Fantasy, humiliation, forced arousal

A bully is punished in a fantastical way.

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Willie awoke with a start. He wasn’t in his own bedroom where he had fallen asleep. He was in another room looking down on a sleeping teenager; Jonathan, the homo!

What the hell was he doing in… Then Willie made another realisation. The perspective was all wrong. He wasn’t standing over the boy, he was over at the side of the room perched on some kind of furniture – a chest of drawers! But why the hell would he be squatting on a chest of drawers in the bedroom of this little faggot?

He looked down and was shocked to see that far from being perched on the chest of drawers, he was sitting on it, and he was surrounded by several stuffed toys. Stuffed toys that were his size. Or rather, he was theirs. He looked down at his own body. It was brown and made of short mock fur. His brain momentarily short-circuited, unable to process what he was seeing.

He seemed to have the body of a plushie toy. He tried to raise his arms in front of him but they wouldn’t move. He had simple mitten-shaped paws made of cream-coloured fur.

He looked down at his body again. He had a slightly rounded tummy made of the same paler fur as his hands and underneath, resting on the sideboard, his genitals. Except they weren’t his genitals. It was impossible for him to judge his own height, but if the toys sitting around him were normal sized, then he was about a foot tall. And his genitals were scale down accordingly; more or less.

As a human, he’d been proud of his penis – it was on the large size. Fat and dangerous looking. Now it was an inch long pink winkie with an anteater snout. His balls rested in a similarly pink bag on the wooden surface. His hairless, baby-pink genitals were tiny compared to what they used to be.

And why was he fucking naked in the first place?! Fluffy toys didn’t have dicks, and certainly not human ones!

He tried to rise to his feet, but he felt as though there was no strength in his muscles. “Muscles” there’s a joke. Did he even HAVE muscles anymore?

Then Willie realised what was happening. This was all just a dream. A very weird dream. One of those dreams that you know you’re having and you can’t wake up from. He tried to work out what it all meant. The homo was laying asleep, unaware of his presence, and he, Willie was a naked monkey toy. What did his physical form mean and why Jonathan in his dream? His nudity was even more bewildering and unsettling.

Then someone he didn’t know entered the room. It was an older male, in his early twenties. He gently shook Jonathan awake.


“Hey Jon, it’s 9.15, are you gonna lay around all day?”

The teenager roused slowly at first, then as though someone had suddenly splashed his face with cold water, he sat up.

“Did it work? Steven did it work?” he asked excitedly.

His brother Steven smiled.

“See for yourself.”

He looked at Willie and Jonathan’s eyes followed.

“No way. Sick!”

The older boy walked over to Willie and picked him up off the chest of drawers. He lifted him until their faces were level, he smiled. Willie struggled and his arms and legs moved weakly.

“Hey kid. You bullied the wrong person this time.”

Willie’s eyes widened.

“What do you mean?” he asked in a tiny, high-pitched voice that sounded like one of the chipmunks.

The young man smiled and winked, then took Willie over to his brother, and held him up in front of the teen. Jonathan beamed with delight.

“You really did it! He’s tiny. And you gave him a tiny dick too. Willie’s little willy!” he said grinning.

“Yup, and a little butt hole,” Steven said.

He gripped Willie’s small monkey tail. It was 6-inches long and curled into a full circle at the end. Steven held the circular bit and allowed Willie to fall. He pivoted around the tail until he was hanging upside down, with his tiny pink genitals flopping against his woollen belly. He could feel his tail pulling at his spine, and his butt-hole was shockingly exposed. He tried to move his arms to protect his privates, but they flopped uselessly below his head, and his legs flopped in a much-wider-than-splits position. He tried to close them to at least hide his anus or protect his balls, but no matter how hard he tried, he could barely move them.

Jonathan sat up in bed and leaned forwards, scrutinising Willie’s butt. He grinned.

“Even his butt-hole is pink!”

He reached out and took the Willie toy from his brother, turning it up the right way. He looked at its human face.

