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A young man is introduced to the pleasures of same-sex love by an older teen.

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Rafael was scared stiff. This was the big one and it was so easy to get wrong. True, he’d practiced for untold hours, but if he screwed up it wasn’t just him that he let down, and in front of the cameras no less. Next to him, Eduardo was playing his part perfectly and that only increased the pressure.

He squinted from the side of his eyes, watching as the older teen played his clarinet to exquisite perfection. But a clarinet was an easier instrument to play. All Eduardo had to do was blow and hit the right notes. Rafael was holding an oboe; an oboe d’amore to be precise. Not only did you have to hit the reeds exactly right from the very first note, but it had to be played with restrained breath, releasing the air in small puffs.

He licked his lips, wetted the reeds, puckered, licked his lips again and looked at Vicente, the conductor. The man could see he was nervous and gave him a wink of encouragement. At 16 years old, Rafael was one of the youngest musicians in the Orquesta Joven de la Sinfónica de Galicia, Spain’s premiere youth orchestra. The wink gave him courage. Rafael took a deep breath and moved the mouthpiece to his lips…


45 minutes later, Rafael stood in the changing rooms packing his instrument. All around him the other members of the orchestra were doing likewise, chattering in twos and threes.

Eduardo approached.

“You really nailed your solo Rafael. It was flawless.”

Rafael looked at the 19-year-old.

“Nah, I made lots of mistakes, and I couldn’t hold my embouchure.”

“Yeah, I could tell you were nervous before your part, but it didn’t notice honestly. I saw Vicente give you a smile after your part. If you made any mistakes, nobody noticed.”

“You don’t think so? Thanks Eduardo. That means a lot. You were awesome. But then you’re a clarinet robot!”

Eduardo laughed.

“You’re so cute,” Eduardo said. “Can you play your own oboe?”

Rafael grinned uncertain what he’d heard.

“Excuse me?”

“Have you ever blown your own oboe?”

Rafael frowned.

“My own…” the cent dropped. “Oh, you mean…”

“Yeah. Have you ever tried?”

Rafael laughed.

“Dude, ‘course not!”

“Why “‘course not”? Every guy tries it sooner or later.”

Rafael frowned.

“No way dude!”

“Have it your way. You’re missing out.”

“Hold on,” he said lowering his voice, “are you saying you’ve done it?”

“Sure, when I was about 14. My back’s not flexible enough now. Too much time sitting in the pit.”

He was referring to the pit where the orchestra sat.

“What was it like?”

“It was amazing. What would you expect?”

Rafael studied Eduardo’s face to see if he was pulling his leg. He could see no deception in the older boy’s expression.

“Raf, are you ready to go?” a man called.

Rafael turned to see his father standing waiting by the door with a genial smile on his face.

“Yeah dad.”

As he passed Eduardo, the older boy held out a low flat hand.

“Well done again Raf.”

Rafael slapped his hand.

“Give it a try tonight. See how far you get,” Eduardo called as Rafael walked to his father.

Rafael looked over his shoulder with a smirk.

“What was that about?” his father asked.

“Oh, just a new playing technique he was telling me about.”

“Ah, you’ll have to tell me about it later.”

“Nah, it doesn’t really suit my instrument.”

As they walked through the corridor towards the exit, Rafael couldn’t help thinking about the fact that Eduardo had called him cute.



A few days later Eduardo phoned.

“Hey man, it’s Eduardo, from Sinfónica. How you doing?”

“Oh, hey Eduardo, I’m cool thanks. Where’d you get my number?”

“I asked around. Hugo gave it to me. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Nah, not at all. What’s up?”

“Nothing much. I know it’s short notice but my parents are away tomorrow night. I thought you might want to come over and hang out, maybe get pizza, watch a movie, practice together? You can sleep over if you like.”

“Oh wow, um, that sounds cool,” Rafael said, taken aback. “Can I think about it and call you back later?”

“Sure, no problem. Speak to you soon.”


