Eagle’s Claw – part 5

Ancient Rome, slavery, ball busting, teen, adult male, rape

Roman father and son, Valens and Cassius continue their lives as ball-bustees.

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Eagle’s Claw – Part 6

Senator Quintus Faustus wandered out to the fields where he spotted the familiar figure he was looking for. He approached a naked man who was harvesting wheat.

“Cassius, my friend, how are you faring?”

Cassius stopped his work and turned to Quintus. To him, the term “friend” no longer fit but he played along with the conceit.

“As you might expect Quintus, given the fact that my stones are in constant pain and I am being toiled like a common slave.”

Quintus looked down at the man’s groin. His formerly fat testicles were being brutally squeezed between the talons of two connected four-fingered metal claws that he called his “eagle’s claws.”

“Well, that’s to be expected. My claws are designed to keep you in constant pain after all. Just be grateful that yours will eventually be removed, unlike the many male citizens that you kidnapped and sold to me.”

“Is there nothing I can say or do to persuade you to remove this Hades-spawned device from my stones? I’m willing to make amends if you will permit me.”

Quintus smiled.

“My friend, you are already making amends. Working as my slave for a year, while your stones are being crushed to a mere shadow of their former size will doubtless instil you with a new sense of empathy so that you are never again tempted to harvest your slaves from among the citizenry. And the work is clearly doing you good judging by your increased muscles.”

He looked down and swatted at Cassius’ penis with a smile.

“Perhaps not every part of you has fared so well.”

The man’s formerly-thick cock now formed a 90-degree curve no longer or thicker than his pinky finger. It jiggled as it was hit, the flesh taught. Cassius looked up at the huge singularis who hovered discretely behind the senator, ready to leap to the man’s defence at a second’s notice. He knew that he had no option but to accept the man’s casual contemptuous ridicule.

“I see the eagle has taken its toll on your cock. We have a phrase for that. We say that ‘the eagle has caught a worm.’ You are more fortunate than most. I wonder if it will ever grow as large as it once was after an entire year with your stones in its claws? Your stones certainly won’t. Valens has been even less fortunate, but then he had much less to start with didn’t he?”

Cassius’ attention rose at the mention of his beloved teenage son. He had been forced to suffer a similar fate as his father.

“Valens. How is he?”

“Oh, he’s fine. In his case, the eagle has caught a maggot rather than a worm, and of course, he’s no more comfortable in his claw than you are. He’s quite the solemn one if truth be told. In fact, he’s the reason that I came to visit you. I thought you might like to know; he’s going to lose his virginity this evening.”

Cassius frowned.

“But he’s already…”

Then he comprehended what Quintus was telling him. His son was going to have his hole violated tonight. His mouth gaped for a moment.

“Please Quintus, not that. He will eventually recover from this ordeal, but if you take his hole, his soul will be scarred and he will never be able to walk with his head high again.”

“Nor will the slaves you illegally captured and sold to me. Anyway, it’s too late, I’ve already invited several guests to enjoy his fruits. I’d hate to disappoint them. I just thought you’d like to know. Be sure to think of him as you sit down to supper this evening. That will be about the time he loses his flower.”

Quintus smiled. He had deliberately used the term for the female genitalia just to rub it in to Cassius that his son was to be used as a woman. He wanted Cassius to feel the maximum distress as punishment for his dishonesty, and there was no better way than to treat his son like one of the effeminate male prostitutes that worked willingly in some of the more exotic fornix in Rome.

He turned and walked away with a smirk, leaving Cassius to imagine his son’s fate.




Valens stood attentively at the edge of the communal bath shared by Quintus with his wife and daughter. Nearby, a small naked boy of 8 held a coarse cloth.

“Be a darling won’t you Florin,” the elder woman said, “and scrub my back with that cloth.”

“Yes ma’am,” the little boy said, and started washing her back.

“I’ll have more wine too please Valens,” she said, turning to the teenager.

He poured wine into her cup.

“I have to say, it is nice to have another houseboy, and one whose prickle can be trusted not stand up and start twitching at the sight of a woman’s naked body.”