“Not so tough now are you Willie?”

“What have you done to me?” Willie squeaked.

“My brother’s a warlock. Trainee warlock. Most people don’t believe in magic but he’s really good at it. I told him about the way you humiliated me in the showers the other day. And the way you’ve been tormenting me the past few months. Looks like you’re the one getting humiliated now huh?”

He tickled underneath Willie’s tiny genitals. The plump balls in their tiny, droopy sack slid around his finger tip and the penis bounced up and down.

“Now who’s got a little dick?”

“Don’t fucking touch me!” Willie demanded with all the menace of a gerbil, ineffectually wriggling.

Jonathan laughed.

“His voice is so squeaky. It’s cracking me up!”

He gripped Willie’s little pink cock.

“Now who’s got a baby dick huh?”

He pulled it out in front until Willie screamed in distress.

“Ahh, ahhh, no stop, fuck!”

Fully stretched, Willie’s penis measured just over an inch.

“Aww so tiny,” Jonathan said. “Maybe I should just pull it off? Nobody would notice if it was missing.”

“No! No please don’t!” Willie screamed in alarm.

Jonathan looked at his brother.

“Should I pull it right off Steven?” he asked with no real intention of doing so.

Willie couldn’t turn to see the older boy as he answered but he heard him.

“He’s your pet. Do what you like. Just remember, once it’s gone, you can’t mess with it again.”

Jonathan lifted Willie in front of his face and looked at his nemesis.

“What do you think monkey, would anyone else care if I pulled your dick off?”

“Yes! Yes they would! Please don’t!” he babbled desperately.

“Hmmm, okay, I’ll let you keep it. For now.”

He reached beneath and groped the monkey-boy’s scrotum.

“His balls are pretty small, like chocolate mini-eggs,” he told his brother grinning.

“What have you done to me? Why are you doing this to me?”

“My brother turned you into a toy monkey.”

Jonathan got out of bed and walked over to the mirror that hung by the door. He held Willie up so that he could see himself in the mirror. He looked at his reflection, seeing his whole body for the first time. He was indeed, a plush monkey toy, with his own human face where the monkey’s face should be, and the pink genitals of a large-testicled child.

Willie stared at his reflection in disbelief.

“Why have you done this to me?”

“For fun. The same reason you beat the crap out of me. The same reason you embarrassed me outside school.”

“I was only messing with you!”

“You pulled my underwear down and tied me to a tree where everyone could see me, and wrote ‘baby dick’ on my chest. Have you any idea how humiliating that is?!”

“It was a joke, that’s all.”

“Yeah, and this is a joke too, but I don’t hear you laughing.”

“This is different. This is fucked up.”

“Oh really, little dick,” Jonathan said, giving Willie’s tiny meat another tug. “The only difference I see is that YOU’RE the one who can’t do anything about it.”

“How long are you gonna leave me like this? Can you change me back?”

“Change you back? What makes you think I’d change you back?” Steven interjected. “I was thinking of leaving you like this forever. You can stay as a naked monkey toy for the rest of your life. Or at least until we get bored with you. You don’t need to eat or breathe, and I doubt if anyone would miss you.”

“Forever!” Willie said, alarmed. “You can’t. Please. I’m sorry. I’ll be different. I won’t be an asshole to Jonathan anymore.”

“Or anyone else,” Jonathan added.

“Or anyone else,” Willie agreed instantly.

“Hmmm, you sound like you mean it, but I bet you’d say anything to get back to normal right now. I think I’ll keep you like this a while. See if I like your attitude.”

“Okay Jonathan,” Steven said, “Well I’m gonna leave you two alone now. Have fun.”

He left his kid brother’s bedroom.


Jonathan placed Willie on his bedside table, propped up so that he could see the room, then he pulled down his own brushed cotton pajama trousers. He was naked underneath.

“You know,” he confided, “since high school I’ve always hated getting undressed around people. I know I’ve got a small dick for my age and fuckers like you make it much worse.”