As soon as he’d hung up, Rafael’s mind started whirling. He knew he was gay but he’d never been with anyone and Eduardo was not the kind of guy he would ever have considered. Eduardo was kind of nerdy, smaller than he was, skinny, serious, with pale skin and days’ worth of stubble. Rafael was the polar opposite. Healthy, sporty, tanned, and smooth-cheeked.

Yet Eduardo did have one thing Rafael did not – confidence. He was confident in the orchestra, and he even had the confidence to just tell another guy that he was cute.

Rafael strongly felt that there was an undercurrent to Eduardo’s casual invitation. Whilst nothing overtly sexual was said, he suspected that it might lead to a sexual situation. Of course, he could always just say no if things went in that direction, but it didn’t seem right to lead Eduardo on if he had no intention of allowing it. But maybe he could just go round, see where things lead? That didn’t mean he was agreeing to being fucked or anything that extreme. Maybe they could just… Rafael didn’t know where his boundary was, but he knew he’d been pulling his dick for three years and fantasising about the chance to fool around with a guy. True he’d imagined someone his own age, but now that the possibility of fooling with an older guy was presented, it had its own appeal, especially if Eduardo was experienced.

His dick strained in his joggers. He noticed it and decided to take a chance…


The next day at just after 7.15pm, Rafael’s father dropped him off at Eduardo’s house across town. The man waited until Eduardo answered the door before waving to them both and driving away.


“Hey, glad you decided to come over!” Eduardo said.

“No problem. Thanks for inviting me.”

Eduardo smiled and stepped to the side of the door, inviting Rafael inside. As the younger boy walked forwards, Eduardo held up a hand to offer a nice safe, unthreatening, high five.

“Take it easy,” he thought. “we have all night.”

Rafael lightly slapped the hand as he walked past. He was carrying a backpack and a three-foot-long oboe case.

“What’s in the backpack?” Eduardo asked.

“Just my wallet, toothbrush, wash cloth and my pyjamas.”

Eduardo grinned.

“You brought pyjamas?”

“Yeeeeah?” Rafael said sheepishly. “Why what do you wear?”

“Nothing usually. Sometimes underpants.”


Sleeping naked seemed very adult to Rafael. His mother was the epitome of a bustling Latino woman – master of the household, and still saw him as a child. She would quite happily walk into his bedroom without knocking. The last thing he wanted was for her to see him naked. He was certain that she would walk in whilst he was taking a shower or having a shit if it wasn’t for the lock on the door!

Eduardo saw that his guest was uncomfortable. He put a hand around the younger boy’s shoulder and ushered him in smiling.

“Hey Raf, you wear what you like. There’s nothing wrong with pyjamas, I just get too hot and sweaty in them.”

Rafael relaxed. Eduardo’s reassurance made him feel less… juvenile.


For a couple of hours, they hung out, watched the latest Avengers movie and ate pizza. When the movie was over, Eduardo said, “Hey you wanna practice?”

Rafael shrugged.

“I guess. Not really now. I practice two hours a day as it is, and I’m not in the mood.”

“Ah okay. Did you practice that other thing I talked about?”

“What other thing?” Rafael asked, knowing exactly what Eduardo was referring to.

“You knowing, blowing your own oboe. Did you try it?”

Rafael chuckled.

“You mean sucking my own dick? No, I didn’t do that. Dude!”

Eduardo gave Rafael a wry, half-grinning look that felt like it saw right through him.

“But you tried right?”

Rafael blushed furiously and he shrugged. Eduardo laughed triumphantly.

“I KNEW it! I bet you couldn’t WAIT to try it out.”

“Well, I waited till my parents left the living room,” he joked.

Eduardo grinned.

“How far did you get?”

“Not far,” Rafael admitted sheepishly. “I couldn’t get my head low enough.”

“How far off?”

“I dunno; maybe 20 centimetres.”

“Yeah,” Eduardo commiserated, “you either need to be really flexible or you have to have a long dick. How long is yours?”

