Embarrassment, forced milking

A victim of bullying sees his tormentor punished in an unusual way.

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Yates walked home from soccer practice, unaware of the van that was trailing him at a distance. When he turned onto a quiet avenue, it pulled over to the kerb just ahead of him and a man leaned out.

“Hey, are you Yates Marshall?” the man called.

Yates turned and frowned at the man uncomprehending. The man repeated his question. Still Yates did not respond. Then it occurred to him that he would hear better without his headphones on. He lifted his Beats and turned them down.

“Sorry, excuse me?”

The man smiled patiently.

“Are you Yates Marshall?”

“Yes, I am, why?”

“Hi, I’m Stuart. I have something for you.”

Yates knew better than to move too close to a stranger in a van, even at his age, but he took a couple of steps closer. The side panel door slid open and another man kneeled inside. He was holding a Sig Sauer Legion P226. Yates looked at the pistol and his eyes widened in fear. The gun looked like something a member of the special forces would carry.

“Get in kid,” the man in the back said.

Yates froze, momentarily paralyzed with shock.

“Why, what have I done?” he asked.

“You haven’t done anything. We’re taking you to see someone, now get in.”

Yates’ mouth opened and closed but he could find no words. In the face of such lethal-looking pistol, he climbed into the back of the van.


15 minutes later, the van drew to a stop. The side door opened and the driver stood outside. Yates could see that the van was parked inside a large garage or workshop.

Stuart smiled amiably.

“Follow me son.”

“Where are we going?” Yates asked.

“To meet a friend of yours,” the man replied, leading the way towards three steps that rose up to a door.


“You’ll find out soon enough. I think you’ll approve.”

Yates followed reluctantly.


They passed through the door and along a corridor with a glossy, grey-painted concrete floor. The man opened a side door and held it open for Yates. Yates looked inside cautiously. The room appeared almost empty. Apart from cinder block walls painted the same glossy grey as the floor, and some chrome pipes on the opposite wall, there was nothing to see.

Yates entered the room hesitantly and as soon as he did, he heard a muffled voice from behind the door. It was clear from the tone that it was appealing for attention.

Yates turned towards the voice. It was coming from a man sitting against the nearside wall. It was a man he knew: Charlie Williams. He was sitting on a chair. The man looked up at Yates as the teenager entered and grunted for assistance. Then recognition crossed his face and his grunting took on a higher, more strident pitch as though he was asking for Yates’ help. Yates looked at him first with surprise, then with disgust, then bewilderment.


Williams had left Yates bloodied or hurt on at least half a dozen occasions. He was a player on the local football team, and he seemed to have made it his job to make Yates’ life miserable whenever their paths crossed. Seeing him now, Yates was immediately filled with an additional level of fear. Then he realised Williams was no threat. In fact, he was secured to the chair and his arms were tied above his head. Moreover, he was completely naked.


“I believe you two know each other,” Stuart said.

It was a statement not a question.

“Yes. He’s Charlie Williams,” Yates said flatly.

“And unless I’m very much mistaken, you’re not exactly the best of friends. In fact, I don’t think it would be much over-stating things if I said that Mr Williams here was your mortal enemy?”

Yates looked at the muscular 19-year-old who was now apparently captive and helpless. Could this all be a trick so that Charlie could hurt him worse than usual? He looked the teenager up and down before answering. Apart from his nudity, there were pieces of equipment attached to Williams’ body. A ball gag filled his mouth; something appeared to be pushed up into his asshole; his legs were held wide apart, and his nuts were sitting in some sort of plastic bowl. There was also a soft rubber sleeve moving up and down the top two inches of William’s hard 9-inch dick in a clearly masturbatory motion. And there was a substantial puddle of cum on the grey floor floor in front of him.

There was no way that Williams would allow himself to be abused and displayed like this – not even as a way to set Yates up. He was too much of an alpha to allow himself to be demeaned like that.

“Yes, I guess that would be fair to say. Although I never did anything to deserve it.” He added.

