Forced milking, humiliation, public nudity, mind control

A school trip to a government facility turns into something much darker.


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Class 9B filed into a room the size of a small warehouse. This one had a long row of identical devices along one wall.

Martin frowned.

“What the hell? What do you think they do Ben?”

Ben scrutinised the devices. They appeared to be human-sized alcoves. There was a metal arm at waist height, and another at chest level. At the top was a plastic hood from which a tangle of wires emerged.

“Dunno. Medical scanner? Some sort of massage thing?”

“Yeah but what’s top bit for?”


All around them, similar conversations were taking place. This was the last stop on their visit to GovCo’s facility and it was a school trip that they would all remember forever. So far they had seen the cloning labs, bioweapon implants, augmented intelligence division, and a genetic enhancements lab.


“I hear quite a few of you wondering what these devices are for,” Jaxon, their tour guide said.

The students turned to listen to him.

“This is the best part of the facility. This is the virtual reality suite.”

There was a low hum of interest from the students.

Jaxon continued, “Can I get a volunteer please? One of the boys. Somebody who doesn’t mind stripping down to his underwear.”

The group of students looked at each other. The boys pushed and goaded each other. Eventually, with a cocky grin, a youngster stepped forwards. He turned to smirk at the other boys.

“Ahh good, thank you, young man. And what’s your name please?” Jaxon asked.

“Alfie. Alfie Fletcher.”

“Excellent. Well thank you very much for volunteering Alfie. Would you mind taking your shirt, shoes, and trousers off please.”

Alfie frowned, bewildered by the request, but he complied with Jaxon’s request starting with his shirt.

“Sparrow chest!” one of the other boys called as Alfie’s flat chest and tiny nipples came into view.

“You’re just jealous, ‘cause I’ve got abs!” Alfie said with a puckish grin, that seemed perfect for his round face and rosy cheeks. Even his loosely-curled dark blonde hair seemed designed to make him look like a teenage version of Cupid.

“They’re not abs, they’re ribs!” the taunter shot back, and the other students laughed.

Alfie took the banter in good humour and removed his shoes next. Finally, after just the briefest pause, he dropped his trousers.

One of the girls wolf whistled.

“Nice bulge,” another one added.

“Yeah, for a squirrel!” a boy added.

“Well you would know wouldn’t you Flip,” a girl called Emma shot back.

“Biggest squirrel in the zone in that case!” Flip answered grinning.


For all his bravado, Alfie was relieved that attention had been diverted away from him. He stood holding his shirt and trousers. He casually allowed his hands to drift to the front of his body so that they covered his groin.

He looked at Jaxon waiting to see what the man wanted him to do next. The man smiled, patiently indulging the teenagers. Every single party behaved the same way without the supervision of their teachers.

He started to walk towards one of the alcoves.

“Would you join me please Alfie.”

The teenager followed Jaxon to the alcove.

“Please stand inside the pod facing outwards,” the man said.

Alfie stepped into the pod and stood with his hands still in front of his groin.

“You can drop your clothes young man. Nobody will touch them.”

Alfie dropped his clothes in a pile by his feet.

“Lift your arms please.”

Alfie did as the man requested.

A technician approached and wrapped one of the metal restraints around the boy’s chest. Then he leaned forwards and wrapped a second around Alfie’s waist.

Alfie stood, supported by the two restraints, wearing just loose briefs and ankle socks. He was feeling distinctly exposed and bashful now.

“Okay son, you can drop your arms.”

Alfie lowered his hands in front of his groin again.

“Wassa matter Alfie, don’t want people seeing what you got?” a boy said.

“Nah Alex, I just don’t want you thinking about me when you’re in the shower tonight.”

“Ahhh, got you there Alex!” another boy taunted.


Jaxon interrupted their banter.

“Okay Alfie, we’re just going to lower the hood, you might see some flashing lights inside your head once I turn it on. It won’t hurt you.”

“Why did I need to be in my pants for this?”

“It’ll all become perfectly clear in a moment.”

A technician lowered the plastic hood over Alfie’s head. It encased him down to the base of his nose, like a giant commercial salon hair dryer from the 1950s.

“Alfie, can you hear me in there?” Jaxon asked.


“Very good.”