“My dick? I dunno, I never measured. Average I guess.”

“So about 10 centimetres?”

“What? No, longer than that!”

“Show me how close you can get.”

Rafael stared at him. This was it. The moment when sex talk could transition into action. His heart was pounding with excitement. Eduardo did little for him erotically, but sex play was sex play.

“You show me first,” he replied.

Eduardo grinned.


He dropped his dark khaki Chinos. Underneath he was wearing skimpy Tanga-cut briefs.

“You wear those pants all the time?” Rafael asked.

“Nah, just today, for you. They show off my bulge better.”

Rafael looked at the bulge. It was plump, and the soft outline of Eduardo’s penis ran diagonally along the crease of his thigh. It was growing inside the stretchy cotton blend.

Eduardo pulled his T-Shirt off, then he pushed his underpants down in one motion. His rapidly-thickening penis sprang free.

“Wow, you’ve got a big dick,” Rafael observed.

“Not so big – only seven inches, but it’s thick so looks bigger.”

“Yeah, it’s gotta be as thick as a deodorant can.”

“Exactly! Good eye.”

Eduardo sat bare-assed on his bed facing Rafael. He placed the soles of his feet together, knees apart, then leaned forwards, straining his head downwards, whilst he lifted his penis towards his mouth. He was a foot short. He sat up.

“See, miles away. It sucks.”

“Not anymore.”

Eduardo grinned broadly at Rafael’s joke, happy that the teen was growing comfortable with the situation.

“Your turn,” Eduardo said.

Rafael stood and kicked off his sneakers, then he peeled off his T-shirt and dropped his drawstring trousers. He was wearing boxers underneath. He paused for a beat then shucked them off and Eduardo looked appreciatively at what lay within.

The skin of Rafael’s groin and legs was paler than his torso, but his genitals were a darker brown than the his naturally Mediterranean olive skin. His soft penis was a good 12 centimetres long, with a foreskin that covered its head but little more, coming to a neat pucker at the end. His penis hung flaccid, straight down between his legs, while his generous testicles hung heavy in their bag. His genitals were topped with a patch of shiny jet-black hair, which, whilst not extensive, was thick, and grew to a short treasure trail that ran up the lower part of his belly, stopping well short of his navel.

He looked up, as though waiting for Eduardo’s appraisal.

Eduardo let out a drawn out “Oooh,” of disappointment.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“I was hoping you’d be hard already.”

Eduardo gave Rafael a cheeky grin.

“Oh. Sorry?”

“Nah, nothing to be sorry for. I was just hoping that the sight of my hot bod might do more for you.”

“You have got a great dick,” Rafael offered.

Eduardo laughed.

“There’s no need to be polite, I was just pulling your leg. Get it hard and see how close you can get.”

“Okayyy,” Rafael said nervously.


He gripped his penis in his fist and started pumping it slowly in an effort to work some life into it. He usually had not trouble when he was alone, and here he was naked with another guy; it was his dream come true. But now he was there, his cock resolutely refused to respond. He tried to work the head between the side of his index finger and his thumb. He looked at Eduardo’s penis for motivation, but it didn’t help.

He looked up at Eduardo.

“It won’t get hard. I NEVER have that problem normally.”

“It’s just first-time nerves. Have you been naked with another guy before?”

Rafael shook his head.

“Well at least you were looking at my dick for inspiration. That’s a great sign. I’d hate to think I was trying to seduce a straight boy!”

Rafael had never admitted his sexuality to anyone but now that Eduardo said it out loud, he didn’t deny it. He was gay.

Eduardo continued, “It’s no problem. Here, let me help.”

He moved to the edge of the bed, and reached under Rafael’s cock.

“You’ve got great balls.”

Rafael smiled at the compliment. His face was young for his age. Smooth, with big dark, trusting eyes.

Eduardo slowly rolled Rafael’s balls in his left hand then he lifted the teenager’s cock in the palm of his right and slid his hand towards the base. The foreskin peeled back softly, revealing the vermillion-coloured head within. It was moist and Eduardo smiled at it.

