The Pit

horror, alien, futuristic, forced arousal

A young man is punished for a sexual offence in a most unsettling way.

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The Pit

Marin stood at the top of the pit, naked except for the goggles and breather that were clamped to his eyes and nose. There was a small, painless slit cut into his scrotum but it was covered by his cupped hands. Although he knew it was pointless, he struggled against the two masked Enforcers who held him just above his elbows. He wore a harness around his torso, which was connected by a thin wire to a crane above the pit.

A Proclaimer stood nearby and repeated the pronouncement.

“Marin Vyllus Kin, for sexual congress with a burgess outside your proscribed tier, you have been found guilty of gross sexual impropriety. Appeals by your father and your proxy, and your former flawless record of good behaviour has been factored. As a result, the punishment is a month in the pit. Within a year, you will likely be sexually capable once again, but let the memory of this punishment guide your actions for the rest of your life. Use the next year to dwell upon your past and future behaviour so that you may become a better burgess for the rest of your life.”

Pronouncements were always long-winded and pompous, designed more the benefits of the audience who were watching the punishment being broadcast across the ward, than for the felon himself. Marin didn’t care what the man said in any case. All he cared about was the pit before him. It was round, with near vertical walls 15 feet apart from each other. 8 feet down, the metal walls curved until they formed flat bottom 12 feet down. Along the bottom was a raised ridge, like the cut of a slotted screw head, but in reverse and with gently curved sides.

Marin looked at it. The raised area was intended for him the lie on, like a chair. But he was not interested in it. It was what else was in the pit that horrified him.


The Proclaimer nodded to the Enforcers and they lifted Marin over the edge of the pit then released his arms. He flailed trying pointlessly to grab first them, then the curved edge of the pit. He fell backards and was lowered by the crane until he hit the curved transition. But it wasn’t just the curved wall that impeded his descent. The bottom of the pit was filled with slime worms to a depth of three feet. They were about the same thickness as common earthworms, but each measured between a foot and six feet in length. As their name suggested, they were covered in slime; a slippery mucous with the consistency of hag fish slime.

Marin hit the worms with a sickly splat, and he immediately turned and started struggling to clamber back out of the pit. The harness wire was too thin to grip, and even without the slippery coating of worm mucous, the walls were too steep for him to scale, but with it, he could barely keep on his feet for 5 seconds before falling to his hands and knees again and again. The young man waded to the chair, feeling worms crushing and turning to mush beneath his feet with every slow step. He stood and tried to reach upwards again, but he promptly feel to his face with a wet splat as his torso hit the writhing mass of worms. Their slime splashed into his mouth and he spat it out in disgust. Carefully Marin tried again and again to climb the walls, but after 15 minutes of futile struggle, he was too exhausted to try any more. He turned and sat on the raised area with his back against the wall. He looked up at the Enforcers who watched over him. Soon enough they would return to their duties, leaving a hover eye watching him, broadcasting to the control centre that monitored the slime pits.

Today, there were 43 males in the slime pits. On very rare occasions boys only just old enough to have their first hair would be punished here, but today, Marin was the youngest. Although he didn’t know it, his was also the shortest sentence. The longest was three years; a sentence felons NEVER recovered from.


Marin’s pit was filled with a potent odour. It was not the earthy smell that so many worms might suggest, nor old fish or even rotten flesh. In fact, the scent was almost pleasant, slightly sweet with a musty sandalwood undertone. Marin couldn’t smell it. The breather in his nose passed directly to his lungs, blocking the lower part of his trachea. But although he could not smell it, he could already feel its narcotic effect making him feel light headed.

Marin knew only too well what his fate was. He could already feel the worms wriggling around every inch of his body from the neck down. They were around his legs, between his toes, on the sides of his chest, and under his armpits; they even tried to wriggle up his face. He kept his hands cupped tightly around his genitals, and he squeezed his buttocks tightly together to deny access to his rear, but he knew that it was only a matter of time.

He was already feeling horny. He could feel a deep churning in his balls unlike anything he’d experienced before. It was a mixture of anticipation and the sensation he usually felt just after an orgasm. But his penis remained flaccid.

It was all thanks to the slime he was bathing in. The worms excreted it from their skin in copious amounts, and it contained a potent mixture of chemicals that acted in a variety of ways. The odour acted as a soporific, sending anyone who smelled it for long into a half stupor that felt midway between being tranquillised and being high. Meanwhile, the chemicals themselves soaked into Marin’s skin, passing through his epidermis and into his blood where they acted as a potent aphrodisiac with very unusual effects.

The most obvious effect was to make Marin feel aroused – extremely aroused. He felt as though his testicles were thrumming with sexual energy, and he was acutely aware of every erogenous zone in his body. They all felt incredibly tender yet also extremely sensitive.

Conversely, the chemicals had the bizarre effect of slowing Marin’s pulse and opening the blood vessels throughout his body, making it impossible for him to achieve a full erection. He could feel that his penis was half inflated with blood; enough to thicken and raise its head in a gentle downwards curve behind his hands, but it would never get any harder.