She reached out and flipped Valens’ lifeless, shrivelled brown penis from below with the edge of her index finger. It bounced pathetically. His cheeks glowed red at her touch, but he knew better than try to avoid it. His testicles were being crushed inside one of Quintus’ eagle claws, and Valens’ primary physical sensation was a deep and constant ache that overrode all other feelings. But the man could always make the pain worse by the simple act of tightening the claw.

“I love the ones from high upbringing,” Julia said. “They always get so much more embarrassed.”

Quintus smiled.

“If you’re embarrassed now Valens, you will be doubly so tonight. I’m holding a party and you will be the guest of honour. You’ll be losing your cherry. In fact, I think it’s quite likely that that tight hole of yours will be fucked until it looks like a baboon’s ass!”

Valens had once seen a baboon in a cage brought by traders from Africa. Its bottom was huge, red and raw-looking. The image of his own hole bearing any resemblance to such a thing sickened him. A rush of dizziness overtook him and he felt himself swaying. He managed to maintain control, but he could do nothing to hide the look of horror on his face.

“I don’t think he likes the sound of that father,” Julia teased with a smug grin.

“No matter; the bashful ones are always the most fun, and everyone loves a virgin.”

Valens thought better of informing the man that his daughter had strapped on a wooden dildo and fucked him on several occasions.

“Well just you make sure to wash the shit from your cock before you climb into bed with me,” his wife Cornelia said with unusual crudeness.

She looked at Quintus with mock sternness.

“Yes dear,” Quintus replied with a grin, playing the role of a chastened husband.



As evening drew forth, Quintus retired to his triclinium; a room that served as both dining room and lounge. Over the next hour, his guests arrived, and were brought to the large room to join him. He plied them with small delicacies and diluted wine as they lounged around on the low couches that lined three of the walls.

A trio of musicians played quietly in the corner.

“My friends; honoured guests, you’ll forgive the meagre fares that I have provided. It is not, as you may suspect, because my fortunes have waned…”

He waited while his guests laughed and threw playful remarks his way. He accepted the remarks with a good-natured smile.

“No, it is because further guests will be joining us, and I think that you would prefer that you can keep your cocks hard when they arrive.”

There was a surge of cheering and ribald comments as the guests received the news that the evening would include fucking.

“Let me start by introducing Florin and Camilla.”

He gestured to his vilicus who stood by the entrance to one of several fauces or corridors.

“Aulus, bring in the children.”

Florin, his wife’s 8-year-old houseboy, and a little girl a year or two younger walked to the centre of the floor. Both were naked. The girl wore feathered wings, the boy had fake horns on his head and a little tail made of fur. The guests chuckled at the children’s costumes.

“They are going to dance for us, although they haven’t been training for long.”

The music rose in volume and tempo and the two young children started to dance, whirling and twisting and bouncing in a dance that was halfway between the sinuous dance of Aphrodite, and the rhythmic jumping of African tribal dancers.

Neither of them was very good, and there was a distinctly amateur, child-like quality to their movements as they struggled to repeat what they had been taught.

After 10 minutes, the music became more languid and sensuous, and the children’s dancing took on a more erotic tone. They both circled and thrust their hips in parodies of fucking motions. They circle each other, moving ever closer and staring at each other with surprising intensity.

Then they moved and bounced their pelvises together in time with the music, their hairless groins bouncing off each other, as they sent ripples up and down their small bodies. Florin’s penis was soft, but the guests were nonetheless amused by the children’s simulated coupling.

When the music stopped, the children bowed as the guests clapped and cheered. Camilla stood with a happy smile, but Florin looked apprehensively to Quintus for approval. Quintus nodded and smiled to the boy and Florin smiled back, relief evident on his face.


“What my little dancers lack in expertise, I’m sure you’ll agree, they make up in charm,” Quintus said.

His guests smiled and nodded their agreement.

“Indeed,” Constantius said, “but are they even capable?”

“No, most certainly not. I had Florin clipped when he was five years old. I doubt he could get a rise even if his life depended on it.”

He shooed the children away.


“And now,” Quintus said,” the main attractions.