“What are you smiling at?”

“You have a beautiful cock.”


Eduardo slowly moved his palm back and forth along Rafael’s penis, holding it, not in a traditional jacking fist, but allowing it to rest lengthways in his palm. Rafael inhaled in shuddering breaths, excited now that Eduardo was touching him. His penis quickly lengthened, and then grew almost painfully hard, curving slightly up away from Eduardo’s hand.

“There you,” Eduardo cooed with a gentle smile, “it just needed proper motivation.”

Rafael swallowed hard and looked down at himself. He’d never imagined his first time going like this, with someone like Eduardo. He imagined it being rougher, more frantic, and with him in control. But Eduardo was being gentle and patient and Rafael liked it. He hadn’t been touched with such tenderness since he was a little boy, and there was no sexual motive then.

“Sit on the bed. See how close you can get your mouth,” Eduardo said.

Rafael obeyed, sitting on the bed with the soles of his feet together and his knees spread as Eduardo had done. He didn’t need to lift his cock – it already stood vertically between his legs. He lowered his head towards it. As he had guessed, his face stopped a good 20 centimetres short. He opened his mouth and pursed his lips as though he could somehow suck his penis towards him. Then Eduardo firmly pressed the middle of his back and his head moved  7 centimetres closer. Eduardo eased the pressure.

“So close. With practice, I’m sure you could make that. Trying laying on your bed upside down on your shoulders with back against the wall. That helps.”

Rafael grinned at the image.

“You tried that?”

“Hell yeah. I tried everything.”

He clambered onto the bed and sat in front of Rafael with his legs spread around either side of the younger boy’s hips. He shuffled closer until they were sitting cock to hard cock. He looked at Rafael’s big puppy dog eyes. The boy had straight hair, but where it was a little long, it formed an angelic  curled fringe and a pair of curly licks just above his temples. Eduardo reached out and ran his finger through one of them, straightening it. It sprang back, forming a tight curl again when his finger was past.

“You are so fucking cute Raf,” he said with deep affection.

Rafael gave him a big innocent grin. What was he supposed to say to that?

“I’ve been horny for you since the first second I saw you at Sinfónica,” Eduardo said.

“That was a long time ago. Why didn’t you say anything before?”

“I didn’t want to scare you off. And I wanted to make sure.”

“Make sure what?”

“That you were the kind of guy that would enjoy sitting here with your cock pressed against mine.”

Rafael smiled bashfully.

“How did you know?” he asked softly.

“I dunno. You never talked about girls. And you seem kind. And the way you make your embouchure. Gotta level with you, I jacked off more than once imagining that wrapped around my dick.”

Rafael spluttered into laughter.

“You did?!”

“Fuck yeah. Your lips are so soft and… and supple!”

Rafael laughed even harder, and now Eduardo joined in.

They leaned in towards each other and hugged. Rafael was acutely aware of the fact that their erections were trapped between their bellies pressing against each other.

“Your dick is so hard. No problems now,” Eduardo said.

He tugged at Rafael’s earlobe with his lips. Rafael tilted his head coquettishly and giggled adorably. Eduardo wrapped his legs more tightly around the younger boy now, crossing them at the ankles behind his back, and pulling their groins together even more tightly. At the same time, he wrapped his arms around the teenager like an amorous octopus. Their chests pressed tightly together. They were both moist with sweat.

“Have you done this with anyone else?” Rafael asked.

“Yeah. But no-one since you joined Sinfónica.”

“That’s good.”

Eduardo was unsure if the youngster was happy that he had NOT had more recent partners, or that he was experienced. Then Rafael rested the side of his head against Eduardo’s neck and Eduardo knew the kid was getting feelings for him already. He insistently ground his groin against Rafael’s.

“You make me so horny.”

“Really?” the younger boy was genuinely surprised.

