Lab rat – part 3

Gay first time, gay coming of age, forced milking

A teenager at a forced milking facility finds out about some of the other residents.

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Lab rat – part 3

Tommy looked at the cock in his fist It seemed huge. He couldn’t fully close his fist around it. Apart from his own, he’d only ever seen one other boner before in the flesh. It was in junior high school in the showers after gym. Tommy tended to hide in the corner of the showers. Even at 12 when few boys had much to show, his penis was on the small side. His balls were still tiny and rode high in a sack the size of a ping pong ball cut in half horizontally.

It never occurred to him that other shy kids might also hide out at that end of the showers. Then one day, he glanced over at the kid with platinum blonde hair standing next to him. His name was Jakob Petersen and he had immigrated from Norway when his engineer father came over with his company, and the boy still spoke with an accent. Jakob was facing him, but there was something off about the way he was moving.  Tommy glanced down at the boy’s groin and there was a flagpole sticking out of his hairless groin. It was very long, but skinny as a finger, and crooked in multiple places, its head covered with skin. Tommy looked the boy in the face and Jakob blushed deeply. The flush looked an especially bright red against his pale Nordic skin. Jakob stared back at him. They both knew the danger. Jakob didn’t dare cover it up for fear of drawing attention to it, but now it was discovered, things could go very badly for him. Popping a woody in the showers surrounded by nobody but other naked boys was about the worst faux pas imaginable, and if Tommy mentioned it, he could earn some temporary popularity but the guys would rip on Jakob mercilessly. It would be a source of humiliation for months; maybe even the rest of his life at junior high. Jakob looked Tommy in the eyes and Tommy could see the fear; almost feel the kid desperately begging him not to say anything, but unable to actually say the words out loud. Tommy thought about his own secret. He gave Jakob a friendly smile then turned away to give him privacy.

As they left the changing rooms ten minutes later, Jakob approached him from behind and put a light hand on his shoulder. When Tommy turned to see who it was, the boy stood there and he looked so incredibly grateful.

“Thanks Tommy,” he whispered.

Tommy gave him an easy smile.

“That’s okay. I know how it feels to be the new kid.”


The dick in his fist now was very different to Jakob’s. In retrospect, Jakob’s was almost as long; enormous for a 12-year-old going on 13, but Ethan’s was so much thicker. Tommy’s glans was a mere button, no larger than a cherry, but Ethan’s was like a great fat plum atop a salami.

“Your dick’s so thick,” Tommy informed him.

“Yeah, my big brother said it’s like a baby’s arm holding two eggs!” Ethan laughed.

“Your brother’s seen your boner?”

“Yeah, he taught me how to jack off .”

“How old were you?”

“12, but we kept doing it together till I got picked up by these guys.”

“Is he gay?”

“Nah, but we’d jack off to porn together. We even did each other a couple of times.”

“Wow. I never knew my brother.”

“He died?”

“Nah, we got taken into care. My mom got sent to jail when I was 4, and I never knew my dad. I spent most of my life in care homes and with foster carers.”

“That’s rough man.”

Tommy shrugged.

“You get used to it. I guess”

He lowered his head stuck out his tongue. A month ago, he would have sooner been punched full in the face rather than suck a dick. Now, as he ran his tongue across Ethan’s pre-cum drenched plum, he could feel his own dick straining, his balls churning, and his stomach roiling with excitement.

He felt Ethan’s pre-cum sticking to his tongue. It was slightly sweet.

“It tastes a bit like oranges.”

“Yeah, I think it’s all the fruit they give us. Or the drugs. You know they put stuff in our food to make us cum more right?”

“Yeah, I heard them talking. On my first time in the milker. Harris was doing some kind of tour. There was a roomful of people watching me and he was explaining how everything works to them.”

“Fuck, that must have been rough on you?”

“Yeah, I was laying there with a boner and they were talking about it like a I wasn’t even there. I wanted to crawl into the ground. I’ve never been so embarrassed.”

“Yeah, I bet. Dude, you’ve had it rough.”


Tommy opened his mouth wide and lowered it over Ethan’s glans, carefully covering his teeth with his lips as Ethan had warned him. Almost immediately, his mouth was full. He tried to go a little lower but Ethan’s cock touched the back of his throat. He supressed his gag reflex and pulled back. He wanted to lick the older boy’s helmet but he couldn’t move his tongue if he went too deep. He pulled back until his lips were touching the rear of Ethan’s glans, wrapped around it like a surrogate fist, then he started bobbing his head, occasionally licking at it. Ethan reclined against the back of the couch.

“That’s great,” he encouraged, exaggerating the merits of Tommy’s inept technique.

He allowed the teenager to continue, bouncing his head as though he was bobbing for apples in a Halloween water barrel. He reached out his hand and tenderly ran his fingers through Tommy’s hair, running his fingers from front to back. Tommy murmured contently, the older teen’s tender stroking giving him something that had been missing his whole life. This simple affection was what he craved, and he didn’t know it until this moment.

“You’re soooo cute,” Ethan said. “I’m surprised you haven’t kissed before today. I’d have thought you’d have had the bitches all over your cock.”

Tommy lifted his head.

“It’s hard when you spend your time always moving. You never get chance to get close to anyone. Also…”

He hesitated.

“What is it dude, you can tell me,” Ethan reassured gently.

“Well, I’m always the outsider. And I’m real shy about the size of my dick. I feel like any girl is just gonna laugh at me.”

“Most of ‘em aren’t like that once you get to know them. I guess that’s not gonna matter now. The guys here won’t give a fuck. The triplets are much smaller than you.”

“Yeah but they’re just kids.”

“True enough, but you know, we’re all in this together. There’s no point ripping on each other. It’s not like we’re here by choice. And even if you’ve got a small dick, you can still take it in the ass.”