He nodded to Aulus, and the man gestured to two pretty women in their early 20s. They were naked, and wore flowers in their hair. They smiled coquettishly, but both were well trained in the arts of Aphrodite.

“I think you remember Sabina and Marilla from our gathering last spring.”

The guests nodded and smiled.

“Yes, they’re very nice Quintus, and I don’t want to appear unappreciative” a hugely overweight middle aged man said, “but if you recall, the last time, several of us mentioned a preference for satyrs rather than nymphs.”

Quintus smiled broadly.

“Indeed, I do remember Aloysius, and that is why I have an additional guest for your pleasure.”

He nodded to Aulus once more, and the man gestured to Valens who was standing naked and out of sight of the guests. Valens felt his stomach knot, but he stepped shyly into sight of the guests, looking at them through the fringe of his dark hair.

Aloysius gasped.

“Oh my, Quintus, what is this treasure you have found?” he simpered as effeminately as any exoltus.


Truth be told, Quintus was not particularly keen on Aloysius. The man was drawn to Venus just a little strongly, and even now he wore lipstick, rouged cheeks and had flowers atop his head. But he was a useful ally and he had contacts all over Italy.

“This is Valens. He’s one of my slaves. He serves as houseboy. He’s been with me a few months, but I have been saving him for you Aloysius. He’s fucked a few wenches, but otherwise he’s a virgin. His hole is doubtless tight as a newborn calf’s.”

“And you would know all about that wouldn’t you Aloysius!” another guest said, nudging the fat man’s arm.

“Not since I discovered your son Pius!” Aloysius retorted with a hearty laugh.

Pius was momentarily taken aback at the suggestion that Aloysius was fucking his young teen son, but he was the one who’d started it. In any case, Aloysius was the kind of man who could make anyone, short of the Emperor himself, disappear, so he grinned at the man’s response.

“Oh, good come back Aloysius, you put me in my place!” he said, laughing just a little too hard.

Aloysius turned his attention to Valens.

“He’s a sweet boy. May I…” he said glancing at Quintus.

“Of course, of course.”

Aloysius turned back to Valens.

“Come here boy.”

Valens approached timidly and stood before the man. Aloysius was reclining on his side on a lectus tricliniaris; a padded couch used for lounging whilst dining. He sat up and looked at Valens.

“He’s very clean. He’s been well looked-after.”

“Yes, he came from… good stock. He was not always a slave in fact.”

“Oh, how delightful, a boy who was once a freeman, or dare I even suggest it, a citizen?”

Quintus gave an inscrutable smile and a twisting head nod.

“Let’s just say, his father had a debt to repay, and Valens was taken in partial payment.”

“Simply magnificent! The sons of citizens always make the best playthings. They are so proper and they get so indignant and upset when you treat them like whores.”

He addressed Valens.

“Turn around boy.”

Valens did as he was told and Aloysius spread his buttocks to look at his sphincter. He licked a finger and worked it inside. Valens grimaced against the intrusion. The finger was bad enough, but in front of an audience? It was the most humiliating experience of his life. But that was soon to change.

“You’re right, his pucker is as tight as a baby’s arshole.”

Quintus smiled, hiding his distaste at the analogy. He was not entirely sure that Aloysius did not have first-hand experience to back up his comparison.


Using the boy’s hips to turn him, Aloysius turned Valens back to face him. He looked at Valens pain-shrunken penis, then he lifted it between his index finger and thumb and waggled it in the air.

“What a pathetic little maggot. How old are you boy?”

“Seventeen sir,” Valens replied, blushing.

“You have the cock of a boy not old enough for hair. And what’s this?” he said, lifting the claw that encased Valens’ testicles.

A new young senator called Tuilio answered.

“That’s one of Quintus’s eagle claws. He uses them to keep his slaves in order. Have you not seen them on his field slaves?”

“No, I haven’t. How do they work dear Quintus?”

“It’s pretty simple really my friend. The claw closes around the slaves’ stones, and can only be unlocked with a very special key. Once the claw grips the stones, it squeezes them, with predictable discomfort. It stops the males from getting aroused around the females, and it also ensures that they remain focussed on their work.”