“No, I don’t suppose you did. People like Mr Williams rarely act according to what is deserved. My associates and I have been observing the two of you for the past couple of months and we are well aware of his actions towards you. That’s why he’s here now.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Well, it appears that Mr Williams suffers from an excess of masculine… enthusiasm. Looking at his genitals, it’s easy to see why. He has the penis of a pony and testicles to match. Young men with large genitals are often arrogant and aggressive. It’s clear judging by the size of his testicles, that he has too much testosterone so we’ve decided to do you a favour.”

“Who are you? What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m sure you know what an orgasm is?” the man said, ignoring the first question.

Yates nodded.

“Good, well that equipment is designed to make Mr Williams orgasm. Time and time again. As many times as we want, until we allow him to stop.”

“You’re making him nut?” Yates said, looking at Charlie’s face with a small measure of amusement.

“Yes, that’s an accurate if colloquial description.”


“In order to drain him. I expect he has sex often and masturbates more frequently, but this will force him to ejaculate until his testicles are completely drained, and far, far beyond. It will make him far more docile.”

“So, he can’t stop nutting no matter how hard he tries?”

Charlie looked back at him and his expression changed from pleading to glowering; angry at being reduced to this in front of the most pathetic kid he knew. Suddenly Charlie squirmed and grunted, and his scowl changed into a grimace as a single small squirt of semen jumped from his penis and landed on the floor.

“No, although he’ll stop ejaculating soon. In fact, I’m surprised he’s still doing so now.”

“How many times so far?”

“He’s been hooked up for a little over an hour, so that would be about 10 or 12 times so far. Approximately once every 5 minutes.”

“Ten times?! His balls must be aching.”

“Actually, right now, the only thing he’s feeling is aroused. But he’ll certainly feel it when we finally release him.”

“So, all that stuff is making him nut all the time?”

“Not all the time, but it’s keeping him hard and excited. You know what an orgasm feels like I assume?”

“Of course!” Yates said, defensive of the fact that the man might not think him capable.

“I didn’t mean to imply that you were not old enough by any means, but some teens abstain for different reasons.”

Yates blushed, realising what he’d revealed about himself.

“Anyway, that equipment makes him feel about five times more; what’s the word you kids use… horny. All the time.”

“Five times more horny than what?”

“Than an orgasm.”

“All the time?”


“So right now, he’s feeling five times hornier than when he nuts?”

“That’s correct,” Stuart said patiently. “Although his orgasms now feel proportionally more intense as well.”


Yates looked at Charlie’s nuts. His bag was brown and loose, and his nuts were pulled high and sat in the bowl like two small eggs. Spare scrotal skin spread out in the cup like a landing parachute. The inside of the bowl was vibrating, sending small tremors across his balls and the wrinkled surface of his scrotum.  His penis was as impressively thick. Yates couldn’t help but wonder how many girls he’d destroyed with it. Williams didn’t strike Yates as a guy who would go gently.

Charlie was currently going out with a trashy drop-out who worked at the local diner. The image of his thick, brown meat sword smashing in and out of her pussy popped into Yates’ head. He looked away.

“What are you going to do with him?”

“Keep on milking him. Until he loses his attitude. 24 hours should be enough.”

“24 hours? And he’s going to nut 10 times an hour?! Won’t that, you know, do something permanent to him? Mess him up.”

“Oh, his balls will be a lot smaller afterwards and he’s definitely not going to care about pounding his girlfriend for at least six months. Still what do you care, after the way he treated you?”

Yates shrugged.

“I dunno. I guess I shouldn’t.”


“Then what?”

“Then we’ll release him and he can return to his daily life, where he will hopefully be less of an asshole. What do you think of that?”

Yates considered the question for a while, knowing that Charlie would eventually be freed.

“He deserves it but…”

“But what?”

“Well, why am I here?”

Stuart smiled.

“Well I thought you might want to watch?”

“Watch him nut?”

“Watch him getting taken down a peg.”

Yates looked at Charlie and Charlie glowered back at him, squirming to alleviate the pleasure in his dick. It stood vertically between his legs like flagpole. It was a weird thought to Yates, that as angry as Charlie was, he was also feeling extremely horny. Kind of like being raped but enjoying it.

“Ummm, thanks, but nah, not really. I don’t think he’s gonna feel different towards me after this.”