He looked down at his small penis

“But now, it doesn’t feel so bad.”

He picked Willie up and held him so that their penises were touching. Willie looked down at himself. His penis was one third the size of Jonathans’.

“Nope, not so bad at all.”

He hesitated for a while then added, “You were right about one thing though. I AM a homo. I like boys. And I’m going to have fun with you. Let’s start with this.”

He gripped the monkey by its head and lowered it to his groin, then he lifted his penis towards it with the other hand.

“Lick my dick, and if you bite it, I’ll pop your nuts!”

He pushed his glans against Willie’s mouth – it was half the size of the toy’s entire face. Willie closed his mouth tightly.

“Lick me or I’ll make you suffer.”

Willie continued to refuse so Jonathan lifted him back up and lightly flicked him between the legs. His finger nail was a big as Willie’s entire scrotum it felt to Willie as hard as any kick.

“Ahhh,” he squeaked, “Fuck! Okay, okay, Jesus fucking Christ!”

Profanity sounded strange coming from a toy.

Jonathan lowered him and offered up his cock again, and a moment later he felt a tiny warm tongue on his glans. He held Willie in place, allowing his bully to lick him until he got hard, then he lifted the toy away, and placed him on the bedside cabinet.

“You like my dick?” he asked. “It would be better if your mouth was normal-sized. I bet you’d give a good blow-job wouldn’t you?”

“No way, never.”

“You’re just saying that because you like to act macho. Maybe I should ask my brother to turn you into a life-size doll, then we could find out. Be fun to fuck you too.”

“Oh, shit no, please. Look I’m sorry I was an asshole, but please, no more!”

“No more? Willie, I haven’t even started. But tell you what, I’ve got stuff to do. You can watch the gay porn channel on Xtube while I take a shower and have breakfast.”

He turned on his computer and navigated to a gay stream, then clicked on autoplay. It would serve up an endless stream of gay porn unless interrupted.

Then he had an afterthought.

“Hey I’ve got an idea how you can enjoy it more!”

Willie watched him pick up as pencil with an eraser on the end. He got a sinking feeling as he watched Jonathan put the eraser end into his mouth and start sucking it. When he withdrew it again, it was covered in slimy saliva. Jonathan showed it to Willie with a smile, then he lifted Willie off the cabinet and turned him on his face. Jonathan looked at the little pink puckered butt-hole and placed the eraser against it.

Willie said, “What are you…”

Jonathan pushed the pencil into his hole, twisting as he gently worked it up into the little monkey starfish.

“No!” Willie protested in a strangled voice, “Stop, not that! Don’t. Please!”

His words fell on deaf ears and Jonathan continued until two inches of pencil were buried in monkey Willie’s hole.

“Ahhh take it out, take it out!” Willie squealed.

Jonathan turned him the right way up.

“I don’t think so. Now you can find out what’s it’s like to be a real homo. I’ve never been butt-fucked, so you get to try it before I do.”

Jonathan inserted the pencil into one of the cylinders of his desk-tidy, where it stood upright, holding monkey Willie suspended in the air. Then he positioned the tidy on his desk in front of his computer screen and turned Willie until he was facing the action.

“Try not to get too excited,” he said playfully.

He walked out the room leaving Willie impaled with but gay porn to occupy him.


“How long shall I keep him?” Jonathan asked his brother as they ate breakfast.

“I dunno. Long enough to give him a change of attitude. Couple of weeks. A month maybe.”

“Won’t his parents miss him?”

“Sure, but they’ll get over it when he turns up again.”

“What if he tells the police what happened?”

“You think he’s going to tell anyone that he spent the last few weeks as a naked sex toy?”

Jonathan grinned.

“Nah, I guess not. What about, you know, if he comes looking for revenge?”

“We’ll warn him before we send him back if he ever fucks with anyone ever again, he’ll spend the rest of his life as gimp in sex dungeon!”