“Are you kidding? You’ve got a great body, nice skin, the cutest face, and now an awesome dick as well. I can’t believe how hard you are now.”

“Yeah, it gets like that when I’m really horny.”

“Nice to know I have that effect on you!”

Eduardo move back a little and leaned back, then he took both of their straining dicks in his fist and slowly started to pump them. Rafael let out a small shiver of pleasure.

“You like?” Eduardo asked.


He looked down. Eduardo’s penis was so much thicker than his and his glans ended over an inch from the end of the older boy’s.

“I’d never have guessed your dick was so big.”

Eduardo smiled.

“That’s why I wear tight pants. I don’t like it flapping when I’m walking around.”

He looked at Rafael’s dick. A dribble of clear precum leaked from the urethra onto his own penis. He smiled but didn’t say anything in case it made the boy self-conscious.

Eduardo continued slowly masturbating their cocks, the insides of his knuckles bumping gently over the rear of Rafael’s glans. With his other hand, he reached behind the side of Rafael’s neck, spreading his fingers up the nape of the boy’s neck and gently pulled their faces together, puckering his lips loosely as he got close. Rafael allowed his head to move forwards but his lips remained motionless, slightly parted, soft and full, innocent, unprepared.

Eduardo kissed him lightly, first on his top lip, then on both. Then he tilted his head to the side so that they could meet without noses getting in the way. He began to knead Rafael’s lips with his own, and finally the youngster realised that he should also participate, and he started to move his own lips in response.

After a while, Eduardo slowly pushed his tongue into Rafael’s mouth. Rafael was initially hesitant. It felt so much more intimate even than having his dick pumped. The last thing he wanted was the taste of the pizza they’d just eaten, but to his pleasant surprise, Eduardo tasted sweet and minty; spearmint. He must have eaten a tic tac or something without Rafael knowing. It was a consideration that the youngster appreciated as Eduardo’s tongue played with his. He was surprised at how sensuous the feeling was. How horny it made him.

Eduardo was not pumping their dicks fast enough to cum; at least not how Eduardo normally masturbated, but Rafael’s balls were churning with excitement. Suddenly, he felt a rush and then he was spurting between them. He felt it hit their bellies then dribble down onto Eduardo’s fist, which was still moving at the same slow, steady pace. Eduardo continued kissing for a minute before stopping and moving away from Rafael. He looked down at their cocks poking out of his fist. His fist was covered in Rafael’s cream. He grinned at the younger boy.

“Excitable huh? First timers get like that.”

Rafael blushed maroon, wearing a sheepish expression.

“Sorry,” he said, feeling like a puppy that had just peed on the carpet.

Eduardo’s grin widened.

“Don’t be. I take it as a compliment. You’ll learn control over time.”

He reached down and wiped his index finger in the cum that Rafael had deposited on his belly, then he lifted it to his mouth and sucked it off like a chef appraising a dish he was working on. He smiled, then picked up another scoop of semen and lifted it to Rafael’s lips. The boy looked at it sceptically.

“It’ll make hair grow on your balls,” he said.

Rafael licked it off and swallowed.

“Is that true?” he asked.

Eduardo made a “Come on, seriously?” frown.

“No, of course not Raf! I just think it’s sexy as hell to see you eat your own cum.”

Rafael looked simultaneously embarrassed and amused, his blush growing even more intense.


Eduardo reached under his bed and pulled out a hand towel which he used to clean them both.

“Did I ruin it for you by cumming so fast?” Rafael asked.

“No, of course not. And we’re not done yet. Now you’ll be able to last longer.”

Rafael frowned. When he masturbated, an orgasm denoted the end of his activities. All that remained was clean up then sleep, or to dry off after a shower and off to school.

“Sit back against the headboard,” Eduardo instructed him, indicating the fake leather padded end of the bed.