Stuart pointed at a black dome in the ceiling.

“Up there, see the camera?”


“We’re streaming him to over 15,000 clients across the globe right now. If he starts misbehaving again, the video will find its way to all his friends and team mates. I don’t think you have to worry about his behaviour anymore.”

Yates allowed himself the smallest of smiles.

“Really? Well in that case, thanks a lot. But I’d still rather not stay and watch. If that’s okay with you,” he said, still fully mindful of the fact that he had been brought here at gunpoint.

“Okay, well it’s entirely up to you.”


The man paused as though remembering and contemplating something.

“You know, we have another machine. It’s quite a bit more powerful than this one.”

He waved towards Charlie.

“Our clients would love it if YOU tried it out.”

Yates felt fear in his stomach, like an icy cold hand gripping his testicles.

“Muh… me? No way, that’s… Definitely not… I mean, no thanks. No.”

The man smiled indulgently.

“Actually, I wasn’t really asking. We recorded you in the pool bathroom a couple of weeks ago. Seems like you got rather horny while you were swimming and had to uh, let’s just say, relieve some tension. Remember the incident?”

Yates glowed deep red and nodded curtly.

“I thought so. Quite the horn-dog aren’t you son? I know that our clients would enjoy seeing you being drained. Be shame if that video got out to all YOUR friends.”

“I thought you were doing this to help me?”

“We are, but that doesn’t mean you can’t return the favour does it? Help us refine our technology. Make some money from our clients.”

“But I don’t want to. I didn’t ask for your help. Please don’t.”

“I know that, but as you’re here, it’d be a shame to waste the opportunity.”

“But you FORCED me to come!”

“Let’s not quibble. Why don’t you take your clothes off and you can check out our latest machine.”

Yates backed towards the door with an expression of horror, then he bounced against a wall of muscle. He wheeled around. The man with the gun stood there and he had been joined by a second larger man. They filled the doorway. The man smiled mirthlessly and Yates moved back into the room. He stood looking at Stuart.

“Come along now son, let’s not mess around or I’ll have to ask my assistants here to help you undress and you really don’t want that.”

“Please don’t make me,” the teenager pleaded. “I’m really shy about my body. I hate anyone seeing me naked. Just let me go, I’m begging you.”

“Sorry son, but you’re too cute to waste. Now get undressed before my associates lose their sense of humour.”

Yates glanced at the two muscular men. Neither of them looked as though they had a sense of humour in the first place. He started to undress, and much as he delayed, giving the man ample time to change his mind, in under a minute he stood wearing just his white underpants.

“Tighty Whities?” Stuart said. “Kids still wear those?”

“Just me. My mom buys them. I don’t get any choice.”

“She’s not doing you any favours is she?”

Yates looked at the floor and shook his head.

“Anyway, you don’t need them here. Drop ‘em.”

Yates looked at the man, then glanced again at his assistants. He placed his hands on the waistband of his underwear, then slid them down in one smooth push, allowing them to fall to the ground. His genitals bounced free and he immediately covered them with both hands.

“That’s better. Come over here.”

Stuart unfolded a second seat from its position stowed against the wall facing Charlie. What Yates had thought were pipes on the wall were chromium bars supporting the two vinyl-covered rectangular seat pads. There was one seat for each buttock.

“Sit,” the man said, and Yates did as he was told, sitting with his back pressed against a vinyl back rest that was secured to the wall.

The two seat pads measured 6 inches wide by 18 inches long, each stopping just before the back of the teenager’s knees. He was grateful that they were positioned side by side but he suspected that was soon to change.


The gunman’s colleague approached and wrapped leather cuffs around Yates’ wrists pulling them away from his groin. Then he secured the boy’s arms above his head tying them off with a rope on a ring that protruded from the ceiling. He used two more leather straps, positioning them as high up the insides of Yates thighs as they could go, before wrapping them around his legs and securing him tightly down onto the seat. He added a final two straps to the teenager’s knees.