Tommy looked up at his companion and frowned.

“No way. I don’t I wanna do that.”

“Whatever you want dude. I don’t think it will be long before you change your mind, but nobody’s gonna push you.”

He pondered for a moment.

“Scratch that. A couple of the guys will DEFINITELY be pushing you to let them fuck you, but nobody will force you. Steven and Marcus over there jacking each other off – they love to fuck the new guys while they’re still tight. They can come on a bit strong, but they’re cool. They’ll take “no” for an answer. They were best friends when they got picked up together; outdoor types. They say they were straight before but they’ve definitely gone full Brokeback Mountain now. Between you and me, I’m pretty sure they were playing hide the salami with each other long before they got here. Something about the way they fuck.”

“What do you mean?”

“I dunno, the way they stick out their asses and push back against you when they’re on the bottom.”

“You’ve fucked them?”

“Oh sure, most of the guys here have fucked each other.”


The thought of it blew Tommy’s mind.
“Oh and there’s Jerry.”

“Excuse me?”

Ethan indicated a younger kid on his own. He was laying back enthusiastically pumping a Fleshlight on his dick and fingering his own asshole. He had the ratty look of a Bayou swamp kid to him: small, wiry, and wild.

“He tries to get all the new guys to let him fuck them because nobody else will. I don’t know why; he’s barely got enough to get inside their assholes.”

“I thought you said nobody cares about the size of your dick?”

“They don’t but dude, if you’re not even long enough to fuck, then don’t try fucking people! Jerry hadn’t even started jacking off when they brought him here. He didn’t fantasise or anything. Then they kind of unleashed something in him, and now there’s nothing he won’t try, and nobody he won’t try it with. Even after 100 a day, he spends all his time in his room spanking it. It’s kind of funny. He’s a great kid, and if you ever need some new ideas, he’s definitely the one to give them to you!”


Tommy felt Ethan’s dick softening so he lowered his head and started sucking it again. Ethan allowed him to continue for ten minutes before he made a suggestion.

“Try pumping the shaft with your fist your fist as well.”

Tommy started pounding his fist as though he was going for a speed record.

“Not so fast! I wanna enjoy it!”

Tommy slowed down.

Twenty minutes later Ethan said, “I’m gonna cum. Move your head away if you don’t want it in your mouth.”

Tommy lifted his head back two feet. Swallowing Ethan’s cum was still way too gay to him.

“Pump fast now!” Ethan said urgently.

Tommy pumped as fast as he could. Ethan launched a jet a foot into the air. Tommy watched it with a strange pride, then a second blast rose much higher and hit him just above his left eye. He closed his eye, feeling the cum run down from his eye brow, but continued pumping. A second, then a third, and fourth blast hit him; cheek, eye, mouth. He continued, feeling Ethan’s jizz landing on his fist. Ethan turned his head to the ceiling, allowing Tommy to continue pumping for a full minute.

“Okay, you can slow down now.”

Tommy reduced his pace to station keeping: just enough to keep Ethan hard.

“It went all over my face!” he complained pitifully.

Ethan laughed.

“Well why didn’t you move your head out of the way?”

“I didn’t think of it,” Tommy admitted sheepishly.

“So why did you keep pumping then?”

“I didn’t want to ruin it for you.”

Ethan grinned and sat up.

“I can see you and me are going to get along great!””

“Can I get something to wipe this off my face?”

Ethan smiled and rose to his feet.

“Just a sec.”

He walked over to a table and picked up a bar towel from the large stack folded up there, then he returned to Tommy and handed it to him.

“We’re expected to clean up after ourselves by the way. If we leave the place covered in cum, they get angry.”

Tommy wiped the jizz from his face. When he was done, Ethan held out his hand for the towel. Tommy expected Ethan to clean his own cum-coated dick off, but instead he took a small clump of Tommy’s hair between two folds of terry cloth.

“Got some in your hair,” Ethan told him grinning.

“My hair?!”

“Yeah sorry, but you got me so hot!”

Tommy smiled, pleased by the news. He felt a swell of emotions. He looked at his mentor with puppy-dog innocence. He wanted to tell him something important about how he felt about him, but he knew it wouldn’t be cool. It might even push the other teen away. An alloy of emotions crossed his face in seconds. He felt a surge of sadness that he couldn’t safely and adequately articulate emotions he’d never before felt for another human being.

Ethan looked at Tommy as he tried to handle his emotions. He smiled and brushed his fingertips from the middle of Tommy’s nose and across his cheek.

“Those freckles are just so fucking cute!”

Tommy beamed at him.

Ethan cleaned his own dick and threw the towel to the floor, then he rose from the arm of the couch. Tommy didn’t want their closeness to end. Still on his knees, he watched Ethan. The older teen sat in the opposite corner of the soft couch, sitting diagonally outwards, then he lifted his arm to invite Tommy closer. Tommy’s smile spread so wide it almost split his face. He rose from his knees and Ethan saw that his penis was still as hard as ever.

“Jesus Christ, how long does that thing stay hard for?”

“I dunno; never timed it,” Tommy said with an impish grin.

For the first time since he’d arrived, his cock seemed like an asset rather than a liability. He covered the two steps to join Ethan, his prick moving as though it was welded to his pelvis. He sat into the well of Ethan’s arm and Ethan enfolded him, drawing their warm naked torsos together. With his other hand, Ethan reached down and lightly cupped his Tommy’s scrotum, and softly started stroking it.

“You’re not gonna blow your load on my hand are you?” Ethan asked.

“I don’t think so. Not so long as you don’t jack me off.”

Ethan smiled.

“We’ll see what happens.”

He leaned forwards and they started gently kissing.

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