“How very inventive of you Quintus, but doesn’t it take a while to put them on at the start of each day?”

“Oh, they are never removed. Valens has been wearing his for months now.”

“And the discomfort remains?”

“Most definitely. And I tighten his just a little each month to guarantee it. That is why this young man’s prickle is so tiny.”

Aloysius beamed at the idea. He spoke to Valens.

“Does it hurt much boy? Describe it to me.”

“It hurts a great deal sir. As though I have just been kicked in the stones.”

“Marvellous!” Aloysius said effusively, “I like my boys in pain; it makes them clench tighter and a shrivelled maggot makes my cock harder. Ball pain is the best but I always go too far, then they can’t be used again.”

Quintus smiled through his distaste yet again. Aloysius had a reputation for sadism and depravity, but the senator has not before seen it on display.

Aloysius pawed at the front of his toga.

“My cock is hard right now. May I?”

“Of course, I saved his hole specially for you.”

Aloysius pulled aside the front of his toga. Beneath it, he was wearing a subligaculum; a cotton loin cloth tied around his waist. Valens looked down at it. The pouch hung heavy, and there was a ridge where the man’s cock rested. He untied the loin cloth and unwound it from between his legs.

A huge, heavy pair of balls flopped out, and his penis bounced into view. Much of it was buried in the fat of his lower belly, but four inches showed. It was thick but it looked puffy. He sat back down on the couch and spread his legs.

“Suck me boy, and mind your teeth.”

Valens looked at the man’s cock apprehensively. He dropped to his knees, gripped the meat in his hand. He could barely get his fist around it but he started sucking. He did not want to taste it so he wrapped his lips around it and kept his tongue well back in his mouth and out of the way. Like all Romans, the man’s penis was uncircumcised. It had a coarse, heavy foreskin covering the head, and Valens was more than happy to leave it in place. Aloysius had other ideas. He reached down and gripped near the root of his penis, moving his fist towards his body to unskin the head. Valens felt stickiness on his lips.

“Use your tongue,” Aloysius said.

Reluctantly, Valens started licking the man’s pre-cum coated glans.

“Lick me like you were licking your own pole. Come on boy, put some feeling into it, or I’ll be asking Quintus to tighten that claw between your legs until we discover just how small it will go.”

Valens had no desire to find out the answer to that question. His testicles were already the size and colour of cherries. He poked out his tongue and started licking Aloysius’ penis, running his tongue over the glans. The precum had almost no taste, but its generous presence still disgusted him. He tried to remember how Quintus’ female slave Aurelia had sucked his prickle. It was just a few months ago, but three months of constant pain in his stones made it seem like a whole lifetime ago.

Then, she had licked and teased, and tantalised his dome, forcing him to give up his cream as she sucked him dry. Even though it was on the estate of Senator Faustus, and in an open arbour where people could, and did wander by, it was the most exciting sexual experience of his life, and though he was shy, the occasional passing-by of slaves gave his first blow job a frisson of forbiddenness that only made him the more excited. And now he was trying his best to reproduce her technique on another male.

He flicked his tongue out, lightly teasing the man’s glans, then he ran it around the rim and up and down his fraenulum.

“Ohhh yes,” Aloysius murmured appreciatively. “You have a real gift. I’m certain this young man has done this before Quintus.”

Quintus was ploughing one of the two girls.

“Maybe he’s been taking lessons?” he suggested with a smile.

“Well that’s one class he should keep attending!” Aloysius said.

He pushed Valens’ face from his penis.

“Enough, you’ll make me spill my seed before I’ve sampled that sweet ass, and I know you wouldn’t want that!”

Rufus, one of the other guests laughed.

“Aloysius, I suspect that’s one honour the boy would happily forego!”

“Maybe so, but it’s not an opportunity that I would pass up on. Virgins are so hard to find in Rome these days. Just ask your son, eh Pius?”

Pius smiled indulgently, wishing he’s never teased the man earlier.


Rising to his feet again, Aloysius addressed Valens.

“Here boy, lay on your back where I was. Lift your legs in the air so that I can see that nice round ass of yours.”