The man pushed the seat halves apart spreading the boy’s thighs wide and displaying his genitals for everyone to see.  Yates heard the seat supports clicking on some kind of ratchet mechanism. When Yates’ legs were as wide as his flexibility would allow, the man stepped back, and the seat halves remained spread, holding the boy in place. Yates was aware that his genitals were utterly exposed. His balls felt like two small, fragile Christmas ornaments adorning his groin. He knew that there was absolutely nothing he could do to prevent anyone from abusing him any way they chose. He just hoped that that was not part of their plan for him.


The man produced a ball gag from a bag he was carrying and wrapped it around Yates’ head. The boy clamped his jaw shut, but without comment or apparent rancour, the man pressed two pressure points at the rear of Yates’ mandible, increasing the pressure until the boy was forced by the pain to open his mouth. Then the man pushed the rubber ball inside and secured it with leather straps behind the teenager’s head. Yates whimpered as his mouth was filled by the rubber sphere.



Stuart stepped forwards and looked down at the boy’s genitals to appraise them. The boy’s slender, cut cock hung straight down, a little over four and a half inches, with a much larger head like a ball on a chain. His testicles hung just as low in a scrawny, thin-skinned sack. They were not particularly large. If anything, they were slightly undersized for his age. It was not weight that caused them to hang so low – he merely had a droopy sack.

Notwithstanding his thin dick (he’d been called pencil-dick numerous times at school), he found it embarrassing when others saw him naked, and their lowness made them particularly susceptible to getting knocked. He’d tried judo for a while, but they kept getting squashed between his thighs when he was thrown, and after going home after class with aching nuts for the eighth time, he finally gave up on it.


“Well you’re a hairy one,” the man said.

Yates didn’t have a large bush, but everything from his penis, to his scrotum, and down his perineum was covered in a fluffy light-brown down that made his skin look dusky. His slim legs were covered in tangles of more wiry hair.


Yates’ thighs were spread almost to 180 degrees. Stuart knelt in front of the teen’s groin and opened a hidden panel in the wall beneath the seat. A machine slid out. At the rear was a 5-inch rubber dildo on a piston. It had ribbed sides and steel contacts in a cross shape over the head.

The man squeezed the dildo’s sides until lube oozed from tiny holes in the head, then he lifted it until it was touching the boy’s hairy hole. Yates tensed but with his legs spread so wide, there was nothing he could do to prevent the dildo entering him. The man lifted his fist, slowly forcing the dildo into the teen’s unwilling hole. Yates had never had anything inside him before. The sense of invasion was bad enough, but to have it done so clinically in front of three strangers and his worst enemy as though he was nothing more than an animal was even worse.


Stuart pulled another unit forward beneath Yates’ genitals.

“This is a testicle shaker,” he explained. “It shakes your nuts. Discovering it was a real breakthrough in erotic stimulation. We can use the electric dildo to give you erection; even to force you to ejaculate, but the shaker is what will make you feel truly horny. It’s important to set all this stuff up in the right order. With most guys, if you give them an erection first, it’s impossible to attach the shakers afterwards. Doesn’t look like you’d have that problem though.”

He lightly gripped Yates’ testicles in his fingers. Yates’ shivered at the touch, knowing how vulnerable he was.

“It’s okay kid, I’m not going to hurt you,” Stuart said, but it came as little reassurance, as Yates felt his testicles being rolled in the man’s hand. “I’m just loosening them up.”

Pulling the testicles as wide apart as possible, Stuart securely clamped each of them between a rubber-coated pair of tongs. Each tong was made from two loops of very thick wire on 6-inch long wire arms. Yates’ testicles were oriented horizontally, and the metal tong loops encircled the smaller ends of his testicles; one at the front and one at the back.

“Actually,” Stuart continued conversationally, as though he was imparting information that Yates wanted to hear. “it really helps that your sack is so loose. The shakers can move further. The more travel they have, the more it will stimulate you.

He tested the shaker’s range of front to back travel.

“They auto-calibrate, but I always like to double check. Now time to get you boned up.”

He took out his phone and pressed a few buttons, then smiled at Yates.

“They’ve got an app for everything nowadays haven’t they?”

Yates felt a pleasant tingling in his asshole and then to his dismay, he felt his dick rapidly filling with blood. The disinterested noodle that had hung between his legs thickened and then in a series of blood-pulsing twitches, raised its head until it stood like an arrow pointing towards the opposite corner of the room.

