Eagle’s claw – Part 5

Heavy ballbusting

A Roman teenager becomes a slave and has to live with a painful testicular control clamp.

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23AD – The veranda at Villa Herculaneum

Valens watched his father staggering towards the slaves quarters with the help of the singularius. He was fearful at seeing the man go, but at least their captor Senator Quintus Faustus had promised that they would only be held for a year. “Only”. Even another two minutes of this misery seemed unbearable.

Valens looked between his legs. His penis was a shrivelled slug now, but that was the least of his concerns. Behind it, two four-fingered metal claws encased his testicles like a raptor carrying a tiny animal. The claws were closed tight, far smaller than the testicles they gripped, and doubly so along the length of each testicle, crushing his tender nuts into small round marbles of pain.

Senator Quintus looked at the boy’s new adornments with satisfaction.

“Well boy, how do you like your claw?”

Valens lifted his head, tear still streaking his cheeks.

“Hurts,” was all he managed to gasp through his pain.

“Yes, that’s the idea.”

With great effort, Valens said, “P… please. Take it off sir. I beg you.”

“Oh, I’m going to. In a year, when your father has paid the price for cheating me.”

Valens correctly surmised that there was little point in trying to persuade the senator to change his mind.

“How long will it hurt this much?”

Quintus frowned.

“Were you not listening when I explained out in the fields Valens? It will ALWAYS hurt this much. Every moment of every day for the next year, it will feel exactly as it does now: as though your nuts are being crushed. But, if it’s any consolation, you will get used to the pain. Not today, and not this week, but you will eventually learn to live with it. I gather from the other slaves it will never be something you be able to completely ignore, but you will find it easier to endure.”

This was not news that Valens was happy to receive. His groin and his lower stomach were a mass of pain; acutely sharp in his testicles but spreading far beyond.

“Anyway boy, no point in dwelling on it. Follow me, and I’ll show you where you’ll be living while you are here.”

Quintus turned and walked imperiously towards the house. Valens tried to follow, walking on tottering steps as though navigating a field of broken glass. Quintus realised that the boy was not keeping up with him and he turned and waited for Valens to catch up. He watched the teenager’s careful steps with a smile.

“Aulus, help him or we’ll be here all night.”

“Yes domus,” his vilicus replied.

The man walked alongside Valens and put an arm around the boy’s waist to help him along. Then Quintus headed off again more slowly, towards the house.

As they passed through an internal atrium, a teenaged girl and an older woman were lounging and chatting. A naked boy of about 8 years stood attentively nearby. The woman glanced over with mild interest, and the girl rose to her feet.

“Cornelia my love, this is Valens. He’s going to be our new house boy.”

“But we already HAVE a house boy, or do you plan to get rid of Florin?”

The young boy looked alarmed. He moved close to Cornelia.

“No, no, Florin will stay, but I thought it might be nice to have someone a little older and stronger to help him.”

The woman stroked Florin’s hair as though he was a pet, and he moved closer still for reassurance.

“Oh, that’s good. I would HATE to lose Florin. He’s such a little dear.”

“This is Cassius’ son Valens. I told you last night that I was going to have to punish the man for selling me citizens as slaves. I thought it was only fair that his son shared his punishment. And truth be told, I didn’t think it wise that I should let the boy go free to start complaining around Rome about my punishment. He’ll be with us for a year, and then after that, he can complain to whomever he likes. The deed will already be done.”

“Hmmm, seems a shame to torment the boy for the sins of the father, and he does look a sorry sight.”

Valens looked at her balefully.

“Well, his father captured a boy and his father and they will spend the rest of their lives wearing my claws. It seemed fitting that Cassius’ son should also share his fate. Think of it as a way to restore the cosmic balance; to appease Lady Justicia.”

“Oh, don’t be so melodramatic darling. You haven’t prayed to Justicia a single time in your life, you know you haven’t,” Cornelia said with an indulgent laugh. “Be honest; you wanted a nice clean, pretty boy around for you to fuck when I’m not in the mood.”

Valens looked up at her with an expression of shock.

Julia said, “The boy just discovered his fate. I don’t think it pleases him.”

Aulus smirked and looked at the floor as a wry grin spread across Quintus’ face. He looked at his vilicus and nudged his trusted assistant.

“My wife knows me too well eh Aulus?”

Aulus smiled.

“It is a fortunate man whose wife knows what he wants and is willing to give it to him domus. You are a lucky man Senator.”

“Always the taciturn one aren’t you Aulus, and you are perfectly correct of course.”

Quintus pulled his wife to him and gave her a tender kiss.

“I’m a lucky man.”