Valens did as he was instructed. Aloysius took a smear of animal fat from one of the plates and smeared it on the youngster’s hole, then he again pushed a finger in, then he added another, twisting to loosen the boy’s sphincter.

He wiped the grease from his hand, then knelt behind Valens. He gripped one of the boy’s ankles in each hand and pushed the boy’s legs back to either side of his head, spreading them wide apart. It was an incredibly undignified pose for the young man to be in, but all he could do was stoically lay there, with his tiny cock laying back on his belly, its puckered end stopping well short of his navel and his small clawed balls on top.

Aloysius carefully aimed his cock at Valens’ hole. As he felt it touch him, Valens held his breath, unsure what to expect. The man’s penis looked as thick as his arm.

Aloysius leaned against him, and Valens instinctively clenched his hole.

“Don’t fight against me boy!”

Valens breathed rapidly and forced himself to relax. Aloysius’s cock drilled its way inside him, and though he was trying to be courageous, Valens winced as it forced its way in, stretching his hole. The obese man smirked and slapped the boy on his right buttock.

“Yes boy, that’s what it feels like to lose your manhood. Never again can you look another male in the eyes as an equal.”

Valens frowned, his closed mouth puckered into a near-circle and his eyebrows wrinkled deeply, mortified at the knowledge that the man was right. The only boys who took it up the ass were weaklings, slaves, or lovers of Venus. He and his friends had no respect for such boys, but now he was one of them.

Aloysius started to fuck him, holding his weight off the boy so that he could use his hips to beat out a rhythm. His cock was puffy, only half hard. Age and overuse had weakened it. Valens felt as though the man was repeatedly forcing a small pillow in and out of his hole. It hurt, but he was grateful that the man was not as hard as his had been when he had held Aurelia’s breasts in his eager hands.


Around them, three of the other guests were enjoying the two young nymphs, taking them in various manners. The sounds of mostly middle-aged men groaning with pleasure, and the odour of their sweat made the triclinium feel like a whorehouse. The two young women were lithe and imaginative, and they made exaggerated moans of pleasure designed to boost the egos of the guests.

Another man moved in above Valens’ reclining head and tipped the boy’s face backwards towards him.

“Do you mind if I use his mouth Aloysius?”

“Of course not Tulio, be my guest,” Aloysius said magnanimously.

Tulio nodded a thank you then pushed his cock into Valens’ mouth and started fucking the boy’s face.

“Tongue boy, tongue. No teeth!”

Valens obeyed, trying to comply with the man’s wishes whilst his asshole was simultaneously reamed. He felt as though they were filling his body at every hole.


Aloysius increased his pace, and the sound of his low, heavy balls slapping against Valens’ spine showed that despite his massive bulk, when he was sufficiently motivated, the man could still fuck with vigour.

He reached down and tugged at Valens’ claw, squishing his own finger tips against the bits of testicle that bulged between the claws. Valens started to whine, a high pitch moan of pain as his already aching balls were tormented still further.

“That’s it boy,” Aloysius crowed, “your balls are nothing but toys for me to play with.”

As he squeezed, he also diddled the teenager’s pain-shrivelled penis.

Valens desperately wanted to suppress his moans of pain, but the hurt was too great; in too fundamental a part of his anatomy. A high-pitched mewling gurgled from his vocal chords, even as Tulio continued to fuck his mouth.


Aloysius started groaning and he fucked the boy’s asshole faster and harder. Then he was coming. He slammed his cock in, using his full weight. There was an extra four inches buried beneath the fat pad of his belly, but now he was giving all eight inches to Valens. Valens felt it pressing against him deep inside, and he felt warmth as the man started to fill him.

Aloysius’s cock was considerably thicker than an average man’s but it never got fully hard.His cream started to ooze around the edges and out of Valens’ hole. He withdrew it, and rapidly pumped it in his pudgy fist. It was squirting like a fountain. He directed the flow towards the boy’s stomach, pouring a goblet-worth of slime onto the teenager’s groin and abdomen.

Pius watched the veritable waterfall of cum drenching the boy.

“By Poseidon Aloysius, you’re going to drown the boy if you pour any more onto him. You must have been drinking nothing but goat’s milk for a month to make such a load!”