“Hmm, what’s that, almost six inches? Not bad.”

He looked at Yate’s glans – it had a considerably greater diameter than his penis. It was dark purple, and the rear edge was so angular that it looked as though it had been chiselled rather than grown.

“Nice head. I’ll bet that’s sensitive huh?”

He rubbed his finger around the rim of the boy’s penis and Yates squirmed and let out a whimper. Stuart smiled then pressed a button on his phone screen and the dildo started pumping slowly in and out of Yates’ rectum, fully retracting on each down stroke. If the boy was able to move, it would have been risky, but the clients liked to see the whole dildo before it disappeared back inside the victim. Yates sat bolt upright his back as he felt his hole being reamed.


Stuart pulled another device from a second wall panel, this time at chest height. It was on a series of hydraulic armatures, enabling it to be precisely positioned in relation to the subject’s body. On the end of a ball joint, there was a hollow conical head made of soft, transparent latex, that looked to Yates like a small sea anemone. It looked slippery inside and was covered with small, flexible nodules. For a moment, its purpose was inscrutable to him, then he realised. It was going to go over the end of his dick!

“The pump on Williams’ dick lets the audience see his cum shots better,” Stuart explained, “but this one is so much more stimulating.”

He pressed a button on his phone and the head started rotating. He moved the stimulator until it was close to Yates belly button, then he lifted the boy’s erection towards it. Yates tensed, anticipating its touch, then the man lowered the rotating rubber cup over his glans. The moment it touched his glans, Yates gasped at the intensity, but Stuart continued lowering it until it completely encased the boy’s glans, spinning as it went.

The twisting motion was completely alien to Yates, and he tried to pull his cock away from it, but his pelvis was completely immobile, held as it was, tightly against the seat. He let out a series of trembling whimpers as it rotated on his helmet spinning along the longitudinal axis of his penis. The motion ensured that the nodules brushed past every millimetre of his sensitive glans, even on the soft skin behind the corona where his fist never touched.

“This method of stimulation raises the intensity above your orgasm by about 3-5 times. I’m sure you can already feel that. You and your “friend” over there are now about as aroused as each other. The ‘twister’ as we call it, stops you losing your boner. No matter how hard you might try. In fact, it makes you even harder.”

Stuart reached down and squeezed the sides of the boy’s shaft with his fingertips.

“Oh yes, hard as wood. But try not to shoot before I turn on the shakers. They’re really going to scramble your brain. They’re going to raise your arousal a minimum of tenfold. And the two parts stack up, so that’s ten times three at the very least.”

Yates eyes opened wide at the information. His dick was already straining. Normally he loved to be this hard, but 30 times as horny? Could he even endure that much?!

Stuart stepped back.

“Camera’s up there,” he said pointing at ceiling camera. “Smile for the audience.”

Yates looked up at the camera with a bewildered expression. Then Stuart turned on the shakers.


The boy gasped and inhaled so long and so deeply that it seemed like a theatrical exaggeration. His eyes opened almost impossibly wide. He was so shocked and overwhelmed by the intensity of the sexual pleasure he experienced that he lost the power of speech. He even temporarily lost his gross motor control. He stared at the camera for more than ten seconds, unable to formulate the will to move. Then his vision drifted away, falling lower, to the opposite corner of the room. He felt as though his glans was swelling like a balloon inside the twister. He could feel his testicles rapidly moving backwards and forwards, one on the forward stroke as the other moved backwards.

And now, he was discovering that they presented a liability that he could never have considered a possibility. He was so hard; so horny. It was difficult to think. Even simple thoughts were a challenge to hold onto. His head started to twitch like a patient with late stage Parkinson’s disease.

Stuart looked on with amusement. He knew that his clients across the world would love watching this teenager. The big-dicked kid was popular, but he was almost a man. Less mature teens like Yates were far more popular. And Yates especially, had a certain vulnerability about him. His body was on the brink of manhood – hairy, yet still with a lack of bulk and musculature. The kid’s glans was interesting too: far too large for the shaft it was attached to, sitting atop it like a shiny purple plum that had had its bottom third sliced cleanly away, leaving the sharp edge. It was almost as if it belonged to a different penis – a larger, older one. The rear of that sharp coronal edge would be particularly sensitive. Stuart could only imagine the delicious, unbearable torment the boy was going through at this moment. The kid whimpered, like a frightened puppy, whining occasionally in a high-pitched squeak.