“I guess that’ll do it!” Jonathan said smiling again.




Two hours later, he returned with his brother to his bedroom.

“Hey, how you doing? Having a good time?” Jonathan asked Willie.

Willie was watching the screen.

“You stuck him on a pencil?!” Steven said, grinning.

“Yeah, I thought he’d like it.”

“Please, turn me back to normal,” Willie pleaded, straining to look over his shoulder.

Jonathan turned Willie to face him.

“I dunno, it looks like you were enjoying watching that gay porn.”

“No I wasn’t, but there’s nothing else to do. I can’t even turn away or close my eyes.”

“Oh yeah, Steve deliberately gave you eyes that won’t shut. So, you’re only watching because you have to?”


“So why have you got a boner?” Jonathan asked Willie.

Willie did indeed have a stiff little one-and-a-quarter inch pink bone pointing skywards between his furry legs. He blushed brightly.

“I… I…”

“Looks like I’m not the only homo huh?”

“No, it’s not that!” Willie protested fiercely.

“Then why are you hard?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s this pencil shoved up my asshole?”

“So, you like being buttfucked?” Steven asked.

“What? No! I just meant, maybe it’s doing something to me.”

“Yeah, it’s fucking you,” Jonathan said bluntly.

“I’m gonna leave you two to play,” Steven said grinning as he left the room.


Alone with his new toy, Jonathan reached down and drew his fingers along the sides of Willie’s penis, drawing the foreskin back. Beneath, a deep red, glans the size and colour of a holly berry emerged. He ran a finger-tip over it.

“Ahhh, what are you doing?” Willie squeaked as he felt the delicious torture.

Jonathan sniggered. Willie’s cartoonish voice was endlessly entertaining to him.

“You look like you’re ready to pop your load. I’m helping.”

“No don’t! Get your hands off my dick!”

Jonathan ignored him and circled his finger-tip lightly over the small berry. Willie’s glans was more sensitive than usual, heightened by 2 hours of arousal, and an enchantment by Steven that ensured he would be desperately horny at the slightest mental or physical stimulation.

“Your nuts are swollen,” Jonathan observed. “They’re like marbles now and your nut-sack is tighter.”

Willie could barely move. With a pencil up his ass, he couldn’t even try to retreat from Jonathan’s teasing fingers. Instead he squirmed and wriggled like a dying fish on a spear fisherman’s trident. Jonathan smiled.

“What’s the matter, don’t like having your boner tickled? Enjoying it too much?”

“No, stop, please!” Willie said in a strangled squeal.

“You want me to stop rubbing your dick with my finger?”


Jonathan lifted Willie to his mouth and wrapped his lips around the miniscule glans, then he started sucking as though the teen’s penis was a lollipop. He ran his tongue over it, flickering back and forwards.

Willie squealed in unwanted ecstasy.

“No, Jonathan please, I’m begging you!”

Jonathan ignored him and continued sucking. He’d never sucked a penis before, and Willie’s was tiny; small enough to have paedophilic undertones that Jonathan was not entirely happy about. But knowing that it belonged to a magically changed teenager, and was small and smooth only for the purpose of humiliating him, he put his disquiet to one side and focussed on forcing his arch-enemy to orgasm; surrendering his body’s greatest pleasure to the lips of another male.

Jonathan reached beneath and lightly rubbed Willie’s small droopy nuts with his fingertips. Willie squirmed in slow-motion. Jonathan thought he looked like a starfish lifted from the sea with its delicate underparts exposed. Willie’s tiny cock and fluffy body were forced to experience ecstasy despite his most ardent desire to resist. Lips that were so large compared to his penis were erotic beyond his wildest imagination, and even though they were attached to another male, his body didn’t care. But his macho brain screamed against it.

Jonathan stopped sucking for a moment to taunt his victim.

“What’s wrong Willie, liking your first gay BJ a bit too much? Let’s see how you like this then.”