Aloysius smiled proudly.

“I have bull balls, but the boy makes me horny as a goat!”


Excited by Aloysius extravagant orgasm, Tulio pulled his own penis from Valens’ mouth just in time to start squirting. He aimed it at the boy’s face, coating it with half a dozen gloopy splatters. He pumped his cock hard and fast to help his load on its way. Valens could no nothing but close his eyes and wait for it to be over.


When they’d both finished ejaculating on him, Aloysius said, “Sit up boy.”

Valens did as he was commanded and the man grabbed the back of his head, pulling their faces together. He kissed the teenager, heedless of the other man’s cream on Valens’ lips. It squelched between them. Valens felt nauseous, but the feeling intensified as he felt the man’s fat tongue forcing its way between his lips, transferring Tulio’s seed along with it. Valens had to push his gourd down to avoid vomiting in disgust. Aloysius kissed him hungrily; passionately, as though they were life-long lovers who had been apart for a year.

Eventually the corpulent man tired and moved away.

“Dance for me boy. Over there.”

He pointed to the middle of the room.

With the copious seed load of two men dripping from his body and out of his asshole, Valens stood and went where he had been directed. He looked as though someone had through a bucket of cream at him. It ran down his face, chest, and stomach, gathering stickily in his jet black pubes, and on the claws. But he focussed on the task at hand.

“I don’t what to do sir. I don’t know how to dance.”

He’d never had any training in dance.

“If you can’t dance, at least move in time with the music. Be sure to put your hips into it. I want to see that little maggot swing and jump.”

Valens did his best to comply, bouncing his body up and down.

“Move your feet.”

Valens stepped from side to side, occasionally lifting one leg and shaking it in the air in what he assumed was a dance motion. He looked more like a dog pissing against a tree.

“Shake your maggot. Up and down. Let’s get that claw moving as well.”

Valens whipped his hips up and down; backwards and forwards until his brown maggot; more foreskin than meat, whipped like a flag in a storm, and the claw swung violently, making his stones hurt even more.

“That’s more like it. Boy, how would you like to come home and live with me; be my plaything?”

Valens looked at Senator Faustus with panicked eyes. Nine more months was bad enough, but a lifetime as this disgusting swine’s catamite was more than he could bear.

“Ha, ha. I’m glad that you like Valens so much,” Quintus interjected, “but dear Cornelius would never forgive me if I sold him on, and truth be told, I’ve been looking forwards to ploughing his hole myself now that you’ve taken his cherry.”

“Ohhhh,” Aloysius said in a descending tone and with an exaggerated pout, “you’re no fun.”

A smile broke out on his face to show that he had not really taken offence.

“Well, at the very least, let us all get the most of him tonight, before you lock him away from us forever.”

“Hear, hear!” Constantius said.

He’d been waiting his turn, and he didn’t much care if it was with a nymph or a satyr. He had his hard cock in his hand, keeping it ready for his turn.



Four hours later, the last of the guests finally left.

“You did well boy,” Quintus said to Valens. “I know that you didn’t enjoy it much, but my friends greatly enjoyed ploughing you. I lost count of how many times they took you.”

“Fourteen,” Valens said promptly. “And I swallowed eight,” he added sullenly.

Quintus smiled.

“That many? That’s a lot to drink. And your hole must be sore.”

“Yes sir. Extremely.”

“Well that’s a slave’s lot for you. At least you’ll get to go home one day. Maybe you can get a job as a dancer to Aphrodite,” he teased. “Or as an exoltus.”

“An exoltus?”

“A male whore. I’m sure you’d be popular at one of the fornix’ in Rome.”

Valens glowed red.

“Ha, ha. Don’t take everything so seriously Valens. You can return to your room now boy. I suggest you wash the crust off you before you sleep.”

“’Don’t take everything so seriously,’” Valens thought. “How can I not take it seriously?”

He limped back to his room, his dripping hole too sore to walk normally, and his stones aching even more than normally.

As he washed the accumulated dried semen from his body, he started to contemplate how he could one day get away with killing the senator.


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