Jaxon pressed a button on a panel to the side of the alcove. For a moment, nothing appeared to be happening, then Alfie’s hands flopped away from his groin to his sides, and his body appeared to slump visibly in the restraints that held him.

“Alfie?” Jaxon said.

The teenager didn’t respond.

“Alfie,” the man tried again louder.

He shook the boy’s shoulder. Still nothing. A murmur of heightened interest rippled through the 48 teens watching.

A boy called Jaymes said, “Uh sir, why isn’t Alfie answering?”

Jaxon turned to audience and smiled.

“He’s experiencing a virtual reality simulation.”

“He can’t even hear or feel you touch him?”

“No. Our hardware is very sophisticated. It’s interfacing directly with his brain using magnetic resonance projections. He is literally experiencing a different reality now.”

“So why did he need to be almost naked?” Jaymes pressed.

“And what is he seeing now?” a girl added.

“Both excellent questions,” Jaxon replied. “Perhaps I can answer them both at one time.

He turned back to the alcove and pressed another button on the side of the simulator. For a few seconds, nothing changed, then almost imperceptibly at first, there was movement in the pouch of Alfie’s brushed cotton briefs. The movement became more apparent as blood slowly filled his penis. It unfurled in a diagonal up to the left. As they noticed, several; of the girls snickered. Alfie’s penis continued to grow until it was fully erect, then it boinged to the middle, finding its own natural resting place. It stood out away from his body, tenting the soft material.

There was laughter and sniggers now among the watching youngsters, but also something else; an edgy sense that exposing Alfie like this was well outside the norms of acceptable behaviour.

“Maybe now you can work out what Alfie is experiencing?”

“You’re showing him porn?” Martin suggested incredulously.

“Of a kind. Right now, he thinks his penis is getting sucked by someone he likes.”

“His dad?” one of the boys said.

Jaxon couldn’t resist a smirk. This group was quick off the mark.

“No, not his dad. A computer-generated construct that he’s guaranteed to find very stimulating.”

“What if he likes boys?” Ben asked.

“The computer has very quickly scanned his responses, and within 30 seconds has determined his preference and provided him with his perfect playmate.”


“So why IS he in his pants?” Mia asked.

“Ah yes, good question,” Jaxon said. “Because there’s another component to this system.”

He turned to one of the technicians and nodded. The man walked forwards and dropped to his knees in front of Alfie. In a single movement, he pulled the boy’s underpants to the floor. Alfie’s penis twanged free, momentarily slapping against his stomach before settling to a lower angle. Each of his testicles was clearly outlined against the soft wrinkled skin of his rounded scrotum.

The boy’s sniggered as they saw their classmate’s 12-centimetre cock, but Mia was more concerned than ever.

“Sir, I’m SURE that Alfie wouldn’t want us all seeing him naked, especially with a… an erection.”

“Maybe not, but it’s necessary for this demonstration.”


He turned to the technicians.

“You can complete the installation now gentlemen.”

They moved to either side of the alcove. One lifted a piston between Alfie’s legs. He spread the boy’s buttocks with a gloved hand, and pressed the lubricated metal head of the piston upwards against the boy’s sphincter.

“What’s THAT?!” one of the boys asked.

“An electro ejaculator. It will rest against his prostate. It can keep him hard for hours, and make him ejaculate on demand.”


“Cum, jizz, you know,” Martin explained.


The other technician pulled a clear rubber pipe from a side panel. The end was made of transparent latex. He lowered the latex end over Alfie’s glans. He pressed a small button next to the panel the pipe had emerged from, and the soft head wrapped around Alfie’s swollen glans and started massaging it.

Jaxon turned to the watching teens. Half of the boys were fidgeting.

“At this point of the tour, I usually find that most of the boys find their underwear getting too tight. I see from the lumps in most of your trousers that this group is no exception.”

Several hands dropped to cover aching erections. Jaxon smiled at their discomfort.

“Now watch the pipe on his penis.”

He pressed another button.

Everybody looked at the head of Alfie’s penis. Suddenly his penis started twitching, its head bouncing up then falling down. The pencil-thin pipe was filled with white. It was sucked away up the pipe, only to be replaced and sucked, replaced and sucked. Alfie started moaning in a hoarse, teen voice as though he was emulating a porn star. Then there was no more, but the latex massager continued working on the boy’s glans.