Raf moved back and sat where Eduardo pointed, sitting with his legs straight and apart. His smooth dick was still rigid, pointing up at the ceiling. Eduardo moved close and lay on his stomach with his head between Rafael’s thighs. Despite his arousal, the boy’s testicles still hung low in their soft sack. Each one was distinctly visible from the other, and the left one hung notably lower than the right; so low in fact, that they could almost hang in a straight line, one above the other.

Eduardo lightly gripped one testicle in the fingers of each hand. Rafael watched with interest. Then Eduardo started gently massaging the soft, cool orbs. Rafael trembled at the sensation. Eduardo’s touch was firm, just short of discomfort. It created a mild ache in each ball, but not so much that Raf had to make him stop. His penis twitched and jumped each time the pads of Eduardo’s thumbs pressed into his delicate teen orbs.


Then the clarinet player lowered his mouth to the boy’s penis. Rafael’s glans was sleek, narrow, almost bullet shaped, and the foreskin tucked in neatly behind the glans.

Before he started sucking, Eduardo said, “Don’t come again.”

He looked at Rafael’s face for confirmation. The boy’s eyes were wide with excitement. He gave an abrupt nod.


Eduardo smiled then lowered his lips around the head of Rafael’s penis, allowing his hot tongue to press against it as it entered. He slurped it wetly, moving his tongue along its rear side, teasing its frenulum and the two arcs where the hemispheres of his glans joined. The boy arched his back and threw his head back.

“Ohhhh fuuuck!” he moaned shocked at how good Eduardo’s mouth felt.

Eduardo continued slurping on Rafael’s cock for a few minutes, as he felt the boy squirming more and more, twisting side to side on his rump, using his now-bent knees to turn. Eduardo thought that Raf was like a little boy desperate to use the lavatory. The thought amused him and he slowly started bobbing his mouth up and down. He knew that he could draw another orgasm from the young virgin in just moments if he wanted. Instead he licked his index finger.

“Lift your knees up and put your feet flat on the bed.”

Rafael frowned but obeyed. He felt now like a woman in birthing position. With a gasp, he felt Eduardo’s finger pushing its way into his hole.

“What are you doing?!” he protested.

Then Eduardo started teasing his prostate and his question was answered.

He started panting like a rutting dog.

“Huh, huh, huh. I’m.. Gonna… Cum…” he panted in trembling, staccato breaths.

“Hold it.”

“I can’t!”

Eduardo withdrew his finger and holding one in each hand, he squeezed Rafael’s testicles firmly. The boy yelped, but Eduardo kept them compressed, ruining his imminent orgasm, until the boy’s cock started to lose its rigidity. He could feel the boy’s testicles twitching; struggling to initiate an orgasm, but their power was nothing compared to Eduardo’s grip.

When the immediate danger of orgasm was past, Eduardo rewarded the boy by sucking him once more, rapidly restoring his dick’s former iron-bar hardness. Rafael’s balls ached, but he was amazed at how masterfully Eduardo played his body, raising and crashing his arousal as though it was a car on a roller coaster ride.


Eduardo stopped sucking and reached into his bedside cabinet for a condom. Rafael looked at it.

“No Eduardo, I don’t want you to fuck me. I’m not ready for that.”

Eduardo smiled at him as he tore open the foil wrapper. Rafael watched him, nervous now that he was going to have to ruin this incredible evening by putting his foot down, or worse still by fighting off an over-horny would-be rapist. He pressed his hands again the bed as Eduardo took the rubber out of the packet, but to his surprise, Eduardo rolled the condom onto Raf’s hard cock, not his own. When it was on, the brown 13.5 centimetre curve wore a shiny rubber sleeve. It was not the first one that Rafael had ever worn, but it was the first in the presence of another person.

Eduardo smiled at him, then straddled him on his knees, and slowly lowered himself onto the 16-year-old’s erect penis. Rafael’s eyes opened wide yet again. This had been an evening containing one delicious surprise after another, but when he’d left home several hours ago, it had never even occurred to him, that he’d end up fucking Eduardo!