The kid’s nuts whipped backwards and forwards in his loose, hair-coated sack, forcing him to a level of arousal that the human body had not evolved to deliver, and which his brain was not equipped to cope with.

From the front, his thighs were held apart as though he was doing some sort of gymnastic squat or yoga pose. His nuts were held apart by the shakers and his penis was held vertically, forming an inverted T. Stuart was reminded of ancient male fertility drawings etched into stone.

And further back, the lubed dildo pumping with implacable regularity, drilled in and out of Yates’ virgin hole, pulling all the way out, before forcing its way back inside, past his sphincter and his prostate, pressing him deep inside, before retracting yet again. Something that even sexually uninhibited bronze-age artists had not conceived of.


Stuart surveyed the boy, then nodded with satisfaction.

“Yes, very nice. Just needs one more thing.”

He placed a shallow tiny silver cone over the boy’s right nipple. It was attached to a small hand pump. The man pulled the pump’s plunger and Yate’s right nipple was drawn by vacuum through a small hole at the tip of the cone. Stuart placed another silver cone over the other nipple and repeated the process. He looked at his work. The boy’s nipples bulged through the cones, holding them in place. Stuart stood back again, but Yates barely noticed his new adornments. The pleasure radiating from his violently shaking testicles occupied almost all of his attention, and what remained was taken up by the twisting hood that ceaselessly teased his swollen glans.

Some tiny part of his mind could also feel his hole being fucked by the dildo, and almost on instinct, Yates tried to lift himself from the seat, to create distance between his asshole and the piston that reamed him so relentlessly. But he could not lift himself by so much as a millimetre, let alone enough to avoid the rubber thing sliding in and out of his hole. He could feel his hole fluttering in and out, trembling beyond his control as nerves that were unused to being stimulated were teased by the dildo’s passing. The trembling in his asshole was matched by the trembling of his lips and chin.


The boy’s nuts erupted, but the twisting anemone blocked its upwards path. Instead, rivers of cream dribbled past the cup and back down his cock, coating his thin shaft on all sides like a body builder coats his muscles with oil. It caught the light, sculpting the fine veins that bulged along its sides.

The man smiled, knowing that his audience would appreciate the orgasm. It was the first of many; hundreds that the teenager would experience over the next 24 hours. He would be the first boy in human history to experience over 700 orgasms in a single day. It was impossible to predict the long-term effects on his body, let alone his mind. Both young men would doubtless have trouble walking for quite some time, and judging by the boy’s shell-shocked expression, Yates’ brain would be scrambled for a long time as well.


The two heavies backed out of the room, and Stuart followed. Just before he left, he turned to the boys.

“Try not to have too much fun.”

It was not a choice that either of the boys was free to make.


With the man gone, Williams turned his attention to Yates. He’d thought what he was experiencing was frustrating enough, but the fucker opposite was going through ten times worse. Literally. William’s was going crazy with lust, but he could not even imagine how it would feel to be in Yates’ position. There was spunk oozing down the kid’s cock already. It was less than a minute since his previous nut.

The kid’s wild eyes momentarily met Charlie’s and the thug managed to crease his eyes into a malicious smile. The little shit thought he was going to watch Charlie being sexually tormented? And now he was in a far worse position! Charlie found it hilarious despite his own desperate lust. He came again as he watched Yates’ eyes drift away.


Yates didn’t care about Williams. Yates didn’t care about the camera, or the man, or his captivity. Nothing mattered to him right now except the lust boiling in his nuts. A lust that he could not quench or escape for the next 24 hours.


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    I’m the one who left the anonymous comment on your story Drained. May I just say you have outdone yourself. This is truly amazing. Absolutely amazing. While it is not a sequel, I think this is even better than that would have been. You have done absolutely amazing! Thank you for your stories!

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    Agreed, such a great story. I love the milking stories so much!

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