“Sir, this is really creepy,” Mia said. “I really don’t think this is appropriate. If our teachers were here I’m sure you wouldn’t be embarrassing Alfie like this.”

Jaxon turned to her with a smile.

“Lighten up young lady. I can assure you that your teachers have concerns of their own right now.

“What does THAT mean?!” Mia demanded.

Jaxon’s smile broadened but he declined to elaborate.

“And Alfie knows nothing about it. I assure you; he’s having the time of his life.”


“So why have you done this to him?” Martin asked.

“Ah, now that’s the real question isn’t it? The truth is, cloning is still in its infancy, and there’s a problem with genetic degradation. The clones rapidly develop the same abnormalities that arise when people breed with members of their close family. For that reason, we need to harvest as much original genetic material as possible – sperm and eggs, so that we can keep our cloned gene pool as diverse as possible. Also, its far easier to grow clones from eggs and sperm than from other cells. Each time Alfie ejaculates, he’ll produce several hundred million sperm, and we can make him ejaculate 50 times a day.”

“Fifty? Wow, that must hurt. But why do you need clones at all?”

Jaxon thought about the wars that raged on Mars, Europa, and above the gas clouds of Saturn. The Sol system was under invasion by a swarm of robots. The military had not determined if the robots were the agents of another race, or if they had simply passed the AI event horizon and wiped out their own creators, but the fact was, the only way to hold them at bay was to speed-grow human clones in the tens of millions, then throw these clones, complete with military implants and accelerated training, at the robot invaders. The public was unaware of the battle for survival that raged in Earth’s very own solar system.

Jaxon simply smiled.

“Clones play an increasingly vital role in the future of mankind, and you play an equally important role in maintaining their production.”

“Us? What do you mean?” Ben asked.

“The government recently passed a new law. The genetic cloning and expansion directive. From today onwards, each of you boys will be milked for a period of one year in order to build reserves of genetic stock.”

The students were starting to shuffle around. Expressions of alarm and anger on their faces.

“What?! You can’t just force us to stand naked while you wank us all off!” Martin protested.

“I’m afraid you’re mistaken. The law says we can, and that’s exactly what we are going to do.”

Jaxon pressed a button on a remote he was holding, and the wall behind them, which had appeared to be made of stainless steel, turned transparent. Behind it was a row of 100 alcoves. Boys of all ages stood in the alcoves.

“Some of them are just little boys!” Emma said. “They can’t be old enough.”

“We have enhancers. It enables them to produce sperm much younger than normal.”

“I’m not going to be part of some government experiment!” Alex protested.

“Nor me,” another boy added.

Soon most of the boys were rowdily and aggressively protesting. That was when the soldiers entered. Jaxon addressed the ring leader, Alex.

“I’m afraid you have no choice in the matter. Now will you please undress, or these gentlemen will make you.”

Alex stood tall, defiant.

“I’m not stripping in fro…”

He didn’t finish his sentence before the nearest soldier shot him. A high voltage dart hit him in the shoulder and his collapsed to the floor shaking like an epileptic. A dark patch spread across the front of his jeans as he lost control of his bladder.

Two soldiers approached and stripped him naked, then carried him to an alcove. A minute later, he stood, oblivious now, with a pod over his head and an erection of his own.


“We can do this the hard way, or you can make it easy on yourself. It’s up to you. Either way, within the next half an hour, every one of you boys is going to be joining Alfie and his friend. Now please take your clothes off.”

The boys looked at each other with expressions of fear, then they started to undress, then one by one, they were escorted to their own alcove.


Martin was the last to be processed. Ben stood in his own alcove, his hard cock twitching and straining. Martin glanced at it, then he stepped into the alcove that would be his home for the next 12 months.

The girls were lead away to the surgery, where their eggs would be harvested before they were returned to a school completely devoid of boys.



Martin rested on his hands and knees. Behind him, Ben thrust his pelvis forwards, burying his hard cock into his best friend’s hole. Martin felt Ben’s hand on his cock, masturbating him as he fucked him. Martin smiled blissfully, as he came for the 42nd time that day.


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