He felt his cock slide into Eduardo’s hole as the musician sat down on his lap. Eduardo’s hole was even hotter and softer than his mouth, but Raf could feel muscular undulations within. He looked up at Eduardo’s face with awe. Rafael was still young enough that the difference in their ages meant a lot, and he felt a natural deference to someone three years older, yet here HE was fucking the older boy!

He looked up with an expression approaching awe and Eduardo smiled down at him, resting his hands on Rafael’s shoulders for support. When he was fully impaled, he started bouncing up and down, and Rafael felt an instant swelling of pleasure in his balls again.

Rafael noticed that Eduardo’s dick was completely limp now, his erection surrendered in the interests of servicing HIM. He wondered if Eduardo was enjoying this at all, or if this was all for his benefit. Then, to Raf’s pleasure, the older boy’s penis started to grow again, swinging like the boom of a construction site crane in a gale as he bounced. Rafael reached down and gripped it in his fist. Eduardo’s dick was much too thick for him to wrap his fingers all the way around but he was determined to give something back to Eduardo. Eduardo smiled at him, happy that his paramour was starting to think beyond his OWN penis.


Rafael pumped his fist in time with Eduardo’s bouncing. Eduardo continued at a steadily increasing pace for a couple of minutes, until his stamina placed a hard limit on his ability to continue.

“Faster!” he said to Rafael as his own bouncing slowed. “Faster, faster!” he said with urgency now.

Rafael moved his hand up and down ever quicker, until his fist became a blur.

Eduardo grunted.

“Uhhh,” and blasted a huge gob of cum into the air, followed by another and another.

The first hit Raf in the face just above his right eye, and the second in the mouth. As the huge glob dribbled stickily down his face, he closed his eye so that he could continue pumping. For Eduardo, seeing his cum on those pretty red lips and in that cute mouth only made his orgasm more powerful, and he continued bouncing for 30 seconds until his balls had no more to give, then he slowed and stopped.

He reached over and picked up the towel, wiping his cum from Raf’s face.

“Ha, ha, sorry Raf, didn’t mean to do that. You just make me so fucking horny.”

Rafael looked sheepish as Eduardo cleaned the cum from his sensual lips and nicely curved chest.

“Guess that’s a good reason at least.”

“Yeah. Did you cum yet?”



Eduardo clambered off and crouched on the bed with his rump sticking out towards the younger boy. He looked over his shoulder.

“Here, finish now. Go as hard as you like.”

Rafael didn’t need a second invitation. He rose to his haunches until he was crouching behind Eduardo, then he thrust his middle leg into the 19-year-old’s bottom. He started thrusting energetically, but he quickly realised that his thrusts were pushing Eduardo’s butt away from him, so he grabbed the crests of the teen’s hips to hold him in place. Then he started thrusting in earnest, pile-driving his cock deep inside the crouching teenager’s bottom, pulling him towards him with every thrust.

He started grunting with a mixture of exertion and primal, animal lust. Eduardo listened to the boy’s adolescent grunts. To him it was like being fucked by a horny gorilla. Or maybe a chimpanzee. The thought made him smile.

Rafael increased his pace, his superior fitness enabling him to go faster, harder, and longer than Eduardo had. Then his grunting took on a more strident tone, and his thrusting became more aggressive. Eduardo knew the boy was cumming and he pushed back against him to increase his pleasure. But eventually, it was over, and Rafael collapsed exhausted onto Eduardo’s back, their sweaty bodies sliding off each other, and Rafael radiating stellar heat.

“Raf, let’s lay down on our sides together. Try not to take your dick out.”

They carefully manoeuvred until they lay on their sides.

“Wrap your top leg around me.”

“What, why?” Raf asked sleepily.

“Because I want to fall asleep with your dick inside me.”

Rafael complied, his leg drawing them close together. His dick was still hard as wood. Eduardo reached across and turned off the bedside light. Raf wrapped an arm around Eduardo’s waist and drew him closer still, nuzzling his neck as they both drifted off into contented sleep.

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