“The boy is not quite so lucky,” his daughter said.


“The boy. Your new house boy. He’s not so lucky.”

“He’s two years older than you Julia,” Quintus said.

She sneered, looking down at Valens shrunken cock. It looked like it was nothing but foreskin.

“Well he looks like a little boy now.”

She walked forwards and lifted the eagle’s claw clamped to Valens’ genitals. He winced and bent over instinctively trying to protect his testicles.

She smiled at him.

“Too late for that boy. The time for that was before my father turned your plums into cherries.”

The girl looked down at his compressed testicles. Her description was perfectly apt: Valens’ testicles had been compressed into perfect spheres, each now the colour of a dark Amerena cherry.

She flicked his pathetic shrivelled penis.

“This won’t be much good for anything now.”

Valens struggled not to weep. He didn’t want to reward her teasing with tears.

“Don’t tease the poor boy Julia,” her mother chided. “He’s unhappy enough.”

“He’s just a slave mother.”


One month later

Valens stood just inside the closed door to Julia’s bedroom. She looked down at his claw.

“You’ve been here a month now boy. How do you like our home?”

He considered his answer. Every exchange with her was an opportunity for her to jibe him.

“With respect, I’d rather not be here mistress.”

She grinned.

“No, I suppose not.”

She pointed at his genitals.

“Have your stones stopped hurting yet?”

“No mistress.”

“Ah that’s good, that’s good. I’ve often wondered what it must be like to have two small orbs dangling there; so small, so soft, so vulnerable, so delicate. When I was 13, I used to play with the boys from a neighbouring farm. The eldest one was year older than me. So strong. I rather liked him actually. We used to wrestle naked – it was very unseemly. One day he had me pinned by the shoulders. He was sitting astride me and I could barely move. But my right arm was free. I reached up between his legs to the pouch that hung there and I gripped the stones within in my fist and pulled. At first, he refused to let me go. He was showing off to his younger brothers. So, I decided to squeeze and twist instead of just pulling. I could feel the lumps in his bag. I remembered being surprised at how soft they were. How small for such a big strong boy, right on the edge of manhood. I squeezed hard. He let me go then, and surrendered. But I wasn’t interested. I kept squeezing and he started screaming and trying to get away, but I had him. He tried to peel my hand away, but whenever he touched me, I squeezed harder and it stopped him in his tracks. I squeezed harder and harder, then I felt one of his balls pop, followed immediately by the other. He screamed so high I thought he was a little girl. Then his face turned this dark purple colour, and he threw up.

I never forget the feeling. It wasn’t a big pop like a sheep’s eyeball, it was a soft squish, like bursting two grapes. Or when you accidentally tread on a slug and you feel its guts squirt out of its body. He rolled off crying. He wasn’t the strong one anymore. His father came to our villa to complain, but when I told them he wouldn’t get off when I told him, my father sent the man away. No boys would ever wrestle with me again after that. I guess the word got around. But I often think of that boy; Regulus his name was. It means little king but now he’ll never even be the ruler of a household. Not without balls he won’t.”

Valens listened in silence and horror, wondering where the conversation was leading. She looked at him.

“You don’t have to be afraid. I’m not going to do that to you. My father would disown me if I did. But I was wondering, what does it feel like?”

“What does what feel like mistress?”

“Having your stones crushed.”

He considered the question.

“It’s a terrible agony. It starts as a deep ache then it turns into a sharp stabbing pain. It’s not like any other type of pain I’ve experienced.”

“Hmmm, that’s very interesting. I suppose that’s why your prickle is so small, or was it tiny before?”

She gestured towards his inch and a half penis contemptuously.

“Yes mistress.”

“Regulus had a big one for his age. He was proud of it. He tried to persuade me to let him put it in me, but I’m not letting an equite seed me if I have the choice. I’ll save myself for a patrician; maybe a consul, or even a senator like my father.

When I burst Regulus’ stones, it wasn’t so big any more. It shrivelled – not anywhere near as pathetic as yours, but still small. I wonder how big it is now; if he’s still proud of it. What do you think Valens?”

She rarely used his name, preferring instead to belittle him with “boy”.

“I don’t know mistress. I wouldn’t imagine so.”

“No, nor would I.”

She smiled sweetly as though enjoying the memory of her achievement.

“Anyway, enough talk.”


She started to remove her tunic.

“Have you ever had a woman boy?”

“Yes mistress.”

“How many?”


He wondered if the blowjob from Aurelia counted. He decided it didn’t.

“Had any boys?”


“Been fucked, or were you doing the fucking?”

“I was… I have not been fucked mistress.”

“Ah. Who were they?”