He held the monkey by its waist then gripped the pencil by the end and started twisting it in circles back and forth as though sharpening it in an old-fashioned sharpener. The eraser provided just enough friction so that the twisting motion was pleasurable.

“Ohhhh fuuuck!” a tiny munchkin voice moaned in horrified pleasure.

Jonathan laughed. The saliva on the head of Willie’s penis quickly dried in the warm air.

“You like that?”

Willie’s tiny penis involuntarily twitched upwards with each twist of the pencil.

Jonathan was fascinated at the way he could literally make Willie’s cock jump excitedly on demand.

Jonathan continued stimulating his helpless victim for five minutes until he noticed that the little monkey glans started to shine with moisture again.

“Your dick head is wet. I think you’re enjoying this a little bit too much considering you said you’re straight. I bet you’re nearly ready to cum?”

“No! No way. You’re just doing something to me.”

“Yeah, something you seem to really like. Your cock is super hard!”

He stopped twisting the pencil just long enough to give Willie’s spike a few twangs. It barely moved, but Willie let out a few high-pitched squeaks.

Jonathan resumed twisting the pencil and Willie’s penis resumed twitching in perfect synchronisation.

“I wonder if you can even cum? Steven gave you balls. Do you think they work? You look ready to cum.”

Willie chose not to answer but it was hard to concentrate with the pencil keeping him at the peak of ecstasy.

“Let’s try something new,” Jonathan said.

He changed the pencil’s twisting motion to a fucking one, pushing it in and out of Willie’s pink monkey hole. Willie’s squirming took on a new urgency.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh,” he groaned in a long sigh of pleasure that should have been impossible without lungs, and would have been impossible with them.

It was a continuous, unbroken three-minute moan of unbidden pleasure as his body was forced to the very brink of orgasmic joy.

Jonathan pumped faster and then suddenly, in four tiny yet energetic squirts, monkey blew his load. Jonathan pumped the pencil faster until long after his bully had stopped squirting. He looked down at his desk, and there were four, inch-long spray patterns of almost clear liquid laying across the faux wood, laminated surface. He grinned and stopped pumping the pencil, and instead started stroking Willie softly between the legs, his finger starting at the back of the small sack, and moving forwards, up the rear of his shaft, lingering for a moment to circle at the back of his small glans. Willie shivered as the finger rubbed his glans, his spent penis hyper-sensitive, yet eager for more.

Jonathan placed the pencil and its passenger back on the desk tidy, then sat in the chair so that his face was eye-level with Willie’s.

“Like that did you Willie? Getting butt-fucked. You sure came hard for a straight boy.”

“I AM straight!” the red-faced monkey boy protested.

“If you say so.”


Jonathan ran his left index finger through the tiny streaks of cum then lifted the finger to Willie’s mouth.

“Lick!” he said. “It’ll make a strong monkey of you,” he added with a grin.

Willie clamped his mouth resolutely shut. Jonathan gripped his victim’s small marbles with his other hand and squeezed gently.

“Lick!” he repeated more firmly.

Willie knew that he was in an impossible situation to win. His nuts ached from the squeezing but Jonathan could probably do far worse, and with his brother’s magical powers, who knew how bad it could get? He opened his mouth to lick the tiny smear of his own cum from Jonathan’s finger, but as soon as he did, Jonathan pushed the finger tip into his human mouth.

“Suck!” Jonathan ordered and Willie sucked the finger like a baby on a milk bottle teat.

“Goooood,” Jonathan cooed, slowly and tenderly wanking monkey’s cock with his other hand as Willie continued sucking.

The insides of Willie’s thighs trembled with pleasure.

“That’s it,” Jonathan said. “At this rate, there’s hope for you yet. I might even get my brother to turn you back one day.”

He turned Willie back towards the computer screen and resumed the gay porn playlist. Against his will, Willie watched the porn, his tiny cock stood up and continued to twitch with excitement…


Special thanks to https://www.tumbex.com/whitewormsplaythings.tumblr/posts for the inspiration

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