dangled over the back. His hands fell from his balls and penis to the couch beside his lean, slime-covered belly and he lay, staring up into the dark rafters of the cabin, breathing heavily, his brain too frazzled to focus his vision. Beneath the white blanket of spunk that coated his torso and face, his chest and face were a mottled red; the colour of extreme arousal.

Anthony smiled, looking down at his son. The teenager had produced a load that any porn star would be jealous of. He’d never forget this night. He gripped Elijah’s swollen nuts and tenderly squeezed them, gently pumping them in his fist, using the motion to bond with the boy in the afterglow of his orgasm.

Elijah’s long penis collapsed like a puppet whose strings had been cut. It drooped against his belly, losing all of its rigidity in half the time it had taken to get hard. It lay flopped against his tight abs like a sleeping and boneless python. It lost none of its length, but drained of blood it was now thinner, and noodle-soft.

“You spunked the shit out of yourself,” Anthony said.

Elijah was too exhausted to changed the focus of his eyes.

“Huuuuuu,” he moaned.

“Now you know what it’s like to cum in your face too.”

Elijah smacked his lips at the unsavoury taste and swallowed in a vain effort to wash away the flavour of what felt like a cupful of his own jizz.

The semen that coated his face and body gradually turned clear from his body heat and started to run down the sides of his lean, tanned torso onto the couch. His dark nipples stood proud from his father’s tweaking.

Anthony let go of his son’s bag, and walked to the bathroom. He returned a few moments later with a large towel.

“We’d better clean you up before you make that couch pregnant.”

Elijah grinned, his aimless gaze still adrift at a point way up in the rafters.

Anthony started to wipe his son’s cum-drenched body, starting with his torso, then moving onto his face.

“I don’t think you need to worry about hair gel for a while.”

Elijah’s grin widened, but he remained unmoving, utterly drained of energy, yet enjoying the afterglow and the companionship as his dad cleaned him up.

Anthony carefully dried his hair before doing the same to his pubes. Then he cupped the boy’s fat nuts in his towelled hand and cleaned them, holding them in his hand like a baseball. He finished by wrapping Elijah’s cock in a towel-covered fist and slowly tugging, allowing the soft flesh to pull through his fist.

“I think you need another shower son.”

“Later,” Elijah said sleepily, “I’m too tired right now.”

He remained laying on the couch, his legs dangling over the back as his father stood to make coffee for them both.

“Okay son. And maybe tomorrow night, I’ll show you what else is in my bag…”


    • Mike-
    • 15th November 2020 at 3:47 am-
    • Reply

    OMG that was so hot. I was getting so excited reading this story.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment.

    • Martín Ugalde Ruiz-
    • 31st August 2021 at 7:03 pm-
    • Reply

    I want to see what’s in dads bag, plsss

  • I’ve jacked off with my real father (name redacted). I lived with him throughout my teens. He rented a studio apartment. There was zero privacy. It was much easier for us to jack off together, instead of hiding it. My father had an “open” door policy, in regards to jacking off.
    I especially enjoyed – shooting our loads off at the same time. “Father and son bonding!” My dad shoots his cum rather far, too. His load is clear and runny. My cum is a lot thicker, and whiter. My dad is my best friend, and I’m sure this is a major reason. I’m also his only son.
    More fathers and sons should consider trying it. Most of us guys regularly jack off anyways. It wasn’t a big deal for us. Well, I like sharing my story – to encourage other guys with opening up to the idea. (name redacted) in Akron, Ohio.

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