“The boys?”

“All of them.”

“They were mostly slaves my father was selling. Two were boys I know.”

“Of course. And did you enjoy it?”

Valens thought back. It was hard to even think about sex now with his testicles constantly aching, but it had been one of his favourite activities.

“Yes mistress.”

“Good, good.”

She stood naked before him.

“What do you think?”

He looked at her nubile young body. In other circumstances his pole would be standing the moment he saw it.

“You are very beautiful mistress.”

“Yes, I am.”

She sat on the bed and spread her legs.

“Come here boy. Lay between my legs.”

She gripped his tiny slug and tugged him down onto her as she lay backwards.

“Now rub your prickle against my mound. Make yourself hard.”

Valens ground his groin against her.

“That’s it, use your prickle boy.”

He ground his cock against her slit. It stayed resolutely limp.

“Come on boy, get it up. I need a cock inside me. Are you such a drooping cuckold that you can’t even get hard for a beautiful woman? Try caressing my breasts. Maybe that’ll put wood in your maggot.”

He caressed them as she instructed, but unsurprisingly, nothing happened down below. His flaccid nub ground back and forth against her mound, but there was no excitement.


Even if he was not wearing the excruciating eagle’s claw, he might not have been able to perform under such circumstances. Her constant barrage of belittling insults were like dousing his libido in the river Tiber, and her unsettling pleasure at his pain was like dousing it there in winter!


After ten minutes, she stopped him.

“What a limp disappointment! Reach into that cupboard. There’s something that will help you.”

Valens clambered off and opened the cupboard. Inside he found a 5-inch wooden cock attached to a harness. He lifted it from the cupboard.

“It’s not big but it’s harder than yours. Was yours even that big before my father turned your balls into cherries?”

“Yes mistress,” Valens acknowledged sullenly.

“Hmmm, I find that hard to believe.”

She gesture to the dildo.

“That’s it, put that on. You might not have wood, but at least I can still feel some inside me.”

He put the dildo on. There was a belt that passed around his waist and straps that wrapped around the inside of each thigh.

“Make sure it’s tight,” Julia urged.

He did as she commanded. When the dildo was securely attached, the base pressed against his pubic bone and his tiny cock dangled beneath.

“Good, now grease it well and come over here and fuck me.”

Valens greased the dildo from a pot of goose grease in the cupboard then he returned to Julia on the bed. He climbed on and carefully inserted the dildo.

“Now fuck me boy.”

Valens thrust his pelvis back and forth rhythmically and Julia slowly writhed on the bed.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, “That’s more like it.”

As he fucked her, his eagle claw swung back and forth below.

He continued at a steady pace.

“Good, keep going boy.”

Valens drilled her for 15 minutes. She looked up at him and his face was sheathed in sweat and his dark hair clumped and fell in front of his face.

She stroked his lithe body, running her fingers over his lean six pack.

“I bet you never managed to last this long before did you boy?”

He supported his weight on straight arms above her.

“No mistress,” he answered truthfully.

Julia grinned contemptuously.

“I thought not. Suck my breasts boy.”

Valens lowered his head to her chest and sucked them.

“Keep sucking. Now fuck me faster.”

He moved his pelvis quicker.

“Yes, good boy. Even faster.”

He pumped faster still.


He smashed his groin against hers, driving the wooden cock into her. His useless real cock wobbled and bounced underneath, and at the start of each backward stroke, the metal eagle claw smashed against the wooden cock as the change of direction swang it higher, making a tap, tap, tap that sounded like a knife being repeatedly tapped against a wooden bowl.

Julia’s head fell back.

“Yes, more. Just like that!”

He pumped faster, then she reached up and wrapped her arms around his torso and pulled his body towards hers. She raked his back with her nails.

“Fast as you can boy!”

She had pulled their two bodies together chest to chest, restricting his movement, but Valens slammed into her like a horny chimpanzee.

“Yes, YES!” she gasped triumphantly, as he bounced his pelvis against hers. It gave him absolutely no pleasure, but she was in ecstasy.

She wrapped her legs around him, drawing him deeper into her. He could barely move at all now but he kept trying She writhed euphorically beneath him, then collapsed into the bed and lay still. He continued to fuck her limp body until she reached up and pushed his face away from her.

“That’s enough now boy. You’ll turn my cunny into bloody meat if you keep going.”

Valens stopped fucking her and knelt up, pulling the greasy pole from her. It poked out of his groin at a right angle, and beneath, his nub hung soft and lifeless. Julia reached up and gripped it.

“Pathetic. You feel nothing. No flicker of life down there do you boy?”

“No mistress.”

