Sex offenders’ row

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In the future, the punishment is made to fit the crime. At sex offender’s row, young men are immobilised in porous carbonite with their anuses, mouths and genitals exposed. They are then pumped full of antibiotics, given  Orgasm prevention chips, and their bodies are then available to any member of the public to use in any way they see fit provided it does not result in permanent injury.

Many horny males see this as an opportunity for a free fuck. Other straight males will even overcome their resistance to gay sex simply to punish the young prisoners.

By far the largest number of visitors will abuse the prisoners, striking them on the testicles, inserting the various provided tools into their anuses or urethras or simply striking them on the testicles.

In the evening, young men who are ashamed of their sexuality will visit. It’s also common that groups of teenagers, under the guise of roughhousing, will arrive to fuck. It’s the first time that some of them discover that anal sex is better than hetero.

The inmates will spend a minimum of one month incarcerated, but sentences of three to six months are the norm. A combination of pain and humiliation ensure that none of them want a second visit, and it’s a powerful disincentive to any other would be rapists.

At least once during each inmate’s stay, they will be subjected to edging sessions lasting days, usually in the form of competitions. Of all the torments, this is the one that usually ensures that the prisoners will never repeat their offences.

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