Marin glowered at the floating camera. He was resentful. It wasn’t as though he’d sexed with someone unwilling. Nor had he taken advantage of a child or someone too dull-witted to know what was happening. Zek, it wasn’t as if they’d even had real sex – not the poking kind. They’d just sucked each other’s rods, just like he’d been taught in Info. The holo-trans jingle ran through his mind “Hands and mouths keep it safe. Lots of fun for everyone.”

And that’s exactly what he’d done. His only crime to do it with a teenager from a different tier.


Marin was slowly losing his ability to think clearly. His thoughts were turning fuzzy. He slumped against the walls of the pit, and the wired harness prevented his head from slipping beneath the roiling mass of worms and the slime they produced.

His heart and his breathing slowed, and Marin’s eyes drooped as the calming chemicals slowly drained him of his will or desire to fight. He relaxed his thighs and his hands fell away from his groin. The nearest worms quickly discovered the newly revealed flesh and gradually found their way towards it.

Marin felt them everywhere, wriggling, wriggling, cool and slimy against his skin, slipping between his thighs, blind heads burrowing at his sphincter, and then inside. Then his penis, a worm slipped inside his foreskin, before finding the eye of his urethra, and then it was inside his penis, moving up towards his bladder, filling his penis with its cool body.

And the ones at his neck – the longest, rose from the mass of pink flesh, working into his mouth and down his throat. With the last of his resolve, Marin bit down on three worms, severing all three. The heads continued onwards towards his stomach. Within days both heads and tails would regrow their missing parts. Meanwhile the heads, joined by dozens if not hundreds more worms would ooze the protein-rich slime that would sustain Marin’s need for food and water over the next month.

Before he drifted into an erotic haze that would last for the entire month of his sentence, Marin felt the first worms nuzzling at the slit in his scrotum…


One month later

The Proclaimer stood over the pit. The crane winched Marin from the worms. He was covered in slime.

“Marin Vyllus Kin, you have served your sentence. Let this experience inform your future behaviour. You are free to resume your life without further stain upon your name.”

The speech was for the benefit of the audience in their habs who watched courtesy of the hover eye.

Marin hung from the harness, as inactive as a beach whale being transferred back to the ocean. His head hung down, but that was not the major transformation.

His scrotum was a as large as a melon, and beneath the surface of the thin skin, the worms could be seen wriggling. His torso was massively distended also, filled like the belly of a pregnant sea cow. Only the breather, which cut off his airway from the worms, prevented them from entering his lungs as well. Instead, the worms filled his belly, his intestines, his bowels and his bladder.

Once he was back in the processing centre, the Enforcers would feed him a repellent that would make him vomit repeatedly. Powerful laxatives would make his body evacuate the worms from his bowels, whilst diuretics would help him void them from his bladder.

Even so, would take several days for them all to pass from his system. This was one of the most traumatic periods for most felons, as the concentration of worm chemical decreased to zero, leaving them with nothing to distract their minds from the constant writhing in every part of their bodies.


Inside his enormous worm-filled scrotum, Marin’s testicles were each the size of a volleyball. In front, his penis hung like a huge elephant’s trunk, dangling past his knees and thicker than his forearm. Its foreskin drooped, equally massive, a huge puffy snout of sensitive skin.


All of his erogenous zones were equally bloated. His pectorals were swollen as though he’d just done 500 bench presses, and his nipples were as large as cup coasters, purple and turgid, protruding from his already distended chest.

Even his lips and tongue were swollen, swollen clownishly; freakishly by the chemicals and 30 days of continuous arousal. It would take a week for the swelling to diminish, and his genitals would never fully return to their normal size.


The hover eye broadcasted the image of the disfigured young man to each of the habs, as much warning as entertainment. Worms dangled from Marin’s every orifice, making him look like some kind of shaggy sea beast, or an animal with the worst ever infestation of tapeworms.

Marin’s enormous genitals would mark him as an offender for the rest of his life, and whilst many were willing to look beyond his minor crime, few were able to handle such an enormous penis, or the tsunami-like orgasms that his gargantuan testicles would forever produce.

It would take a long time for Marin to overcome the body horror of his sentence, but one thing was certain, he would never ever offend again.


    • Anonymous-
    • 8th May 2021 at 2:54 pm-
    • Reply

    It’s not easy to feel sorry for Marvin. He did, after all, break the law.

    • Anonymous-
    • 28th July 2021 at 9:20 am-
    • Reply

    I feel sorry for the A-hole who posted the comment above,they seem to be rather fine with children getting maimed FOR LIFE! Just like todays society the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. It would be great if the people of Marin’s world ‘grew a pair’ and revolted against the freaks in charge and threw them all in their own pits a left them there.
    The jack*sses obviously lied when they said he would be able to recover from the horrific experience since he never did. What a sad story about the distuction of a young life just because a bunch of pomous arrogant sadists felt they could do whatever they wanted..

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