She grinned.

“Take that thing off.”

She gestured towards the dildo.

Valens climbed off the bed and removed the dildo, then he turned to put it back in the cupboard.

“No wait. Don’t put it away.”

She stood up, and extended her hand so that he could pass it to her.

“One good fuck deserves another.”

Valens’ eyes widened as he realised what she was suggesting.

“Please mistress no.”

She looked coldly at him and he realised there would be no reasoning with her. He handed her the dildo, and she strapped it on, taking her time to increase his dread.

“You know,” she said, stroking his cheek as though he was a small child, “it’s lucky I like you boy, or I wouldn’t grease it first.”

Valens looked at with an expression of fear. He knew he should thank her for the concession, if only to pander to her ego, but he felt sick to his stomach: even more than he had every waking second since Quintus crushed his stones into his fiendish claws.

Julia ignored his silence, and turned instead to the cupboard. She smeared a generous handful of grease onto the dildo, then turned back to him. He watched her with trepidation.

“You know you’ve got beautiful eyes,” she said, looking into his dark brown, long-lashed eyes. “I can see why father would like you. Has he fucked you yet?”

He shook his head fearfully.

“Probably saving you for something special. Turn and lay over the edge of the bed with your ass in the air.”

Valens opened his mouth to make one final plea, but he saw nothing but humour in her eyes. He shut his mouth without saying anything, then he turned laid on the bed.

She spread his hairy ass cheeks with the fingers of her left hand, and guided the head of the dildo to his starfish with her right.

“Here it comes!” she said jauntily.

She pressed against him. He clenched his sphincter and pressed back, careful not to make his movements too obviously defiant. She pressed harder, and he tensed more. She laid on him with her full weight, then reached around to the eagle claw. She gripped it, digging her finger tips into the bulging flesh of his brutally squeezed testicles.

“Stop… fighting… me!” she said, squeezing the tender flesh.

Valens let out a strangled yelp and flinched. That momentary distraction was all it took and then the diildo pushed through his sphincter’s defences. It slid all the way in and there was nothing now that he could do to fight back.

Julia grabbed both of his hip crests and started fucking him, driving the dildo home hard every time.

“Is this how you took those slave boys Valens? Did you force them onto their stomachs to take your stiff prickle as though they were women? Now you know how they felt. Do you like it boy?”

She pumped hard, pounding his hole aggressively.

“Do you like being taken like a five aureus scortum?”

She compared him to the most demeaning form of prostitute – not the meretrix favoured of the nobility, but the cheap back-alley whores who would take it in the ass on a public street for little more than the price of a loaf of bread.

Valens lay face down on the bed, refusing to acknowledge her insult, knowing it would only embolden her. He’d never had a prick in his ass – it was a matter of pride. He fucked others: slaves, his friends, but a young man of his status did not take it up the ass. Not until now. The indignity was almost unbearable, but the pain in his balls eclipsed it. It had been bad enough, before, but now that she had squeezed what little he had left, his whole body trembled at the agony of it.

He felt her pounding him; the dildo sliding in and out. It pressed against his prostate at the extent of its downward stroke.

Then Julia grabbed his hair and pulled his head back.

“Do you like that boy? Your first cock? I bet you do. I bet you’ve secretly been longing for it you filthy pillow biter!”

She grabbed a cushion and placed it in front of him, then she forced his face into it.

“Go on, now you can bite the pillow!”

He turned his head to the side so that he could breathe, and she continued pounding him until she grew bored. Then she stood and unstrapped the dildo. His asshole was stinging.

“Get up boy. I’m done with you. For now. But I’ll be seeing you again.”

Valens rose to his feet. His face glowed crimson at the shame of her debasement. Then she looked at the bed.

“What’s that? Did you squirt on my bed boy?!”

The pounding had massaged the juice from his prostate. Not semen rich, but still creamy. He looked at it with shame.

“I’m sorry mistress. It wasn’t on purpose.”

“I don’t care. On your knees. Lick it up.”

“Mistress no, please.”

She pulled a whip from her cupboard and hit him with it with a sharp crack.

“Do you defy me boy?”

He raised his hands to protect himself.

“No mistress! Sorry mistress!”

He dropped quickly to his knees and started to lick at the puddle of seminal fluid. She whipped him across the shoulders. He flinched then continued licking. She whipped him again and again, drawing blood before her temper was sated. He swallowed his own cream, then he turned and stood, facing her.

“It’s gone mistress. Sorry mistress.”

“Good now get out of here and return to your room.”

“Yes mistress.”

Valens turned and started walking away when a foot rose between his thighs and struck his tortured testicles…

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